Chapter 217 – Fan Yunlan

Chapter 217 – Fan Yunlan

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, Qing Xiuyi’s Misty Rain Dao Territory was indeed the most formidable amongst the Dao Territories of all his other enemies, and every single part of it contained profound Dao insights. Moreover, it possessed a natural grace without the slightest trace of being artificial.

Merely this cultivation in Dao Territory was able to allow Qing Xiuyi to stand at the peak amongst cultivators with similar cultivations.

However, at this moment, this Misty Rain Dao Territory was instead easily torn apart by a black robed figure with a covered face, and the figure entered the Dao Territory unopposed. This ability was simply astonishing!

But, Qing Xiuyi’s expression still remained tranquil and indifferent, she didn’t seem to make any movement, yet the Misty Rain Dao Territory that was torn apart had recovered back to its original state, and only after doing this did she start sizing up this ‘uninvited’ enemy.

A loose black robe covered her body and even her face was covered beneath her hat, causing others to be unable to see her appearance clearly. But solely from the graceful figure that was outlined by her black robe, this was surely a woman without a doubt.

Who’s this woman? Her energy is so peculiar, and her cultivation is probably at the Golden Core Realm or above… Qing Xiuyi swiftly predicted in her heart.


Right at this moment, Ling Bai who’d transformed into a wisp of golden light in midair abruptly returned to his original form before flying to arrive before Chen Xi. His tiny face was already ghastly pale and translucent to the extreme, his body on the verge of collapse, and he abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Obviously, the arrival of the black robed woman had caused Ling Bai to resolutely stop his actions of sacrificing his own life. But he seemed to have suffered a backlash from this, causing his spirits to become lacking in vigor and vitality, and his eyes became dim and listless.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this scene, and all the rage, panic, and pain in his heart transformed into heartfelt happiness. So long as Ling Bai was alive, so what if a flood surged or calamity descended in the next moment?

“Chen Xi, so it’s you. Could it be that you killed the Teng Brothers? It should be like that. If it wasn’t for the residual Dark Butterfly Pollen they placed on you before their death, it would be impossible for me to follow you here. In this way, it would seem that those two things are still in your possession?” The black robed woman suddenly spoke out with surprise, her voice was like the clear cry of an oriole, melodious and clear with lingering charm, and it had its own unique taste.

Chen Xi frowned when he heard this, and then spoke abruptly. “You’re the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s Fan Yunlan?”

I can’t be wrong. Since she’s related to the Teng Brothers and is capable of recognizing me with a single glance, then who else could this woman be but Hall Master Fan, Fan Yunlan, who Xiao Jun spoke of?

This is a problem!

Chen Xi’s heart felt even heavier. Originally, a single Qing Xiuyi had already caused him to be powerless to the extreme. Now that this woman from the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect had arrived, the heaviness in his heart was obvious.

Bloodcrescent Devil Sect?

When she heard Chen Xi point out this black robed woman’s identity, Qing Xiuyi couldn’t help but frown slightly. She practically instantly determined that this woman was an enemy and not a friend. Moreover, this woman had come for the sake of the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession as well!

“Eh, you actually recognize me?” Fan Yunlan seemed to be slightly surprised, and then her gaze swept the nearby Qing Xiuyi before speaking while lost in thought. “Looks like I’ve come in time. Otherwise, the things in your possession would have been seized by another.”

“You think you can take him away from me?” Qing Xiuyi didn’t continue keeping silent and spoke coldly. As a disciple of the central plains Whitecrane Sect, she naturally had an extremely bad impression towards members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, and her words didn’t conceal her hostility in the slightest.

“Since you’re capable of executing the Misty Rain Dao Territory, I presume you’re the reincarnated Heavenly Immortal in the rumors, the Whitecrane Sect’s Qing Xiuyi, right? Within my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s information, you’re one of the most outstanding geniuses with extraordinary natural talent in the entire Darchu Dynasty, and your strength is advancing at a shocking speed with every passing moment, causing you to be extremely dazzling. Unfortunately, when my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect reemerges in this world, you’re one of the thorns that must be removed, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to mature any longer.” Fan Yunlan spoke unhurriedly. She didn’t pay attention to Chen Xi any longer, because in her eyes, Chen Xi already didn’t have the slight ability to resist her, and it was the nearby Qing Xiuyi that she had to take seriously.

“Want to kill me? That would depend on if you have the strength.” Qing Xiuyi spoke indifferently. Her bearing that remained indifferent even when facing a Rebirth Realm expert caused Chen Xi to have to admit that this woman’s mentality was so firm and tenacious that it had already surpassed ordinary geniuses.

“Then I’ll kill you first and prove it to you.” Feng Yunlan laughed lightly. As she spoke, her black robe abruptly fluttered as her right hand stuck out like a bolt of lightning, and a blood colored vortex gushed into appearance at the center of her palm. Storms raged, ghosts wailed, and spirits cried within it, and it seemed to contain countless evil and ruthless spirits suppressed within it.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Numerous translucent rippling footprints were stomped out onto the sky as Fan Yunlan instantly arrived above Qing Xiuyi, and the blood colored vortex covered her palm as it directly transformed into a bloody mouth that completely covered the heavens and earth as it enveloped down and actually seemed to want to swallow Qing Xiuyi completely.

“You can dream of touching me with any of your attacks while within my Misty Rain Dao Territory.” As she spoke with an indistinct voice, Qing Xiuyi’s figure vanished on the spot.

“Hmph! This Blood Vortex Devilpalm of mine is a top Dao Grade martial technique, and it contains 16 devil sect Dao Insights, whereas I myself am a 7th wheel Rebirth Realm cultivator. How can a tiny little Golden Core Realm cultivator like you possibly be able to be my match?” When her strike missed, Fan Yunlan’s figure flashed, and she seemed to possess foresight as her feet successively stepped out in the sky.

She was like a swimming dragon, a phoenix flapping its wings, and she carried translucent devilish flames in her surroundings, causing her to seem like a devil spirit that had descended into the mortal realm. She seemed to have practically shortened the distance between space as she instantly arrived before Qing Xiuyi and struck out with her palm.

The speed of this palm was entirely indescribable, nor could anyone describe its overbearingness as it seemed to dominate the entire world. The devilish flames tore through the sky and everywhere her palm passed, space collapsed and shrunk, and it seemed as if this palm had extracted all the energy in the sky.

The strands of translucent and blazing devilish flames in Fan Yunlan’s surroundings converged into numerous translucent skeletons with savage expressions that opened their mouths to emit exceedingly ear piercing bawls. When combined with the might of her palm, it caused her to seem even more like a female god of devils that dominated the world.

When facing this palm strike, even Chen Xi who lay on the ground, couldn’t help but arouse the despairing feeling of being unable to flee and being only able to await his doom.

This was the might of a Rebirth Realm cultivator. Every single move and skill carried vast energy that was a mix between Yin and Yang and was merged with the heavens and the earth, and it was capable of drawing assistance from the ‘Force’ of nature to suppress one’s enemies.

The so-called ‘Force’ was extremely mysterious and couldn’t be described with words. Simply speaking, after a Rebirth Realm cultivator condensed a Rebirth Wheel using the energies of Yin and Yang, the cultivator would be capable of comprehending the ‘Force’ that existed within the energies of the heavens and the earth. When this ‘Force’ fused into one’s attacks, an extremely simple move was capable of causing one’s enemy to feel the tiny feeling of being in opposition with the entire heavens and the earth, and it was a type of suppressive force that targeted one’s body and mind.

Some weak cultivators would possibly have their will to fight destroyed and their vital energy crumbled merely by facing this type of ‘Force’ executed by Rebirth Realm cultivators, and it was extremely formidable.

This palm strike of Fan Yunlan’s could be said to have fused the energy of this ‘Force’ in it and put into effect, causing it to be extremely terrifying.


However, in the next instant, a shocking scene appeared. Fan Yunlan’s palm that was like a shooting star that shot through the sky and was like a god plucking the stars and moon from the sky had actually been blocked by Qing Xiuyi!


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