Chapter 2154 – A Powerful Force

Just like the Dao Protectors, the Dao Defiants had many clans, and every single clan possessed at least one Daolord.

This meant that there was absolutely not a small amount of Daolords in the entire Springs, and there was no lack of terrifying experts who were simply like living fossils.

Under such circumstances, it would clearly be impossible for Chen Xi to smoothly approach the forbidden area in the deepest depths of the Springs.

Conversely, it was bound to be a path that was filled with killing intent!

Chen Xi moved forward on his own with a calm and indifferent expression on his face, and he seemed to be completely indifferent to everything in the outside world since the very beginning.

He just walked through the home of the Dao Defiants like he was strolling through his own backyard, and he seemed exceptionally composed.

But Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness wasn’t as calm as he seemed from the outside.


The surging River of Destiny gushed endlessly as it passed through both past and the future, and it disregarded the shackles of time and space. It was clearly reflected within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness.

He’d been able to clearly lay eyes upon the true appearance of the River of Destiny since before he arrived at the Springs, and he’d been constantly observing that scene at all times.

But at that time, it was like he was watching a moving portrait, and he could only see it move yet wasn’t able to discern its sound, color, quality, or aura.

However, after he arrived at the Springs, killed both Yan Zhen and Ya Qi, and absorbed the vast energy of Destiny within those two Daolords through the Dao Calamity Sword, that scene of the River of Destiny had transformed as well.

The gushing sounds it emanated as it surged, its waves that rumbled like thunder, its clearly defined ripples, and even the aura of Destiny it possessed had been fully revealed from within that portrait he saw!

All of this made Chen Xi wonder if his soul would be carried away by the River of Destiny because it felt like his soul was immersed within it!

Its strength, aura, sound, changes…. All of it was revealed within his sea of consciousness, and it was truly indescribably miraculous.

Other Daolords would be extremely excited like they’d obtained a supreme fortuitous encounter if they were just able to lay eyes on a trace of the River of Destiny’s true appearance.

Just like how Chi Qingying had spoken proudly about how he’d seen the scene of waves surging when he advanced into the Daolord Realm. Moreover, it was exactly because he’d discerned that strand of the River of Destiny’s true secrets that he’d been able to possess a Highgod Domain which was considered to be top-rate, the Kingdom of Burning Blood.

At that time, Chi Qingying was proud, arrogant, looked down upon the world, and felt a sense of superiority. He felt that even some of the seniors amongst the Dao Defiant Clans wouldn’t dare be rude to him at all.

If Chi Qingying knew that Chen Xi had been able to lay eyes on the complete River of Destiny while still at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, knew where the River of Destiny originated from, and had even discerned its sound, color, aura, strength, and various other aspects, one could only guess how Chi Qingying would feel.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be to the extent of taking his own life out of embarrassment, but he would definitely be unable to hold his head up high while he stood before Chen Xi!

The River of Destiny!

It was related to the energy of the Grand Dao of Destiny. So, one could imagine how terrifying Chen Xi’s Highgod Domain would be upon advancing into the Daolord Realm.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and looked into the distance.

An extremely ancient sword descended from the sky, and then it suddenly transformed into a forest of swords. The myriad of swords stood towering while pierced into the sky, and the murderous aura from their assaulted Chen Xi’s face.

It was the Highgod Domain — Skyforest of Swords!

At the same time, a vast desert extended over from afar. There were nine scorching suns blazing in the sky above the desert, and they emanated golden divine flames.

The Highgod Domain —Oceanic Flames!

This wasn’t the end of it. After those two Highgod Domains appeared, even more Highgod Domains had appeared in every other direction around Chen Xi, including both above and below him!

There were surging oceans that covered the sky.

There was a myriad of divine rays that interweaved together.

There were lofty mountains that rose and fell into the distance.

In merely an instant, 10 completely different Highgod Domains that possessed boundless divine might had appeared throughout the surroundings.

They didn’t conflict with each other, and they overlapped and merged instead to form a strange and gorgeous world that enveloped Chen Xi within it.

Such a scene could simply be described as matchlessly shocking!

10 Daolords had attacked together, and they’d activated their respective Highgod Domains and merged them together to form a gorgeous world. It was simply like a sudden miracle that was unimaginably grand.

But the grander and more dazzling it was, the more terrifying it was as well!

It was 10 veteran Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans who’d attacked at the same time, so how could the strength they revealed be ordinary?

Perhaps it was impossible for most cultivators in the world to ever witness such an astonishing and unprecedented scene.

Besides that, even a Daolord would definitely feel despair and helplessness at such a moment, and that Daolord would have no choice but to accept his or her fate.

However, Chen Xi didn’t. It seemed as if he’d expected something like this would occur, and his expression hadn’t changed at all.

Only his grasp on the Dao Calamity Sword had tightened.

“Kill!” A world shocking and dignified voice resounded, and just this word alone caused the curtains to an unprecedented battle to be drawn.

From the beginning, they hadn’t wasted their breaths at all, and they hadn’t delayed at all as well.

Those senior Daolords from the Dao Defiant Clans were existences with abundant combat experience, so they would naturally not treat Chen Xi as a Ninth Star Region Lord after they saw him kill Yan Zhen and Qi Ya who were both Daolords.

They’d come to join forces and eliminate Chen Xi!


The heavens and the earth were overturned as all things faded. This Highgod Domain which had been jointly formed by an entire 10 Daolords was filled with scenes of destruction, slaughter, and chaos.

All sorts of attacks formed from the Grand Dao of Destiny were like a myriad of blooming flowers, and they were peerlessly dazzling and gorgeous while their strengths were extremely formidable and filled with killing intent.

Just a single Daolord possessed the strength to move mountains and fill oceans. Their strengths allowed them to rival the heavens, look down upon all living beings, trample upon the myriad of Daos, and do as they pleased!

Yet now, an entire 10 Daolords had joined forces against a single person, so it was obvious how astonishing such a scene was.

In an instant, Chen Xi had been drowned beneath boundless divine radiance.

There was naturally more than just 10 Daolords in the Springs. However, dispatching 10 Daolords to deal with just Chen Xi could already be considered as a powerful force.

It was even to the extent that if such a force was used against a Daolord, then it would be sufficient to annihilate that Daolord while chatting happily.

So, at this moment, many Daolords who’d intended to act against Chen Xi had stopped and started watching instead.

In their opinion, it would truly be inconceivable and impossible for even 10 Daolords to be unable to crush that Savior, Chen Xi.

However, even if they hadn’t joined the battle, they’d still enveloped the area with their formidable consciousnesses to prevent any unexpected events.

Meanwhile, Chi Qingying had returned, and his expression changed when he heard that Chen Xi had killed two veteran Daolords in succession. He was extremely shocked, and he felt a strand of an indescribable feeling of being lucky.

Fortunately, I didn’t enter into conflict with that kid on the Sacred Ocean of Blood, otherwise….

Chi Qingying didn’t dare continue on this line of thought.

Moreover, when he found out that 10 Daolords had set out against Chen Xi to kill Chen Xi and prevent Chen Xi from approaching the forbidden area at the deepest depths of the Springs, Chi Qingying almost cried out involuntarily.

After all, it was 10 senior Daolords!

Not to mention a Savior at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm like Chen Xi, such a force would probably not be inferior to any one of those 13 Dao Servants!

When he found out about this, Chi Qingying felt even more fortunate that he hadn’t fought Chen Xi at that time. Even though he felt extremely embarrassed and furious at that time, it was better than being killed by Chen Xi, right?

What a pity. If that kid listened to me in the beginning, then he would probably not have to suffer like this and might even have the chance to live. Chi Qingying muttered in his heart and sighed with slight emotion.

Only someone who knew how heaven defying Chen Xi was would realize how much of a pity it would be for someone like him to be killed.

Unfortunately, as a descendant of the Divine Children of the Heavens, it was impossible for Chi Qingying to just watch as Chen Xi lived, regardless of how much he admired Chen Xi.

After all, besides being the common enemy of all their clans, he was also a Savior, so Chen Xi was the key to reviving their First Ancestor!

That reason was enough to condemn Chen Xi to death!

“I never expected that kid would actually be heaven defying to such an extent. Even Daolords aren’t a match for him. Wouldn’t he be invincible if he were to be allowed to advance successfully?” At Sledgehammer Camp outside the Springs of Sin, the Time Daolord opened his aged eyes and sighed with emotion.

The other Dao Servants who were waiting here immediately started asking him questions.

The Time Daolord didn’t conceal everything and briefly described everything that had occurred earlier, and he still couldn’t avoid having a contemplative expression on his face after he finished telling them everything.

On the other hand, when they found out that Chen Xi had overcome all the difficulties before him and even annihilated two veteran Daolords to enter the Springs, the other Dao Servants couldn’t help but be visibly moved.

It was just as the Time Daolord had time, Chen Xi’s combat strength was already so heaven defying while he was just a Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, so wouldn’t he be invincible upon advancing into the Daolord Realm?

“Fortunately, the Dao Defiants aren’t weaklings, and they’d dispatched 10 Daolords. It’s impossible for that kid to survive now.” The Light Daolord seemed to be lost in thought. “Once that kid is eliminated, then the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants would awaken, and that’s exactly what we’re waiting for.”

The others nodded in succession while a wisp of excitement covered their faces.

“Everyone, our opportunity is almost here. We must make sufficient preparations right now because the moment the Dao Defiants’ first ancestor is drawn out will also be the moment we attack!” The Light Daolord spoke in a deep voice.

“Wait.” Meanwhile, the Time Daolord’s figure suddenly shook. He seemed to have noticed something, and a wisp of surprise appeared on his thin face while he actually couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily. “How… how could this be possible?”

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