Chapter 2175 – The Godrank Chart

In the sky, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was cold and indifferent as always, and it surged and roiled with boundless energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao.

Chen Xi was clearly at an extremely dangerous position by standing beneath it, but Chen Xi had used the slaughter he carried out just now to prove that he wasn’t afraid of such danger at all.

This caused the Dao Servants to be astounded, and their faces had turned livid. They were truly unable to figure out how someone in this world could actually accomplish this.

The experience and knowledge they possessed from the past seemed to have become useless at this moment because they were unable to figure out how Chen Xi had accomplished this.

But it was very obvious that Chen Xi didn’t intend to give them a chance to figure it out.


The Sword of Samsara carried a strange and obscure force as it emanated an excited howl that was filled with the desire for blood.

Even if they were extremely shocked, it didn’t represent that the Dao Servants would reveal any weak points for Chen Xi to exploit.

So, they attacked at the instant that Chen Xi had attacked.

“Fellow Daoists, it’s a moment of life and death. For the sake of the dignity of the Heaven Dao, we can only sacrifice ourselves and seek assistance from the Godrank Chart to annihilate this bastard!” The 1st Dao Servant shouted loudly in a deep voice.

As he spoke, his entire body emanated grand and boundless divine radiance, and he seemed to have transformed into a dazzling shadow that stood towering in the world.

At the same time, , the other 6 Dao Servants revealed a wisp of resolve on their faces.

“Beneath the vast sky, I, your servant, offer a sacrifice of blood. I will use my life to summon the Heart of the Heavens, kill to protect the Dao and annihilate the evil!”

“Kill to protect the Dao and annihilate the evil!”

“Kill to protect the Dao and annihilate the evil!”

The Dao Servants actually started burning amidst voices that were filled with resolve, devotion, and solemness.

They seemed as if they didn’t notice the flames that burned them, and they stood upright amidst the heavenly flames while seeming devoted and solemn to the extreme.

At practically the exact same instant, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation which had been cold and indifferent since it appeared in the sky had suddenly blinked! It was like a mysterious and primitive force was awakening after countless years of slumber!

Chen Xi suddenly frowned, and his figure shot towards those Dao Servants. But right at this instant, he sensed a strand of danger.

He didn’t hesitate to dodge to the side before quickly looking up towards the sky.

He saw that the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation had actually vanished, and it was replaced by a strand of blazing golden light that tore apart the chaotic mist in the surroundings of Godrank Mountain.

At the same time, an indescribably dignified aura rumbled down from the sky, and it seemed like a supreme overlord was looking down upon the world.

That aura was extremely supreme and grand. It made all living beings have no choice but to kneel down in worship and devotion. It was boundless and immeasurable.

After that, a scroll that was covered in mysterious golden divine radiance of the Heaven Dao slowly appeared in the sky. It was extremely dazzling and resplendent, and it covered the entirety of Godrank Mountain, causing even the world here to be dyed bright gold by its radiance while it emanated a supreme and majestic aura.

The Godrank Chart!

The Springs. The descendants of all the Dao Defiant Clans couldn’t help but lie prostrate on the ground while their entire bodies shivered as indescribable reverence arose in their hearts.

The Godrank Chart!

The Primal Chaos Origin. All the strongest seniors of the Divine Dao Protector Clans seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning, and they were dazed by this.

The Godrank Chart!

The anxiousness in Chen Taichong’s heart rose to its extremes, whereas, a rare and unprecedentedly serious expression had appeared on Wu Xuechan’s composed face.

The Godrank Chart!

Daolord Xu Tuo’s aged face changed indeterminately while he seemed to be extremely conflicted in his heart. In the end, he suddenly said in a grim voice. “Both of you… leave right now! Tell the Sect Master about everything that occurred here!”

Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang’s bodies stiffened while a heavy expression appeared on their faces. They didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave hastily.

They’d witnessed the scenes which had occurred on Godrank Mountain just now, so they were extremely clearly aware what the successive appearance of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and the Godrank Chart represented.

The Godrank Chart! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

When he was at the Immortal Dimension, he’d seen the Godrank Chart descend into the world. At that time, he’d even heard that the name of every single Immortal King who attained the Dao and advanced into the Godrank Realm would be recorded on the Godrank Chart as a form of eternal glory.

Even if that person perished, even if all things were obliterated, even if a new era began…. The Godrank Chart would still be branded with the mark of that cultivator!

Perhaps that legend was true. But with the knowledge Chen Xi possessed, he was naturally clearly aware that the Godrank Chart wasn’t that simple.

Just like this very moment. Even if he’d fused with the complete River Diagram and advanced into a true Daolord, he still felt a form of pressure and danger when he saw the Godrank Chart descend from the sky!

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of the Godrank Chart’s origins, nor did he know the reason for its existence, or who was in control of it.

But he was very well aware that the situation he was in would probably take a slow turn for the worse if he didn’t act right now.


A strand of obscure and strange energy suddenly swept out from within Chen Xi, and it raged through the surroundings like a storm and caused the world to tremble.

His green clothes fluttered along with his dense and long hair, and he merely took a single stride before he arrived before the Dao Servants who were offering themselves up with devotion and were on fire.

All of those Dao Servants seemed as if they hadn’t noticed him at all, and there hadn’t been any change in their devoted and solemn expressions. It was even to the extent that they didn’t move at all.

“Kill to protect the Dao and annihilate the evil!”

“Kill to protect the Dao and annihilate the evil!”

Their voices were still that devoted and solemn, and it carried a shocking force that struck directly at the heart.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to swing the Sword of Samsara, and a dark blue glow flashed before it swiftly pierced through the throat of a Dao Servant.

From the beginning until the end, it was actually easy to the extreme, and he didn’t encounter any resistance!


On the other hand, that Dao Servant whose throat was stabbed had actually revealed a grin before he died, and he swiftly transformed into ashes that vanished into nothingness.

Chen Xi’s heart didn’t ease up at all when he saw this, and it made his eyes narrow instead. He glanced at the sky. The Godrank Chart was dazzling and resplendent, and its bright golden radiance covered the sky in its boundless and supreme aura.


Chen Xi raised his hand and annihilated another Dao Servant with a single swing of his sword. That Dao Servant didn’t resist or stop him as well, and it was completed with extreme ease.

However, the aura of the Godrank Chart which was unfolding in midair grew even stronger and boundless, and its golden glow seemed to have become material and was filled with a dignified aura that was boundless and terrifying.

All living beings laid prostrate on the ground while they shivered. The world had fallen into deathly silence, and it seemed like all living beings were worshipping with devotion and submission to it.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The feeling of danger within Chen Xi’s heart grew stronger and stronger. So, he didn’t hesitate at all to swing his sword repeatedly, and he instantly killed 4 more Dao Servants!

However, right when he was about to kill the last Dao Servant, the Heavenly Wrath Daolord, his pupils suddenly constricted while he instinctively flashed backward at full speed.

At the very same time, the 1st Dao Servant sighed, and it contained boundless sorrow and grief.

After that, the tune of the Dao rumbling in the sky, and it formed into all sorts of mysterious phenomena like the gods singing praise, seething auspicious clouds, divine chanting….

The phenomena were extremely vast and dignified. It rumbled like a bell while the radiance of the Grand Dao illuminated the world. However, when such rumbling entered into Chen Xi’s ears, he couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan while his brows swiftly knit together.

At this moment, his consciousness, heart, and mind seemed to have been suppressed by a supremely dignified aura, and it caused him to have the misconception that he was on the verge of suffocation.

This is the strength of the Godrank Chart?

When this thought had just flashed into Chen Xi’s mind, he felt a wave of piercing pain from his eyes, and then his entire body was suddenly swept away by a strand of golden radiance!

At the same time, the 1st Dao Servant raised his head, and he watched as Chen Xi’s figure was carried away and taken into the Godrank Chart.

After that, the Godrank Chart which was unfolded like a portrait in midair had started to slowly roll back up….

The 1st Dao Servant was clearly aware that once the Godrank Chart had been completely rolled up, then even the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, would be powerless to save Chen Xi!

It was even to the extent that the Heavenly Wrath Daolord was sure that it was impossible for Chen Xi to survive since the moment he saw Chen Xi being swept into the Godrank Chart.

Because that was the Godrank Chart!

It was the strongest and most terrifying precious treasure on Godrank Mountain!

Its energy covered the universe, its aura was sufficient to make any god lose all ability to resist it, and it existed to control and manipulate the life and death of all gods!

It was a treasure that was fully tempered into form from the Order of the Heaven Dao, and it represented the will and strength of the heavens!

Even the 13 Dao Servants could only offer up their lives as sacrifice in order to draw down the Godrank Chart, and they were utterly unable to control it.

Alas, even if the Savior is dead, it’s impossible to get their lives back…. The 1st Dao Servant looked up at the sky as he muttered lightly. His lone figure seemed to be extremely lonely and desolate. Since the moment they were born, all 13 of them had been together. They acted in accordance with the will of the heavens, protected the Heaven Dao, and experienced the passage of countless years while being together. Moreover, they had never been separated no matter what.

Yet now, a single Savior had caused 12 of them to perish successively, and only he remained!

How could the 1st Dao Servant accept such an enormous and drastic change?

The divine and dazzling Godrank Chart was slowly rolling up in the sky, and it was on the verge of closing fully.

The heavens and the earth were silent. Regardless of whether it was the Dao Defiants at the Springs or the Divine Dao Protector Clans at the Primal Chaos Origin, all of them were surprised, bewildered, dazed, and at a loss for what to do.

The battle on Godrank Mountain is about to end?Yes, it’s about to end! The 1st Dao Servant was very sure that this battle which was the most dangerous and turbulent battle Godrank Mount had ever experienced was about to come to an end.

However, he wasn’t able to feel any happiness. The Savior was dead, but all 12 of his companions weren’t able to be revived. That was why the 1st Dao Servant wasn’t able to arouse any happiness in his heart.

Moreover, when he thought about how all of this had occurred merely because of the Spirit of Samsara, the 1st Dao Servant couldn’t help but be slightly dazed. He wondered if his insistence to cooperate with the Sovereign Sect’s Master was right or wrong?

The 1st Dao Servant sighed and was flagging with interest. So, he turned around with the intent to leave.

Right at this moment, a strand of rumbling suddenly resounded by his ears. It was like something had been broken, and it shook him to the point the vital blood throughout his body couldn’t help but roil.

At the same time, the entire Godrank Mountain shook as well, and it seemed to be wailing as if it couldn’t bear the enormous burden placed upon it. Besides that, all the experts who heard the rumbling felt as if they’d been struck by lightning, and they almost lost control over their Dao Hearts. It was so uncomfortable that they almost coughed up blood!

What happened? A strand of horror arose in the 1st Dao Servant’s heart while he raised his head with slight difficulty and looked up towards the sky.

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