Chapter 2153 – Silverwave Ocean

Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered as he strode through space.

Countless dazzling and lofty palaces stood towering in the distance, and it was like an eternal kingdom of gods that were only recorded in legends.

Chen Xi didn’t have any intention to destroy this place because it was utterly impossible to accomplish with just the strength he possessed.

After all, the Springs was too huge. It seemed to be standing in the starry sky, but it actually covered countless planes.

Every single plane was comparable to a large world.

The Springs was like the Primal Chaos Origin that the Divine Dao Protector Clans resided at, and every single plane was a world where the innate gods of different clans resided at.

In next to no time, Chen Xi’s figure entered the Springs, and he walked through the Springs that was like a dazzling and divine kingdom in space.

Every stride he took was like movement through space itself, and it was countless times faster than just ordinary teleportation.

However, Chen Xi had only taken less than 10 steps when an expanse of dazzling silver waves descended from the sky like a waterfall.

In an instant, the scene before him changed abruptly. Chen Xi appeared on a silver ocean, and it was boundless and dazzling.

As he stood here, it made him feel empty, still, icy cold, despair, and various other negative emotions. It was extremely oppressive.

A Highgod Domain!Another Daolord of the Dao Defiants has made a move against me!

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised at all. He held up the Dao Calamity Sword while a wisp of piercing coldness flashed through his deep eyes.


At practically the exact same time, the originally calm surface of the silver ocean was destroyed. A mighty figure that was over 300km tall and covered in countless dragon scales stood up from within it. Moreover, silver radiance surged down like a waterfall from his body, causing him to seem boundlessly grand.

This figure was too tall and lofty to the point it simply seemed like it was about to pierce a hole in the sky, and the terrifying imposing aura it emanated caused others to have no doubt that he was an extraordinarily formidable Daolord!

He wasn’t someone that an ordinary Daolord could compare to at all!


A clear howl resounded from the Dao Calamity Sword. The blood red surface of it surged like it was on fire while Chen Xi’s eyes locked onto that figure, and a strand of killing intent surged into his heart.

“Savior, you must pay with your life for the crimes that you’ve committed!” The mighty figure moved abruptly amidst a dignified voice that rumbled like a thunderclap. He stretched out a finger that was like a pillar capable of holding up the sky, and it smashed down forcefully upon Chen Xi.

“Daolord Qi Ya’s Highgod Domain, the Silverwave Ocean, is extremely formidable. He’ll definitely be able to kill that bastard.”

Many terrifying consciousnesses were conversing with each other when the battle erupted within the Highgod Domain.

“In my opinion, Fellow Daoist Yan Zhen probably died because of his carelessness. Coupled with that kid’s heaven defying combat strength that can’t be judged by convention, he succeeded at catching Fellow Daoist Yan Zhen off-guard. Under such circumstances, Fellow Daoist Qi Ya who has gone prepared should definitely be victorious.”

“No, that’s very difficult to say for certain. Just think about it, our First Ancestor hasn’t shown any signs of waking up after countless years of time, and we can’t do anything about it. But that Savior’s blood and life is capable of awakening the First Ancestor. This clearly shows that the Savior isn’t ordinary at all, and he can’t be underestimated.”

“No matter how strong he is, he’s still a Ninth Star Region Lord in the end!”

“A Ninth Star Region Lord is nothing worth mentioning indeed. But have you seen a Ninth Star Region Lord kill a veteran in the Daolord Realm?”


“Alright, there’s no need to argue. That kid, Chen Xi, can be considered to be unique even amongst the Saviors, and he can’t be lumped together with them.”

The discussions revolved around the battle, but because the impact they suffered from the battle between Chen Xi and Yan Zhen had been too great, none of them dared to declare the outcome of the battle with certainty.

At the same time, in the Chen Clan within the Primal Chaos Origin.

The Chen Clan’s ancestor, Chen Taichong, had a frown on his face. He’d constantly felt quite uneasy throughout the last few days, and he couldn’t help but fall into deep thought because of it.

Someone at his level of cultivation was naturally clear aware that it wasn’t a spur of the moment, and it was because he’s inexplicably sensed that something was amiss. However, he was unable to determine exactly what it was.

He couldn’t help but let out a long sigh because of it.

Wu Xuechan who was drinking tea at the side couldn’t help but grin. “Fellow Daoist, your mental state isn’t calm. Are you worried about something?”

Chen Taichong said frankly, “To tell you the truth, even though only a little over a month has passed since the Battle of Dao Protectors began, I have been feeling quite worried. Especially the last few days, I constantly feel uneasy.”

Wu Xuechan nodded as he put down his cup, and then he thought for a moment and said, “That’s quite normal. Martial Uncles Di Shun and Wen Daozhen had both carried out deductions before I brought Little Junior Brother here. This Battle of Dao Protector is full of schemes and countless calamities. It’s completely unlike the battles of the past.”

Chen Taichong’s eyelids twitched, and he said while seeming to be stunned. “Since you knew, then why didn’t you dissuade Chen Xi from participating and taking that risk?”

Wu Xuechan shook his head and said, “This scheme was personally arranged for by the Sovereign Sect’s Master, it’s impossible to deal with or avoid.”

Chen Taichong frowned. “Why?”

Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “There are many reasons. Most of them are related to the chains bound to Little Junior Brother, so he must go there.”

Chen Taichong instantly came to an understanding when he heard this. Wu Xuechan probably knew something, yet it wasn’t convenient for Wu Xuechan to reveal them, so Chen Taichong didn’t pursue an answer and just sighed. “Now that an unexpected change has occurred to the Heaven Dao and calamity has spread throughout the world, I really wonder what will become of the world while it suffers such a disaster.”

Wu Xuechan’s eyes narrowed, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“NO matter what, I believe that Chen Xi will definitely be able to return alive.” Ming who’d been silent until now couldn’t help but say this.

“Oh, what do you mean?” Chen Taichong spoke with slight surprise. He seemed to have never imagined that this mysterious woman, Ming, would be so confident of Chen Xi.

Ming spoke word by word. “Only he can help but find the Ultimate Path and enter the eternal cycle of Samsara.”

The Ultimate….

A wisp of a contemplative expression instantly appeared in Wu Xuechan’s eyes when he heard these words, and then he suddenly smiled after quite some time passed. “Little Junior Brother will naturally be fine.”

These words were spoken flatly and casually, yet they carried strong confidence.

Even though he didn’t know the reason why, Chen Taichong was still affected by it, and his slightly gloomy mental state had gradually eased up.

Don’t worry, that kid will be fine.” Snow fluttered through the air as Chen Lingjun rubbed his forehead with a slightly helpless expression while he consoled Zuoqiu Xue in a soft voice.

“Xi’er will definitely be fine. But….” Zuoqiu Xue’s brows knit together tightly. “How could I not be worried when I think about him facing danger on his own? Only you are so casual about it, and it’s truly annoying. Xi’er is your son. Aren’t you worried about him at all?”

Chen Lingjun smiled bitterly and said, “He’s much stronger than I was all those years ago. It’s useless even if I’m worried about him.”

After that, he took a deep breath and said while seeming to be lost in thought, “However, I’m very sure that if Xi’er survives, then there will be nothing in the world that can trouble him.”

“What do you mean by if he survives?” Zuoqiu Xue glared fiercely at him and said in a furious tone, “Can you speak properly?”

Chen Lingjun instantly shrugged and admitted his mistakes. “Fine, fine, fine. I was wrong. I deserve to be slapped. As it’s said, nothing good comes out of a filthy dog’s mouth.”

“Ptooey! What would I be if you’re a dog?” Zuoqiu Xue spat, and then she couldn’t help but chuckle.

The Springs.


The Highgod Domain, the Silverwave Ocean, which covered the sky rumbled abruptly, and then it transformed into silver starlight that sprayed towards the surroundings.

The attention of the owners of those consciousnesses who were in conversation had been instantly drawn over. They swept their consciousnesses over in succession, yet they saw a scene that they were absolutely unwilling to lay eyes on….

A tall figure walked out from amidst the silver radiance that covered the sky, and he held a blood red sword that seemed to still have blood dripping from it.

Only Daolord Qi Ya’s figure was nowhere to be seen!

This scene was simply completely alike to the scene that had occurred to Daolord Yan Zhen!

Does this mean that Fellow Daoist Qi Ya has suffered misfortune as well?

In an instant, the owners of all those terrifying consciousnesses had been astounded and filled with disbelief. If a Ninth Star Region Lord Chen Xi was said to have killed one veteran Daolord out of sheer luck, then killing a second couldn’t be explained by luck at all!

In other words, all of this proved that Chen Xi possessed the ability to surmount a realm of cultivation and kill Daolords!

Even though it was astounding and hadn’t occurred in the past, the cold hard truth was right before them, and they had no choice but to believe it!

All of those terrifying consciousnesses belonged to the Daolords of all the various clans in the Springs, and the cold heart and cruel truth before them had caused them to be stunned speechless.

This fellow, Chen Xi, is probably the first Ninth Star Region Lord in history to annihilate Daolords, right?

Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed their shock at all, and he just continued flashing towards the depths of the Springs.

Just like when he’d killed Yan Zhen, the Dao Calamity Sword and the complete River Diagram had still been the key to his ability to kill Qi Ya.

This battle allowed Chen Xi to obtain another vast amount of energy that contained the aura of Destiny. At the same time, the Dao Calamity Sword underwent another huge transformation. Its blood red color grew lighter while its aura grew clearer and more restrained within itself.

At the same time, the mysterious and ancient aura that surged out from the sword grew even stronger.

All of this displayed that Chen Xi and his sword were undergoing an unknown transformation on this path that was bound to be filled with blood and slaughter.

I’m almost there….

As he moved through space, Chen Xi had an even clearer feeling of that strong desire and the feeling of being summoned that came from afar.

He stopped hesitating and continued forward.

“What does he intend to do?”

“Based on the direction he’s heading… he seemed to be heading for where our First Ancestor is sleeping!”

“Could that little bastard be thinking of targeting the First Ancestor?”

“Strange. Does he not know that his blood and life is exactly the only key to awaken the First Ancestor? Isn’t he clearly courting death?”

“There’s no time to lose. We can’t delay any longer, and we must stop and kill him now!”

“Who will do it?”

“Let’s do it together! Could it be that all of you still want to give our lives away one by one like Fellow Daoists Yan Zhen and Qi Ya have?”

“Alright! Let’s attack together!”

When they saw that Chen Xi seemed to be unstoppable and was approaching the forbidden area in the Springs, all of those Daolords who resided throughout the Springs were instantly unable to sit still, and they conversed briefly with each other before they made their decision.

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