Chapter 2152 – Killing A Daolord!

Yan Zhen’s pupils constricted to the size of needles, and the combat experience he’d tempered through countless years of cultivation had allowed him to remain calm and composed even before such a dangerous situation.


A bronze hammer appeared before him, and it blocked the blood red blade that was shooting straight towards him.

The bronze hammer surged with arcs of lightning, and the terrifying energy of lightning within it was simply thick like dew. IT gurgled through the entire hammer while emanating an extremely dense and dazzling aura of destruction.

It was Yan Zhen’s prized treasure — the Chaos Lightning Hammer!

The strength it contained wasn’t something that an ordinary Natural Spirit Treasure could compare to at all, and when it was utilized, it was simply like true tribulation lightning was striking down from the heavens and unfathomable divine might.


In an instant, the surging blood red blade of a sword collided with the Chaos Lightning Hammer, causing sparks to spray towards the surroundings while divine radiance rage.

But Yan Zhen was shocked to notice that this attack which carried his full strength was actually unable to blast that blood red sword away.

Didn’t that prove that this Savior who was only at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm possessed a strength equivalent to him?

Yan Zhen was truly shocked by this. As a senior Daolord who’d lived for countless years, he was clearly aware of the gap between the two realms of cultivation, and it wasn’t something that could be made up for with just energy.

Since the ancient times until now, there had never been a Ninth Star Region Lord who could surmount a realm of cultivation and fight a Daolord on equal grounds!

But it just so happened to have occurred today!

How could this be possible?

A strand of indescribable rage suddenly arose in Yan Zhen’s heart. A long howl resounded from his, and he was just about to swing his hammer and smash Chen Xi to death.

But an unexpected event suddenly occurred.


A crack appeared on his hammer, and then it exploded apart from the center.

What…? Yan Zhen seemed as if he’d been struck by lightly. After all, it was the Chaos Lightning Hammer! It was an unparalleled treasure that he’d been tempering for countless years, yet it had actually been slashed into two now!

Even a Daolord like Yan Zhen was caught off guard by this turn of events.

Because this attack hadn’t just proved that Chen Xi possessed the strength to fight him, Chen Xi had even destroyed his weapon!

Who would dare to believe this even if news of it was spread?

Most importantly, all of this had occurred within his own Highgod Domain!

Any Daolord would have definitely been caught off guard by such an unexpected turn of events.

It took some time to describe but had actually been completed in an instant. When Chen Xi executed that slash until the moment Yan Zhen’s Chaos Lightning Hammer had been destroyed, it had practically occurred at the same time.

While Yan Zhen was still shocked, Chen Xi’s blood red sword had seized the opportunity to flash towards Yan Zhen’s neck.

It was swift beyond compare, and it was like a blood red shadow that vanished in an instant.

However, Yan Zhen was much faster than Chen Xi, and a strand of extremely divine energy of Destiny suddenly blocked the sword when it was right before his neck.

The sword was clearly less than an inch away from Yan Zhen’s neck, but it was exactly such a distance which it couldn’t close.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

Yan Zhen’s face was gloomy to the extreme. Any Daolord would definitely feel boundlessly humiliated when a Ninth Star Region Lord placed a sword against their neck.

However, Yan Zhen actually felt faintly delighted when he saw Chen Xi fail, and he said coldly, “Little Bastard, a Daolord who has grasped Destiny isn’t someone you can kill!”

He raised his hand as he spoke, and he intended to seize the blood red sword from Chen Xi.


But right at this moment, the blood red sword actually sliced through the layer of the energy of Destiny, and then it pierced through Yan Zhen’s throat with all-powerful might.

In an instant, Yan Zhen’s eyes bulged from their sockets while astonishment and disbelief filled his eyes. He muttered. “How could this be possible? How could a Ninth Star Region Lord cut through Destiny…?”


Chen Xi suddenly exerted strength with his wrist while Yan Zhen muttered those words, and his sword sliced through Yan Zhen’s neck with ease, causing a head to be tossed into the air while blood sprayed behind it!

A Daolord who’d lived for countless years had actually been killed by a Ninth Star Region Lord like Chen Xi!

If anyone in the outside world had witnessed this shocking scene, they would probably go mad because it was something that had never happened throughout history!

After all, Daolords were said to have taken control of their own destiny and had grasped the Laws of Destiny. All existences at realms of cultivation below them were ants!

But at this moment, a Daolord like Yan Zhen had been killed, and it was even while he was within his own Highgod Domain!

Moreover, this wasn’t the end of it. A practically excited and delighted howl resounded from the Dao Calamity Sword when Yan Zhen’s head was chopped off, and then surging blood red light effused out from its body and actually devoured both Yan Zhen’s head and body!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be visibly moved by this scene.

While he fought Yan Zhen just now, he’d noticed that he was utterly unable to touch Yan Zhen with the strength he possessed, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been crushed to such a miserable state when the battle had just begun.

But to Chen Xi’s surprise, both his body that had fused with the River Diagram fragments and the Dao Calamity Sword in his possession had both allowed his combat strength to become completely different.

This difference was most clearly displayed by how Chen Xi’s combat strength wasn’t affected or suppressed at all even while he was within Yan Zhen’s Highgod Domain. Especially when he faced the energy of Destiny that Yan Zhen possessed, he was even able to disregard the threat which it posed!

Just like when he slashed through the energy of Destiny that Yan Zhen had used to protect his throat, it was exactly because of that special ability he possessed.

This special ability was something that Chen Xi naturally possessed after fusing with the River Diagram!

Otherwise, it was probably utterly impossible for him to kill such a senior and experienced Daolord like Yan Zhen.

In the end, the key to Chen Xi’s success was the River Diagram and the Dao Calamity Sword.

As for his own combat strength, even though it was heaven defying to the point of being capable of going against Daolords, it was definitely impossible for him to kill Yan Zhen with such ease if he relied on just that strength!

While the Dao Calamity Sword devoured Yan Zhen, surging energy that was warm and pure started to surge into Chen Xi’s body. It was unimaginably vast, and the aura of Destiny contained within it was even pure and dense to the extreme. It simply seemed material.

In an instant, the pores throughout Chen Xi’s body trembled slightly, and it was comfortable to the point he felt like he was bathing within a hot spring.

This energy was vast like a great river as it surged into Chen Xi’s body that seemed like a bottomless abyss.

At the same time, the Dao Calamity Sword actually underwent a faint transformation. The dense blood red color that covered it had actually become much lighter, but its aura grew even purer and restrained deep within it.

It was even to the extent that a mysterious and ancient aura had started to effuse out from it.

Obviously, devouring such an old Daolord like Yan Zhen hadn’t just brought great benefits to Chen Xi, it had even allowed the Dao Calamity Sword to finally undergo a transformation!

Chen Xi was surprised by this because he was truly unable to imagine what the Dao Calamity Sword would transform into if this continued!

Since the moment he’d brought it into the Spring of Sea, this mysterious sword that had been passed down from the Chaotic Divine Lotus had clearly become completely different. It was so miraculous that it even caused Chen Xi to occasionally feel disbelief.

But no matter what, the transformation experienced by the Dao Calamity Sword was undoubtedly a huge benefit to Chen Xi, and there were no disadvantages for now.

So, Chen Xi didn’t have to be worried because of it.

It wasn’t long before the Dao Calamity Sword’s transformation came to an abrupt end, and at the same time, the energy that surged into Chen Xi’s body had finally stopped.

Obviously, the energy within Yan Zhen’s corpse had been completely refined and absorbed.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that the Dao Calamity Sword had refined and absorbed the energy of sin and evil within Yan Zhen, and not Yan Zhen’s essence.

That was very normal, otherwise, if it could even refine and absorb every form of energy, then the Dao Calamity Sword would have probably awakened while he was still in the outside world.

The only thing that puzzled Chen Xi was why the Dao Calamity Sword could accomplish this!

Could it be because there’s some sort of hidden link between Spring of Sin?

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to figure it out because the Highgod Domain which was condensed from Yan Zhen’s strength had vanished along with his death, and it revealed the ‘kingdom in space’, the Springs, that was in the distance.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s expression became calm and indifferent. He glanced at the Dao calamity Sword in his grasp before he gazed towards the depths of the kingdom in the distance.

At this moment, Chen Xi had an even clearer feeling that a force which he yearned to obtain was hidden somewhere in the distance.


Right when the Highgod Domain vanished and Chen Xi’s figure reappeared, numerous terrifying consciousnesses swept over again, and then Chen Xi captured a wave of clamorous exclamations.

“The Savior isn’t dead? Doesn’t that mean… Fellow Daoist Yan Zhen has suffered calamity?”

“How could that have happened? Impossible!”

“A Ninth Star Region Lord who fell into the Highgod Domain of a Daolord escaped with his life intact? What exactly is going on?”

“Everyone, it’s obvious that Fellow Daoist Yan Zhen has been killed, and that kid is the murderer. It’s best that we don’t treat him as a Ninth Star Region Lord but a Savior who can go against Daolords!”

Their voices were filled with all sorts of emotions like shock, bewilderment, wonder, and disbelief. It clearly showed the magnitude of the impact they experienced from Yan Zhen’s death at Chen Xi’s hands.

Obviously, anyone would feel disbelief when an expert who’d been in the Daolord realm for many years had been killed by a Ninth Star Region Lord while within his own Highgod Domain.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when he heard all of this, and he just chose his direction and flashed towards the ‘kingdom in space’.

The lair of the various great clans of the Dao Defiants resided there. It was their base camp where their resided and cultivated. So it was obvious how dangerous it would be to enter it.

However, Chen Xi seemed to be completely indifferent towards all of it, and he just strode through space towards it by himself with a blood red sword in hand.

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