Chapter 2147 – Highgod Domain

Dazzling blood red radiance surged from the Dao Calamity Sword, and it crazily devoured the energy of sin and evil within the Sacred Ocean of Blood. After that, the energy was transformed into pure energy of the Divine Dao Laws that contained the aura of Destiny, and all of it surged into Chen Xi’s body.

At this moment, Chen Xi gazed at the collapsing army of Dao Defiants yet didn’t pursue them.

Compared to the energy he obtained from killing the Dao Defiants, the energy within the Sacred Ocean of Blood was definitely more abundant and powerful.

His body was like a bottomless abyss which he absorbed the energy which contained the aura of Destiny with all his might. However, Chen Xi was slightly surprised to notice that his cultivation still showed no signs of attaining a full state even until now.

Why is it like this? Chen Xi was unable to deduce the reason as well, and he could only attribute it to the River Diagram fragments which had fused with his body.

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi shot his gaze towards the other side of the ocean. It was where the campsite of the Dao Defiants resided. But at this moment, it was covered in chaos.

Chen Xi’s gaze was like a dark ray of light that shot through space as he looked into the distance.

At this moment, he suddenly had a feeling that what he was constantly yearning for resided extremely far away in the distance!

Perhaps it was energy.

Perhaps it was the critical factor to advance that he was looking forward to for so long.


A trace of trembling suddenly arose in the heavens and the earth. The entire expanse of the starry sky which the Sacred Ocean of Blood actually seemed as if it had been terrified, and it showed signs of falling into a deathly still state.

At practically the exact same moment, an unimaginably terrifying and extraordinary aura suddenly arose from the campsite of the Dao Defiants in the distance.

Chen Xi suddenly withdrew his gaze while a wisp of icy coldness flashed in his deep eyes. Someone has actually broken through and advanced?


A cloud that was translucent and clear like glass surged into appearance in the sky above the campsite of the Dao Defiants. It was divine, vast, and filled with the aura of Destiny that caused all living beings to tremble with fear.

That’s…. The 4 peak Divine Children at the campsite raised their heads swiftly, and then their pupils dilated slightly as they cried out involuntarily. “The glow of Destiny? Someone actually succeeded at breaking through by force!”

At this moment, the figures of the collapsed army of Dao Defiants that were fleeing in panic had stiffened while a suffocating feeling that they couldn’t resist arose in their hearts. The legs of many experts became weak, and they fell to their knees!

“What a bunch of trash! All of you actually fled from battle when dealing with a single Savior. I’ll be coming for all of you once I’ve killed that Savior!” Amidst an elegant and indifferent voice, a blood red ray of light shot into the sky, and then it transformed into divine radiance that filled the sky as it rumbled towards the Sacred Ocean of Blood.

Once could faintly see an extraordinary figure that emanated divine radiance and a scarlet red cape fluttering through the air.

Chi Qingying! The figures of those 4 peak Divine Children shook. How could they have been unable to discern that Chi Qingying had advanced successfully and had become a Daolord!?

Besides feeling excited, a wisp of dense envy couldn’t help but surge in their hearts. They were excited because Chi Qingying had advanced successfully, and it meant that crushing that Savior would be as easy as flipping his palm!

They were envious because they were all top-rate existences at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm before this, and there wasn’t any gap between their strengths. But from this moment onward, they weren’t on the same level as Chi Qingying anymore. Even though it was only a single realm that separated them, it was like they were worlds apart!

A Daolord!

Lord Chi Qingying has become a Daolord!

The army of Dao Defiants was excited, and their eyes flowed with boundless fervor, respect, and admiration.

However, they were puzzled as well. A total of 5 peak Divine Children entered into closed door cultivation to break through by force, but why has only Lord Chi Qingying broken through and left his closed door cultivation?Where are the other 4 peak Divine Children?

Could they have suffered misfortune?

At this moment, the Devil Spider and the other 3 peak Divine Children in the campsite had clearly realized this as well, and they couldn’t help but exchange glances while the same thought arose in their hearts. The other fellows have probably… failed!

Failure represented death!

It was a realm that represented Destiny, it was the extraordinary realm of Daolords, so how could it be so easy to break through and advance into it?

Normally speaking, it was already very lucky if one out of five peak Divine Children was able to advance smoothly into the Daolord Realm.

No matter what, Chi Qingying had advanced successfully at this moment, and the gazes of practically everyone had shot towards the Sacred Ocean of Blood in the distance.

There was a heaven defying and invincible monster at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm over there, so would Chi Qingying be able to kill him after Chi Qingying had advanced into the Daolord Realm?

Everyone was looking forward to obtaining the answer to that.


The entire ocean of blood started to surge while tempestuous waves arose from it. Space wailed and fell into disorder, and it seemed to be unable to endure such pressure.

Right amidst this state of great unrest, the divine radiance that covered the sky suddenly retracted to form Chi Qingying’s slender figure. His face was handsome and pale, his eyes seemed like a pair of blood red gems, and his scarlet red cape fluttered with the wind.

Unlike in the past, he was like an overlord of this world right now, and every single move he made flowed with boundlessly supreme imposing aura that surpassed the restraints of all Daos!

It was the bearing of a Daolord!

As it was said in the legends, I control my own destiny and not the heavens. After he took control of his own destiny and comprehended the true secrets of the Grand Dao of Destiny, Chi Qingying was a true Daolord.

He merely took a single step ,1yet the ocean of blood fell deathly still. Time and space had stopped and submitted beneath his feet. It seemed like the entire sky had become a decoration made specially for Chi Qingying!

“Chen Xi, if it wasn’t for you, then I wouldn’t have been forced to take an unusual route and break through by force. Now that I speak of it, I should thank you for it.” As he spoke in an elegant and indifferent tone, Chi Qingying hadn’t even seemed to have moved his figure at all yet he’d arrived 3km before Chen Xi.

Moreover, his eyes that were like a pair of blood red gems had shot an indifferent gaze at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent as before. Since the moment he noticed that Chi Qingying had advanced into the Daolord Realm, there hadn’t been a change in Chen Xi’s expression, and even his figure was still upright like a spear and hadn’t moved at all.

“It’s very easy to thank me. Just leave your life behind.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. He seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the terrifying pressure that filled the heavens and the earth here.

“Haha! I’ve already grasped the true secrets of Destiny. I’m equal to the heavens and on par with all Daos. Even if the heavens intended to take my life, it isn’t that easy to be accomplished, let alone a Ninth Star Region Lord… like you?”

Chi Qingying had spoken those last few words with intentional emphasis, and they were filled with extraordinary ridicule like he was looking down at Chen Xi from a high and supreme position.

Yes, no matter how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was right now, he was still a Ninth Star Region Lord. On the other hand, Chi Qingying was different, his cultivation had arrived at a completely new state that was said to reach the heavens!

Under such circumstances, Chi Qingying felt that he definitely possessed sufficient ability to look down upon and trample on Chen Xi.

However, Chen Xi’s display had exceeded his expectations. Chen Xi spoke in an indifferent tone that was practically completely flat. “The heavens might be unable to take your life, but it doesn’t represent that I can’t. If you think that you can act fearlessly by relying on the strength you attained from advancing into the Daolord Realm, then it only shows how naïve you are.”

Chi Qingying’s eyes narrowed. Never had he imagined that this Savior would actually dare to act so arrogantly when facing him when he was a Daolord now.

Chi Qingying couldn’t help but feel speechless, and then he shrugged and said, “It isn’t for you to decide whether I’m naïve or not. But as a form of kindness, the conditions I gave you on Slaughter Highlands are still valid. So long as you give up your life obediently, then I’ll give you an honorable death. After all, not many are qualified to be taken as an opponent by me.”

No one had expected that Chi Qingying hadn’t crushed Chen Xi immediately upon advancing into the Daolord Realm, and he started to debate with Chen Xi instead.

This made the other 4 peak Divine Children feel a wave of displeasure in their hearts, but they didn’t dare say anything about it. After all, Chi Qingying was at a height which they couldn’t reach, and even they didn’t dare offend him.

At this moment, Chen Xi actually started smiling, and he sighed with emotion. “Chi Qingying, if I were you, I would have definitely not wasted my breath and talked so much nonsense. I’m quite curious. Are all the members of your Bloodsoul Clan like you and have to run their mouths for a long time even when they are facing an enemy?”

Chi Qingying’s face stiffened imperceptibly while a trace of rage surged out from the bottom of his blood red eyes. He said indifferently, “Fine, since you refuse to realize your weakness, then I’ll send you on your way.”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand, and then translucent light coiled around his slender and fair fingers.


Merely such a casual movement had caused the sky above Chen Xi to suddenly collapse. A black hole had instantly split hole in space, and it rumbled as it started swallowing everything below it.

At this instant, the heavens, the earth, and everything seemed to have been isolated. It caused Chen Xi to fall into a state where he was all alone, and it was like he’d been abandoned by the Grand Dao!

It was an extremely terrifying force. It took control of all Daos, seized everything from the heavens and the earth, and caused one’s opponent to fall into a state of being under one’s control.

It was an ability possessed by experts at the Daolord Realm — the Highgod Domain!

Once ordinary cultivators fell into it, they would be utterly powerless to struggle free from it. Their fate would fall completely into the hands of the Highgod Domain’s owner, and they would be at the mercy of that Daolord.

Only other experts at the Daolord Realm could go against it.

Chi Qingying was very confident that this attack of his would be able to throw Chen Xi into eternal damnation! At that time, he intended to allow Chen Xi to experience what it was like when Chen Xi’s fate was in his control, and when Chen Xi had no choice but to submit before him!

However, Chen Xi merely raised his head and lifted his hand in a casual manner. The black hole that was rumbling down towards him instantly exploded into pieces, and it was obliterated into nothingness.

At the same time, the invisible energy that covered Chen Xi’s surroundings seemed to have suffered a heavy blow, and it ceased to exist amidst deafening rumbling and disorder.

An attack that carried the energy of a Daolord’s Highgod Domain had actually been destroyed by Chen Xi in such a casual manner! Based on how casually he’d accomplished it, it was simply as easy as blowing off dust!

In an instant, the coldness of the corners of Chi Qingying’s mouth had frozen while his blood red eyes narrowed. That was the might of the Daolord Realm!

After all, could any Ninth Star Region Lord throughout the world resist the might of a Daolord?

Not to mention that Chen Xi had accomplished it with such ease. It was simply unimaginable.

No matter how composed Chi Qingying was, he couldn’t help but feel disbelief.

Is this fellow really a Ninth Star Region Lord?

At this moment, even all the experts at the campsite of the Dao Defiants had gasped and were extremely shocked when they witnessed this scene.

That was the might of a Daolord! Yet he dispersed it with such ease! How could that kid be heaven defying to such an extent!?

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