Chapter 2166 – The End of Time


How could a mere Savior kill the Lord First Ancestor?

But why has the Sword of Samsara fallen into his possession?The hearts of all the experts from the Dao Defiant Clans surged incessantly while they felt surprised and bewildered. All of them had a faint feeling that there was probably some sort of secret hiding behind all of this.

“I can’t allow this sword to be sullied by your hands.” Chen Xi gave his reply while numerous thoughts were surging through the minds of all the experts from the Dao Defiant Clans, and he gazed indifferently at the 2 Dao Servants with his deep eyes.

“Hmph!” The Time Daolord’s killing intent which had been suppressed for so long had finally been lit ablaze, and he grunted coldly.

A vast river suddenly surged through space, and the energy of time flowed through it. It was suffused with a pure aura of Destiny.

Everywhere it passed, all things were corroded. It was like they were mercilessly corroded by time, and they lost all vitality. Only an expanse of death and silence was left behind by the river.


It was youth, age, the source of the energy that the world used to progress, and it was the source of all changes in the landscape of the world. So, could anyone truly resist the corrosion of time since time immemorial?

No one could!

Even if cultivators could survive for countless years, they would still perish through the annals of time. Even those who were said to be eternal couldn’t escape the corrosion of time.

It was a supreme Law of the Grand Dao in the world!

Now, the Time Daolord who controlled the energy of time had utilized his own energy of Destiny to form a river of time, and he instantly enveloped this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth into his Highgod Domain.

His Highgod Domain was called ‘the End of Time’!

In this Highgod Domain, Time was like an invisible hand that controlled Destiny and threw everything into disorder. Even if one were an eternal existence, one would be instantly transformed into a pile of bones and be obliterated within it.

“Savior! Receive your judgment! Your lifespan shall be taken away, you’ll be abandoned by time, and you’ll never be able to rest!” The Time Daolord spoke indifferently while his aged eyes blazed.

Along with his voice, every single inch of Chen Xi’s skin started to age and decay at an extremely swift speed, every single strand of his hair greyed in a short moment, and it was even to the extent that his eye sockets sunk down and wrinkled covered his body. It seemed as if he’d aged countless years in an instant.

This was the energy of time. It was invisible and colorless yet was able to instantly seize the vitality and lifespan of a person!

“Even the heavens can’t take my life away, so how could time possibly encroach on it?” Chen Xi stood calmly on the spot. As he spoke, his body which was swiftly decaying and aging had actually recovered in an instant, and it became clean, translucent, and completely untainted like glass.

Moreover, strands of surging energy of Destiny flowed through his body like great rivers, and it caused him to simply seem like an eternal being who couldn’t be corroded by time!

The Time Daolord’s expression changed slightly. This collision seemed to be ordinary yet was actually filled with killing intent, and any other ordinary Daolord would have probably been transformed into a pile of corroded bones by now.

But such an attack was actually unable to affect Chen Xi at all!

Could this Savior’s comprehensions of the profundities of Destiny have far surpassed my own?Even though the energy of Time flowed within the ‘End of Time’, it was condensed from the Grand Dao of Destiny possessed by the Time Daolord. It was a technique in battle which utilized the Grand Dao of Destiny as its source of strength and utilized the energy of Time to attack.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t affected by it at all. So there was only a single possibility, and it was that his comprehension of the Grand Dao of Destiny had far surpassed the Time Daolord!

The reason the Time Daolord’s expression had changed slightly was because he’d realized this, and he finally had a slight understanding of why the Lightning Daolord had perished at Chen Xi’s hands.

“Light! Aren’t you going to attack?” The Time Daolord roared. He was very clearly aware that it was very difficult to crush Chen Xi with just his strength.

“Light! It’s omnipresent! The world has no clarity without light! Man is dim without light! The Dao is nothing without light! My light is boundless as I am!” A wave of a warm and unhurried voice resounded, and it seemed to carry an aura of compassion towards the entire world.

After that, a strand of light appeared within the ‘End of Time’. It was like the first ray of light that tore apart the eternal darkness of the ages, and it was pure, grand, dazzling, and resplendent.

Along with this ray of light, the Light Daolord’s figure appeared out of this air. He had a benevolent and kind countenance, wore clean and simple white robes, and he emanated bright light.

In an instant, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

That light the Light Daolord emanated was vast, pure, and boundless. But at this moment, it had transformed into a terrifying force that swept out incessantly and corroded Chen Xi’s body without end.

It was like he, Chen Xi, was a heretic who walked within the darkness of this bright world, and he was receiving the punishment of light.

Light didn’t seem to possess a strong offensive ability, but it was omnipresent! It seemed to be clear and pure, yet it carried a type of terrifying energy of purification!

Yes, it was purification!

It enveloped his body, soul, strength, and vital energy with the intention of completely wiping him out of existence.

The situation had clearly become dangerous.

The Time Daolord and Light Daolord stood side by side within the ‘End of Time’, and they hadn’t moved at all since the beginning.

Chen Xi hadn’t moved in the slightest as well.

But this battle had erupted a long time ago, and it had arrived at an extremely intense and dangerous state right now.

All of them were Daolords who’d grasped the true secrets of Destiny. So, every single word, action, or even thought of theirs possessed the might of incinerate the world and command all Daos.

Just like this very moment, the battle they were carrying out had long since surpassed the ordinary methods of battle. They weren’t just competing in the moves and techniques which they possessed, they were fighting each other with the energy of the Grand Dao and the energy of Destiny which they possessed!

If one who didn’t understand the Daolord Realm were to have witnessed this scene, that person would probably think that they were in confrontation and in a battle of words. However, only true top-rate existences would understand how terrifying such a battle was!

At this moment, not to mention that it was impossible for any one of the spectators to enter the ‘End of Time’, even if any of them could, they would be instantly obliterated on the spot and vanish from the world!


The energy of Time flowed through the Time Daolord, and his calm expression was filled with boundless killing intent.

The clothes, hair, skin, and every single inch of the Light Daolord who stood at the side of the Time Daolord was glowing with boundless radiance.

The strength of both Dao Servants had merged together, and the terrifying might they created was ceaselessly corroding and purifying Chen Xi.

Both of them had solemn, cold, and indifferent expressions on their faces, but a wisp of a serious expression was gradually appearing in their eyes.

They’d never imagined that their joint forces would actually be unable to annihilate Chen Xi in a short period of time!

No matter how heaven defying this Savior is, he’s only someone who has just advanced into the Daolord Realm! Could it be that the energy of Destiny he possesses is already formidable enough to the point he can go against us?

Isn’t that a little too inconceivable!?

Even though they weren’t living beings of this world or innate gods, they were formed from the Order of the Heaven Dao that covered Godrank Mountain!

They started to comprehend the energy of Destiny since the moment they were condensed into form, and they’d been cultivating for countless years until now. So, they’d attained extremely extraordinary attainments in the Grand Dao of Destiny a very long time ago.

That was why they could protect Godrank Mountain and make all living beings have no choice but to respect and revere them.

Yet now, a little fellow who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm and grasped the energy of Destiny was actually able to fight them in a battle of the Grand Dao. This wasn’t something which could be described as just inconceivable, it was simply horrifying!

At this moment, the expressions of both the Time Daolord and Light Daolord had gradually become solemn.

Chen Xi stood casually in the distance while his backbone seemed like a pillar that could hold up the sky. The vitality throughout this body was frequently seized away by the merciless energy of Time, causing it to become dry and shriveled. However, it recovered almost immediately into a glistening state. Besides that, his jet-black and dense hair was similarly flickering between being white as now and covered in a dazzling jet-black color.

At the same time, light was burning, seething, and purifying his entire body, soul, and vital energy. However, the terrifying injuries it created were similarly recovered in just a short moment.

This scene was extremely strange.

Chen Xi was like a tree that was alternating between a blooming and withered state, it was like he was alternating between life and death. It was a cycle between light and darkness, and it was a cycle of time.

However, he didn’t fall no matter what!

Moreover, along with the passage of time, Chen Xi clearly started to recover even more swiftly, whereas, the harm both the energy of Time and energy of Light could inflict on him was growing lesser and lesser….

This caused the Time and Light Daolords to be shocked. How could this be possible?

Not to mention someone who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm, even a top-rate Daolord who was like a living fossil would probably have been annihilated a long time ago when facing such an attack!

“Is that all you’ve got? Right, both of you are only Spirits that are formed from the Order of Godsbane Heaven. Even though you’ve grasped the Order of Light and Time, you aren’t the real Godsbane Heaven in the end.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly while his deep black eyes swept towards them. His voice was calm and indifferent, and it didn’t carry any ridicule at all. It was like he was describing a fact.

However, when these words entered into the ears of the Light Daolord and Time Daolord, it was like the most malicious ridicule in the world, and it caused their expressions to turn gloomy while the killing intent in their hearts grew even stronger.

Does this damnable little bastard really think that I can’t deal with him? The Light Daolord suddenly took a deep breath while a wisp of resolve flashed through his eyes. He seemed to be prepared to utilize some sort of forbidden technique. Seemingly material flames of light effused out from within him, and it caused his imposing aura to seem even more divine and boundless.

The expression of the Time Daolord changed slightly. He knew that the Light Daolord was about to utilize his Quintessence Energy!

“I draw down the Order with my strength — Illumination of Light!” The Light Daolord spoke indifferently. It was just a few words yet actually carried a boundlessly mighty and divine aura when he spoke them.

At this instant, his face was covered in a solemn expression, and he even seemed to reveal unprecedented devotion.


Boundless light appeared, and it completely enveloped the heavens, the earth, and everything here. The terrifying energy of the Grand Dao he emanated seemed to have drawn upon some forbidden energy in the Heaven Dao, and it revealed monstrous might.

The energy it revealed wasn’t something that should exist in the world at all!

The aura it emanated was absolutely not something a Daolord could possess!

Because it was the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, and it was boundlessly supreme!

At this moment, a slight change had finally occurred within Chen Xi’s deep and indifferent eyes, and then it returned to its tranquil state from before.

His entire body was enveloped by light, and it seemed as if he was about to be instantly purified into nothingness. But he actually seemed to pay no attention to it at all.

However, his body that had remained still until now had finally moved. He stepped down onto the myriad of rays of light as he took a step forward!

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