Chapter 2155 – The First Ancestor

The Spring.

Time flowed by slowly, but there was no sign of motion from the Highgod Domain that had been jointly formed by those 10 Daolords.

This made many seniors of the Dao Defiants who were paying attention to the situation to feel puzzled.

Logically speaking, it would only take a very short moment for the joint forces of 10 Daolord to even crush a Daolord, so why did it take so long just to deal with Chen Xi?

But right after that, they seemed to have come to a faint understanding.

The Savior they were facing was no ordinary person. His combat strength was sufficient to annihilate veteran Daolords like Yan Zhen and Qi Ya, so it was obviously asking for the impossible to hope that he would be killed in one go.

Even though they thought like that, there was still a trace of worry in their hearts, and it made them pay even more attention to the battle.

Chi Qingying was paying attention to the battle as well. However, the worry he felt seemed to be much stronger.

After all, it was the joint forces of 10 Daolords!

The longer it took, the stronger it proved Chen Xi to be. At the same time, it caused the potential changes of the situation to increase.

Of course, Chi Qingying himself would definitely not believe that Chen Xi would really be able to escape death. That was clearly impossible.

However, the only thing that worried Chi Qingying was that even if they succeeded in crushing Chen Xi, those 10 Daolords would probably suffer some injuries, and they might even lose their lives!

Chi Qingying felt that his worries were very normal, and he’d taken Chen Xi’s combat strength very seriously to make such judgment.


A strand of indescribable restlessness faintly arose in his heart.

He suddenly remembered that Chen Xi seemed to have become a completely different person upon entering the Sacred Ocean of Blood, and every single move Chen Xi made was extremely unusual.

Chen Xi fought through the ocean by himself, and he was utterly invincible. Such accomplishments were a form of supreme glory to any other Dao Protector.

However, Chen Xi seemed to still be unsatisfied, and he just traversed the Sacred Ocean of Blood and arrived at the Springs…. That was extremely inconceivable!

After all, it was the place where all the Dao Defiant Clans resided, and there were numerous Daolords here.

So, how could Chen Xi possibly be unaware of that?

But he’d still come here!

This was clearly unusual. How could a Ninth Star Region Lord dare to disregard the threat posed by numerous Daolords?

It was exactly this string of unusualness which allowed Chi Qingying to acutely notice that Chen Xi was either audacious, arrogant to the extreme, or had something to rely on!

Otherwise, any normal cultivator would definitely not act in this way because it was no different from courting death.

Had Chen Xi come to give his life away?

Absolutely not!

He was very brave, but he’d never been an arrogant person.

According to Chi Qingying’s understanding of Chen Xi, Chen Xi wasn’t just a person that avoided acting arrogantly, he was even more calm and wise than ordinary cultivators.

So, there was only one reason left, and it was that Chen Xi had come prepared!

When he thought of this, Chi Qingying’s heart suddenly constricted. Exactly what does he have to rely on that he dares to act so fearlessly?

At this moment, Chi Qingying’s gaze towards the battlefield in the distance had changed slightly, and an absurd thought couldn’t help but appear in his mind.


Right at this moment, a world shaking bang resounded from that Highgod Domain which was jointly created by 10 Daolords, and it surged through the surroundings.

In an instant, all the hearts of all the Daolords paying attention to the situation there shook. It’s finally over?


Peerlessly dazzling divine radiance sprayed towards the surroundings. The Highgod Domain was like shattered glass that was collapsing at this moment.

However, not a single figure seemed to be emerging from the dust and dirt that effused out from the explosion.

This caused all of the Daolords to be surprised. What’s going on?

They looked over carefully, and only not did they notice that an extremely dim figure was standing up from amidst the divine radiance that covered the sky. That figure seemed translucent, and it was extremely difficult to notice.

However, all of them had a feeling when they saw that translucent figure. That seems like… the Savior?

Could he have survived?

They could clearly see that blurry and seemingly translucent figure walking step by step from amidst the divine radiance that covered the sky.

His body grew slightly clearer with every step he took, and the extremely weak aura he emanated grew slightly stronger as well.

They were able to faintly discern to their surprise that it was the outline of Chen Xi’s figure!


“How could this be possible?”

“Even 10 Daolords weren’t able to kill him?”

“Impossible…. Impossible…. If he’s alive, then doesn’t that mean those 10 Fellow Daoists… have suffered calamity and perished?”

Shock surged like tempestuous waves through the hearts of every single Daolord who was paying attention to the battle. It made their expressions change, and it made them feel surprised, bewildered, and frustrated.

Especially Chi Qingying, his entire body shivered while he shouted loudly in his heart. It really is as I expected. Since that fellow dared to come here by himself, then he really had something to rely on!Chen Xi’s figure slowly became clearer amidst this wave of shocked voices. One could clearly see his bones while his flesh and skin had practically been completely destroyed. It was an extremely horrifying sight.

Only his eyes were still calm, indifferent, and deep. They seemed to reflect the scenes of the universe and a chaotic battlefield, yet they were completely tranquil.

He walked forward step by step while a strand of strange and obscure energy coiled around his body, and it recovered his heavily injured body at an inconceivable speed.

At the same time, his imposing aura was rising steadily along with this.

“He can’t be allowed to recover! Kill him quickly! Kill him!” Chi Qingying suddenly let out a cry that was filled with agitation and anxiousness, and it surged through the heavens and the earth. But even then, he stood on the spot, and no one knew whether it was because he wasn’t willing to take the risk or he was completely terrified of Chen Xi.

“Kill!” Chi Qingying’s voice was like a thunderclap that jolted many seniors awake, and they immediately shot forward explosively without the slightest hesitation.


Surging divine radiance sprayed down like flames while all sorts of techniques covered the sky, and all of them enveloped down towards Chen Xi who’d just emerged from the battlefield.

This time, there were at least a few dozen Daolords who’d attacked together!

However, all of their attacks hit nothing but air this time!

Chen Xi just walked through the divine radiance which covered the sky, and he seemed like he didn’t exist at all. All of those attacks passed through his body, and they were actually unable to harm him at all.

It was like everything could pass through him because he’d transcended the world!

Such a scene wasn’t just capable of shocking the world, it was simply horrifying.

A single person was walking amidst divine radiance that sprayed down from all sorts of techniques and attacks. It was like he was bathing amidst the blazing glow of the Dao yet wasn’t affected by it at all!

It was the attacks of a few dozen Daolords! How could anyone in the world disregard them? How could anyone walk through them like he was walking on level ground?

Moreover, as Chen Xi took step after step forward, a new layer of skin and flesh had started to cover his bones, then green clothes appeared on his body, his dense jet-black hair grew down to his shoulders, and he had a handsome and indifferent face….

At this point, he’d recovered completely if it were based on outward appearance alone.

However, his aura was growing stronger and stronger, and he faintly revealed a boundless, dignified, and divine aura.

At this moment, Chi Qingying’s entire body felt cold. He was almost overwhelmed by fear, and he felt great terror that came from inside out!

Why is he so heaven defying?Even 10 Daolords weren’t able to kill him, and he’d even disregarded the attacks of a few dozen Daolords!How could this have happened?How?

Chi Qingying’s entire body was shivering. Even if he’d advanced into the Daolord Realm, when had he ever witnessed such an astounding and inconceivable scene?

It wasn’t just Chi Qingying, all the Daolords throughout the Springs were shocked as well.

The same thought had arisen in all their hearts. How could this be possible?

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had finally stopped moving, and his gaze shot towards the deepest depths of the Springs.

His green clothes and long hair fluttered while his handsome face surged with a strange glow. It was like the secrets of the Grand Dao were flowing there.

As he stood there in a casual manner, he revealed an otherworldly aura that was simply unfathomable.

At practically the exact same time, an ancient fluctuation suddenly arose from the deepest depths of the Springs. It was like a force that had been lying in deep sleep for countless years had finally awakened at this instant.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth became motionless while all things fell into deathly silence. Moreover, the originally disorderly surroundings here had calmed down at this moment.

This quiet atmosphere was quite difficult to get used to.

After that, a voice that resounded like a bell swept slowly through the entire Springs — “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Every single one of these words seemed to resonate with the Grand Dao, and they possessed a might that struck straight at the heart and made all living beings to prostrate themselves in worship.

Even if it was the Daolords throughout the Springs, their hearts couldn’t help but tremble at this moment while a wisp of reverence and excitement surged within them.

This voice….

It belonged to their only First Ancestor!

The First Ancestor has awakened from countless years of slumber!Unprecedented happiness and excitement surged in the hearts of every single Daolord, and it caused them to practically be on the verge of crying tears of joy.

Who would have imagined that their first ancestor would have actually awakened at such a moment without them offering up the Savior’s blood and life as a sacrifice!?

Even Chi Qingying’s heart couldn’t help but be filled with shock, and then a wisp of fervor and reverence appeared on his face. Because the awakening of their First Ancestor was a grand event that the Divine Children of the Heavens had been looking forward to for countless years!

Outside the Springs of Sin. The Sledgehammer Camp.

“How… how could this be possible?” The Time Daolord seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His entire body couldn’t help but sway while he suddenly opened his eyes.

His face was covered in astonishment, and it changed indeterminately.

The eyes of the other Daolords narrowed while they felt shocked in their hearts. Earlier, they were all feeling excited. They felt that the time to kill the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants had finally come, but who would have imagined that the Time Daolord’s face would turn pale from shock? Could something unexpected have happened?

The Time Daolord finally took a deep breath after quite some time passed, and he said in a low voice, “Everyone, there’s a change in the situation! That kid, Chen Xi…. He’s still alive!”

What? The hearts of the other Dao Servants shook. How could that be possible?

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