Chapter 2141 – A Rising Storm

Sledgehammer Campsite.

This was the campsite which the 1st Dao Servant, the Heavenly Wrath Daolord resided at.

At this moment, the door to the palace at the center of the campsite was closed tightly, but there were six figures gathered here before it.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that the 2nd Dao Servant, the Time Daolord, and the 3rd Dao Servant, the Light Daolord, were surprisingly amongst them.

Even though the other four looked completely unlike each other, their imposing auras weren’t inferior to any of the others present here. They were similarly Dao Servants that had resided on Godrank Mountain for countless years.

“Heavenly Wrath, you’ve seen that scene from before. That Savior is a severe threat to the other participants now, and we’ll definitely lose this Battle of Dao Protectors if we don’t interfere!” The 2nd Dao Servant spoke in a low voice. The sockets of his eyes were sunken into his skull, and while his thin face seemed to be smooth like a mirror, it was suffused with an aura of age that simply surged out from him.

The gazes of the other five Dao Servants shot simultaneously towards the tightly closed palace door when they heard the 2nd Dao Servant.

Heavenly Wrath was the 1st Dao Servant’s title.

“Didn’t all of you try to act against him?” After a long period of silence, a heavy and aged voice resounded from within the palace.

“That’s exactly why we’ve come here. We intended to act against him just now and annihilate that Savior. However, we were obstructed by Dark Purgatory, Void, and Battle Spirit. If it weren’t for the relationship between us, then we would have probably entered into battle with each other.” Even though the 2nd Dao Servant spoke calmly, his voice carried a trace of anger.

Dark Purgatory was the 5th Dao Servant, the Dark Purgatory Daolord. Void was the 11th Dao Servant, Void Daolord. Battle Spirit was the 13th Dao Servant, the Battle Spirit Daolord.

“Heavenly Wrath, in my opinion, it’s time to put an end to it all!”

“The Heaven Dao has undergone an unexpected transformation and a calamity is arriving. Since we’re already decided to overcome this crisis with the Sovereign Sect and create a completely new order in the world, then we naturally have to be resolute and eliminate all potential troubles!”

“Exactly.” The other Dao Servants chimed in.

“The 13 of us have been residing here since the Heaven Dao was born. We’ve gone through thick and thin together throughout the countless years of the past. Yet now, you intended to attack and kill each other because of an unpredictable calamity. Do all of you know what it would mean to make such a decision?” The 1st Dao Servant’s aged and heavy voice finally resounded after a long time passed, and it carried an indescribably complicated tone.

The other Dao Servants fell silent.

“However, the situation will grow more and more chaotic if we continue delaying.” The 2nd Daolord frowned.

“It’s still early, and it’s just a Savior. He still won’t be able to avoid death even if he annihilates all the descendants of the Divine Dao Protector clans.” This time, the 1st Dao Servants answered him without the slightest hesitation. “Most importantly, have all of you forgotten that for the sake of awakening their first ancestor, those Dao Defiants will definitely not just watch that kid leave alive!”

The first ancestor of the Dao Defiants!All the other Dao Servants revealed various different expressions, and they seemed to have realized something.

“But in that way, it means that we’ll definitely lose the Battle of Dao Protectors. Moreover, allowing that Savior to fall into the hands of the Dao Defiants will only make things even more disadvantageous for us,” said the 2nd Dao Servant in a low voice.

The 1st Dao Servant smiled. “That’s exactly the objective of the Sovereign Sect. The first ancestor of the Dao Defiants will always be a potential trouble by being allowed to remain in deep slumber. The only way to eliminate this potential trouble is naturally to allow him to awaken first. That Savior is the key to awaken the first ancestor of the Dao Defiants.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the other Dao Servants frowned. All of this was arranged for by the Sovereign Sect? Then why didn’t we know about it?

The 1st Daolord sighed with emotion. “Everyone, the Master of the Sovereign Sect has exercised forbearance for so many years, and it has finally found an unprecedentedly supreme opportunity. What he seeks isn’t just victory in the Battle of Dao Protectors.”

“Could he be intending to encroach on our Godrank Mountain?” The 4th Dao Servant who had the most violent temper couldn’t help but speak in a low voice.

“No, the Godrank Mountain is like our life, but it’s nothing worth mentioning to the Sovereign Sect’s Master.” The 1st Daolord’s voice was low. “All of you don’t have to keep guessing. You’ll definitely come to an understanding once it’s done.”

As soon as he finished speaking, not a single sound came from within the palace again.

The other Dao Servants looked at each other, and then they fell into deep thought.

Only now had they noticed that they didn’t truly know what the Sovereign Sect’s Master wanted since the moment they agreed to work together with him!

At the same time. Blood Campsite.

The 6th Dao Servant called the Five Element Daolord, the 7th Dao Servant called the Bramble Daolord, the 8th Dao Servant called the Blood Abyss Daolord were silent in the palace at the center of the campsite.

“The situation has started to become slightly tricky. A battle almost erupted between us and those old fellows because of that Savior. That isn’t good news for the three of us.” The 6th Dao Servant broke the silence here, and he pondered deeply before he said, “7th Brother, do you think that we should change our stance?”

As he spoke, he gazed at the 7th Dao Servant.

“There’s no need for that.” The 7th Dao Servant had an indifferent expression as always, and he was cold like he didn’t have any emotions at all.

“Why?” The 8th Dao Servant couldn’t help but ask this question.

The 7th Dao Servant fell silent. He seemed to be a person like this. He merely expressed his opinion yet couldn’t be bothered to explain anything.

“Nevermind. We’ll continue staying neutral for now and let them do as they please. We just have to stand by and watch everything unfold.” The 6th Dao Servant waved his hand and decided.

At another campsite called Blackwood.

The 5th Dao Servant called the Dark Purgatory Daolord, the 11th Dao Servant called the Void Daolord, and the 13th Dao Servant called the Battle Spirit Daolord were gathered here.

All three of them had quite gloomy expressions on their faces.

They were the 3 Dao Servants who were openly against cooperating with the Sovereign Sect, and they’d been constantly rejecting the cooperation with the Sovereign Sect since the Sovereign Sect had paid them a visit.

However, they hadn’t imagined that those old fellows would be eager to interfere in the Battle of Dao Protectors when it hadn’t even arrived at a critical situation.

That was something they absolutely couldn’t tolerate!

They were Dao Servants. They were born to protect Godrank Mountain, so they were naturally unable to tolerate the Sovereign Sect causing trouble here.

They didn’t care about the fate of the Savior, but they cared about their own dignity.

“If Heavenly Wrath had really decided to fight us, then he would have absolutely not waited until now. But I’m unable to see through exactly what his intentions are.” The 5th Dao Servant frowned as he said, “Their objective is definitely not as simple as killing that Savior. Otherwise, 2nd Brother who always refuses to stop until he accomplishes his objective would have definitely fought us when we stopped him just now.”

The other 2 Dao Servants weren’t able to see through the matter as well. The three of them were very clearly aware that those old fellows were definitely working together with the Sovereign Sect to seek something amidst this moment when an unexpected change had occurred in the Heaven Dao. However, the three of them weren’t able to deduce their exact objective.

“In any case, we have to be prepared to fight to the death. I have a feeling that day isn’t too far away from now.” The 5th Dao Servant took a deep breath and spoke with certainty.

“We must kill that Savior no matter the cost!~”

“Dispatch all the peak Divine Children. So long as they notice that Savior, they are to bring him back regardless of whether he’s dead or alive!”



Numerous murderous and terrifying consciousnesses swept through the campsite of the Dao Defiants, and then numerous commands were issued, causing the entire campsite to be stirred.

It wasn’t long before a wave of desolate horns resounded once more, and then the army of Dao Defiants swept out like tidewater that covered the heavens and the earth as they stepped foot into the vast battlefield again.

Their impetus was so grand that it was more than two times stronger when compared to the past!

Such a magnificent scene caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison!

At the same time, the experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans set out as well. Regardless of whether it was Suiren Kuanglan and the others who were forced to enter the battlefield by Chen Xi or the other remaining participants, all of them refused to take a single step back when facing their common enemy.

Jin Yunsheng, Tang Xiao’xiao, and Xia Ruoyuan charged successively into the battlefield.

Shi Chuge who hadn’t shown himself since he returned to the campsite had actually returned to the battlefield as well, and he killed his way into the depths of the enemy army.

A long time passed before Chen Xi finally left his palace. However, he didn’t leave the campsite right away. He turned around and arrived at the most remote palace which was at the corner of the campsite.

“Do the two of you want to go kill some enemies with me?” Chen Xi kept his hands behind his back as he spoke indifferently.

Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang’s eyes narrowed. They were surprised and bewildered. What exactly does this fellow intend to do?

They were watching when Beiming Canghai had been crippled earlier, and they’d watched Chen Xi banish Suiren Kuanglan and the others to the battlefield to kill peak Divine Children with just a few words. However, they hadn’t expected that Chen Xi would actually take the initiative to come looking for him and even raised such a strange suggestion.

They exchanged glances and chose to remain silent.

“Since you’re both unwilling, then I’ll be heading off first. However, I have to remind the two of you that no one will be able to shake my determination to kill you once I return from the battlefield!” He just left these words to them in a casual manner before he turned around and left.

“That damnable bastard!” Leng Xinghun’s face fell. He suddenly stood up while killing intent surged explosively within his eyes.

“You intend to fight him?” Dao Wushuang’s brows raised as she spoke.

Leng Xinghun instantly became hesitant. His expression changed indeterminately for a long time before he sat back down on the spot and fell silent. He said, “It still isn’t the right time now.”

Dao Wushuang didn’t conceal her ridicule at all. “He’s growing more and more stronger. Even if you continue waiting, you’ll probably be unable to find an opportunity even if you wait until the day you die. Don’t forget that he said he intends to kill us after he returns from the battlefield.”

Leng Xinghun spoke with an icy cold expression. “Don’t forget that the Dao Defiants won’t let him return alive in order to revive their first ancestor!”

Dao Wushuang chuckled and said, “But what if he does return?”

Leng Xinghun said resolutely, “It’s absolutely impossible. It’s a hopeless situation that the Sect Master himself arranged. Chen Xi will definitely be unable to escape calamity!”

Dao Wushuang seemed to be lost in thought as she said, “What if some mistakes appear in this hopeless situation that the Sect Master arranged?”

Leng Xinghun’s pupils constricted, and he stared coldly at her. “You’re talking a bit too much about things that are beyond you. Even if you’re surnamed Dao, you’ll definitely regret it for your entire life if the Sect Master found out that you dared to question his arrangements!”

Dao Wushuang shrugged. “Relax, I was just making preparations for the worst.”

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