Chapter 2168 – Meeting Again

At a place extremely far away from the Springs.

This place was almost at the 2nd battlefront, the Sacred Ocean of Blood. So long as one arrived here, then one just had to pass through the campsite which belonged to the Dao Protectors to quickly return to the outside world.

The Light, Time, and Lightning Daolords had entered the Springs of Sin through the campsite before they set out to seize the Spirit of Samsara.

However, at this moment, the Lightning Daolord had been killed miserably beneath the Sword of Samsara, whereas, the Light Daolord suffered an even more miserable fate because he’d died beneath the Grand Dao of Light which he was most skilled in.

The last remaining Dao Servant, the Time Daolord, had fled in panic to this area.

The Sacred Ocean of Blood was in the distance, and the campsite which led to the outside world was on the other side of the ocean.

At any ordinary time, traversing such a distance would only take an instant for an existence like the Time Daolord.

Yet now, such a distance was like a natural chasm between life and death, and the Time Daolord wasn’t able to come into contact with the other side at all!

His hope was right in front of his eyes, but he was unable to grab it in this lifetime. That was something which was sufficient to make anyone go mad!

The Time Daolord was no exception, his haggard face was covered in despair and helplessness, and his aged eyes were filled with unwillingness and frustration.

He seemed to have lost all his energy and was squatting on the ground in dejection which he gazed towards the other side of the Sacred Ocean of Blood. He seemed as if he’d lost his soul and was at a dead end.

He was a Spirit that was born from within the Order of the Heaven Dao, and he’d gained control of the energy of Time upon being born. Moreover, he was even ranked at the 2nd position amongst the 13 Dao Servants. Up until this very day, he’d always been looking down upon all living beings like an overlord who possessed boundless divine might.

But now….

He was terrified like a dog!

Or even worse than a dog!

The Time Daolord was on the verge of collapse from experiencing such a huge change in the situation. He’d never imagined that besides the energy of Samsara, there was actually a person who could kill existences like them.

Moreover, he’d never imagined that he would be forced into such a state by a Savior who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm.

The most ironic part was that an extremely familiar aura had suffused his entire body right now. It was the energy of time. However… it was a form of the energy of time that even he, the Time Daolord, had never seen!

This energy had appeared out of nowhere, and it felt like it had covered this expanse of the world and filled it since time immemorial.

This energy was extremely terrifying as well because the Time Daolord wasn’t able to escape or avoid it at all, and he could only watch helplessly as the vitality and lifespan within him was mercilessly taken away.

His skin started to wrinkle and grow lusterless, his vital blood started weakening and losing vitality, his bones seemed like rocks that had been corroded by the wind and was vanishing inch by inch, his long hair had turned snow white before they dropped in clumps….

This was the energy of time!

It was so familiar to the Time Daolord yet so unfamiliar at the same time. Because he’d never come into contact with such energy of time.

This made him recall the Light Daolord who’d perished earlier, and he couldn’t help but feel bitterness in his heart. I never expected that I’m going to die at the hands of the energy which is most familiar to me, just like Light had just now….

This is that fellow’s Highgod Domain?

The Time Daolord raised his head with difficulty, and just this tiny movement seemed as if it had exhausted all his strength. It made him seem like a corpse that was about to decay and disperse with the wind.

But why can’t I see it?

The Time Daolord was dazed. The heavens and the earth were boundless and quiet as always, and he was utterly unable to sense the unique aura that belonged to a Highgod Domain.

However, the Time Daolord was very sure that it was still there. Even though it was invisible, it was omnipresent!

Otherwise, he would have arrived at the other side of the ocean by now and escaped.

Otherwise, he would have absolutely not been trapped here, corroded by endless energy of light, and waiting for death to arrive.


The Time Daolord was slightly dispirited and dejected. I’m going to die anyway, so why think so much about it?

Right, death is arriving. So it isn’t important no matter how unwilling or despaired I feel.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of wind blew over, and then the Time Daolord’s figure suddenly transformed into ashes that vanished in space. He was transformed into nothingness, and all aura and traces of him had been eliminated from the world.

The Time Daolord had perished just like that. Even at the moment of his death, he still wasn’t able to figure out exactly how Chen Xi had accomplished this, and it became his greatest question before his death.

The Springs.

Chen Xi who’d been standing there silently had withdrawn his gaze and shot it towards the experts of the Dao Defiant Clans who stood behind him.

Only a few dozen Daolords remained from all the Divine Children of the Heavens who were here. However, there were still many descendants of the various clans within the Springs that was covered in a scene of desolation.

But no matter who it was, all of their faces were covered in a dazed, astounded, fearful, and even lost expression.

Because they’d never imagined that a battle which they’d regarded as a fight to the death would have actually come to an end in such a manner.

The Savior hadn’t died, nor had he died while taking the 3 Dao Servants with him. ON the contrary, the 3 Dao Servants had been crushed successively!

They even felt slight disbelief when facing such an inconceivable scene. How could a Savior who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm possess such a formidable combat strength?

They were unable to figure it out.

The Time, Light, and Lightning Daolords were unable to figure it out as well.

But all of it had occurred and had become solid facts, so they had no choice but to believe it.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi flipped his palm, and a dark blue ancient sword appeared there.

The Sword of Samsara!~Many seniors of the Dao Defiant Clans recognized the sword as the precious treasure possessed by their first ancestor.

“It was your first ancestor who gave this sword to me. Even though she didn’t ask me to take care of you, I think that she would definitely not wish for all of you to just vanish from the world.” Chen Xi spoke in a calm and indifferent voice. Even though it wasn’t loud, it resounded clearly in every single inch of the Springs.

This caused their hearts to tremble violently. Doesn’t this mean that the Lord First Ancestor passed down her mantle to this Savior?

“So, from today onward, all of you Divine Children of the Heavens will fall under my control, and you’ll obtain my protection.” Chen Xi’s voice was still calm and tranquil.

If he’d spoken these words before he killed those 3 Dao Servants, then it would definitely encounter resistance and rage from them, and it would even be to the extent that they would consider him mad and arrogant to the extreme.

But no one dared to think in that way right now.

This was his power and influence!

The power and influence he gained from killing the 3 Dao Servants was sufficient to prove that Chen Xi had the ability to speak such words, and it was utterly indisputable!

However, when they thought about how their clans would be in the control of an outsider from today onward, many seniors amongst them felt extremely uncomfortable.

Chen Xi seemed to have seen through their thoughts and didn’t get angry because of it, he continued speaking in a calm voice. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in the authority and status which all of you care about. If it weren’t out of consideration for your first ancestor, I would have no need to give such a promise to all of you at all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he shook his head and seemed to intend to leave.

But right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded. “Chen Xi, since you said that you intend to protect us, then why are you leaving?”

Chen Xi swept his gaze over and noticed that it was actually Chi Qingying. However, the latter’s current gaze towards Chen Xi carried an inexplicable strand of anxiousness and restraint.

Chen Xi spoke frankly. “What are you worried about?”

Chi Qingying took a deep breath and summoned up the courage to speak. “I’m worried…. What if those Dao Servants attack again once you leave? After all, there aren’t just 3 Dao Servants on Godrank Mountain.”

“Your worries are very unnecessary.” Chen Xi shook his head, turned around, and walked towards the distance.

“Why?” Chi Qingying cried out anxiously.

“Because I’m about to go fight those Dao Servants. Is such a reason sufficient?” A calm and indifferent voice resounded but Chen Xi’s figure had vanished in the horizon.

Chi Qingying was stunned on the spot, and all the others were stunned as well while a strand of indescribable complicated emotions surged into their hearts.

At this moment, they finally came to a sudden understanding. They seemed to have misunderstood Chen Xi since the beginning because this fellow was no enemy of theirs, and he seemed to even have some links with their first ancestor!

However, he hadn’t explained anything since the very beginning, and he helped them crush the Time, Light, and Lightning Daolords instead!

Now, Chen Xi was even going to deal with the other Daolords. Why was he doing that? The answer was self-evident. It was naturally because he intended to eliminate all potential troubles to the survival of their clans!

When they thought up to this point and recalled the adverse attitude they had towards Chen Xi, and how they’d bluntly mocked and ridiculed him…. All the experts from the Dao Defiant Clans felt extremely complicated emotions well up in their hearts.

All of this had imperceptibly caused their ill feelings and aversion towards Chen Xi to reduce greatly, and many of them even started to acknowledge Chen Xi’s identity.

Hmm? At soon as he arrived before the Sacred Ocean of Blood, Chen Xi immediately stopped moving and looked towards the distance.

A figure was flashing over from there. He had a composed and imposing bearing, a gorgeous appearance, and seemed clear and otherworldly like a paradise.

He carried a spear that was scarlet red like blood on his back, and it was laid sideways across his back. Moreover, his entire body emanated the aura that was only possessed by someone who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm.

He was actually Shi Chuge from the high level Shi Clan of the Divine Dao Protector Clans!

But why has he come here? Chen Xi was shocked for a moment, and then he paid no further attention to Shi Chuge and just flashed towards the Sacred Ocean of Blood.

“Chen Xi!” However, Shi Chuge called out to him.

“What?” Chen Xi frowned. He didn’t have a good impression of Shi Chuge at all, but he couldn’t be said to hate him much as well.

“I’ve fought all along the way and finally broke through and advanced yesterday. I’m confident that I possess the ability to fight you now.” Shi Chuge had a composed expression as he spoke calmly, and his eyes carried a wisp of arrogance.

“I’ve given you the opportunity. Stop bringing contempt upon yourself.” Chen Xi glanced coldly at him.

Shi Chuge seemed to be indifferent to this, and he said, “Don’t misunderstand. Since I’ve started cultivating until now, I, Shi Chuge, have never done anything because of the orders of others. Killing you is completely meaningless to me.”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Then why are you doing this?”

Shi Chuge fell silent for a long while before he said, “Since I’ve started cultivating at a young age, I’ve been constantly focused on my own path towards the Dao, and I’ve been indifferent towards everything else in the world. But only after you appeared did I realize that even I would feel envy, unwillingness, and even question my own strength. My Dao Heart… was in complete chaos….”

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