Chapter 2158 – This Sword Is Called Samsara

Even Chen Xi himself felt that it was slightly absurd.

What sort of time is it now for me to actually care about the Chaotic Divine Lotus’s gender?

“Sit.” That voice which reverberated like a bell resounded once more as the woman raised her hand and gestured. The Dao Calamity Sword that was flying around her while emanating clear howls fell into her grasp, and then it instantly became quiet.

Her slender and fair hand was covered in strands of illusory divine radiance, and every single move she made while sitting there casually was filled with a calming aura.

Even though he couldn’t see her appearance clearly, her bearing seemed distant like the sky, lofty like mountains, and capable of looking down upon all things and shocking the world!

It was a form of beauty that shook the heart. It was perfect, otherworldly, seemingly dreamlike, and seemed like it shouldn’t exist in this world.

Chen Xi unconsciously sat down cross-legged while his heart was completely cleared, calm, and in a natural state.

“This sword has told me many things about you, but there’s probably a huge amount of questions in your heart.” The woman stroked the Dao Calamity Sword while her voice that sounded like a bell was ethereal and airy. “I’ll seize this opportunity to explain some things to you.”

At this moment, while he gazed at the Dao Calamity Sword that had become quiet and meek in the woman’s hands, Chen Xi was basically certain that she was definitely the Chaotic Divine Lotus.

However, he still felt slight disbelief, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Senior, what are you doing here?”

After all, it was the Springs within the Spring of Sin!

Moreover, it was the forbidden area within the base camp of the Dao Defiants. Besides that, the entire Spring of Sin was established on Godrank Mountain itself, so he wondered what the Chaotic Divine Lotus was doing here.

She said casually. “This has always been a place that I created myself.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he was instantly stunned on the spot. The Spring of Sin was actually created by the Chaotic Divine Lotus?

“We’re both Saviors, so just call me Jiu Ling.” She said casually, “Of course, all the living beings who live and cultivate in this World of Divine Children address me as First Ancestor.”

The first ancestor of the Dao Defiants! Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t stay calm anymore when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but feel dazed.

He’d been constantly wondering exactly what sort of existence the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants would be, but never had he imagined that this existence who he couldn’t figure out until now was actually the Chaotic Divine Lotus!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart. He recalled everything he’d witnessed and found out throughout his journey in the Spring of Sing, and he was faintly able to accept such a fact.

Why has the Dao Calamity Sword been deadly silent before yet had only shown unexpected movement repeatedly upon entering the Spring of Sin?

It was because its original master was the Chaotic Divine Lotus!

Why has the Dao Defiants constantly felt that only the sacrifice of his blood and life could awaken their first ancestor from eternal slumber?

Because the Chaotic Divine Lotus was a Savior just like him!

Why did the 13 Dao Servants treat him as bait?

It was because they didn’t just want to kill the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants, their true objective was the Chaotic Divine Lotus!

All of these questions had existed in Chen Xi’s heart for a very long time, and he faintly had a slight understanding of the answer, so he couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion in his heart.

So the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants was the Chaotic Divine Lotus!

But at the same time, Chen Xi still had many questions. Because both Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus had clearly said that the Chaotic Divine Lotus had been schemed against by the Sovereign Sect’s Master while attaining the extremes of the Dao, and the Chaotic Divine Lotus had perished a long time ago. So, Chen Xi wondered how the Chaotic Divine Lotus was able to be here.

As if she’d seen through his thoughts, Jiu Ling spoke slowly. “You’re probably clearly aware that the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions are unable to tolerate existences at the Godrank Realm or above. I’d found the Ancient God Domain when the Chaos had just been split open, and then I finally settled down on Godrank Mountain after experiencing countless years of searching. Moreover, I created this World of Divine Children with my own strength.

“After that, when I’d arrived at the end of the Daolord Realm and intended to seek the secrets of the Ultimate Path, I finally possessed the ability to return to the three dimensions in my original form. It was also at that time that I fell into the Sovereign Sect’s trap and perished in the Dao Terra Firma.

“What you’re looking at right now is only a strand of my will which I left behind to guard this place.”

Her voice was still ethereal and air, and it was impossible to discern any fluctuations of emotion from it while she described everything she’d encountered at that time.

The Dao Terra Firma! Chen Xi’s heart shook as he recalled what his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had told him. Regardless of whether it was their master, Fuxi, the master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the dean of the Dao Institute, the Sovereign Sect’s master, the Divine Institute’s dean, or the various others who were seeking the secrets of the Ultimate Path, all of them were fathered at the Dao Terra Firma in the three dimensions.

But Chen Xi hadn’t imagined that a figure like the Chaotic Divine Lotus would have actually been schemed against and perished at the Dao Terra Firma all those years ago.

What exactly exists there which makes all these extraordinary figures converge there?Eldest Senior Brother didn’t tell me that because even he doesn’t know the answer.

Meanwhile, Jiu Ling suddenly raised her head and gazed out of the abyss as she said, “There isn’t much time left. It won’t be long before the Heaven Dao notices that I’ve awakened.”

She withdrew her gaze at this point, and she looked at Chen Xi as she said, “Chen Xi, do you have any other questions?”

Chen Xi was stunned. He had too many questions, but it was very obvious that the Chaotic Divine Lotus was reminding him that he had to make the best use of his time.

He immediately took a deep breath and spoke swiftly. “Senior, why did the Sovereign Sect schemed against you all those years ago and even the Heaven Dao refuses to tolerate your existence now?”

Jiu Ling slid the tip of her finger on the Dao Calamity Sword while her voice carried a rare trace of emotion. “Because of this sword.”

Chen Xi was stunned. Because of the Dao Calamity Sword?

If that’s really the reason, then why didn’t the Sovereign Sect send its top experts to seize it from me?

Jiu Ling glanced at him and said, “Have you heard of the Sword of Samsara?”

Chen Xi shook his head, but he knew it was extraordinary just from its name. Samsara! It was an extreme taboo that even he didn’t dare use rashly!

However, Chen Xi hadn’t imagined that a Sword of Samsara would actually exist in the world. Who’s the master of that sword?

Wait!Suddenly, Chen Xi seemed to have realized something, and he spoke with surprise. “Could the Dao Calamity Sword be….”

Jiu Ling nodded. “Yes, it was once called the Sword of Samsara. However, it lacks a bit of life now, and that caused its strength to be sealed up.”

Chen Xi’s expression became extremely strange. This Dao Calamity Sword that has accompanied me since the three dimensions was actually called the Samsara?

Chen Xi sighed with emotion. Only now did he realize that he’d been constantly in shock upon meeting Jiu Ling, the Chaotic Divine Lotus.

The reason was very simple. While all of these things were mostly known to him, he hadn’t expected that the truth behind him would actually be like this.

For example, the Chaotic Divine Lotus was the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants, or the Dao Calamity Sword was the Sword of Samsara.

“No wonder it was able to transform the energy of evil and sin in pure Divine Dao Laws. Such transformation between good and evil just happens to mirror the transformation between life and death which Samsara represents.” Chen Xi muttered, and then he realized something and couldn’t help but ask. “Since the World of Divine Children (Spring of Sin) was created by Senior, then the slaughter I carried out all along the way….”

Chen Xi hadn’t even finished speaking when Jiu Ling seemed to have understood him, and she couldn’t help but shake her head as she said, “Those living beings who live here aren’t related to me at all. I merely created a place for them to cultivate and passed down some cultivation techniques to them.”

She paused for a moment before she continued. “Moreover, this sword would have been unable to accumulate sufficient energy to awaken me if you hadn’t killed your way here.”

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. It wasn’t because he’d killed too many experts of the Dao Defiant Clans which caused the Chaotic Divine Lotus to awaken from her slumber, and it was because the transformation that the Dao Calamity Sword underwent throughout the way had allowed the Chaotic Divine Lotus to sense its aura!

“Do you have any other questions?” asked Jiu Ling. She seemed to be very patient since the beginning.

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a while but shook his head in the end.

“Then allow me to ask you some questions.” Jiu Ling’s voice suddenly carried a trace of a solemn tone.

Chen Xi nodded “Please go ahead, Senior.”

“You’ve merged with the complete River Diagram?” This was Jiu Ling’s first question, and she seemed to have instantly seen through the current unusual state of Chen Xi’s body.

“Yes.” Chen Xi didn’t conceal it and admitted it openly.

“So, you’ve entered the Door of the Last Days and obtained the inheritances of the last 8 eras?” Jiu Ling voiced her second question.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded again.

“Have you grasped the energy of Samsara?” This was Jiu Ling’s third question.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel surprised. After all, every single one of these questions were the secrets in the deepest depths of his heart, and very few knew about it. However, Jiu Ling seemed to be able to predict all of it, and every single question she voiced struck right at the crux of things. So, how could Chen Xi not be surprised?

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded again. He hadn’t noticed that a wisp of light was gradually growing brighter in the depths of Jiu Ling’s seemingly illusory yet clear eyes.

It was a form of happiness that had been dead for a long time.

Right when Chen Xi was in deep thought within his heart and was wondering what other secrets of his that Jiu Ling would want to know, he noticed that she didn’t ask any more questions after her third.

It was like she’d obtained the answers she desired the most.

“The 9th era, the 9th Savior…. All nines lead to one…. The Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things. However, an unexpected change has occurred in the Heaven Dao, so the future of the three dimensions… is really unpredictable….” Jiu Ling remained silent for a long time before she suddenly stood up, and she touched the Dao Calamity Sword lightly while she muttered softly. Moreover, her entire body emanated nine colored divine radiance that was dreamlike, otherworldly, and divine.

Chen Xi was bewildered by these words but felt that it wasn’t advisable to pursue an answer.

Meanwhile, Jiu Ling seemed to have made a decision. She gazed at Chen Xi with her clear and illusory eyes as she said, “I’m almost out of time. Take Samsara to the Dao Terra Firma in the three dimensions once you leave this place.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “But the strength I possess right now seems to be incapable of entering the Dao Terra Firma.”

He spoke in accordance with what Wu Xuechan had said. After all, even Wu Xuechan had no chance of surviving the Dao Terra Firma with the extraordinary cultivation he possessed, let alone a Ninth Star Region Lord like him?

“No, you’ll definitely be able to ascend into the Daolord Realm when you leave this place, and the strength you will possess would be sufficient to enter that place!” Jiu Ling’s voice was faint, yet it carried a firm and certain force.

Chen Xi’s heart instantly shook.

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