Chapter 215 – Oasis Forest

Chapter 215 – Oasis Forest

The depths of the Oceanic Desert was an undiscovered world that was mysterious, dangerous, and boundlessly vast. No one knew exactly how large it was or how deep it was.

Oases existed in every desert, but the oasis before him was like an ancient and luxuriant forest with fertile black soil and large trees that shot into the sky. Vines that were thick as barrels climbed and coiled around the treetop like numerous pythons that hung on the tree.

Unlike ordinary forests, the plants here mostly appeared grayish brown and umbrella shaped, and they seemed like fully bloomed large mushrooms. There were only a few leaves scattered about on these trees, and they emitted a gentle glow.

The air in this place was damp and hot, and the entire oasis was covered in a dense miasma and poisonous fog of a variety of colors that seemed like mist, and life threatening danger was revealed within their beauty.

If one was to dig apart the black colored soil on the ground and shatter the layer of rocks beneath that were 60cm thick, one would notice extremely abundant amounts of ore deposits like Ink Crystal, Violet Silverstone, Scorching Sunsteel, Greentide Crystal, Rainbow Finegold, and many other treasures of the heavens and the earth that were rare in the outside world. All of these were superb materials for refining flying swords and Magic Treasures, and they were even capable of assisting in one’s cultivation.

But this oasis seemed as if it was separated from the world, and there were rarely any human footprints that appeared within it. Moreover, within this forest that grew with strange plants were a variety of poisonous beasts and demon beasts wandering about, and it was filled with poisonous fog and miasma. So long as a person entered, the person would surely die without even leaving a corpse or bones behind.


However, someone broke the tranquility of this forest today, as a black figure had descended from the skies and directly fell onto the damp, warm, and soft black soil and caused a pile of dirt to fly out in all directions.

This person looked to be in an extremely sorry state as he lay there without moving in the slightest. He had a handsome face that possessed a firm and persistent outline. But at this moment, his countenance was white as a sheet and his eyes were closed tightly.


A 10cm tall white clothed little person flew out and looked around in the surroundings, and he only shot his gaze towards the young man on the ground after noticing that there was no danger in the surroundings. With a slight check, he noticed that the young man wasn’t in danger and only had a slightly chaotic aura, causing him to heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

The side effects of having your body controlled by the will of a great figure is extremely great. It’s said that cultivators with comparatively weaker bodies would even possibly have their souls heavily injured and Dao Foundation damaged. Fortunately, Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation is exceedingly formidable. Perhaps he’ll be able to awaken after a period of time. Ling Bai thought for a moment before sitting cross-legged before Chen Xi, and his gaze swept the surroundings vigilantly as he started to stay on guard for Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s condition was terrible indeed. For a moment, his entire body was bone piercingly cold, as if he’d fallen into a pit of ice; then a moment later, it would be as if he was within a furnace, causing his consciousness to become fragmented and chaotic.

He felt himself wandering through a sea of flowers that were crimson red like blood, and the surrounding world was completely crimson red as well. Numerous Paramita Flowers that revealed disaster, separation, and beauty seemed to be chanting in unison and attracting his soul.

The flower blooms and wilts in a cycle of a thousand years, yet leaves and flower never meet, as one brings the end of the other, just like a pair of star-crossed lovers, and it guides souls across to the Netherworld at the other side… This is the path illuminated by fire, and it attracts and puts the souls of all beings in the heavens and the earth to rest. The Netherworld maintains the six paths of resurrection. A trace of enlightenment arose in Chen Xi’s heart. He instantly felt a vast thought surge into his sea of consciousness and countless knowledge about the Paramita Dao Insight became rooted within his heart…

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi started moving about in the sea of Paramita Flowers that seemed like burning flames, and everywhere he passed, the myriad of flowers would sway as if they were subjects sincerely paying their respects towards the supreme Emperor in their hearts.


Muddy waves slapped onto the sky as a vast and boundless muddy ocean emerged before his eyes, and the seawater surged and contained an incomparable might of suppression.

The sea of misery is boundless. If one has sinned, then there would be no shore when one turned back. It drags both people who have committed evil and evil spirits into oblivion. No matter if one is a god or Buddha, if you’ve committed evil, then you ought to be buried within the sea of misery to wash away your sins and maintain the supreme order of the six paths of reincarnation. This is the Oblivion Dao Insight, the boundless sea of misery! Chen Xi stood above the sea of misery, his clothes and long hair fluttering with the wind, and his eyes blinked as if he was already the master of the order of the six paths of reincarnation as he rode through the waves and moved about in all directions.

The scene before his eyes changed once more. It was a scene of dusk, the gods were fighting, the devils were at war, blood tainted the world as their might shook the universe, yet none of them were able to escape the arrival of dusk. All of them were like the setting sun, powerless to return to the heavens and could only perish with hatred in their hearts as darkness descended.

Dusk? Terminus? Chen Xi was about to carefully ruminate and comprehend the Dao within this scene when a bleak and sad voice sounded out explosively within his ears. “This Dao defies the heavens and is not tolerated by the gods in the heavens and the earth, thus suffers the vilification of the myriad of worlds in the heavens. Little Fellow, with your current strength, it’s better for you to temporarily refrain from comprehending it, be sure to remember, be sure to remember.”

“After slumbering for countless years, it’s gratifying to be able to see the inheritor of an old friend. After this matter, I can vanish in the heavens and the earth, hahaha…” The bleak and sad laughter seemed to contain boundless rage and sorrow towards the numerous worlds in the heavens, but at the last moment, the voice seemed to have become free from such feeling, and it was indifferent like water as it returned to an eternity of peacefulness and went silent forever.

Chen Xi was shocked, and when he opened his eyes once more, he noticed that he lay in a forest. The damp and warm air that revealed the clear fragrance of plant gushed into his nose, causing his extremely chaotic mind to obtain a trace of clarity, but before he could make any reaction, he felt intense pain surge through his entire body like tidewater.


His entire body felt as if it was fiercely sliced by blades, it was painful to the point that death seemed like a release. The meridians and apertures in his entire body seemed as if they were being eaten by a myriad of tiny worms, and they caused Chen Xi to feel painful torture, as if he was being sliced by thousands of blades.

He understood what was going on. At the same time that the will of the aged voice controlled his body, the vast energy the aged voice carried with it brought unendurable damage to his body, and the side effects were breaking out now.

Chen Xi made great efforts to maintain the trace of clarity in his mind. He noticed that the True Essence within his violet palace was completely dried up, the meridians in his entire body were damaged to the point they were soft like cotton, and the Shaman Energy within his flesh and bones seemed as if they’d been squeezed out, causing his flesh and bones to be dim, dull, and shriveled. It seemed as if the vitality of his entire body had encountered an extremely heavy injury.

Even Chen Xi himself felt endlessly terrified when he saw this scene.

How long will it take for my body to be repaired and recover to my prime? Chen Xi bit his teeth tightly as he made great efforts to resist the pain that ceaselessly gushed throughout his body and wanted to stand up, yet he noticed that he wasn’t even capable of raising a single finger.

“Chen Xi, you’ve awoken?” Meanwhile, Ling Bai had noticed Chen Xi waking up, and he cried out with pleasant surprise.

“Yes, where are we?” A hoarse voice that was like a blade sawing a piece of wood sounded out from Chen Xi’s mouth, and his voice was so displeasing that even he himself was shocked.

“I don’t know, it should be an oasis in the Oceanic Desert.” Ling Bai swept the surroundings with his gaze and shook his head. “Don’t care about these things first, how are your injuries? How long will it take for you to recover?”

“It ought to require an extremely long time.” Chen Xi carefully sensed the level of damage in his entire body, and he said with a frown, “I’ll be unable to fight for at least another 10 to 15 days, and it’s even to the extent I’ll be even inferior to an ordinary person.”

Ling Bai was shocked and was just about to speak when a wispy and indifferent voice slowly sounded out from the sky above the forest. “As expected, you don’t possess the soul brand of that great figure anymore now, and you’ve become a cripple.”


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