Chapter 2149 – Mistaken Intentions

Blood red flames enveloped the heavens and the earth here, and they formed the Kingdom of Burning Blood that Chi Qingying alone ruled over.

When looked at from afar, it was like an expanse of dazzling blood red light had covered that area, and only Daolords could see through everything occurring within it.

However, it was fortunate that they couldn’t see through it. Otherwise, if the experts from the Dao Defiant Clans at the campsite saw that not only had Chi Qingying refrained from attacking Chen Xi immediately, he was even talking with Chen Xi until now, then they would definitely be infuriated to the point of spitting out blood.

While he resided within the Kingdom of Burning Blood, Chen Xi finally understood the situation that he was in, but he refused to fully believe Chi Qingying’s one-sided statement.

As for whether he should feel furious or despair, Chen Xi had never thought about it.

Even if he were at odds with the entire world right now, it would be very difficult for there to be much of a change in his emotions.

Because Chen Xi really was different after he fused with the nine River Diagram fragments. The innate desire of his body and the target who sought in his heart were both to break through into the Daolord Realm!

Chen Xi firmly believed that he needed to accumulate sufficient energy. He needed energy that could allow his cultivation to feel full and at a state of perfection.

Such energy was far ahead in the distance!

Chen Xi’s intuition told him that he just had to pass through the 2nd battlefront, and then it wouldn’t be long before he could locate that energy which he yearned for.

However, Chen Xi had to first deal with Chi Qingying’s obstruction before he could move forward to search for it.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to raise his head and gaze at Chi Qingying before he said, “Truthfully speaking, I hadn’t intended to listen to so much nonsense from you. However, you did speak of some things that were quite useful to me. So, I’ll give you a chance.”

Chi Qingying was stunned, and the refined smile on the corners of his mouth had instantly frozen while his expression became icy cold and indifferent. This fellow is about to die yet he actually boasts about giving me a chance?

How absurd!He’s simply courting death!

“Oh? What chance is that?” Chi Qingying intended to heart if Chen Xi had really gone mad.

“A chance to live.” Sure enough, Chen Xi’s answer caused Chi Qingying to instantly experience the true meaning of ‘madness’!

Chen Xi nodded with a calm and tranquil expression. “You can move aside right now, and I’ll let bygones be bygones. I won’t make it difficult for you anymore. That’s the limits of what I’m willing to accept.”

His limits…? Chi Qingying almost doubted his ability to hear. Has this kid gone mad? Would any other ordinary cultivator dare to speak in such an absurd manner while on the verge of death?

Chi Qingying took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the fury within his heart. He didn’t want Chen Xi to think that he’d been infuriated by just a few words.

That would make him seem lacking in mentality, and it wasn’t something that should be displayed by a Daolord.


It was truly aggrieving to be treated in this way by Chen Xi’s madness!

At this moment, Chi Qingying was aggrieved to the point he felt like he was on the verge of suffering internal injuries because of it.

He’d encountered Chen Xi some time ago in the Mist Forest, and he’d tried to make a deal with Chen Xi at the Slaughter Highlands. But he’d failed in the end.

However, as far as Chi Qingying was concerned, Chen Xi was one of the few amongst the Dao Protectors who he respected as an opponent, so such a figure should at least be shrewd and composed.

But who would have imagined that this opponent who he took rather seriously would actually act like a mad and ignorant idiot that was courting death! This made Chi Qingying wonder whether he’d misjudged Chen Xi in the past!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he saw Chi Qingying’s expression change while Chi Qingying himself remained silent, and then Chen Xi said, “My patience is limited. Have you finished considering it or not?”

His patience is limited…? In an instant, Chi Qingying’s face turned completely gloomy, and he wasn’t able to restrain his rage anymore. He said coldly, “Chen Xi, I feel that I’ve never misjudged anyone, but your current display is truly disappointing to me….”

Chen Xi interrupted him before he could even finish speaking. “Could you really be intending to continue wasting your breath? Do you think that I’m joking?”

Aren’t you joking!? Chi Qingying almost spoke without thinking. Because it didn’t seem like just a joke to him, it was simply like something idiotic which only an idiot would say!

At this moment, even the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely, and he took a few deep breaths in succession before he spoke in an icy cold voice. “Fine, since you….”

Chen Xi immediately nodded upon hearing this, and his expression eased up and said, “That’s right. You are much more sensible than most people for being able to make such a decision.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi started walking forward.

Chi Qingying opened his eyes wide, and he almost lost control and started shouting. You motherfucker! Let me finish speaking! When did I ever agree?

You even said that I was very sensible?

Why did he sound so arrogant?

Chi Qingying was aggrieved to the point he almost spat out blood, and his face was unsightly. Because he’s intended to say — fine, since you refuse to realize your errors, then don’t blame me for showing no mercy!

However, he hadn’t even finished speaking when Chen Xi had mistaken his intentions….

Chi Qingying even wondered what exactly was wrong with Chen Xi. He wondered why Chen Xi had become such an idiot, and he wondered if Chen Xi was still that heaven defying monster who made all the peak Divine Children shudder with fear!

However, when he saw Chen Xi start moving, Chi Qingying acted instinctively. His killing intent surged while he raised his hand unconsciously, and a strand of seething and dazzling blood red flames rumbled as they gathered towards his palm.

They were divine flames formed from the true profundities of Destiny, and they contained Chi Qingying’s strongest and most quintessential strength after he attained the Daolord Realm.

He firmly believed that not to mention a Ninth Star Region Lord like Chen Xi, even an ordinary Daolord would suffer a heavy injury from this strike of his palm!


However, right at the instant when Chi Qingying had decided to attack, he suddenly saw Chen Xi wave his hand lightly, and then a gap had been torn open in the Kingdom of Burning Blood which was condensed from his strength.

It simply felt like… Chen Xi was casually tearing apart a piece of brittle paper.


Chi Qingying gasped, and he felt like he’d been struck by lightning. His entire body became cold like it had fallen into an icy pit of darkness, and he felt indescribably horrified and cold.

After all, it was the Highgod Domain he’d condensed upon advancing into the Daolord Realm! Even those old fellows of the Dao Defiant Clans had said that his Highgod Domain was first-rate!

Yet now, it had been torn open with ease by a Ninth Star Region Lord?

How could this be possible?

This scene that overturned common sense was simply like a storm that caused Chi Qingying’s heart to fall into unrest and uneasiness, and his entire body stiffened on the spot.

Chen Xi was just about to walk out of the Highgod Domain when his gaze glanced over inadvertently, and he saw Chi Qingying whose hand was still raised. Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly amused. Could this fellow be trying to wave me goodbye?

He really is a weirdo!But this fellow was quite sensible. At the very least, he made a wise decision.

As he thought like that, Chen Xi waved and said, “It won’t be so easy for you to survive if you fall into my hands again. Take care of yourself.”

Chi Qingying’s entire mind became blank, and he unconsciously waved his hand at Chen Xi. After that, his mind cleared up, and his hand that was waving at Chen Xi had instantly stiffened while his expression turned dark red from aggrievance and shame.

It was simply more painful than being slapped on the face!

He opened his mouth with the intention of shouting, and then charging over to fight Chen Xi to the death. However, he suddenly thought of how Chen Xi casually tore open his Kingdom of Burning Blood, and his body couldn’t help but shiver while his expression alternated between a livid and ashen expression.

Only now did Chi Qingying realize that Chen Xi might have not been joking just now! He really… possesses the strength to defeat me?Impossible!I’m a Daolord!How could I possibly be defeated by a Ninth Star Region Lord?But when he recalled the scene of Chen Xi tearing his Highgod Domain open, Chi Qingying didn’t have a shred of confidence left in his heart.

He just stood stunned on the spot while his expression changed indeterminately. It was like he’d been abandoned, and his figure seemed extremely bleak.

At the campsite of the Dao Defiants.

All the experts of the Dao Defiant Clans were waiting anxiously as they stared fixedly at the extremely dazzling blood red glow that covered the distant sky.

Even though they were unable to witness the situation there, they knew that it was the Highgod Domain that Chi Qingying obtained after advancing into the Daolord Realm.

It was even to the extent that the Devil Spider and the other 3 peak Divine Children couldn’t help but feel envious when they witnessed this scene because it was a form of strength that they really yearned to obtain as well.

But along with the passage of time, there had been no movement within the Kingdom of Burning Blood, and it caused all the Dao Defiants to feel surprised and bewildered.

Could a mishap have occurred?

This thought had just appeared in their minds when they saw the dazzling blood red glow suddenly surge violently.

This instantly raised the spirits of the Dao Defiants, and they looked over with burning anticipation. However, they didn’t see Chi Qingying’s mighty figure, and they saw Chen Xi striding out instead. Chen Xi had a calm expression as if he were strolling through his own backyard.

All the Dao Defiants were instantly stunned. What… what… what exactly is going on?

Could Chi Qingying have lost?How could that be possible!Had anyone throughout the annals of time heard of a Daolord being defeated by a Ninth Star Region Lord?

Not a single one!

But… what exactly is going on?

Many experts even doubted their eyes, and they almost couldn’t help but start rubbing their eyes.

Right at this moment, the dazzling blood red light that covered the sky shook, and then it rumbled as it vanished and revealed Chi Qingying’s figure.

However, Chi Qingying’s current actions were very strange. He was standing on the spot while looking towards Chen Xi was leaving towards, and his right had was still raised and opened fully as if he’d been waving.

This made it seem like Chi Qingying was waving Chen Xi goodbye and was reluctantly watching Chen Xi leave….

At this moment, even those 4 peak Divine Children at the campsite opened their eyes wide while a thought couldn’t help but arise in their minds. Could Chi Qingying have let Chen Xi go on purpose?

Otherwise, why would their actions and expressions seem so… impossible to explain?

One was leaving in a composed manner as if he were strolling through his own backyard while the other seemed to have been waving. So, how could the others not misunderstand all of this?

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