Chapter 2148 – Kingdom Of Burning Blood!

No one knew that Chen Xi had fought his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, in head-on battles in order to break through into the 7th level of the Sword Emperor Realm while he was at Oracle Mountain.

No one knew that when he’d succeeded at attaining a breakthrough in the Sword Dao, he’d succeeded in defeating Wu Xuechan in a head-on battle while Wu Xuechan was using 20% of his strength!

What sort of figure was Wu Xuechan?

He was an extraordinary top-rate existence even amongst Daolords. So, that 20% of his strength was sufficient to rival an ordinary Daolord.

Wu Xuechan’s evaluation of Chen Xi’s combat strength at that time had proved all of that. Because Wu Xuechan had said that Chen Xi possessed the ability to protect himself even if he fought an ordinary Daolord.

Chen Xi had obtained this evaluation before he’d even participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors. Now, Chen Xi had fused with the River Diagram fragments while an immeasurable amount of pure energy that contained the aura of Destiny had been accumulated within his body. So, his combat strength had undergone numerous transformations as this occurred.

At this point in time, Chen Xi would have completely refined and absorbed the Sacred Ocean of Blood if Chi Qingying hadn’t suddenly shown himself.

Even Chen Xi himself wasn’t able to accurately determine exactly how formidable his current combat strength was.

He’d originally thought that Chi Qingying who had advanced into the Daolord Realm would cause him to feel unimaginably terrifying pressure. Unexpectedly, he didn’t feel threatened at all by that attack which carried the might of Chi Qingying’s Highgod Domain.

Conversely, he was slightly surprised. He felt that since Chi Qingying was a peak Divine Child that possessed extraordinary natural talent and accumulations, then Chi Qingying’s combat strength should be extremely terrifying after he’d advanced into the Daolord Realm.

But… why... was that attack of his so… weak?

If Chi Qingying knew Chen Xi’s thoughts, he would definitely be infuriated to the point of spitting out blood. Has anyone in the world ever seen a Ninth Star Region Lord dare to doubt the strength of a Daolord?

Was any Ninth Star Region Lord mad enough to think that the strength of a Daolord was… weak?

Not a single one!

Fortunately, Chi Qingying wasn’t aware of Chen Xi’s thoughts. After he saw Chen Xi destroy his attack with ease, he understood that this Savior was far more difficult to deal with than he’d imagined.

No wonder those other peak Divine Children weren’t able to defeat him. Such a heaven defying freak isn’t someone who can be judged by convention.

However, Chi Qingying still firmly believed that the gap between the Daolord Realm and the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm was a chasm that couldn’t be overcome.

That chasm was formed by the true secrets of Destiny!

No matter how heaven defying Chen Xi’s combat strength was, Chen Xi who was still a Ninth Star Region Lord was bound to be no match for him while that chasm existed between them!


While he thought like that in his heart, Chi Qingying issued a command in his heart. Suddenly, numerous gorgeous and brilliant flames of blood surged out from him!

It was like countless pools of the blood of gods were burning. They bloomed one by one to envelop and lock down this expanse of the heavens and the earth. They were gorgeous, horrifying, bloody, and filled with the energy of Destiny that instilled terror in the hearts of all living beings.

This was the true appearance of the Highgod Domain which Chi Qingying attained after he advanced into the Daolord Realm — the Kingdom of Burning Blood!

Blood was utilized as a catalyst to form a kingdom with his domain!

Chi Qingying was the creator, he was the supreme king within the Kingdom of Burning Blood.

On the other hand, so long as his enemies fell into his kingdom, then their strength, Destiny, and souls would suffer a form of absolute suppression. Their lives would escape their own control, and they would be at Chi Qingying’s mercy!


Chen Xi suddenly felt that the pressure he experienced had multiplied. It was like his entire body was held by an invisible hand, and he had the misconception that he was on the verge of being crushed.

But in just a moment and as the energy within his body circulated, this suffocating pressure had been resisted.

Chen Xi didn’t move and just sensed everything around him in silence.

It was the first time he’d had the chance to experience a true Highgod Domain.

According to rumor, every single Daolord possessed their own Highgod Domain, and it was a method to manifest their strength.

The Highgod Domain contained a Daolord’s will, vital energy, strength, and comprehensions of the true secrets of Destiny.

The deeper and more complete a Daolord’s comprehension and grasp of the Grand Dao of Destiny, the stronger that Daolord’s Highgod Domain would be, and it was one of the standards to determine the strength of Daolords.

The most terrifying part of it was that the Highgod Domain was like an independent world. The development and energy of this world were formed entirely by the will of the Daolord. One an enemy were to fall into the Highgod Domain, then so long as one’s own will couldn’t resist the will of the Daolord, then one would fall completely into the hands of the Daolord. One’s mind would be seized, and one’s fate would cease to be in one’s own control. It was like one’s life and death would be in the hands of that Daolord!

Normally, so long as any cultivator beneath the Daolord Realm were to be trapped within a Highgod Domain, then that cultivator wouldn’t have any room to struggle free from it.

It was a gap in strength, and it was a form of absolute suppression from the gap in their cultivations!

At this moment, Chi Qingying had utilized his Highgod Domain, the Kingdom of Burning Blood, and it was because he’d resolved to annihilate Chen Xi in one go.

“Chen Xi, do you have any last words before you die?” At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi had really been trapped within his Kingdom of Burning Blood without anything unexpected happening, Chi Qingying couldn’t help but reveal that usual refined smile of his, and he seemed arrogant and indifferent.

It was like he’d caught a rat in a pot. His enemy was trapped, and he had complete control over his enemy’s fate.

“It may not necessarily be my last words. I’m just curious. Exactly how much of the truth of the River of Destiny did you see when you advanced?” Chen Xi’s expression remained the same as he spoke calmly, and he didn’t attack at all.

However, Chi Qingying felt that Chen Xi had given up on resisting him when he witnessed this scene, and he couldn’t help but become even more calm and composed.

“Haha, I can tell you the answer to that question. When I broke through by force, I witnessed a myriad of waves that were vast and flowed incessantly. It was the energy of Destiny, and it was the most supreme energy I’ve ever laid eyes on!” Chi Qingying’s eyes carried a wisp of burning desire and a trace of pride. “They were so pure, so divine, and so powerful. It was exactly because I saw through their true secrets that I was able to smoothly comprehend the Kingdom of Burning Blood!”

A wisp of a faint arc that was thought provoking appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

Chi Qingying couldn’t be bothered to guess what Chen Xi was thinking. He was a Daolord. He didn’t have to guess what others were thinking at all, and he didn’t have to care about what others thought as well. If he couldn’t bear the sight of something, then he could just crush it!

As if he was showing off and as if he were expressing his happiness from advancing into the Daolord Realm, Chi Qingying took a deep breath and spoke proudly. “You still don’t understand it, but the true secrets of Destiny that I comprehended are top-rate even amongst us Divine Children of the Heavens. Even those old geezers dare not be disrespectful to me!”

He paused for a moment, and then revealed pity in his eyes as he looked at Chen Xi and said, “Unfortunately, you don’t understand it now, and it’s impossible for you to understand it in the future.”

“Why?” asked Chen Xi.

Chi Qingying’s gaze towards Chen Xi revealed even more pity. “You should understand what I mean. You’re unable to escape calamity this time. Even if you do struggle, it would only be in vain.”

That slight arc on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth grew even more obvious. “Really?”

Chi Qingying frowned. “What? Do you think that you can still survive? Don’t forget that the Divine Dao Protector Clans treat you as a heretic as well, and they wish for nothing more than to kill you and celebrate. It’s impossible for anyone to come and save you at a time like this.”

He paused for a moment, and then he looked up into the distant sky and spoke slowly. “Moreover, I can even tell you a secret out of consideration for the fact that you are about to die.”

Chen Xi nodded. “Go ahead.”

Chi Qingying sighed with emotion. “You wouldn’t have fallen to such a state if you had been so meek on Slaughter Highlands that day.”

Chen Xi didn’t say a word and just gazed at him in silence.

Chi Qingying felt even more happy in his heart when he saw this, and he had a mocking gaze as he said, “This secret is actually not difficult to guess on your own. Don’t you think it’s strange? Why a Savior which everyone wishes for nothing more than to annihilate would be able to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors without encountering any obstruction?”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “I’m representing the Chen Clan. No one has any reason or right to deprive me of this right.”

Chi Qingying laughed with ridicule while the pity on his face grew denser. “You’re wrong. A mid level clan is nothing! If those 13 Dao Servants wanted to kill you, then not to mention a mid level clan, even a high level clan wouldn’t be able to stop them at all.”

Chi Qingying spoke frankly before Chen Xi could even speak. “The reason you were able to participate was because they wanted you here to give your life away!”

“To give my life away?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“Exactly! To use your blood and life to awaken the First Ancestor of the Divine Children! That’s the objective of the 13 Dao Servants!” Chi Qingying’s face had an indifferent expression on it as he said coldly, “Otherwise, do you think that a Ninth Star Region Lord like you would have been able to survive until now?”

Chen Xi fell silent for the first time, and he said after quite some time passed, “What do they stand to gain by doing that?”

A wisp of ridicule appeared on Chi Qingying’s face. “It’s far from being a benefit. They just want to use you as bait to draw out our First Ancestor so that they can kill him.”

Chen Xi asked while his expression had recovered its calm and indifference. “Since it’s like that, then why are all of you trying to kill me as well? Wouldn’t that be helping the 13 Dao Servants?”

“Haha! How naïve!” Chi Qingying laughed coldly. “No matter what those 13 Dao Servants are planning, the First Ancestor still needs your blood and life to be awakened! However, do you really think those 13 Dao Servants would be able to kill him with such ease once he has awoken?”

Chen XI said, “This is the secret you wanted to tell me?”

Chi Qingying seemed to be slightly surprised. He seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually still be able to maintain his composure after finding out about all of this.

If it was any other cultivator, when that cultivator found out he’d been abandoned by his own comrades and treated as bait that had to give his life way, that cultivator would definitely stamp his feet with rage and feel extremely furious, right?

But it just so happened that Chen Xi seemed as if he wasn’t affected by it at all, and he was even calm and indifferent to a slightly terrifying extent.

Chi Qingying couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed by this. Obviously, he’d also spoken so much because he wanted to use these words to strike a huge blow on Chen Xi. He desired to see Chen Xi’s pitiable appearance when Chen Xi was filled with despair and rage.

But it was very obvious that all the effort he’d put in had been for nothing.

Chi Qingying even felt slightly curious. This fellow has been treated as an enemy by the Divine Dao Protector Clans, taken to be bait that should give his life away by the 13 Dao Servants, and regarded as a target that had to be captured and killed by us Divine Children of the Heavens. Does he not feel any rage or despair when he’s in such a situation?

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