Chapter 2144 – Breakthrough By Force

The Sacred Ocean of Blood.

A vast ocean of blood flowed through the boundless starry sky while numerous stars floated within it. It was a place covered in the stench of blood, and countless souls had been buried here.

In the boundless years of the past, countless Battle of Dao Protectors had erupted at the Sacred Ocean of Blood, and innumerable gods had perished here.

The ocean of blood seemed like it was made of the blood of the gods, and it covered the entire starry sky!

On the other side of the Sacred Ocean of Blood was an ancient building that towered into the sky, and it was the base camp of the Dao Defiants.

At this moment, in the hall at the highest level of the ancient building, there were a few figures either standing or seated there. There was a descendant of the Devil Spider Clan, the Bloodsucker Clan, Sin Adjudicator Clan, Thunderfall Clan, the Stoneface Clan, Bloodsoul Clan….

Every single one of them was the most dazzling peak Divine Child of their respective clans, and all of them possessed might capable of shaking the world!

However, at this moment, all of them had extremely gloomy expressions on their faces, and they seemed to be anxious and surprised. It caused the atmosphere in the hall to be heavy and deathly silent to the point it was suffocating.

“Who could have imagined that a single Savior would actually be able to kill 6 peak Divine Children on his own and completely crush our 1st battlefront?!” The Devil Spider slapped the table before him into pieces as he shouted.

The others couldn’t help but frown and seem slightly displeased by this.

“If you have the balls, then go fight that kid yourself. Is your Devil Spider Clan only capable of being rude and venting your anger here?” A descendant of the Cerberus Clan grunted coldly.

“Do you think that I don’t dare to?” The Devil Spider’s eyes turned red, and he gazed at the Cerberus with a ferocious expression.

“If you did, then you probably wouldn’t have retreated here with your tail between your legs, right?” The Cerberus spoke with ridicule, and he was completely unafraid of the violent killing intent that the Devil Spider’s eyes revealed.

“If the two of you intend to continue fighting, then go outside and do it. We’re discussing our strategy right now. We didn’t come here to see the two of you argue with each other.” A composed and refined voice resounded as a descendant of the Bloodsoul Clan spoke slowly. He had a handsome appearance, pale skin, and every single move he made carried a composed and novel aura. Surprisingly, it was Chi Qingying.

The Devil Spider and Cerberus grunted coldly when they heard Chi Qingying, and then they shut their mouths. Obviously, they were quite fearful of him and didn’t dare act rashly.

“Chi Qingying, you’ve seen it as well. At least 11 peak Divine Children have perished at the hands of that Savior. Under such circumstances, it would probably be impossible for us to obstruct him even if all 7 of us joint forces against him at the Sacred Ocean of Blood.” A descendant of the Sin Adjudicator Clan sighed lightly with a frown on his face.

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the experts within the hall had turned even gloomier. Because the Savior was too terrifying and was simply like a monster. He was clearly just at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, but the combat strength he revealed was inconceivably formidable.

Even they, peak Divine Children, who felt that they’d attained perfection in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm and possessed absolutely top-rate combat strengths couldn’t help but feel horrified when facing such a heaven defying monster that couldn’t be judged by convention.

“Have all of you forgotten? Those old fellows have issued an absolute order that we must capture or kill that kid regardless of the price we have to pay. We must bring him back to the Spring.” Chi Qingying glanced at them as he spoke.

“Hmph! Talk is easy! In my opinion, no one can do anything to that Savior unless a Daolord Realm expert acts against him!” The descendant of the Thunderfall Clan who’d been silent until now grunted coldly. “Chi Qingying, are you trying to make us go give our lives away?”

Chi Qingying spoke slowly. “I didn’t say that.”

When he spoke up to this point, Chi Qingying’s expression turned solemn and was filled with a dignified aura. “Everyone, I have a suggestion. I wonder if all of you are willing to listen to it?”

The others frowned and looked towards him.

Chi Qingying didn’t delay when he saw this and said frankly, “Your thoughts are right. I’m afraid none of us are capable of killing that Savior, and only Daolords are capable of crushing him.”

“But where are such Daolords? The battle on Slaughter Highlands came to an end too quickly, so it was utterly impossible for us to seize an opportunity to advance into the Daolord Realm. Under such circumstances, where would we find Daolord Realm experts to kill him?” One of them was puzzled.

“You wouldn’t be thinking of asking those old geezers of our clans to act against him, right? That’s too naïve of you. They would rather hide at the Springs than show themselves at the Sacred Ocean of Blood because they are extremely afraid of being targeted by the 13 Dao Servants.” One of the others was surprised.

Chi Qingying shook his head. “All of you are mistaken. We have to kill that Savior ourselves. However, we must attain a breakthrough before we head into battle with him!”


The others were astounded. Talk is easy. But how could it possibly be so easy to breakthrough and advance? That’s the Daolord Realm! How can anyone step foot into it without grabbing hold of an unprecedented fortune?

That’s simply absurd!

Chi Qingying seemed to be extremely calm at this moment. His blood red and gem-like eyes were filled with a firm expression. “I understand what all of you are thinking, but don’t forget that many peak Divine Children in the history of our clans have relied solely on their own strength and not fortune to traverse the threshold of the Daolord Realm and rise to prominence!”

The others finally understood Chi Qingying’s thought when they heard this. He’d actually chosen to use his own strength to break through into the Daolord Realm by force.

Such a method was one that had a slim chance of survival! It was too dangerous! Even though there had been instances of success in the past, most of those attempts had ended in failure and a miserable death!

Because the slightest mistake while charging into the Daolord Realm by force would result in instant death, and there was absolutely no chance of survival!

If there was any other choice, then not a single peak Divine Child would choose such a path of advancement because it was simply no different than courting death.

The hall fell silent for a while. No one was willing to play around with their lives, so they would naturally not dare to rashly agree with such methods.

Chi Qingying couldn’t help but frown when he noticed this, and he said in a low voice, “Everyone, let me just ask all of you a single question. If there was only a single method, then would you rather die at the hands of that Savior or die on your path of advancement?”

Chi Qingying continued and spoke word by word before the others could even answer him. “Perhaps we’ll still have a chance if we try to advance by force. At that time, we wouldn’t just be able to annihilate that Savior, we’ll even possess a cultivation at the Daolord Realm! If we don’t choose that path, then there would only be a single outcome once that Savior arrives. Death for us all!”

“Can’t we… return to the Spring?” The Devil Spider spoke hesitantly.

“Hmph! Fleeing without a fight? It would be fine if it were in the past, but we’re fighting to awaken our first ancestor this time. Under such circumstances, you can give that a try and see if those old fellows will let you live!” Chi Qingying spoke coldly with disdain.

The Devil Spider’s expression changed indeterminately, and then he fell silent in the end.

“Alright! I agree!” Suddenly, the Stoneface Devil spoke in a deep and resolute voice.

When they saw this, a few more peak Divine Children gritted their teeth and decided in succession, but there were a few including the Devil Spider who were still hesitant.

Chi Qingying didn’t force them. Being able to accomplish this was already beyond his expectations. In his opinion, it would be extremely lucky if even one of them was able to successfully break through by force.

If all of them failed in the end, then they could only blame their luck.

“Since it’s like this, then the Fellow Daoists who’ve chosen to break through by force shall stay behind and enter into closed door cultivation. The others shall start preparing for battle and strive to buy even more time for us to advance!” Chi Qingying ordered in a low voice.

“What!? You want us to go give our lives away first?” The Devil Spider instantly stamped his feet with rage.

“You can naturally stay behind if you choose to break through by force. If you’re unwilling to do that, then you must head to the battlefield and buy time for our Fellow Daoists to break through and advance!” Chi Qingying seemed extremely cold and cruel at this moment, and his voice carried unconcealed killing intent.

“Hmph!” The Devil Spider’s face alternated between a livid and ashen expression. In the end, he flicked his sleeve and left angrily.

The others who weren’t willing to break through by force left as well.

“If all of you dare to avoid battle, then don’t blame me for telling those old fellows about everything that occurred here.” Chi Qingying reminded them in an icy cold voice.

Three days later.

There was an ancient building as well on the other side of the ocean from the Dao Defiants’ campsite, but it was completely empty.

However, a tall figure had soundlessly appeared here today.

He didn’t walk into the empty building, and he directly headed over to the border of the Sacred Ocean of Blood while his deep eyes silently sized up everything in the distance.

The Sacred Ocean of Blood was extremely vast. It covered the entire sky. Waves of blood surged through space, and they emanated a dense smell of blood that was truly nauseating.

One could clearly see numerous stars floating within the ocean of blood like rubies. It was an extremely horrifying scene.

Chen Xi was visibly moved because this seemingly boundless ocean of blood was actually filled with an extremely violent aura of sin and evil, and it was like a purgatory of blood.

There was no need to doubt that if any expert of the Divine Dao Protector Clans were to fall into the ocean of blood, then that expert would definitely be drowned by the surging energy of evil and sin!

If that expert was unable to escape the ocean, then that expert's path towards the Dao would end there!

However, the Sacred Ocean of Blood was filled with boundless temptation in Chen Xi’s eyes, and it was a treasure trove that possessed an unimaginable amount of energy!

Would I be able to absorb sufficient energy to attain perfection in my cultivation if I were to refine and absorb the entire Sacred Ocean of Blood?

Such a thought couldn’t help but appear in Chen Xi’s mind, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to bear with excitement and eagerness. However, he took a deep breath and recovered his calm.

This was the central area of the 2nd battlefront, and it was where the Dao Defiants’ main forces had gathered. Even terrifying existences at the Daolord Realm might make an appearance here. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi couldn’t be careless in the slightest.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid!

A long time ago when he left Oracle Mountain to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors, Chen Xi had already possessed the combat strength to fight ordinary Daolords, and even if he couldn’t defeat them, his strength was still sufficient to retreat safely.

Now, after he merged with the nine River Diagram fragments and absorbed numerous strands of enormous and unfamiliar energy that contained the aura of Destiny, Chen Xi’s combat strength had transformed into an inconceivable state. So, how could he possibly fear a battle with experts at the Daolord Realm?

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