Chapter 2150 – A Legendary Sword

Chi Qingying’s body shook as he realized that the situation was slightly off, and then he suddenly returned to his senses.

“You… let the Savior go?” Meanwhile, those 4 peak Divine Children couldn’t restrain the questions in their hearts any longer and had charged over to him.

“What did you say?” Chi Qingying frowned while his handsome face was suffused with a wisp of indifference as he recovered the imposing aura of a Daolord.

However, the descendant of the Devil Spider Clan seemed to be exasperated at this moment, and he said furiously, “Chi Qingying, you refuse to admit the dirty deeds you’ve committed? If you didn’t let that kid go on purpose, then how could he have escaped your Highgod Domain while just at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm?”

The other 3 peak Divine Children looked suspiciously at Chi Qingying as well.

“You said that I… let that Savior go?” Chi Qingying’s face turned gloomy while a wisp of killing intent surged within his eyes.

The Devil Spider’s figure stiffened as he felt a suffocating pressure descend onto him. However, he still gritted his teeth and said, “What? You dared to do it yet dare not admit it? Don’t even think that you can run wild because you’ve advanced into the Daolord Realm! Your actions are equivalent to betraying our divine clans!”

Chi Qingying was infuriated to the point he almost went berserk. This fellow actually thinks that I colluded with the enemy and let Chen Xi go on purpose? He’s simply an idiot!“All of you are of the same mind as well?” Chi Qingying gazed at the other 3 peak Divine Children.

Even though there was fear on their faces, they tacitly approved of it.

“Hmph! It isn’t just us. All the Fellow Daoists in the campsite witnessed it as well! You, Chi Qingying, were actually audacious to such an extent upon advancing into the Daolord Realm. Do you know who you allowed to leave? That was the key to awakening our First Ancestor!” The Devil Spider laughed coldly.

Chi Qingying felt horrible.

Earlier, Chen Xi had played him for a fool just now, and it caused him to be humiliated to the point he wished for nothing but to look for Chen Xi and fight Chen Xi to the death. Now, even the allies on his side had misunderstood him and blamed him, so how would Chi Qingying feel?

Could it be that I can’t do as I please even after I’ve advanced into the Daolord Realm?

Chi Qingying was depressed to the point he almost coughed up blood. Never had he imagined that right after he advanced into the Daolord Realm, he hadn’t even been able to make a show of strength to the world when he’d suffered a string of unexpected events. Moreover, it even caused him to slightly wonder if his actions of forcing a breakthrough had infuriated the River of Destiny, causing his destiny to be tainted by some Karmic Energy of misfortune….

Because if it wasn’t that, then why was he so unfortunate today?

“What? You’ve finally stopped arguing about it?” The Devil Spider laughed coldly when he saw Chi Qingying remain silent.

“Fuck off!” Chi Qingying couldn’t be bothered to continue explaining, and he just spat out two words.

The Devil Spider’s face changed. “What did you say?”

“I told you to fuck off!” Chi Qingying’s blood red eyes were suffused with dense undisguised killing intent, and it horrified the Devil Spider to the point his countenance turned pale while he felt fearful and uneasy.

“Hmph! Just you wait! I’ll report everything that occurred here today!” He turned around and left with his tail between his legs.

“Chi Qingying, even though you’ve advanced into the Daolord Realm, but your actions were….” The other 3 peak Divine Children couldn’t refrain from speaking, and they seemed to intend to provide him with some advice.

“All of you fuck off as well!” Chi Qingying suddenly interrupted them impatiently. As he gazed at their expressions that suddenly changed, he suddenly felt indescribably carefree in his heart. Chen Xi probably had such a feeling when he interrupted me just now, right?


Dammit!Why have I thought about that fellow?

Chi Qingying’s carefree state of mind had instantly become horrible and depressed.

“I’m a Daolord! Yet all of you dare to run your mouths off at me? You’re really tired of living!” Chi Qingying watched them leave in dejection before he let out a long sigh, and then he seemed to have realized something. Since Chen Xi has left, then where did he go?

Chi Qingying practically instinctively looked towards the distance….

The Springs!

That kid definitely went there!His intuition told him that Chen Xi who was capable of tearing his Kingdom of Burning Blood open with ease would definitely not return to the campsite of the Dao Protectors.

Since he has left, then he has definitely headed to the 3rd battlefront, the Springs!

The Springs was the base camp of the Dao Defiants, and it was where the Dao Defiants resided and cultivated. According to the past rules of the Battle of Dao Protectors, there would be no need to continue the battle once an expert of the Divine Dao Protector Clans entered the Springs because it represented that the Dao Defiants had lost the war.

But right after, Chi Qingying shook his head and laughed in a carefree manner.

This Battle of Dao Protectors is unlike the battles of the past. That fellow, Chen Xi, is bait that the 13 Dao Servants tossed to us, so he’s undoubtedly like a sheep walking into the mouth of a tiger travelling to the Springs himself. He’s bound to be crushed by those old fellows!Moreover, the 13 Dao Servants would be happy to see that happen because that’s the only way to awaken our First Ancestor.

“Chen Xi! Oh! Chen Xi! You’re just a Ninth Star Region Lord yet you’ve so impatient to give your life away. Why?” Chi Qingying muttered. His intuition told him that Chen Xi wasn’t that stupid. Because he’d told Chen Xi all of those secrets, but Chen Xi was still courting death and heading to the Springs, so he felt that there was probably some sort of secret behind all of that.

When he thought up to this point, Chi Qingying was instantly unable to stay still. His figure flashed through space as he shot towards the Springs.

Outside the Spring of Sin.

At the Sledgehammer Campsite which was presided over by the 1st Dao Servant, Heavenly Wrath Daolord.

“That kid has headed to the Springs.” The Time Daolord, who had his eyes closed until now had suddenly opened them, and it seemed like the boundless annals of time were flowing through his eyes, causing him to be suffused with a dense aura of age.

“Good!” The eyes of the other Dao Servants lit up.

“Don’t get happy too early. According to my observation, there seems to be something off about the situation.” The Time Daolord frowned while his thin face had a slightly solemn expression on it.

“What happened?” The others frowned.

“I noticed that the peak Divine Child, Chi Qingying, advanced into the Daolord Realm just now, and he succeeded in utilizing his Highgod Domain to trap that kid, Chen Xi. But he didn’t kill Chen Xi in the end and even let him go.” The Time Daolord spoke of the questions in his heart. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to observe the events within Chi Qingying’s Highgod Domain as I was preventing my aura from being exposed. Otherwise, I would be able to know what happened from the beginning until the end.”

“That’s quite strange indeed. Logically speaking, Chi Qingying has no reason to let Chen Xi go.” The other Dao Servants noticed that there was something off as well.

“What surprised me the most was that kid, Chen Xi, actually fought an army of 100,000 Dao Defiants by himself, and he crushed them like dry leaves and all-powerful might. Especially that blood red sword in his hand, it seemed like that legendary sword….” The Time Daolord frowned and seemed to be recollecting everything he’d witnessed. Especially when he spoke about the blood red sword, he actually revealed a slightly solemn expression.

“What legendary sword?” The others couldn’t help but ask this question.

“It’s probably not that legendary sword. I’ve heard of a sword called the Dao Calamity Sword, and it’s similarly capable of countering all evil, calamity, and sin. That blood red sword in his possession is probably the Dao Calamity Sword.” The Time Daolord pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke of his deductions.

The Dao Calamity Sword?

The others thought for a moment and remained completely indifferent. They were naturally aware that the Dao Calamity Sword was a sword that the Chaotic Divine Lotus had left behind, and it wasn’t very miraculous.

“Daoist Brother Time, let’s forget about the Dao Calamity Sword for now. Which legendary sword were you talking about just now?” The Light Daolord spoke abruptly.

The Time Daolord shook his head and said, “I was just making a wild guess. It can’t be taken seriously.

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the other Dao Servants to acutely notice that there was probably some sort of secret behind the identity of that legendary sword!

Right at this moment, an aged and low voice resounded.

“That sword is called Samsara. That sword was exactly why the First Ancestor of the Dao Defiants was crushed by the Heaven Dao all those years ago and fell into eternal slumber.”

The Sword of Samsara!The hearts of all the Dao Servants shook as they gazed at the tightly closed door to the palace. It was exactly the Heavenly Wrath Daolord who’d spoken just now.

They believed that the Heavenly Wrath Daolord would never be wrong!

When realized that it was actually the legendary sword that caused the First Ancestor of the Dao Defiants to fall into eternal slumber, the expressions of the other Dao Servants changed slightly as if they’d recalled scenes of the past.

A long time passed before the Time Daolord said, “Fortunately, that Savior should be in possession of the Dao Calamity Sword and not Samsara.”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have noticed something and suddenly closed his eyes while he spoke swiftly. “He has arrived at the Springs. I’ll continue observing the situation there. All of you prepare yourselves. We’ll make a quick and crushing strike once the First Ancestor of the Dao Defiants is awakened!”

The hearts of the other Dao Servants trembled when they heard this, and they held their breaths in concentration.

The Springs.

It was a dense expanse of buildings that were established within the starry sky, and they stretched out in rows and filled the boundless starry sky!

Every single building was might and lofty. They were 30km tall, completely brilliant gold in color, and suffused with divine and boundless divine radiance.

When looked at from afar, it was like there were numerous buildings like this, and they seemed like a vast expanse of stars that were simply immeasurable. It was like a divine kingdom in the starry sky, and it seemed brilliant and eternal like history itself!

This was where the Dao Defiants resided, it was their base camp. It was just like the Primal Chaos Origin of the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he’d never expected that he would actually witness such a dazzling and divine scene of a kingdom in space.


Suddenly, Chen Xi’s heart thumped heavily like a drum, and it created an invisible pulse.

In practically an instant, his gaze shot swiftly towards the deepest depths of the kingdom in space!

The energy his body yearned for and the fortuitous encounter to break through which he’d searched for all along the way until now was probably hidden there!

What exactly… is it? In next to no time, Chen Xi took a deep breath, and his eyes recovered their calm and indifference. He soundlessly tightened his grasp on the Dao Calamity Sword, and a blood red glow rippled out from its blade.

At this instant, he clearly sensed over 10 formidable and terrifying consciousnesses sweeping over towards him!

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