Chapter 2172 – A Heaven Defying Battle

The heavens and the earth were deathly silent.

This was Godrank Mountain, and it was the territory of the 13 Dao Servants. They’d resided here since the moment that Godrank Mountain had appeared within the world.

However, 3 of those 13 Dao Servants had perished from the world now, and only 10 remained on Godrank Mountain.

This was definitely an unprecedented upheaval to the entire Godrank Mountain and the 10 remaining Dao Servants!

The cause of it all… was that Savior who was standing in the distance!

At this moment, the gazes and consciousnesses of all 10 Dao Servants had locked onto Chen Xi, and they revealed all sorts of expressions on their faces while they kept silent.

The atmosphere was heavy to the point of being practically suffocating, and the world was deathly silent.

All of them had previously thought that Light, Time, and Lightning would definitely be able to accomplish their mission with ease and bring the Spirit of Samsara back.

But never had they imagined that the 3 of them would never return.

Earlier, all of them were furious and thought that the Time Daolord’s group of three had definitely perished at the hands of the Dao Defiants’ first ancestor.

Never had they imagined that the culprit would actually be that Savior.

They’d never taken the Savior seriously since the very beginning, and they’d merely treated him as bait to draw out the Dao Defiants’ first ancestor who was in deep sleep.

Never had they expected that this bait would transform into the culprit of all misfortune!

All sort of unexpected outcomes had caused the 10 Dao Servants to be unable to maintain their calm and composure. They were either overwhelmed with rage, surging explosively with killing intent, or feeling boundless sorrow.

It was just a Savior. He was merely at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm when he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors, and he was even weak like an ant in the eyes of the Dao Servants. So, they’d never taken him seriously.

However, the matters of the world were always changing. No one had expected that such an ant which they treated with indifference would cause so many bloody storms upon participating in the Battle of Dao protectors!

He hadn’t just suppressed all peak Divine Children by himself, even figures like Shi Chuge, Beiming Canghai, Suiren Kuanglan, and the others dimmed in comparison to him.

It would be fine if that was the extent of it. After all, no matter how formidable he was, he was merely a Ninth Star Region Lord in the end.

But what occurred later in the Springs caused all the Dao Servants to be visibly moved, and they finally started taking this Savior seriously for the very first time.

They watched as the Savior utilized a cultivation at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm to successively crush Yan Zhen and Qi Ya who were veteran Daolords amongst the Dao Defiants.

They saw him fight his way out of the joint attacks of 10 Daolords, and all those Daolords were annihilated by him.

At that time, this Savior was still at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

How could they not be shocked and visibly moved by such an extremely heaven defying combat strength?

It was also from that moment onward that these Dao Servants had started to remember Chen Xi, and they’d taken him to be a heretic that they would crush and eliminate once he returned. Otherwise, he would definitely become a huge problem for them in the future.

But never had they imagined that Chen Xi would have advanced into the Daolord Realm when he returned, and he’d even killed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Dao Servants!

This filled them with disbelief, and they were even unable to accept it. However, the had no choice but to take all of this seriously when facing the cruel reality of the matter.

Chen Xi was very strong. He was strong to an inconceivable level. Because there was almost no one in the world who could kill Dao Servants like them.

Yet now, there was another existence like that, Chen Xi!

A heaven defying monster who was still at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm when he entered Godrank Mountain yet now possessed the strength to kill Dao Servants like them!

So, they didn’t dare continue underestimating Chen Xi in the slightest.

Just like this very moment, all of them had set out when facing Chen Xi who was all by himself, and all of them were even accumulating strength while waiting for the battle to erupt. They’d taken him to be a true enemy of theirs, and they refused to disregard him like they had in the past.


They were still bewildered in their hearts. How did this Savior accomplish all of this?

They didn’t know that that was exactly what the Light, Time, and Lightning Daolords couldn’t figure out as well.

However, all of that wasn’t important at this moment.

Because they would be able to obtain the answer once they killed Chen Xi!

“Everyone is here, so let’s begin.” At the same time, Chen Xi glanced indifferently at them. He did so in an upright and composed manner, and there was a strand of indescribably arrogance amidst the calm of his voice.

This was an attitude that was completely equal and even surpassed the Dao Servants. It seemed like regardless of who his opponents were or how formidable they were, he would still act without any fear!

The Dao Servants were naturally able to sense this arrogant attitude, and the eyes of a few immediately narrowed slightly while the killing intent within their eyes grew denser.


Suddenly, five wheels appeared in the sky. They appeared in the position of the five elements, and every single wheel emanated the supreme glow of the Order of the Heaven Dao. Their radiance intersected together to form a magnificent world.

This was the 6th Dao Servant, the Five Element Daolord’s, Highgod Domain — Heavenly Wheels of the Five Elements!

The five elements were the foundation that established a world. As for the saying of exceeding the five elements and transcending from the world, it actually meant that one’s cultivation had attained an otherworldly state to the point of escaping the restraints of a world.

The Heavenly Wheels of the Five Elements was different, it was formed from the Grand Dao of Destiny and the Order of the Heaven Dao that the 6th Dao Servant possessed, and its might was unprecedented.


At practically the exact same moment, a dark blue sword appeared in Chen Xi’s palm, and then it flashed.

After that, the Heavenly Wheels of the Five Elements which were about to converge into form had actually been slashed open and exploded into pieces.

Chen Xi had destroyed the Highgod Domain of the Five Element Daolord with a single casual swing of his sword!

The Five Element Daolord’s face instantly fell, and his expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

“Attack him together!” The 1st Dao Servant spoke softly.

Even though it was just a single attack, it allowed them to fully understand that Chen Xi really did possess the strength to threaten them!

Moreover, this indirectly proved that the Time, Light, and Lightning Daolords really had been killed by this Savior!

There was utterly no need for the 1st Dao Servant to remind them. All the other Dao Servants were existences that had experienced countless battles and possessed boundlessly abundant experience, so they’d practically instantly determined the severity of the situation.

So, all of them who were originally standing quietly and ready for battle had attacked when the 1st Dao Servant’s voice had just started resounding through the air. They were like numerous volcanoes that had been sleeping for a long time and erupted at this moment!


A black colored purgatory condensed into form. The purgatory was filled with mountains of corpses, oceans of blood, and endless energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao transformed into blood red divine chains that fluttered about wildly like dragons as they whipped through the world.

It was the Highgod Domain of the 5th Dao Servant, the Dark Purgatory Daolord — the Path of Darkness!


The figures of a myriad of gods whistled out from space. All of them revealed peerless divine radiance and monstrous imposing auras. They were like heavenly soldiers that formed a vast army, and they trampled through the world.

It was the Highgod Domain of the 13th Dao Servant, the Battle Spirit Daolord — Battle Spirits of the Heavens!

In just an instant, the two Highgod Domains, the Path of Darkness and the Battle Spirits of the Heavens, had fused perfectly together, and it was like a completely new Highgod Domain.

A myriad of divine troops were dashing through the mountains of corpses and oceans of blood in the black colored world of purgatory, and they shouted incessantly while their killing intent surged towards the surroundings. They were terrifying to the extreme.

That wasn’t the end of it. At this instant, numerous dazzling balls of golden divine flames started to start burning from every single inch of space within the Highgod Domain, and then the energy of space here became even more refined and grand. It simply seemed like it intended to trap everything in the world within it and incinerate them completely!

This was the Highgod Domain of the 11th Dao Servant, the Void Daolord, and it was called the Light of the Void!

However, it was very obvious that the Light of the Void had fused perfectly with the other two Highgod Domains from before.

In other words, the 5th, 11th and 13th Dao Servants had fused their Highgod Domains as soon as they attacked, and they were trying to utilize their strongest attack to crush Chen Xi completely!

Actually, the 3 of them were the Dao Servants who were the most strongly against the cooperation with the Sovereign Sect, but they’d completely abandoned all grudges and targeted Chen Xi because of the deaths of the Light, Time, and Lightning Daolords.

In an instant, Chen Xi had been drowned within the world that was formed by the merged Highgod Domains of the 3 Dao Servants.

Blood red chains of order whipped about wildly through the world while a myriad of troops charged violently, and numerous golden balls of flames were burning in space. They forcefully trapped Chen Xi on the spot.

After that, all of these destructive forces were like a storm that completely swallowed Chen Xi up.

They could clearly see that Chen Xi’s body seemed as if it was being ceaselessly cut apart. Inch after inch of his bones and tendons exploded apart while his flesh and blood vanished, In just an instant, he seemed as if he was about to be completely obliterated.

Many Dao Servants revealed cold smiles when they witnessed this scene.

They were clearly aware that the 5th, 11th, and 13th Dao Servants had utilized their strongest attacks at once, and when they jointly attacked at full strength, then even Dao Servants like them wouldn’t be able to resist such an attack.

This was the benefit of possessing abundant experience in combat. It made them refrain from holding back in the slightest once a battle began, and they immediately launched a swift and lethal attack!

But none of them relaxed as well. Unless they confirmed that Chen Xi was dead, otherwise, they would absolutely not allow themselves to reveal any weak points.

Just like this very moment. Even though the other Dao Servants weren’t able to lend a hand in this situation, they were in combat ready states, and they were ready to provide the strongest assistance they could provide at the slightest sign that the situation changed for the worse!

The reason they were so cautious and vigilant was because of the combat strength Chen Xi revealed had allowed them to sense a trace of danger.

After all, the Light, Time, and Lightning Daolords had died at Chen Xi’s hands. Even though they were unable to figure out exactly how Chen Xi had accomplished it, it was a fact. So, it made them grow even more vigilant.


In the world that seemed like a black colored purgatory, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been nailed to a point in space, and he was whipped by the violent blood red divine chains of Order, and he was struck by the myriad of troops. The bones and tendons throughout his body were collapsing, and he’d almost vanished from where he stood.

Such a scene was astonishing indeed, and it was simply unprecedented. After all, how could the joint forces of 3 Dao Servants be ordinary?

If it were any other Daolord who was in such a situation, that Daolord would probably have no chance at survival.

However, to the horror of all the Dao Servants present here, even though Chen Xi’s body had clearly been completely obliterated, his aura had actually not been completely erased even after quite some time had passed!

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