Chapter 2174 – True Defiance of the Heavens

The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!

This mysterious eye which had been born from within the Heaven Dao was truly too familiar to Chen Xi. It was condensed into form from the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, and it represented the supreme dignity of the Heaven Dao.

Chen Xi had seen it a very long time ago when he was in the three dimensions.

Moreover, he’d encountered it a few more times on his path of cultivation, and it had sent its boundless heavenly wrath down.

It was very familiar to Chen Xi because the River Diagram fragments would definitely awaken whenever it appeared, and they would emanate a strong fluctuation which carried aversion and detest.

This time, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation had appeared once more on Godrank Mountain while he was besieged by the 10 Dao Servants, and it emanated boundless and supreme heavenly might!

All living beings in the surroundings were shocked while all Daos fell into silence, and endless waves surged out into the starry sky with Godrank Mountain at its center.

At this instant, a trace of an unusual feeling arose in Chen Xi’s heart as well.

The River Diagram fragments had fused perfectly into Chen Xi’s body, causing him to be completely different from before. At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t feel any shock and horror that he had felt in the past while he faced the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation right now.

His Dao Heart was calm and clear, his expression was indifferent as before, and it was like he was facing a foe that had appeared many times in his life.

The enemy was very strong, but Chen Xi was unafraid.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and looked at the 10 Dao Servants in the distance.

Those Dao Servants had revealed solemn and devoted expressions when the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation appeared, and their imposing auras had actually grown stronger by more than just a little bit.

Vast divine radiance that was filled with indescribably dignified energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao was sweeping out incessantly from them, and it caused them to seem as if they’d merged flawlessly with the Order of the Heaven Dao which covered the sky.

It was like they were the overlords that the heavens mandated. They were there to uphold justice on behalf of the heavens and fight on its behalf!

Especially the Heavenly Wrath Daolord. His entire body flowed with the glow of Order at this moment, and it was boundless, grand, linked with the heavens, and absolutely horrifying!

He was like a supreme judge that managed the might of heavenly wrath, and he looked down upon all living beings with the intention of eliminating all evil and displaying the awe-inspiring might of the Heaven Dao!

It was extremely terrifying!

The strength the Heavenly Wrath Daolord and the others revealed wasn’t something that Daolords could possess, and it was a supreme force which belonged to the Order of the Heaven Dao.

At this moment, the expression of any other Daolord in the world would probably turn pale with fright when facing such a scene. They would be filled with fear while beneath the might of the heavens, and they would be terrified by it!

Even though Daolord had grasped the energy of Destiny, stood above all Daos, and rivalled the heavens, they couldn’t go against the true Order of the Heaven Dao.

At this moment, the gazes the 10 Dao Servants shot towards Chen Xi didn’t carry any surprise, bewilderment, rage, or any other emotions anymore. There was only extreme indifference in their eyes.

They were like 10 overlords of the heavens, and they possessed absolute power.

Obviously, after they drew down the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and linked themselves to the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, the 10 Dao Servants had rebuilt their confidence and were determined to crush Chen Xi.

Indeed, it was the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, and even the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation had appeared here. Could anyone go against such supreme forces?

All those years ago, the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, had been killed by the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao which the Sovereign Sect’s Master drew down at that time!

The Chaotic Divine Lotus was an extraordinary figure, yet she was still unable to survive, let alone a mere Savior like Chen Xi?

That was where the confidence of the Dao Servants came from. They resided on Godrank Mountain with the duty of acting in accordance with the Heaven Dao and protecting the Heaven Dao. In their opinion, all forces would collapse immediately before the Heaven Dao!

Chen Xi was able to sense the aura of confidence and indifference which came from the Dao Servants. He didn’t say anything, and he just pointed the Sword of Samsara towards them from afar.


A strand of an obscure and strange energy of the five elements shout out from Chen Xi. It covered the sky and actually faintly showed signs of covering up the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky.

The Order of all the Daos within the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation surged, and it emanated an extremely terrifying, supreme, and dignified aura.

However, no matter how it displayed its might, it was actually unable to suppress the obscure and strange aura that came from Chen Xi.

On the other hand, the 10 Dao Servants were clearly affected by this, and it was like the link between their auras and the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was about to be severed.

This caused their eyes to narrow.

The 1st Dao Servant spoke indifferently. “The darkness of purgatory eliminates all evil and crushes all heretics!”

Every single word he spoke was like a decree of the heavens, and it was filled with an extraordinarily dignified aura.


His voice had just resounded when the 5th Dao Servant, the Dark Purgatory Daolord, transformed into a ray of light that shot up into the air, and he actually instantly fused into the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!

After that, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was covered in a layer of darkness. Moreover, the energy of Order within it seemed like it had been tainted by the darkness, and it rumbled as it rained down.

These dark strands of Order covered the heavens and the earth, and they instantly formed a dark purgatory that crushed space as it enveloped down towards Chen Xi!

This was heavenly wrath. It had fused with the complete strength of the 5th Dao Servant and the supreme might of the Order of the Heaven Dao to descend down into the world!

The entire Godrank Mountain started to shake while the weather here changed. Moreover, it seemed like eternal darkness had covered the entire mountain. It was an extremely horrifying sight.

“Light.” Chen Xi pointed his sword up into the sky while he spoke a single word softly.

After that, a ray of light shot into the sky. It smashed space apart, struggled free of the restraints of the world, and tore a dazzling rift open in the darkness.

“Dawn!” Chen Xi spoke two more words, and it occurred as soon as he spoke.


Blazing light whistled out from the boundless depths of space like surging lava, and they crushed and incinerated the myriad of strands of dark energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao into nothingness.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was glowing with boundless radiance, and it seemed like a scorching sun had arisen in the abyss of darkness and illuminated the world!


A wave of shocking rumbling resounded. It was like the sky had been blasted apart, and boundless radiance swept through the world.

At the same time, a shrill cry of extreme pain resounded!

Surprisingly, it was the voice of the 5th Dao Servant, the Dark Purgatory Daolord!

The expressions of the other 9 Dao Servants changed slightly while their confidence had ceased to exist. None of them had imagined that not only would they still be unable to crush Chen Xi immediately after they fused with the supreme might of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, the 5th Dao Servant had actually perished in the collision!

After all, it carried a strand of the aura and energy of the Heaven Dao, so how could the strength of a person possibly go against it?

However, Chen Xi had actually emanated boundless light with just his own strength, and it incinerated the Order of the Heaven Dao and even annihilated the 5th Dao Servant in one go!

This was simply too terrifying to them!

“I’ve told you. All of you are Spirits that were born from the Order of Godsbane Heaven, and you’re only able to utilize a mere strand of the Order of the Heaven Dao.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently while the dark blue sword in his hand was howling. Strands of strange and obscure fluctuations covered his entire body, and it caused his imposing aura to seem even more mysterious.

“The five elements are the foundation that protect the path of the heavens; the void a lock that confines the world!” The 1st Dao Servant took a deep breath, and then he was linked with the world as he sent out a strand of grand will.

In an instant, the 6th Dao Servant, the Five Element Daolord, and the 11th Dao Servant, the Void Daolord, stepped forward with resolute expressions, and their figures swiftly fused with the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation started circulating madly. The radiance of the five elements surged while the secrets of space flowed within the depths of that indifferent and cold eye, and then the terrifying might of the Heaven Dao fused into it and condensed a dazzling and resplendent five colored divine spear!

It was the Spear of Judgment!

The five elements represented the will of the world.

Space represented a law of survival.

When both were combined, they transformed into the energy of heavenly wrath, and they finally transformed into a terrifying force that possessed the might of ‘judgment’.

At this instant, the Dao Hearts of all the members of the Divine Dao Protector Clans in the Primal Chaos Origin and the Divine Children of the Heavens in the Springs shook. It felt like they were facing judgment, and they had a feeling of terror and helplessness as if they couldn’t escape calamity.

A wisp of a piercingly cold arc couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he faced this attack. “The past and the present. The heavens and the earth. All exist for me. My fate is on the path of the eternal; my heart is without restraint. Who dares to disrespect me?”

As he spoke in a calm and indifferent tone, it seemed like it had seized the divine aura that existed throughout the world. Even though he stood there without moving, that Spear of Judgment which was descending from the heavens had merely arrived 3 inches away from his foreheads before it couldn’t advance even a little further!

Moreover, when Chen Xi finished speaking that last word, the Spear of Judgment actually caught flames in an instant, and then it transformed into ash that dispersed into nothingness!

The terrifying aura of judgment which suffused the heavens and the earth had vanished along with this, and it ceased to exist. Only Chen Xi stood indifferently on the spot, and he hadn’t moved or suffered any harm from the beginning until the end.

This meant that the 6th Dao Servant, the Five Element Daolord, and the 11th Dao Servant, the Void Daolord, had been wiped out of existence without even being able to let out a shrill cry.

They were born from the Order of the Heaven Dao, so they’d vanished along with the Spear of Judgment that they’d formed.

Dying in such a way was even more miserable than how the Dark Purgatory Daolord has perished just now. It was completely silent and horrifying!


“How could this be possible? How could a Savior like him possess strength capable of resisting and destroying the Order of the Heaven Dao?”

“The Sword of Samsara definitely doesn’t possess such terrifying strength!”

In the blink of an eye, they’d watched helplessly as 3 of their companions had perished in succession. Besides feeling shocked, all the 7 remaining Dao Servants couldn’t help but feel infuriated to the extreme.

Their faces were livid and covered in disbelief while their eyes almost split apart from rage. Who could have imagined that even the Order of the Heaven Dao would be helpless against a Savior?

So, could anyone in the world kill him?

At this moment, even the expression of the 1st Dao Servant had changed. They’d realized that this Savior before them wasn’t just a formidable enemy!

After all, how could anyone have imagined that a force which was capable of going against the Order of the Heaven Dao existed in this world?

At the very least, all of these Dao Servants had never laid eyes on such a force. Throughout the countless years since their birth, they’d never witnessed or experienced such an astonishing scene.

This allowed them to experience what true defiance of the heavens was like for the very first time in their lives!

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