Chapter 2159 – The Dao Servants

I’ll be able to step foot into the Daolord Realm when I leave this place?

That was something that even Chen Xi himself didn’t dare brag about.

Even though his cultivation which was like a void had finally shown signs of being filled up after he killed those 10 veteran Daolords, he still lacked some energy to charge into the Daolord Realm.

However, the Chaotic Divine Lotus actually sounded so certain, so even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised by the fact that she was even more confident than him.

Jiu Ling didn’t give him any further explanation. She just lowered her head and looked at the Dao Calamity Sword in her grasp, and then she sighed after quite some time passed. “This sword can be considered to be my last mark in this world!”

Her voice was still airy and ethereal as before, and it sounded pleasant to the ear while it resounded like a bell. However, her voice actually carried a wisp of sadness from having to leave.

Chen Xi’s heart thumped, and he seemed to have realized something as he said, “Senior….”


He’d just spoken when Jiu Ling’s body suddenly seemed as if it was on fire, and she transformed into a strand of multicolored and illusory light that fully enveloped the Dao Calamity Sword.

A sword howl resounded like a ferocious wave, and it surged towards the surroundings like lightning!

Dazzling and blazing light enshrouded the dark blue surface of the sword while strands of obscure and mysterious energy converged like a tide towards the insides of the sword.


Even the Chaotic Energy that enveloped the bottom of the abyss had been drawn over, and they surged madly into the Dao Calamity Sword.

For a time, sword howls resounded in waves while all things were covered in the Dao Calamity Sword’s radiance, and the scene here was simply grand and divine to the extreme.

Chen Xi wanted to stop all of this, but not only was he unable to approach the Dao Calamity Sword, he’d even been blasted a few steps back, and this caused his expression to change indeterminately.

“Chen Xi, the life which Samsara lacks is me. What the Sovereign Sect has always desired to obtain is the Spirit of Samsara which I form.” Jiu Ling’s familiar voice resounded from the dazzling radiance, and it carried a strand of calmness and open-mindedness.

“I was the 1st Savior of the 9th era. I’d been transformed into the Spirit of Samsara since the moment I obtained a fragment of the River Diagram, and I’d intended to rely on that to attain the Ultimate Path towards the Dao. But I failed at the verge of success, in the end.

“You are different. You possess the inheritances of the last 8 eras, and you’ve even merged with the mantle of the 8 other Saviors of this era. Your path is bound to be one that builds on the past and opens up a new future. It’s bound to break free from the shackles of the ages and become an eternal realm of cultivation.

“However, you must be careful of the Sovereign Sect’s Master. Everyone in the world thinks that the Sovereign Sect’s Master is just a dog who guards the Heaven Dao’s door, but only I am clearly aware that he’s far more terrifying than any other expert. It’s even to the extent that what he seeks… isn’t something that the Heaven Dao can give him at all!”

Her voice grew more and more indistinct and faint. It was like she was speaking her last words, and she was neither sorrowful nor happy. She was just calm and composed as she vanished in the end.

Along with the disappearance of her voice, the Dao Calamity Sword actually emanated a sorrowful howl that surged through the abyss, shot into the nine heavens, and swept throughout the world.

Chen Xi stared blankly at the Dao Calamity Sword as he stood there while everything that she entrusted him with still lingered by his ears. He could still vividly remember her face and void, but he felt a sense of loss in his heart.

When the Chaotic Divine Lotus transformed into the Spirit of Samsara and vanished, and when that sorrowful howl resounded from the Dao Calamity Sword, the entire Springs was stirred.

The heavens and the earth dimmed down while all Daos seemed to be in sorrow!

The First Ancestor has passed away….

At this instant, all the members of the Dao Defiants Clans, regardless of their cultivation, had simultaneously aroused the same thought in their hearts.

After that, all of their expressions changed while they exclaimed involuntarily.


“Why has this happened? The heavens are unfair! The heavens are unfair!”

“First Ancestor! First Ancestor! Why have you abandoned your people?”

“This isn’t true! This isn’t true!”

Countless sorrowful howls resounded through the ‘kingdom in space’ which was the Springs, and all of them seemed to have lost control of their emotions while the world grieved along with them.

The death of their first ancestor had caused all of them to seem as if they’d lost their spiritual support, and such a heavy blow was something that even those old and senior Daolords were unable to endure. Even they’d started howling endlessly with sorrow.

“Why has this happened?”

“It was definitely that damnable Savior!”

“Right! It was definitely him who killed the First Ancestor! I’ll avenge the First Ancestor!”

“No! How could the First Ancestor possibly be harmed by that Savior?”

“But… what exactly has happened?”

The entire Springs was in chaos. All the clans that resided here and the countless living beings here were filled with sorrow, rage, and panic. It was like the sky had fallen down upon them.

This clearly showed how high the Chaotic Divine Lotus status was in their hearts.

However, it was actually quite understandable. The Springs, no… the World of Divine Children had been created by the Chaotic Divine Lotus, so she was no different than the ‘Creator’ to all these living beings who lived and cultivated in the Springs.

“Hmm? The first ancestor of the Dao Defiants has perished?” Suddenly, a rugged voice that boomed like a thunderclap rumbled and swept through the surroundings.


The sorrowful howls that covered the entire Springs had suddenly stopped at the same time, and they fell into deathly silence.

After that, an exclaim resounded. “Shit! It’s the 4th Dao Servant, the Lightning Daolord!”

“What? The 13 Dao Servants have actually come here!?”

“They… they wouldn’t be thinking of taking advantage of the situation to annihilate us Divine Children of the Heavens, right!?”

“They might have been the ones who harmed the First Ancestor!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Along with numerous shouts that were filled with shock and rage, many mighty and terrifying figures had practically simultaneously surged out from all over the Springs.

All of those figures were the seniors at the Daolord Realm from the various Divine Children Clans.

At this moment, all of them had actually shown themselves in succession because of the Lighting Daolord’s voice.

A rough count placed them at around 100, at least!

This was the reserves of the Dao Defiants. It was shockingly enormous, and it was completely not inferior to the Divine Dao Protector Clans of the Primal Chaos Origin.

Surprisingly, Chi Qingying was standing amongst them as well. His aura was very inconspicuous when compared to the other veteran Daolords around him, but he’d stepped forward at this moment. Such courage was rather praiseworthy.

Meanwhile, all the Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans looked towards the same direction….

There was an expanse of surging crimson colored lightning beneath the sky in the distance. When looked at from afar, it was like a volcano was violently spraying blazing lava.

Merely the might emanated from there caused Chi Qingying to feel suffocated, and his entire body suffered a form of terrifying pressure.

That was the 4th Dao Servant, the Lightning Daolord!

Regardless of whether it was the Dao Defiants or the Dao Protectors, they had no choice but to admit that the 13 Dao Servants were inconceivably formidable. They protected Godrank Mountain, upheld justice for the Heaven Dao, and protected the dignity of the Heaven Dao. The strength of every single Dao Servant was something that an ordinary Daolord couldn’t compare to at all.

The only existence amongst the Dao Defiants who could go against the 13 Dao Servants was the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants. If it weren’t for that, the Dao Defiants would have been eliminated a very long time ago.

In other words, it meant that once the Chaotic Divine Lotus left, there wasn’t a single expert amongst all the Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans who could go against the 13 Dao Servants!

Yet now, their first ancestor had just died when the Lightning Daolord had appeared outside the Springs. So, it was obvious that the Lighting Daolord had come with ill intent.

Such a scene was simply severe to the point it meant life and death to all the Dao Defiant Clans!

So, regardless of whether it was for the sake of protecting their home or the safety of their clansmen, all of these Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans had stepped forward!

Even if they were no match for the Dao Servants, they intended to fight until the bloody end!

Since the ancient times until now, they, the Divine Children of the Heavens, had never been beaten.

The heavens and the earth were filled with a murderous aura, and it was deathly silent.

Every single inch of air was filled with the aura of conflict, and it was pressing and suffocating like it would erupt at any moment.

All the Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans were prepared for battle.

The crimson red lightning in the distance had been suddenly retracted to form a lofty, impressive, and robust figure. His hair was spiky while electricity flowed throughout his body, and a sweep of his gaze actually tore space apart while it stabbed at the Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans to the point their hearts couldn’t help but tremble.

It was too terrifying!

There was a difference in strength even between Daolords, and it was determined by their grasp of the Grand Dao of Destiny.

The purer and deeper their comprehension of the Grand Dao of Destiny was, the more terrifying their strengths would be.

The Lightning Daolord was clearly an existence that had attained a very formidable level in the Grand Dao of Destiny, otherwise, he would definitely be unable to possess such an imposing aura.

After he took human form, the Lightning Daolord didn’t attack and seemed to be waiting for something.

Sure enough, merely a few breaths of time had passed before a river of time had flowed out from the distant sky, and then it transformed into a thin old man whose eyes were suffused with the dense aura of age.

It was the Time Daolord!

At practically the exact same moment, a ray of light tore the sky apart like the first ray of dawn that tore the darkness apart. As soon as it appeared here, light instantly illuminated the world.

After that, the ray of light transformed into an old man in white robes. He had a benevolent and kind countenance, and his entire body was filled with a clean, warm, and light aura.

He was the Light Daolord!

In an instant, 3 Dao Servants had converged here. Their divine might covered the world, and it caused the world to dim down while all Daos wailed.

When they noticed that only 3 of the 13 Dao Servants had arrived here, the Daolords within the Springs didn’t feel relaxed at all, and a wisp of coldness surged into their hearts instead!

All of these 3 Dao Servants were formidable figures who were ranked at the top of the 13 Dao Servants. Besides the 1st Dao Servant, the Heavenly Wrath Daolord, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Dao Servants were all here.

Even though they were only 3 people, there wasn’t a single Daolord throughout the Dao Defiant Clans who could rival their strengths!

Even if all of them attacked those 3 Dao Servants, they still might lose all their forces without being able to kill those 3 Dao Servants!

“The first ancestor of the Dao Defiants has vanished?” The Time Daolord frowned, and he directly disregarded all the Daolords at the Springs and looked towards the depths of the Springs instead.

“It suddenly vanished at the instant I arrived here.” The Lightning Daolord spoke in a low voice.

“Did you notice anything unusual?” asked the Time Daolord.

“Only a unique howl of the sword resounded. It sounded like a sorrowful howl. I still haven’t had the chance to investigate.” The Lightning Daolord spoke swiftly.

“We can’t allow any mistakes to occur. Even if it’s a trap or the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants has really vanished, we still have to investigate it ourselves. We must take the Spirit of Samsara back this time, no matter what.” The Time Daolord spoke resolutely.

“Exactly.” The Light Daolord who hadn’t spoken until now had nodded as he spoke.

From the beginning, the 3 of them were conversing on their own and completely disregarded the Daolords of the Dao Defiant Clans. They seemed extremely overbearing, and it didn’t seem like they’d arrived deep within the enemy camp. On the contrary, it was like they were taking a casual stroll within their own territory.

Such a scene caused the expressions of all the Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans to become gloomy and unsightly.

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