Chapter 2162 – Divine Lotuses Descend From The Heavens

The Springs.

The flames of wars raged throughout the surroundings, and the shouts and sounds of collision resounded incessantly.

The sky has collapsed a long time ago, and the Springs which was like a ‘kingdom in space’ was covered in a scene of desolation.

It was a battle between Daolords, and it was obvious how terrifying the destruction it created was.


A ball of blazing divine radiance exploded apart and shook the world.

This meant that another Daolord from the Dao Defiant Clans had detonated himself or herself and perished!

Since this battle began, the Divine Children of the Heavens had shown signs of steadily losing ground while Daolord after Daolord perished on the spot. Some of them detonated themselves while others were slaughtered mercilessly.

Moreover, such a situation was continuing constantly.

The reason was that the Light, Time, and Lightning Daolords possessed combat strengths that were too terrifying, so even top-rate Daolords didn’t have much ability to struggle before them.

Even though there was only 3 of them, they revealed a formidable state of crushing all their opponents, and they were simply like 3 invincible overlords that instilled terror in the hearts of all.

The Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans almost went mad with rage and fury, and the excitement they’d revealed earlier was long gone. Because their first ancestor still hadn’t arrived to help them until now.

This undoubtedly proved that the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth which had descended in the deepest depths of the Springs hadn’t been caused by their first ancestor.

It was definitely a heavy blow to all the Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans, and their hearts were filled with sorrow.

But even then, not a single one of them had retreated even until this point in the battle! None of them had been terrified by the scenes of death that were occurring around them!

Conversely, as the battle grew more and more intense, and as the 3 Dao Servants succeeded in entering the Springs, all of them became completely berserk!

They were like trapped beasts that were fighting for their lives, and they seemed like moths that were fearlessly darting towards the flame.

If it occurred in the outside world, then it would simply be considered as madness to describe a battle between Daolords as moths darting towards a flame.

After all, every single Daolord was an extraordinary figure who possessed extraordinary might, so it would be the biggest joke in the world to compare them to moths.

However, this scene that occurred at the Springs was indeed like moths darting towards a flame!

They were clearly aware that they were no match for the Dao Servants and knew that resistance would equal death, but they still charged forward. The boundless hatred, sorrow, and anger they felt had made all of these Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans go completely mad.

There was only a single thought left in their minds, and it was that they would rather die gloriously in battle than live in disgrace!

The blood of the gods rained down through the heavens and the earth, and it dyed the starry sky red.

The sounds of collision, shouts, and reluctant howls on the verge of death…. They surged incessantly through the surroundings while carrying boundless resolve and sorrow.

Even if it were the Light, Time, and Lightning Daolords, they still couldn’t help but frown and feel that this situation was very difficult to deal with.

According to their original estimations, they would only need around 10 minutes to easily slaughter open a path and arrive at the deepest depths of the Springs.

However, they’d underestimated the resolve of the Dao Defiants to fight them to the death.

Enemies weren’t terrifying, it was enemies who didn’t fear death who were terrifying.

At the very least, the 3 Dao Servants had deeply experienced this. Because those Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans who were charging at them without any regard for their lives simply seemed like unreasonable madmen to the 3 Dao Servants, and it severely affected their speed forward.

“What a bunch of madmen!” The Lightning Daolord cursed with a gloomy expression. He’d become slightly irritable from being constantly attacked by them, and he truly wanted to disregard everything and concentrate on annihilating the entire Springs.

“Don’t get distracted! Speed up! The phenomena of the heavens and the earth in the distance is vanishing, and that’s a very bad sign!” The Time Daolord frowned with an icy cold expression on his face.

At this moment, both the Light Daolord and Lightning Daolord noticed that the myriad of auspicious clouds in the depths of the Springs were descending, and they were on the verge of vanishing completely.

This caused their hearts to tremble, and they couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to anything else as they charged forward with all their strength.


The battle grew even more intense. No matter who it was, so long as that person’s cultivation was below the Daolord Realm, then not to mention getting near to a battle of such scale, even residing extremely far away from it would still cause cultivators below the Daolord Realm to be affected and perish on the spot.

Just like this very moment. Even though the battle had erupted between the 3 Dao Servants and the Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans, the aftershock of the battle had swept out and raged throughout the Springs.

The Springs was where the Dao Defiant Clans resided and cultivated, so countless living beings were gathered here.

But they weren’t even able to flee or hide when facing such a world shocking battle, and they were utterly incapable of avoiding the aftershocks created from the battle.

At this point in the battle, countless members of the Dao Defiant Clans had perished while numerous clans had been completely annihilated in a short period of time while the homes of those clans had been transformed into a scene of death and desolation.

It was just as those Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans had expected before the battle had even begun. Such a battle wasn’t just related to the dignity of the Dao Defiant Clans, it was even related to their survival!

But along with the passage of time and as the Daolords perished one after the other, despair had started to extend through the hearts of every single Divine Child of the Heavens.

The Time, Light, and Lightning Daolords had killed a few dozen Daolords while over 10 had detonated themselves and perished.

At this moment, only a little over 30 Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans remained. On the other hand, those 3 Dao Servants hadn’t suffered any injuries at all, and the might they revealed in battle grew more and more terrifying and all-powerful.

Could it be that we Divine Children of the Heavens will be annihilated today?

Many members of the Dao Defiant Clans were sorrowful, furious, and frustrated. They were unable to imagine how a Battle of Dao Protectors would become like this in the end.

Moreover, they were unable to imagine how their Lord First Ancestor had left them right after awakening. In the end, it allowed these 3 Dao Servants to take advantage of the situation and intend to annihilate them.

Now, even those extraordinary Daolords were unable to stop the 3 Dao Servants, so they wondered if it meant that their clans had really arrived at the end of the line.

They felt despair, frustration, unwillingness, sorrow, and rage.

All sorts of emotions filled their hearts. They were powerless, helpless, and in pain like ants when facing such a battle that was clearly moving towards defeat!


Why has this happened?

It wasn’t just the members of the Dao Defiant Clans, even those Daolords who were in battle couldn’t help but feel traces of despair.

Only those who truly fought those 3 Dao Servants would understand how terrifying their combat strengths were!

“Only a little over 10 of you remain. Could it be that you really intend to fight until the end and annihilate your entire Dao Defiant Clans?” The Time Daolord spoke abruptly while revealing an expression of disdain.

“Even if only a single one of us, Divine Children of the Heavens, are left, we’ll still fight all of you to the bloody end!” A furious howl resounded, and it was actually Chi Qingying who’d spoken these words.

However, his face was covered in sorrow at this moment, and the ferocious expression he had carried bone-deep hatred.

“Well said!” We’ve been protected by the First Ancestor since the ancient times until now, and that was the only reason why we’ve been able to live and cultivate in peace here. Now that the First Ancestor has left, how could we who have been protected by the First Ancestor just watch without doing anything as all of you trash this world?”

“Is dragging out an ignoble existence any different than death?”

“I would rather die in battle than retreat!”

The others shouted loudly in succession. They had resolute expressions on their face and seemed determined to fight to the death.

“How silly! All of you are Daolords yet fail to discern that the situation is beyond salvation. Even if you struggle desperately to the death, it will still be done in vain!” The Time Daolord berated in an icy cold voice, and then he didn’t say another word. He formed a river of time by just raising his hand, and then it suddenly enveloped down towards Chi Qingying.

In an instant, Chi Qingying’s mind became blank. He knew that he was utterly incapable of resisting this attack, and he knew that he was bound to perish this time.


Even if he was going to die, he intended to die with dignity!

A wisp of mad resolve surged within his eyes that seemed like blood red gems.

The Time Daolord frowned as he moved backward. How could he be unable to discern that another crazy fellow was about to detonate himself?

This made the Time Daolord’s head hurt. Because the strength of those explosions was too strong, and even he had no choice but to avoid it. If such situations hadn’t occurred successively throughout this period of time, their group of 3 would have killed their way into the depths of the Springs a very long time ago.


Right at the instant that the Time Daolord intended to retreat, a sword howl resounded from the distant horizon. It was long-drawn and desolate, and it seemed to have come from time immemorial.

In an instant, numerous dazzling and multicolored divine lotuses appeared in the sky above the Springs. They were crystalline, translucent, and they covered the sky as they emanated boundless divine radiance.

Those divine lotuses emanated green, gold, crimson, blue, black, white, violet…. They emanated radiance of nine different colors, and they illuminated the world in an illusory hue.

At the same time, an indescribably terrifying aura effused out. It caused the originally wailing and collapsing space in the surroundings to freeze, it caused the disorder in the world to become orderly once more, it stabilized the collapsing Daos, it swiftly dissolved the river of time that had enveloped Chi Qingying….

The bloody aura and killing intent that filled the world were wiped away, and the world was enveloped by a solemn, grand, and harmonious aura.

This scene that made it seem like the world had been transformed had arrived very suddenly and swiftly!

In merely an instant, the world had been changed. It was like a portrait of a bloody purgatory had suddenly been replaced by a majestic portrait of divine lotuses descending into the world.

What is this…?

All the Divine Children were stunned, and their hearts surged.

The Daolords even didn’t dare believe their eyes. Nine colored divine lotuses! Such an aura is something only the Lord First Ancestor possesses!

The Lord First Ancestor has really not perished!

Many Dao Defiants couldn’t help but cry tears of joy and were unable to maintain their calm.

At this moment, the expressions on the faces of the 3 Dao Servants had become serious. They converged together, and divine radiance flowed within their eyes as they searched the world.

This scene had really occurred too quickly, and they had actually been unable to detect it in a timely manner even with the cultivations they possessed. This made it seem quite unusual.

Could it be that the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants really didn’t vanish and concealed himself intentionally? But he was unable to endure the annihilation of these Dao Defiants, so he had no choice but to show himself?If it really was like that, then this can’t be any better!

The Time Daolord and the others had come here exactly for the sake of seizing the Spirit of Samsara from the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants, so their spirits couldn’t help but be refreshed when they realized that they would be able to encounter the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants.

Others might fear the Dao Defiants’ first ancestor, but they didn’t!

Because they were clearly aware that once that fellow awoke, it would be equivalent to exposing his whereabouts, so he wouldn’t be a latent danger to them anymore.

The nine colored divine lotuses descended from the heavens. They were divine and pure, and they suffused the world in a dream-like, solemn, and tranquil aura.

At this moment, both sides of the battle had raised their heads and looked over with expectation.

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