Chapter 214 – A Strand of Will

Chapter 214 – A Strand of Will


The Terminus Dao Territory was condensed at the tip of his finger, with a point of his finger, dusk gushed into appearance and swept through the heavens and the earth, and the ten plus Magic Treasures were lightly brushed by the light of dusk, causing them to instantly be like kites that had their strings cut, losing the connection they had with their owners before pouring down into the sea of misery.

Besides Qing Xiuyi who’s noticed something was off since long ago and had withdrawn her Misty Treasured Mirror, Huangfu Chongming’s Nine-Python Skyruler Cauldron, Liu Fengchi’s Myriadwater Dragonshark Saber, Lin Moxuan’s Earthly Heaven Sword, Xiao Linger’s Spirit Flame Sword, Xue Chen’s Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing… Practically everyone’s treasures weren’t able to escape, and their brands on the Magic Treasures were removed, completely becoming unowned things.


After losing their connection with their Magic Treasures, Huangfu Chongming and the others trembled as they abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood, and their minds had suffered a heavy injury.

“Give my Magic Treasure Back!”

“Bastard! If you don’t hand over my Earthly Heaven Sword, no one in the entire world is able to save you!”

“How could this have happened? The Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing possesses a strand of my soul assuming command within. How could it possibly be easily removed?”

Sharp cries that were mixed with rage and terror resounded out, but when faced with Chen Xi that stood proudly above the sea of misery, they didn’t dare take another step forward.

At this moment, they’d already realized that this kid at the Golden Hall Realm was absolutely not as simple as he seemed on the surface. The various Dao Territories he utilized simply possessed the might to transform the mundane into divine, and they were Dao Territories that they’ve never heard of nor seen before!

After all, every single Dao Territory was condensed from a Grand Dao that cultivators experienced countless tempering and bitter comprehension before attaining. The process was extremely arduous, and its difficulty wasn’t inferior to ascending a mountain with one’s bare hands and filling up a sea with pebbles. It was even to the extent that most cultivators were unable to master the true essence of a Dao Territory in their entire lifetimes. Amongst a thousand cultivators, it could already be considered a great fortune if one of them was capable of comprehending a Dao Territory.

However, Chen Xi was actually able to instantly execute the Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus Dao Territory that were three types of supreme Dao Territories. Terrifying abilities like this and Chen Xi’s skill in utilizing his Dao Territory had already exceeded their wildest dreams. They simply didn’t dare believe that such a terrifying force existed in this world.

Is this fellow really at the Golden Hall Realm?

At this moment, as they gazed at the tall and solitary that stood atop the muddy sea of misery, everyone couldn’t suppress the wisp of powerlessness that emerged within their heart, and it was as if they were facing an unshakable mountain.

They didn’t have extravagant hopes of being able to seize the Immortal Artifacts in Chen Xi’s possession any longer, contrarily, they only hoped that they were able to retake the Magic Treasures that belonged to themselves, and only that.

“You aren’t Chen Xi.” Qing Xiuyi spoke out suddenly, and her deep and cold voice broke the silence.

Chen Xi didn’t deny it.

“Moreover, I’ve already discerned that the attack earlier has already consumed all your strength. Otherwise, you absolutely wouldn’t wait until now yet not make a move.” Qing Xiuyi seemed extremely calm as she spoke word by word.

Chen Xi raised his head to glance at Qing Xiuyi with surprise, and then he said with sudden understanding, “So it’s a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal. No wonder. Then let me ask you, since you know my strength exhausted, why aren’t you attacking?”

“If I’m not wrong, you still have a trace of strength remaining, and it’s probably prepared for the sake of escaping.” Qing Xiuyi spoke without thinking.

“Oh, then let me ask you another thing. Have you guessed who I am?” Chen Xi asked with interest.

“You’re absolutely not an Immortal Artifact’s Artifact Spirit, and through my observation of the three Dao Territories you utilized earlier, I think you should be the will of a great figure in the Netherworld. No, it should be a strand of will!” Qing Xiuyi pondered for a moment as she spoke with a heavy expression, and her clear gaze seemed to reveal the sheen of wisdom.

A strand of will?

The conversation the two wasn’t concealed, so it entered completely into the ears of everyone present. When they heard that Chen Xi’s body contained a strand of the will of a great figure, besides coming to a sudden understanding, violent waves of shock arose within their hearts.

Only a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert that had experienced and survived nine waves of Heavenly Tribulation to ascend would be able to use Will Brands to spread out their will into the various dimensions. They were like clones that wandered about in the boundless universe and fully observed the profundity of the workings of the heavens.

Every single will brand contained the Heavenly Immortal Realm expert’s thoughts, intelligence, strengths, and mastery of the Laws of the Heaven Dao. A cultivator that hadn’t experienced the Heavenly Tribulations were not a match for it at all. Even if it was a figure at the Earthly Immortal Realm, unless the Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator had no other choice, the cultivator would absolutely not dare offend the will of a Heavenly Immortal.

Because no one could guarantee that when they annihilated a Heavenly Immortal’s will brand, its owner wouldn’t tear through the boundless space and instantly appear before them. That would absolutely be a calamity!

It was precisely because of this that when they found out that Chen Xi’s body actually possessed a strand of a great figure’s will, the astonishment in the hearts of everyone present was obvious.

“A little girl, yet so intelligent. If you don’t come to a premature end, then you’ll surely become extraordinary in the future. HAHAHA! I’ll spare all of you this time, bye!” Chen Xi laughed endlessly, his voice bleak and heroic, and it revealed a unique sadness from within.


With a flick of his sleeve, the blood red Paramita Flowers that covered the sky, the boundless and muddy sea of misery, and the 10 plus Magic Treasures he’d taken from the others had vanished into thin air, and then his right hand lightly scratched past the sky and a pitch black and deep crack was split open.

In the next moment, he’d already raised his leg to stride into the crack before vanishing in the heaven and the earth in the blink of an eye.

Everyone was dumbstruck as a wisp of bitterness that was dense to the point of being inextricable and a deep feeling of defeat gushed out from their hearts.

Who were they?

Prominent figures from the various top sects of the Darchu Dynasty, the outstanding figures amongst the Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation, the formidable figures that had hope of becoming eminent and possessing a position to head to the Primeval Battlefield during the Allstar Meeting five years from now.

In their sects, they were the outstanding young prospects in the eyes of all their seniors. Amongst all their peers in their sects, they were the dazzling stars of tomorrow. In the eyes of the countless mortals, they were proud children of the heavens. Relying on their deep background, formidable strength, and respected status, their path of cultivation up until now was one where they got anything they wanted, an ever successful path.

However, this time, they’d suffered a terrible setback before a kid at the Golden Hall Realm and suffered a double loss. Not only did they not obtain the Immortal Artifacts, they’d lost the Magic Treasures that were their trump cards instead, and the humiliation, grievance, rage, and unwillingness in their hearts was obvious.

Amongst the people present, perhaps only Tantai Hong’s feelings were the most complicated. He knew that after this incident, when he met Chen Xi again in the future, they would probably be enemies, and it would be difficult to maintain the relationship they had before. When Tantai Hong thought how he’d unwittingly split all relationships with a young man that possessed a miraculous body refinement technique, three Immortal Artifacts, boundless potential, and had a strand of a great figure’s will backing him, Tantai Hong’s intestines almost turned green with regret.

Alas, I can only hope that I can retrieve a portion of our previous relationship by relying on Zixuan. Even though he thought like this, Tantai Hong’s heart was still in extreme chaos, and it was something that couldn’t be solved in a short period, causing his expression to become gloomy and distressed as well.

“Dammit! Truly too detestable! Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Huangfu Chongming, what did the three of you say earlier? He’s only a nobody at the Golden Hall Realm? Yet why does he possess so many trump cards? All of you caused me to lose a precious treasure, so all of you must give me an explanation!” The Eastern Sea’s Dragonshark Isle disciple, Liu Fengchi, spoke with a hostile expression.

“Exactly, all of you must give us an explanation. Because of this matter, my Junior Brother Man Zhe lost his life. If it wasn’t for us being deceived by all of you, would we make a move against that kid?” Man Hong spoke fiercely as well.

These two had a bellyful of rage yet nowhere to vent it as well, so both of them pointed their anger at Huangfu Chongming and the others. When the others saw this, all of them turned to look at Huangfu Chongming with ominous expressions and gazes that almost sprayed fire.

“Hmph! What? All of you weren’t able to seize the Immortal Artifact, so you come behave atrociously before me?” Huangfu Chongming had a bellyful of rage as well, so when he saw everyone targeting him, then flames of rage in his heart burned brighter, and he sneered loudly. “Want me to give all of you an explanation? Do you think you’re worthy?”

“You…” Man Hong glared angrily.

“Want to fight?” Huangfu Chongming spoke gloomily. “But, you, Man Hong, have to properly consider the Skycave Mountain behind you. Offending us is equivalent to offending the Wise King’s Estate, the Earthly Heaven Sect, and the Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect. So long as you’re able to bear these consequences, then I, Huangfu Chongming, will accompany you until the end today!”

When they heard this, Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger walked over to stand by Huangfu Chongming’s side as they sneered endlessly. Their meaning was exceedingly obvious, it was that they wanted to move together with Huangfu Chongming and group up together.

“Hmph! What say you, Miss Qing?” Liu Fengchi grunted coldly as his eyeballs spun to look towards Qing Xiuyi that had been standing there silently all along. As far as he was concerned, if he was able to pull over Qing Xiuyi into his group, then he would be completely unafraid of Huangfu Chongming’s group.

“Yeah, I want to hear your opinion as well, Miss Qing.” Man Hong appeared to be boorish and stalwart, yet he wasn’t stupid. Conversely, he was extremely skilled in observing the speech and behavior of others. As soon as Liu Fengchi spoke out, he instantly understood the meaning within Liu Fengchi’s words, and he spoke out successively.

When the two of them spoke like this, it instantly caused the attention of everyone to descend onto Qing Xiuyi, and even Huangfu Chongming’s group of three couldn’t help but frown. Obviously, in the heart of the three, Qing Xiuyi’s decision would similarly play a critical role.

After all, this woman’s strength was there for all to see, and she was also a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal. Once she decided to interfere in this matter and help Liu Fengchi’s and the others, then Huangfu Chongming’s group would have no choice but to consider their approach once more.

“If I’m not wrong, Huangfu Chongming, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, all there of your groups ought to be here for the sake of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault.” Qing Xiuyi swept her gaze past everyone in the surroundings, and she suddenly spoke of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault.

As expected, when these three groups heard Qing Xiuyi’s words, all their expressions became slightly uncomfortable, and their gazes flickered.

“All of you don’t have to deny it, because my Whitecrane Sect has come for the sake of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault as well. I suggest that all our four groups work together and search Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault together. How about it?” Qing Xiuyi’s expression was tranquil and indifferent as she spoke.

“Why should we work together? Wouldn’t it be better to search through it ourselves?” Huangfu Chongming frowned.

“I know what you’re thinking, it’s none other than you possess an incomplete map of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, right? I’ll be candid with you, my Whitecrane Sect possesses one as well. I believe that everyone from the Eastern Sea’s Dragonshark Isle and the Northern Barbaric Lands’ Skycave Mountain surely possesses an incomplete map like this as well.” Qing Xiuyi’s clear eyes spun as she glanced at Tantai Hong and spoke indifferently. “An incomplete map isn’t a complete map in the end. If our four groups join forces, our chances of entering Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault would be even greater, and when we encounter danger, we can jointly share some of it. What do all of you think?”

“Then how will we distribute the treasures after entering Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault?” Huangfu Chongming spoke with an irresolute expression.

“We’ll each rely on our own ability,” said Qing Xiuyi.

“Alright, I agree.” Huangfu Chongming, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, and the others pondered briefly before agreeing to Qing Xiuyi’s suggestion.

“Pei Zhong, Xue Chen, I’ll give the incomplete map to the two of you. Both of you set out with the other Fellow Daoists first. I’ll first go deal with some things, and I’ll surely return in time before all of you find Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault.” Qing Xiuyi swung her white hand and a jade slip fell into Pei Zhong’s hand, whereas, she instead turned around and left without the slightest hesitation. Her sleeves fluttered in the wind, and in the blink of an eye, she’d vanished in the boundless ocean of sand.

This woman is acting so mysteriously, what’s she going off to do now?

Everyone raised their eyes to look at the direction Qing Xiuyi vanished towards, and a trace of wonder arose within their hearts.


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