Chapter 2160 – Auspicious Clouds Descend

“How audacious! How dare you disrespect us, Divine Children of the Heavens?” A loud shout resounded and surged through the heavens and the earth. It had come from a mighty figure in the Springs, and he had an aged face that was covered in anger.

The Time Daolord, Light Daolord, and Lightning Daolord had revealed proud attitudes, and they’d completely disregarded the Dao Defiants. This simply felt like an extraordinary humiliation to the Dao Defiants.

“Grandfather….” Chi Qingying’s heart couldn’t help but tighten when he saw who the old man was. That old man was a senior of the Bloodsoul Clan, and he was Chi Qingying’s grandfather, Chi Hanhai!

Chi Qingying hadn’t imagined that his grandfather would be the first to speak up, and he was worried to the extreme.

Unexpectedly, the 3 Dao Servants acted as if they hadn’t heard Chi Hanhai at all, and they didn’t even spare a glance at him.

After they decided their course of action, all 3 of them shot their gazes towards the deepest depths of the Springs, and then their figures flashed as they traveled over at a speed that was neither fast nor slow.

Such actions were simply equivalent to openly traveling through the Springs, and they weren’t worried about those Dao Defiants at all.

This caused those Daolords from the Dao Defiant clans to become agitated, and their expressions were extremely gloomy.

How arrogant!They are truly too arrogant!

Do they think that we’ll put up no resistance and allow ourselves to be subdued just because our first ancestor has left us?

When the 3 Dao Servants were about to enter the Springs, Chi Hanhai was the first to be unable to restrain himself, and he suddenly let out a long howl as numerous waves of blood seethed from his aged body. They covered the heavens and the earth as they instantly transformed into a Highgod Domain that surged with a blood glow — the Blood Ocean Cage!

This was Chi Hanhai’s trump card that he’d fused all the might he possessed into. Any ordinary Daolord’s physical body would be instantly washed away by the ocean of blood upon falling into it, and then that Daolord’s soul would be melted away. It was extremely terrifying.

“Hmph!” However, the Lightning Daolord merely grunted coldly with disdain when facing such an attack, and then he clawed with his hand, causing space to suddenly fall into disorder and collapse.


The Blood Ocean Cage was torn into pieces as if it was just paper!


At the same time, Chi Hanhai’s figure was blasted flying. His entire body trembled while he couldn’t help but cough up blood, and his countenance had instantly become ghastly pale. He’d actually been heavily injured and was on the verge of death from just this attack!

All the other Dao Defiants were horrified!

Chi Hanhai was a veteran Daolord, and he could be considered to be a top-rate Daolord even amongst all the Daolords in the Dao Defiant Clans.

Yet now, his strongest attack hadn’t just been unable to stop those 3 Dao Servants, he’d been heavily injured and was on the verge of death from just a casual attack executed by the Lightning Daolord. It was truly too horrifying!

This clearly showed how terrifying the combat strength of the Lightning Daolord was.

“Grandfather!!” Chi Qingying howled as he charged over to catch Chi Hanhai, and he couldn’t help but feel sorrowful and furious when he saw that his grandfather was heavily injured and on the verge of death. Chi Qingying’s eyes which seemed like blood red gems had suddenly turned dark red, and they seemed to be on the verge of dripping blood.

He’d grown up by Chi Hanhai’s side. It could be said that it was entirely because of Chi Hanhai’s devoted fostering that he, Chi Qingying, was able to possess his current accomplishments….

Yet now….

Chi Hanhai was on the verge of death!

How could Chi Qingying accept this? His handsome face was livid and icy cold. He couldn’t help but let out a long howl, and he was about to disregard everything and go all out against the 3 Dao Servants.

But right at this moment, a hand pressed down onto his shoulder while a deep voice resounded by his ears. “Qingying, take your grandfather with you and leave. Leave all of this to all of us old geezers!”

Chi Qingying raised his head swiftly, and he saw that all the Daolords in the Springs were gathered around him.

Even though they had extremely gloomy expressions on their faces, there was a strand of resolve there. They were like an iron barrier that stood side by side at the edge of the Springs.

The 3 Dao Servants were not too far away from them.

At this moment, the atmosphere here was deathly silent and murderous, and it carried a heavy feeling that was suffocating.

In an instant, Chi Qingying understood that these Daolords were ready to die in order to protect the dignity and home of all the Divine Children of the Heavens!

The Springs was a battlefront, and so long as they were still breathing, they’d rather die than allow the 3 Dao Servants to pass through!

A wisp of excitement suddenly surged into Chi Qingying’s heart while the blood throughout his body was practically boiling.

Where would one go if the home was gone?

If the kingdom is gone, then how could its people stay free?

Our enemies are right before me. Life and death are just a thread away. Since it’s like that, then I should naturally fight with my life on the line! Dying in battle is better than to live in disgrace!

The Time Daolord, Light Daolord, and Lightning Daolord couldn’t help but frown simultaneously. They seemed to have never imagined that these old geezers of the Dao Defiant clans would actually be unafraid of death.

That was quite troublesome to them.

Even though the joint forces of almost 100 Daolords who were ready to give up their lives wasn’t enough to make the 3 Dao Servants feel fearful, it was enough to give them a huge headache.

The first ancestor of the Dao Defiants had just vanished, and a sorrowful howl of a sword had resounded. For the sake of seizing the Spirit of Samsara, they didn’t have the time to fight these fellows until the end.

In the end, the Time Daolord decided to make a concession for now, and he said indifferently, “If you want to live, then move aside right now. We’ve only come to get even with your first ancestor, and we have no intention to pay any attention to all of you. Otherwise, perhaps today will be the day that your clans are annihilated.”

Yes, this was the ‘concession’ that the Time Daolord had made, but his words were domineering and oppressive to the extreme.

The meaning behind his words was that they would have a chance to live if they moved aside, otherwise, all the Divine Children of the Heavens would be annihilated!

“Old Bastard, aren’t you looking down on us? If the 3 of you dare to take a single step into the Springs, then we’re willing to give up everything in order to bring all of you down with us!” A dignified middle aged man from amongst the Dao Defiants spoke word by word in a resolute and decisive tone.

The other Daolords around him revealed resolute expressions as well. If you want to disrespect the resting place of our first ancestor, then you have to step over our dead bodies!

It was related to the dignity of their clans, so they refused to give in at all!

“You’re courting death!” The Time Daolord’s aged eyes were suffused with a wisp of killing intent. He didn’t seem to have moved at all, but an almost translucent river of time appeared out of thin air, and it instantly enveloped the dignified middle aged man.

This attack could be said to be impossible to predict. That dignified middle aged man was caught off guard, and he was actually unable to struggle at all before his figure had been completely drowned within the river of time.

This was the ability of the Time Daolord. He utilized the Grand Dao of Destiny to control time, and it was simply impossible to take precautions against.


However, the Time Daolord didn’t even have the chance to feel happy about it when surging translucent flames suddenly blazed around the middle aged man, and he was like a scorching sun that suddenly exploded apart!

In an instant, a myriad of strands of divine radiance rumbled. It didn’t just crush the river of time into powder, even the Time Daolord had been struck to the point his entire body shook, and he had no choice but to retreat and avoid the explosion.

The Light Daolord and Lightning Daolord were in the same situation. They’d noticed that the situation was bad and had flashed backward.


Divine radiance was like a storm that raged through the world, and the dignified middle aged man could be faintly heard amidst all of it. “I’d rather die! Than submit!”

It was resolute and unyielding.

Such an old Daolord had actually not hesitated to detonate himself as soon as his life was threatened!

His selfless actions caused all the other Daolords to be visibly moved, and then boundless sorrow arose in their hearts!

It wouldn’t have come to this if those 3 Dao Servants didn’t force us into a corner!

In an instant, all of their gazes towards the 3 Dao Servants revealed bone-deep hatred and mad resolve to fight until their death!

This scene caused the expressions on the faces of those 3 Dao Servants to become slightly gloomy. Never had they expected that middle aged man would have been so resolute and just detonate himself like that!

How many Daolords in the entire world could do that?


After all, experts who had ascended into the Daolord Realm were existences who had surpassed life and death. They’d grasped the Grand Dao of Destiny that was connected to the heavens, so would any of them be tired of living?

Yet now, that middle aged man had detonated himself!

Moreover, based on the current circumstances, the other Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans would choose to give up their lives in order to stop the 3 of them from entering the Springs!

“This is slightly difficult to deal with.” The Light Daolord spoke with an indifferent expression. “Should we ask our other Fellow Daoists to come over as well?”

“There’s no need for that. Even though it’s troublesome, the more they act like this, the surer I am that their first ancestor has definitely suffered some sort of mishap. We probably won’t have another chance like this if we were to let it slip by.” The Time Daolord took a dep breath while a fierce expression urged out from his aged eyes. “Let’s attack. Since these fellows are courting death, then we can’t be blamed for killing them. It’s enough if we’re able to charge over and arrive at the area where their first ancestor slumbers!”

He wasn’t wrong. Because if they were to try and annihilate all the Dao Defiant Clans with their strengths alone, then they would have to exhaust a very large amount of time to succeed.

But if they were to merely slaughter open a path and enter the depths of the Springs, then it was comparatively easier to the three of them.

“That’s what we should have done since the beginning.” The Lightning Daolord revealed a bloodthirsty and ferocious smile. He had a violent and arrogant character, and he loved to fight and slaughter. So, he’d naturally been unable to restrain himself when facing such an opportunity to slaughter the Dao Defiants.

“Then it’s decided.” The light Daolord thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.

In just an instant, terrifying auras that shook the heavens and the earth surged out from within them, and it threw the surroundings into disorder as it enveloped the entire area.

Moreover, piercingly cold killing intent that was seemingly material rumbled out from them!

For a time, even if they’d resolved to try and bring the 3 Dao Servants down with them, those Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans still couldn’t help feeling oppressed and pressured when facing the terrifying auras emanated by the 3 Dao Servants.

Especially Chi Qingying, he’d only just advanced into the Daolord Realm. At this moment, he felt his soul tremble and experienced unimaginable pressure that caused the vital blood within his body to roil. His expression couldn’t help but change.


The Time Daolord let out a light breath of air, and he was just about to attack ferociously. But right at this instant, he seemed to have noticed something, and his eyes suddenly focused.


At the same time, rumbling suddenly resounded from the deepest depths of the Springs. After that, numerous auspicious clouds appeared in the sky. They seemed like amber glass, and a boundlessly divine aura of Destiny effused out from them.

Moreover, the image of a sword could be faintly seen at the centermost area of the myriad of auspicious clouds that were surging in the sky.

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