Chapter 216 – Misty Rain Dao Territory

Chapter 216 – Misty Rain Dao Territory

Accompanying this wispy and chilly voice was Qing Xiuyi appeared on the branches of a large tree with a graceful posture and sleeves that fluttered in the wind. She was like a celestial maiden that was floating with an elegant and beautiful bearing.

Chen Xi’s heart jerked when he saw that this woman had actually chased him all the way here, and cried out in his heart. Shit! My body is currently heavily injured and I don’t even have the strength to raise a finger. When faced with this terrifying woman that’s a reincarnated heavenly Immortal, I utterly have no room to resist and can only wait for death to come.


With a flip of Qing Xiuyi’s white hand, the surrounding forest suddenly vanished without a trace, and then mist suffused the air as smoke curled up from the ground. The atmosphere was filled with moisture as numerous fresh flowers silently bloomed and multiple rattling streams flowed. The sunlight that descended was refracted to become misty and hazy, and it caused a rainbow colored and dreamlike ripple in the surroundings.

After she finished doing all this, Qing Xiuyi spoke indifferently. “This is my Misty Rain Dao Territory. With your current strength, you don’t have the slightest chance of escaping.”

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look around his surroundings, and as he gazed at the Misty Rain Dao Insight that seemed real yet illusory, and was almost like a small world, his heart instantly sank to rock bottom, as Qing Xiuyi’s words weren’t exaggerated.

The Misty Rain Dao Territory before him was even more complete than Han Guyue’s Slaughter Dao Territory and Teng Huaxu’s Blood River Dao Territory. Numerous Dao Insights were contained all over within the space in the Dao Territory. Those fresh flowers, flowing streams, misty rain… All of them carried the aura of the Grand Dao that was natural and without the slightest trace of it being artificial. All of this proved that Qing Xiuyi’s comprehension in Dao Territory had already attained an extremely high level that was extraordinary.

“What do you think of my Misty Rain Dao Territory? Even though it can’t compare to any one of the Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus Dao Territories, it’s still more than enough to trap you.” Qing Xiuyi stood by the side of a stream. Her appearance was extraordinary like a lotus flower in clear water, and her entire body seemed misty, increasing her mysteriousness.

When one looked at this woman, she wasn’t like a cultivator that had cultivated from the mortal world. Her entire body seemed pure and flawless, as being reincarnated caused her to be untainted by the mortal world, and she gave others the feeling as if she was immortal and not a human.

This was precisely a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal. Since the day of birth, a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal would have developed intelligence and be extremely knowledgeable, as the reincarnated Heavenly Immortal possessed a trace of the Dao comprehension experience from their previous life and possessed an advantage in cultivation that the commoners in the world were unable to compare to.

“Your Dao Territory is not bad indeed, but I don’t care about this. You chased after me this time because you want to seize the things in my possession? You ought to know that more than 10 of you were unable to kill me.” Chen Xi lay on the ground. Even though his condition was terrible, his expression had become composed and calm.

“I know this. But the reason we weren’t capable of stopping you was that we were stopped by the will of a great figure within you. I’ve more or less understood this figure’s identity, and he’s probably unable to save you now, because he was jointly crushed by the experts of the various worlds a few tens of thousands of years ago. Perhaps his body and spirit weren’t annihilated, but at the very least, he’s already powerless to go against the various gods of the three dimensions. So you’re alone and helpless now, so you don’t have to try deceiving me.” Qing Xiuyi’s voice was cold and misty, her beautiful face remained without the slightest ripple, yet her expression wasn’t icy cold but was instead carefree, calm, and tranquil, and no one was able to know exactly what she was thinking in the depths of her heart.

A few tens of thousands of years ago?

Jointly crushed by the experts of the various worlds?

A strand of astonishment gushed out from within Chen Xi’s heart. Only at this moment did he faintly understand exactly what sort of heaven defying existence the owner of the bleak and sad voice was.

But he instead spoke calmly, “If I’m not wrong, you’re still extremely afraid of this great figure behind me. Otherwise, you absolutely would not talk so much nonsense and wouldn’t wait until now but not make a move against me.”

“It’s indeed so. That great figure was able to make the various worlds be extremely afraid of him all those years ago, and he could be considered to possess shocking ability and could command the world. Even if I cultivate to the Heavenly Immortal Realm once more, I have to be on guard against any preparations he made before his downfall. But you ought to understand, humans die in the pursuit of wealth just like birds die in the pursuit of food. For the sake of obtaining some things, I’ll disregard everything to achieve it.” Qing Xiuyi nodded and answered truthfully.

If was precisely because she didn’t evade in the slightest in admitting this that Chen Xi had an even stronger feeling that this woman wasn’t simple, and he was even unable to arouse the thought of hating her. Because compared to the hypocritical and crafty actions of the others, this woman was able to speak about what she was thinking without the slightest evasion. This showed that she possessed absolute confidence towards her own strength, and the situation had always been within her control!

“What do you plan to do?” Chen Xi resolutely decided to stop playing mind games with this woman, and he asked her in an extremely frank manner.

Qing Xiuyi replied. “I plan to make a trade with you. Hand over the Immortal Artifacts in your possession to me, whereas, I’ll instead give you a corresponding amount of treasures, spirit liquid, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills… You can choose anything you like.”

“A trade?” Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something. “This is indeed a good method to solve problems. Seizing has turned into a trade, and you’re even compensating me with some wealth. So long as I agree, then no matter who it is, they’ll probably not take any action against you anymore. A good plan, truly a good plan.”

Qing Xiuyi perceived the ridicule within Chen Xi’s words, yet she didn’t mind in the slightest and said indifferently, “What do you think about this trade?”

“Do I have a choice?” Chen Xi replied rhetorically.

Qing Xiuyi said, “This is already the best outcome for you. I presume you’re aware of the gap between the two of us. Resisting to the end will only cost you your life, and that’s not something an intelligent person does.”

“You’re going too far! Chen Xi, you absolutely must not agree!” Ling Bai leaped up to float before Chen Xi. He looked at Qing Xiuyi with an icy cold gaze as the aura on his body gushed out, causing him to seem like an unsheathed sharp sword that intended to drink the blood of its enemies.

“Even though I’m unable to discern what you are, I’m roughly able to determine that you’re absolutely not a match for me. It’s better if you don’t struggle pointlessly.” Qing Xiuyi shook her head, and it wasn’t sarcasm or mockery, but was instead like she was stating a fact.

“Ling Bai, don’t act rashly!” Chen Xi shouted out with a low voice, and his voice was filled with an indisputable tone.

Ling Bai’s expression was indeterminate, and he hesitated for a moment before retreating angrily in the end.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this, and then he stared coldly at Qing Xiuyi and asked. “What do you want from me?”

“The Buddha’s Pagoda, the Netherworld Register, and him.” Qing Xiuyi raised her hand to point at Ling Bai.

When he heard Qing Xiuyi actually asked for him, Ling Bai was angered to the point his chest rose and fell, and if it wasn’t for what Chen Xi said earlier, he’d have disregarded everything and charged over to fight her since long ago.

Chen Xi was extremely furious in his heart as well. Although the Buddha’s Pagoda was damaged long ago, it was an Immortal Artifact, after all; the Netherworld Register was an extremely mysterious precious treasure, and its value even surpassed the Buddha’s Pagoda, whereas, Ling Bai… In his heart, Ling Bai was absolutely not a ‘thing’ that could be used to trade but was instead an intimate brother of his. They trusted each other and went through difficulties together, and they’d long since formed a deep friendship. How could he hand Ling Bai over?

“I can’t give Ling Bai to you, but the other two can be given to you.” Chen Xi spoke without the slightest hesitation. “If you don’t agree, then I can only fight to the end!”

“Chen Xi…” A stream of warmth uncontrollably gushed out from Ling Bai’s heart when he saw Chen Xi was still protecting him at a time like this, and then a wisp of resolution arose on his tiny face as he spoke word by word. “Since you’ve spoken like this, I can’t allow her to touch a hair on you today, even if I die!”

“Letting your emotions control you are the actions of an idiot.” Qing Xiuyi shook her head and said while looking at Chen Xi, “After I kill you, I can get everything all the same, so you don’t have the qualification to discuss terms with me. You only have to reply if you agree or don’t agree.”

Chen Xi sighed in his heard. We’re probably going to lose our lives today. When he was talking earlier, he’d always been making great efforts to recover his True Essence. So long as he possessed even a strand, he would be able to activate the jade pendant in his palm and enter the Abode. However, it was regretful that his body had suffered injuries that were too severe, and not to mention recovering his True Essence, he didn’t even have the strength to move his body in the slightest.

“Chen Xi, you must live on. Only by surviving will you have the chance to take revenge and wipe out all our enemies that had once bullied us. I believe that you’re surely capable of achieving this.” Ling Bai’s voice revealed a trace of an indescribable feeling, and it was like the entrusting of a final task before one passed, causing a strand of a bad premonition to abruptly arise within Chen Xi’s heart.


However, before Chen Xi could speak out and stop him, Ling Bai had instantly transformed into a wisp of gold light that shot into the skies, and an extremely vast and sharp sword qi surging towards the surroundings. Every inch of this sword qi contained the supreme Nirvana Sword Insight, causing the sword qi to rage to the point of tearing and slicing open numerous traces of shattering in the space within the Misty Rain Dao Territory.

Within this extremely vast Sword Insight, the extremely dazzling golden light on Ling Bai’s body seemed as if it was blazing. Yes, he was like a pious devotee that was sacrificing his own life in exchange for formidable strength!

“Fucking stop it! Stop!” Panic, rage, and pain that was indescribable gushed out from within Chen Xi’s heart, and his eyes almost split open and bled as he roared.

How could Chen Xi be unable to discern that Ling Bai wanted to utilize his own life for the sake of protecting Chen Xi?

However, it was precisely because he’d discerned this that he was unable to accept the scene before his eyes. He was unable to watch idly by as the companion he trusted and relied upon, Ling Bai, died gradually before him.


Why is it like this?

Chen Xi was shouting in his heart, yet he just couldn’t utilize a strand of his strength to stop Ling Bai, and this powerless feeling of having no control nor being able to stop Ling Bai caused him to fall into boundless pain.

In the distance, Qing Xiuyi revealed a rare expression of terror. She seemed to have never imagined that Ling Bai would actually disregard his own life for the sake of saving Chen Xi. This act of dying for the sake of his friendship caused her tranquil feelings to be unable to help but ripple.

But she was a person with a tough and firm mind, and she instantly recovered absolute composure before waving about her white hand and causing a wisp of seven colored mist to madly converged on her palm.

“Unfortunately, even if you risk your life, it’s bound to not make a difference.” Qing Xiuyi lightly sighed and was just about to attack when she abruptly noticed something, and her clear eyes swiftly looked towards the side.


Right at this moment, the completely perfect Misty Dao Territory that separated everything within it from the outside world had a crack torn open on it, and the various Dao Insights collapsed and shattered inch by inch as a black clothed figure with a covered face walked in with swift and even steps as if the figure was walking on flat ground.

This person actually regarded the Misty Rain Dao Territory as nothing!


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