Chapter 2151 – Raging Thunderfall


In merely an instant, numerous terrifying consciousnesses had swept past him, and it was like a terrifying storm had raged through him.

If it were any other ordinary Ninth Star Region Lord, merely being swept by these terrifying consciousnesses would cause that person’s soul to suffer absolute suppression while horror arose in that person’s heart.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice it at all. His entire body was covered by the energy of the Daoseal Mark and coupled with his cultivation in the Dao Heart that had attained the 8th Forging, he wasn’t affected by such consciousnesses at all.

Moreover, the energy of the Daoseal Mark caused Chen Xi to capture the voices of those consciousnesses that were speaking with each other via voice transmission.

“That Savior actually dared to come here by himself. Could the battlefront at the Sacred Ocean of Blood have collapsed?”

“At this point in time, why do you even care about all of that. That kid has come over here by himself, and it’s exactly the best opportunity to kill him!”

“Exactly. I’ve been observing the surroundings, and I haven’t noticed the aura of the 13 Dao Servants. Those malicious old bastards wish for nothing more than to see us attack him and kill that little bastard.”

“Hmph! The plans of those 13 Dao Servants aren’t bad, but they’ve probably never imagined that it would be impossible for them to kill our First Ancestor once our First Ancestor awakens!”

“Regardless of whether this kid is bait for us, we absolutely can’t allow this opportunity to slip by!”

“So, who will kill this fledgling kid?”

“Calm yourselves. This kid has killed two peak Divine Children of my Thunderfall Clan. This enmity is irreconcilable, so leave it to me, Yan Zhen!”

“Since it’s like that, then we’ll be troubling Fellow Daoist Yan Zhen.”

This entire conversation merely took an instant for those terrifying consciousnesses to complete.

When Chen Xi had just heard up to this point, rumbling resounded as he saw an expanse of jet black tribulation lightning soaring up abruptly from the distant ‘kingdom in space’.

The jet black tribulation lightning surged as it covered the heavens and the earth, and it was suffused with a strand of horrifying violet color. Countless dazzling and resplendent arcs of lightning were flowing through it, and it was an extremely horrifying sight.


The tribulation lightning instantly covered the entire sky, and it blotted out the entire world. Chen Xi felt something flash before his eyes, and then it seemed like he’d instantly arrived at a world formed from tribulation lightning!

Highgod Domain — Raging Thunderfall!

At practically the exact same moment, an ancient and mighty figure appeared here. He had the head of a bird and the body of a human. His body was covered in dazzling arcs of lightning while lightning clouds circulated within his eyes, and his fingers flickered with arcs of electricity that were filled with destructive force.

When looked at from a far, he was simply like an overlord of lightning, and his mighty figure covered the entire sky!

He was a senior of the Thunderfall Clan, Yan Zhen.

Even though Chen Xi didn’t recognize Yan Zhen, he was able to discern that this fellow was clearly an old geezer who had been in the Daolord Realm for a very long time. Yan Zhen’s might was so formidable that it wasn’t something which a newly advanced Daolord like Chi Qingying could compare to.

All of this was obvious from the aura that Yan Zhen’s Highgod Domain emanated.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid because he was able to sense a strong summon coming from afar, and it was a form of yearning towards energy and strength!

This yearning he felt had arrived at an unprecedented height when he arrived at the ‘Springs’, and it caused the vital blood within Chen Xi’s entire body to be unable to help but seethe.

His soul, mind, and vital energy were all affected by it, and they arrived at their peaks while the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand seemed to be trembling from excitement.

It felt like a bottomless abyss was waking up within Chen Xi’s body, and it intended to swallow everything!

But on the surface, Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent as before. His gaze was cold like snow, and it didn’t contain any emotions at all.

He’d absorbed a huge amount of energy that contained the aura of Destiny, and his combat strength had undergone countless transformations.

At this point in time, he still hadn’t found a worthy opponent, and that included Chi Qingying who’d attained the Daolord Realm. He felt that Chi Qingying was too weak!

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi had forgotten about the natural chasm that existed between his realm of cultivation and the Daolord Realm, and he hadn’t felt a trace of fear.

He yearned for battle!

His instinct had made him forget about life and death, and he’d left all worries behind. All he had was a fearless aura of destroying everything that stood before him.

However, Chen Xi was calm enough to know that his emotions hadn’t been affected. His assessment of danger and control of the situation hadn’t been disturbed by his instinct as well.

It was a very strange feeling. It was like he was walking on the line between life and death, and everything he saw and felt didn’t affect him at all.

Yan Zhen couldn’t help but reveal a trace of disdain on the corners of his mouth when he’d instantly succeeded in pulling Chen Xi into his Highgod Domain, and his voice was icy cold and indifferent. “Little Fellow, you’ve committed numerous crimes and deserve death! So, receive your punishment!”

His words were simple, decisive, and direct!

This was the style of a Daolord. They were unrestrained and decisive, and they usually just killed immediately upon arousing the intent to do so.

His voice hadn’t even finished resounding through the air when the heavens and the earth suddenly shook while tribulation lightning surged. The surroundings were filled with destructive energy that poured down from above.

The heavens, the earth, and every single inch of space surged madly with arcs of lighting, and they rumbled like roars that forebode death.


This was a Highgod Domain, and it was Yan Zhen’s ‘Raging Thunderfall’ that was the embodiment of his entire cultivation! He was the lord and king here!

With a single thought, all things would rise, and both life and death were only an instant away!


Chen Xi didn’t have the time to dodge nor was he able to. In an instant, his entire body was enveloped by surging tribulation lightning. Every single bolt of lightning possessed bone-piercing destructive energy, and they heavily injured the body and seemed to intend to annihilate the soul!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Chen Xi’s body exploded apart piece by piece, causing his bones to be exposed. It was a truly horrifying sight.

Such a force was too terrifying indeed. It contained the Laws of Destiny, and it was fused with the will and strength of a formidable Daolord.

If it were any other Ninth Star Region Lord, then just such an attack would be sufficient to obliterate that person.

However, while Chen Xi seemed to be in a miserable state, he was tenacious like a rock which couldn’t be smashed apart, and he actually survived the attack.

Yan Zhen couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised by this, and he said in his heart, I wonder how formidable this kid’s combat strength would be if he advances smoothly into the Daolord Realm.

While he thought like that in his heart, Yan Zhen’s actions weren’t slow at all. He immediately issued a common, and the tribulation lightning that covered the sky transformed into a blade of tribulation that slashed down towards Chen Xi.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure actually barely dodged the attack. Right at this instant he dodged it, Chen Xi’s body that was covered in injuries had recovered to its previous state!

Moreover, his imposing aura was clearly much stronger than before!

“Old Fellow, that amount of strength is insufficient.” Chen Xi spoke coldly while violet gold divine radiance coiled around his entire body, and his battle intent blazed like fire. Every single inch of his skill was covered in strands of obscure and strange energy.

It was the changes that his body had undergone upon merging with the River Diagram fragments, and it made him possess a body that was practically undying!

Yan Zhen’s pupils constricted. Even with the abundant experience that Yan Zhen possessed, he was still unable to see through exactly how Chen Xi had accomplished this.

Killing intent flashed in Yan Zhen’s eyes, and then a myriad of lightning pikes appeared out of thin air, and they carried the might to pierce through the elements and obliterate the world as they enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

This attack locked down all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s body was riddled with holes like a hornet’s nest, and his blood gurgled out from them. Moreover, some pikes had even pierced through his Dantian, heart, and various other weak points throughout his body.

“Do you have anything else to say now?” Yan Zhen couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

He was very clearly aware that even a Daolord would have perished on the spot from suffering such a heavy injury!

After all, if the heart was destroyed, then the Dao Heart would be lost; if the Dantian was destroyed, then the foundation would definitely be crippled. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for anyone to survive.

However, right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly raised his head and spoke indifferently. “This attack was slightly interesting.”

The bloody holes that densely covered his entire body started to close up when he started speaking, and when he finished speaking, his entire body had recovered to its previous state. Every single inch of his skin was smooth, clear, and flawless like glass, and it was suffused with strands of an obscure and strange aura.

Moreover, Chen Xi’s aura had actually once again become slightly stronger than before!

How could this be possible?

Even the Divine Undying Clan would transform into a pile of decaying bones once their Dao Heart is destroyed, but this fellow hasn’t just recovered in an instant, his imposing aura has even grown stronger!Such an inconceivable scene even caused a senior like Yan Zhen to be shocked, and his expression changed slightly.

He didn’t waste his breath again. He just circulated his full strength, and then the Raging Thunderfall suddenly constricted into a ball shaped lightning cloud, and it crumbled down while it trapped Chen Xi within it. It attacked incessantly while it collapsed without end, and it seemed like he intended to obliterate Chen Xi into nothingness.

“He should be dead now, right?” Yan Zhen’s gaze flickered. He was a senior of the Dao Defiants who’d been at the Daolord Realm for countless years, and he shouldn’t have needed to utilize his Highgod Domain against a Ninth Star Region Lord.

Yet now, he hadn’t just utilized his Highgod Domain to deal with Chen Xi, he’d even been forced to utilize his full strength, and this allowed Yan Zhen to realize how heaven defying Chen Xi was.

How formidable would he become in the future if he isn’t eliminated now?


Right when these thoughts were flashing through his mind, a world shocking explosion resounded, and then the ball shaped lightning cloud which enveloped Chen Xi had exploded into pieces, causing a rain of light to rage towards the surroundings.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s tall and completely unharmed figure appeared within Yan Zhen’s field of vision again.

In an instant, his face turned gloomy while his pupils constricted, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

How could this be possible!?How could this have happened?

“Little Bastard! I refuse to believe that I can’t annihilate you!” Yan Zhen suddenly took a deep breath while killing intent raged within his voice.

“Old Bastard, I don’t have anymore patience to continue wasting time with you.” At the same time, a wisp of a piercingly cold glow suddenly surged out from Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent eyes, and then he vanished on the spot.


Yan Zhen’s heart thumped loudly while his expression finally changed. Because they were within his Highgod Domain, but he was actually unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s figure!

This wasn’t just inconceivable; it was simply terrifying!


Yan Zhen didn’t even have the time to react before a dazzling blade that surged with the dense smell of blood had appeared in front of his eyes.

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