Chapter 2165 – First Blood

The standard to determine the strength of a Daolord was the strength of the energy of Destiny possessed by that Daolord.

For example, as soon as the Crimson Lightning Prison the Lightning Daolord created had appeared here, the heavens and the earth had been transformed into lightning, a crimson colored ocean of flames seethed, and killing intent descended like it was purgatory.

Such a terrifying scene caused the expressions of many Dao Defiants in the distance to be unable to help but change, and they dodged incessantly as they didn’t want to be swept into it.

Chen Xi didn’t evade it, and he didn’t seem as if he’d been forced into it. On the contrary, it seemed like he’d walked into it on his own accord.

After that, everything that was occurring within the Crimson Lightning Prison wasn’t visible to the eyes of the spectators.

Even the Time and Light Daolords could only wait silently for the outcome, and they were unable to discern everything that was going on within it.

Because the Highgod Domain of a Daolord contained the energy of Destiny possessed by the Daolord, and that Daolord’s own strength and will. So, unless the Daolord was willing to allow others to lay eyes upon such secrets, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for others to see through it.


Crimson lightning danced about violently through the heavens and the earth, and they flowed throughout the surroundings. It caused this area of the heavens and the earth to become unstable. The space here was warped and in disorder while the world itself was collapsing inch by inch.

The spectators were only able to use the shocking scene being revealed by this Highgod Domain to determine that an intense battle was being carried out within the Crimson Lightning Prison.

The Dao Defiants had quite complicated emotions in their hearts. They wished for nothing more than to see Chen Xi killed, yet they also wished for nothing more than to see the Lightning Daolord’s death.

Or perhaps, both of them killing each other in battle would be the best outcome.

However, all the Dao Defiants couldn’t only imagine all of this in their hearts. Their reason told them that Chen Xi had a very small chance at victory when facing an existence like the Lightning Daolord.

There were slightly unusual emotions in the hearts of the Time and Light Daolords as well. They’d never imagined that while they hadn’t been stopped by those Dao Defiants when they were travelling ahead to seize the Spirit of Samsara, they’d been stopped by this little bastard, Chen Xi, instead.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi’s unusual display made them feel a trace of anxiety in their hearts, and they had no choice but to become vigilant because of it.

Moreover, they couldn’t be bothered to pay any further attention to the Dao Defiants, and they’d placed all their attention onto the battle between Chen Xi and the Lightning Daolord.

All of it was because Chen Xi was too heaven defying.

Regardless of whether they were willing to admit it or not, the combat strength Chen Xi possessed definitely far surpassed any Daolord from the Dao Defiant Clans.

After all, Chen Xi had been able to crush the joint forces of 10 Daolords by himself while he was still at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

Now, he’d advanced into the Daolord Realm, so his combat strength had definitely undergone a tremendous transformation.

Both the Time and Light Daolords had noticed all of that, so they naturally wouldn’t treat Chen Xi as an ordinary expert.

It was even to the extent that they’d taken Chen Xi to be the 1st opponent who was worthy of them taking seriously since they’d entered the Springs.

I wonder what Heavenly Wrath and the others think after they witnessed this scene? The Time Daolord muttered in his heart. He’d thought of the other Dao Servants who were watching the battle right now.

However, the Time Daolord had probably never imagined that the Heavenly Wrath Daolord and the others hadn’t been able to observe the events here once Chen Xi had shown himself!

As time slowly trickled by, there was still not a trace of movement from the Crimson Lightning Prison.

The experts from the Dao Defiant Clans couldn’t help but feel a trace of surprise in their hearts. That Savior is actually formidable to such an extent upon advancing into the Daolord Realm?

After that, they felt a wave of excitement. That’s good. It couldn’t be any better if both of them were to be heavily injured from the battle.

On the other hand, the Time and Light Daolord exchanged glances, and that feeling of anxiety they had grown stronger and stronger.

“No matter the outcome, we must interfere immediately. We can’t allow this to continue.” The Light Daolord Frowned.

“I agree.” The Time Daolord nodded.

They immediately took a deep breath and intended to use their full strengths to interfere in this battle by force, and then crush that Savior, Chen Xi.

Right at this moment, a sword howl suddenly resounded from within the Crimson Lightning Prison, and it shot into the sky and surged through the world.

The sword howl was like the rumbling of the Grand Dao, and it shook many Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans to the point their vital blood roiled while their faces turned pale.

That’s not good! Both Dao Servants were shocked in their hearts, and they attacked without the slightest hesitation.


However, the Crimson Lightning Prison had exploded into pieces when they were just about to attack, and it transformed into a rain of crimson lightning that rumbled through the surroundings. This scene horrified many spectators, and they evaded incessantly.

“Watch out! This kid possesses the Sword of Samsara!” At the same time, the Lightning Daolord’s miserable and shrill voice resounded, and it was filled with despair, shock, rage, and unwillingness. It was like the last roar of a dying beast.

After that, his voice stopped abruptly.

However, his voice that was filled with unwillingness, terror, and despair was still surging through the heavens and the earth.

Could the Lightning Daolord have… died?

All the experts of the Dao Defiant Clans were horrified and terribly shocked. The Lightning Daolord was extremely formidable and ranked at the 4th position amongst the 13 Dao Servants. His combat strength could be said to be all-powerful and peerlessly overbearing. Moreover, he’d killed numerous Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans just now.

Yet he’d actually perished now?

And it was even at the hands of a Savior who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm?

Everyone opened their eyes wide.

He’s dead! The faces of the Time and Light Daolord fell. Their cultivations were extraordinarily formidable, so they’d instantly noticed that the Lightning Daolord’s aura had vanished completely when he spoke those words just now.

Such an outcome was definitely a heavy blow to them.

They were simply unable to accept it. Because the Lightning Daolords opponent was a little bastard who’d just advanced into the Daolord Realm. Even if he was no match for him, he should have had room to struggle, right?

But it just so happened that the Lightning Daolord had died in such a sudden manner!

How could this have happened?

The 13 Dao Servants had existed since the moment that Godrank Mountain had appeared in this world, and not a single one of them had perished after experiencing the passage of countless years.

Yet now, the 4th Dao Servant had perished!

“Wait! How could Lighting possibly die?” The Light Daolord’s countenance was livid as he spoke in a furious tone. “We were born in accordance with the Heaven Dao, so how could anyone in the world kill us?”

“It’s the Sword of Samsara!” The Time Daolord’s expression changed indeterminately. His mind had cleared up after he overcame his initial shock, and he suddenly recalled what the Lightning Daolord had said before he perished.

“The Sword of Samsara!” The expressions of the Light and Time Daolords changed. If there was a force in this world that could kill them, then it was definitely Samsara!

Obviously, the reason the Lightning Daolord had suddenly died was because the Savior was utilizing the Sword of Samsara!

All of this took some time to describe. However, merely a few breaths of time had passed since the Crimson Lightning Prison exploded, the Lightning Daolord howled in a shrill and miserable voice before death, and everyone in the surroundings felt shocked by it.

While all of them hadn’t even recovered from their shock, they saw Chen Xi’s tall figure suddenly walking towards the 2 remaining Dao Servants while the rain of crimson lightning descended covered the sky and descended around him.

At this moment, his green clothes were clear and neat, his jet-black and dense hair was fluttering with the wind, and his handsome face was covered in indifference.

His backbone was still straight like a spear and seemed capable of holding up the sky, his bearing was still composed as if he looked down upon all living beings in the world, and his aura was still boundless, capable of rivalling the heavens, and could shine through the ages.

It was like he hadn’t suffered any injuries in the battle with the 4th Dao Servant, and he was completely unharmed and untainted by even a spec of dirt!

The only difference was that he had a sword in his grasp.

It was a dark blue sword that was suffused with a grand, ancient, and obscure aura. While it seemed mysterious, it possessed a force that struck right at the heart, and it was like the cycle of life and death was being carried out within it.

At this moment, the gazes of all the experts from the Dao Defiant Clans towards Chen Xi had changed. There was shock, wonder, fear, disbelief, and even reverence in their eyes!

On the other hand, the Time and Light Daolord’s gazes stared fixedly at the dark blue sword in Chen Xi’s hand once his figure appeared within their fields of vision.

Their gazes carried shock, frustration, and an extremely blazing desire to take possession of that sword.

The Sword of Samsara!

That really is the Sword of Samsara that’s said to have been lost through the annals of time!

All those years ago, it was exactly this sword that had caused the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants to suffer the wrath of the heavens and perish at the Dao Terra Firma in the end. On the other hand, the strand of consciousness that she left at the Springs fell into deep sleep while carrying the Spirit of Samsara with it.

But the two of them had never imagined that the Sword of Samsara would be in the possession of this Savior!

Could the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants merged the Spirit of Samsara she possessed into her sword and transformed it into the complete Sword of Samsara before handing it down to Chen Xi? But why has she done that?

Both the Time and Light Daolords were shocking, furious, and frustrated. They found it difficult to accept all of this.

But reality told them that the Lightning Daolord had really perished beneath the Sword of Samsara, and Chen Xi had clearly become its owner!

“Chen Xi, hand that sword over and I’ll leave your corpse intact!” The Time Daolord took a deep breath and spoke word by word. Every single word he spoke was covered in killing intent while his thin face had turned icy cold to the extreme.


Powerful energy of Destiny transformed into a river of time that surged and flowed around him, and it caused his imposing aura to rise explosively and made the world dim down.

At the same time, the Light Daolord took a deep breath, and then a myriad of rays of light erupted from his entire body. It was grand, boundless, and dazzling to the point others couldn’t look straight at him. It caused him to seem like an eternal deity who had walked out from within light itself.

Obviously, both of them didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi anymore. At the same time, they’d aroused killing intent in their hearts because they wanted to avenge the Lightning Daolord and seize the Sword of Samsara.

All the experts of the Dao Defiant Clans were astounded when they witnessed this scene while tempestuous waves surged within their hearts. They weren’t terrified of the strength revealed by the Light and Time Daolord; they were shocked by the sword in Chen Xi’s hand!

The Sword of Samsara!

That was a precious treasure that belonged to their first ancestor. How could it have fallen into the hands of that Savior?

Could the First Ancestor have been killed by that Savior? Is that how he obtained it?

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