Chapter 2161 – Endless Rebirth

Every single auspicious cloud was formed from the aura of Destiny.

When the myriad of auspicious clouds converged together, they were like a surging ocean that was clear like glass and boundlessly divine.

Such a shocking scene had appeared in the sky at the deepest depths of the Springs. When looked at from afar, it was like the true secrets of Destiny had shown itself and converged there. It was grand and brilliant to the extreme.

Besides that, the image of a sword was gradually growing clearer at the centermost area of the surging auspicious clouds of Destiny.

The sword was dark blue in color, and its image was changing indeterminately. It was sometimes insignificant like grass, sometimes lofty like it could reach the sky, and it emanated unique, ancient, and obscure ripples.

This scene was too shocking. In an instant, all the Dao Defiants throughout the Springs were alarmed by it, and their hearts shook.

That’s where the Lord First Ancestor rests, why has such a boundlessly grand phenomena of the heavens and the earth suddenly emerged there?Could it be that the Lord First Ancestor hasn’t left us?Many Dao Defiants had started to feel excited.

That’s definitely what has happened!After all, only the Lord First Ancestor has the strength to cause such phenomena to descend!Even those veteran Daolords who were resolved to fight until their last breaths couldn’t help but be visibly moved at this moment. They were extremely excited. Is it really the Lord First Ancestor?

At the same time, the Time Daolord, Light Daolord, and Lightning Daolord’s expressions had slight surprise and bewilderment on them.

Merely based on the myriad of auspicious clouds that descended from the sky, it seemed like signs that someone was breaking through into the Daolord Realm.

However, such a sign was unlike any sign they’d witnessed in the past.

According to their understanding, phenomena of the heavens and the earth would definitely descend when cultivators broke through into the Daolord Realm, and the phenomena would take the form of auspicious clouds of Destiny. However, it would mostly be merely around seven or eight auspicious clouds.

No matter how extraordinary and unparalleled a Ninth Star Region Lord’s natural talent was, the auspicious clouds of Destiny created during that cultivator’s advancement into the Daolord Realm would be only over a thousand.

Yet now, there were simply thousands upon thousands of auspicious clouds of Destiny that had appeared in the distant sky, and they surged incessantly like an ocean.

Would it be too terrifying and inconceivable if such phenomena had been caused by the advancement of a Ninth Star Region Lord into the Daolord Realm.

Moreover, there was even the image of a sword at the centermost area of the auspicious clouds. That was something that had never appeared amongst the phenomena created by others when they advanced into the Daolord Realm!

So, the 3 Dao Servants instantly determined that this grand phenomena was probably not caused by the advancement of someone into the Daolord Realm.

So, could all of this be really related to the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants?

When they realized this, the eyes of all 3 Dao Servants lit up simultaneously. Because if it was true, then it meant that the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants hadn’t perished yet!

“Hmm?” In next to no time, the Time Daolord seemed to have noticed something, and a wisp of shocking divine light suddenly erupted from his eyes. “That sword… seems to be the legendary Sword of Samsara!”

The Sword of Samsara!

The hearts of both the Light Daolord and Lightning Daolord shook. Only now did they notice that the image of the sword at the centermost area of the auspicious clouds was emanating strands of a unique, obscure, and ancient aura. It was extremely special, and it was extremely similar to the legendary Sword of Samsara!

The 3 Dao Servants immediately exchanged glances, and a wisp of burning desire and delight could be seen in all their eyes!

Since the Sword of Samsara had appeared, then the Spirit of Samsara was definitely hidden within it!

The appearance of that grand phenomena of the heavens and the earth made the Dao Defiants feel excited because they thought their first ancestor hadn’t left.

That scene similarly made the 3 Dao Servants excited because they thought the Spirit of Samsara still existed and was within easy reach.

In an instant, the gazes of both sides had collided with each other. Their battle intent and killing intent seethed like lava, and it flowed and burned within their hearts.


It was like they had tacit understanding with each other. Both sides had attacked at practically the exact same moment, and it completely lit up the flames of war.

The excited Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans seemed as if they’d found their spiritual support, and they were fearless of death and weren’t sorrowful and furious anymore.

The 3 Dao Servants were similarly excited as they’d laid eyes on the true whereabouts of the Sword of Samsara, and they wished for nothing more than to seize it right away. So, they attacked without holding back at all.

The war erupted just like that. The heavens and the earth shook while the Dao collapsed, and all sorts of terrifying scenes like the blood of gods raining down, gods howling, divine radiance surging, all things being crushed into powder, and various other terrifying scenes appeared in the surroundings.

At the same time, at the bottom of the abyss in the deepest area of the Springs.

Chen Xi was seated cross-legged on the ground, and he had a solemn and tranquil expression on his face.

A sword was lying across his hands. The sword was dark blue in color, and it was covered in an ancient aura that was obscure, unique, and surged like tidewater. It was like life and death were intersecting within it, all things were alternating between life and death within it, and the Grand Dao was forming the cycle of reincarnation with it.

The Spirit of Samsara that the Chaotic Divine Lotus formed into was within this sword, and it wasn’t called the Dao Calamity Sword anymore.

It was the Sword of Samsara!

It carried the energy of Samsara!

As it laid there on Chen Xi’s hands, the obscure and ancient aura it emanated seemed to have merged with Chen Xi to become a part of his body, and there wasn’t even the slightest barrier or gap between them.

Because Chen Xi had grasped the energy of Samsara as well. He knew the secrets of Samsara well, so Chen Xi was the only person in the world who was worthy of it!


At the same time, the region within Chen Xi’s body rumbled, and it circulated at an unprecedentedly peak and extreme state.

Boundless energy of Destiny whistled and surged within it, and they charged towards Chen Xi’s limbs, bones, meridians, apertured, and every single corner throughout Chen Xi’s body.

His cultivation was undergoing a transformation, and it was rising steadily!

The energy throughout his body was changing, and it was growing stronger and stronger!

He was breaking through and rising up in his cultivation!

When he took the Sword of Samsara in his hand after the Chaotic Divine Lotus vanished, Chen Xi instantly understood why she was so confident in his ability to break through and advance.

It was because the Sword of Samsara didn’t just contain the Spirit of Samsara that she’d transformed into, she’d even passed down a strand of inheritance to him through the Sword of Samsara!

That energy was pure, powerful, and vast. It was the most supreme form of the energy of Destiny, and it contained all the comprehensions that the Chaotic Divine Lotus had attained while she sought the Grand Dao.

So, Chen Xi’s cultivation that seemed like a bottomless abyss had been instantly filled completely, and it didn’t lack even a trace of energy.

It was also that instant which the threshold of the Daolord Realm had appeared clearly in his heart, and he’d grabbed it and started to advance!

However, the process of it was clearly quite beyond ordinary.

The reason was that the energy Chen Xi had accumulated during his time at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm was truly too huge, and it even contained a huge amount of the energy of Destiny.

This caused his cultivation to be like water in a dam that had been accumulated for a long time, and it rumbled out and caused an unprecedented transformation in him once the sluice gates were opened!

At the same time, the surging River of Destiny within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness was gushing as well, and a myriad of tempestuous waves arose from it as it rumbled and flowed incessantly.

The energy of Destiny had never been clearer in Chen Xi’s heart!

Moreover, his comprehensions of the true secrets of Destiny had never been deeper as well. It was like he’d grasped its essence, seen through its quintessence, and everything related to it had appeared in his heart.

In his daze, his experiences throughout his path of cultivation flashed through his mind. All of those incidents were gone with the wind, and the happiness, anger, sorrow, resentment, rage, infatuation, hatred, madness, bitterness, and various emotions related to those memories were the only things that remained.

All of them were the marks of Destiny!

At this moment, Chen Xi eliminated all of them from the bottom of his heart. They represented the chains, sins, and karma of his past.

After he completed all of that, his entire body and Dao Heart displayed a supreme, empty, and faintly clear feeling.

At the same time in his mind, the comprehensions of his Eldest Senior Brother during his advancement, the cultivation experiences of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord, the inheritances from the Era Brands of the last 8 eras, and all the other vast and various comprehensions he’d obtained had converged together like torrents, and they appeared incessantly within Chen Xi’s heart.

All of those comprehensions included the comprehensions of Daolords when they advanced into the Daolord Realm, knowledge and deductions related to the Grand Dao of Destiny, and the descriptions and understandings of Daolords towards various different cultivation systems.

It could be said that the inheritances of the Dao, Buddha, Devil, Confucianist, Soul, Illusion, Martial, Shaman Eras, and all the secrets and comprehensions he’d obtained from various Daolords throughout his path of cultivation had been completely released within Chen Xi’s heart.

It was a process of reviewing the past, developing the present, and seeking the future. It contained the Grand Dao of Destiny, and he sought to stay true to his heart!

His Dao Heart was transforming.

His soul was transforming.

His strength was transforming.

His body was transforming.

His path towards the Dao was transforming!

During this entire process, Chen Xi’s entire body seemed as if it was experiencing endless rebirths. He was being cleansed and improved without end.

In his daze, he heard a bang resound as the region within his body exploded apart. It transformed into a myriad of obscure specks of light that surged incessantly throughout Chen Xi’s body.

In this instant, the River of Destiny within his sea of consciousness glowed while boundless Laws, profundities, energy, true secrets, and various other things related to Destiny surged like a torrent within Chen Xi’s body.

The meridians, flesh, blood, and soul within his body seemed to have vanished, and all that was left was an expanse of Chaos that was grand and indescribable!


At this moment, the myriad of auspicious clouds in the sky seemed to have been summoned, and they descended down into the abyss and enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.

If the Daolords in the outside world were to have witnessed this scene, their jaws would have definitely hit the ground.

Because since the ancient times until now, there had never been a single cultivator who was able to undergo so many transformations while advancing into the Daolord Realm like Chen Xi had!

Moreover, the transformations he was experiencing still hadn’t stopped until now.

All of this was closely related to the various forms of strength and energy that Chen Xi possessed.

He’d obtained the inheritances of the last 8 eras, obtained the mantle of the last 8 Saviors of this era, merged with the complete River Diagram, comprehended and grasped a taboo like the energy of Samsara….

Moreover, he’d absorbed an immeasurable amount of the energy of Destiny, and he’d experienced the baptism of blood and battle throughout his path here. So, when the energy accumulated within Chen Xi’s body had erupted at the instant that he advanced into the Daolord Realm, and it was obvious how shocking the transformation he experienced would be.

Even if it was amongst all the Daolords throughout the world since time immemorial, there was absolutely not a single one who had undergone such a unique process of advancement like Chen Xi had.

In other words, this was a path of advancement which belonged to Chen Xi alone. It was a path which was completely different from everyone else in the world, and it was a path that was entirely different from the past!

It was unprecedented and unparalleled!

Chen Xi remained completely indifferent towards all of that. At this moment, he was in a very strange state. His mind was completely dazed and muddled.

It seemed like it was in a state of chaos like during the absolute beginning of the world.

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