Chapter 2139 – Cripple

Beiming Canghai was a top-rate figure within the Beiming Clan which was one of the five high level clans, and his cultivation in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm was unparalleled.

Besides that, he even had the Oceanblue Pearl within him, and it provided an endless supply of divine energy to him.

Even if he was compared to Shi Chuge, Suiren Kuanglan, Tang Xiao’xiao, and Xia Ruoyuan, Beiming Canghai wasn’t inferior to them in the slightest.

But at this moment, Beiming Canghai didn’t show a trace of underestimating Chen Xi who was recovering within the Divine Pool of Chaos, and he utilized his full strength instead!

The jade green saber in his hand was an Ancestral Treasure, and it was called the Heavensplitter.

The attack he executed was called Godslayer!

Even if he went against Shi Chuge or the strongest peak Divine Child of the Dao Defiants, Beiming Canghai was still absolutely confident that even they wouldn’t dare bear the brunt of this attack!


The blade didn’t leave a single trace as it shot through the air because the boundless might and Divine Dao Laws it carried were perfectly condensed within the jade green blade.

The blade seemed indistinct and faint, but it was inconceivably swift. It instantly enveloped down upon the Divine Pool of Chaos and slashed down explosively!

Die! Beiming Canghai muttered in his heart while the seething battle intent in his eyes had been completely replaced by icy cold killing intent. Moreover, his eyes faintly carried a wisp of complacency from having a heavy burden removed from his shoulders.

However, a fair and slender hand suddenly stretched out from within the Divine Pool of Chaos that was enshrouded by mist. The hand’s movements were filled with a natural aura. It seemed to be slow, yet it accurately grabbed the jade green blade before it could descend down!

The casual way it moved was so smooth like it was catching a falling leaf, and it was completely otherworldly.

However, it was exactly such a hand that had grabbed firmly onto the blade of a peerless saber like Heavensplitter, and it had dispersed the terrifying might of the Godslayer technique contained within the blade!

Beiming Canghai was astounded while his pupils constricted into two needless. Moreover, the wisp of a complacent smile on the corners of his mouth had frozen completely.

How could this be possible?

Beiming Canghai almost cried out involuntarily from the enormous shock he experienced. My best attack has actually been grabbed firmly by a hand?

Even if Chen Xi was at his prime, it would probably be impossible for him to accomplish this with such ease, right?

It was unimaginable!

It was simply like a thunderclap that resounded through a clear sky. It caused Beiming Canghai to be dazed as it was truly too shocking.


However, the will he’d tempered through many years of battle allowed Beiming Canghai to avoid becoming frustrated and feeling defeated because of this.

He’d howled loudly at practically the exact same moment that shock arose in his heart, and he circulated all the energy within his body and forcefully exerted all his strength onto Heavensplitter.

However, the counterattack and struggle he expected hadn’t appeared. The entire jade green saber trembled violently and howled instead. It trembled incessantly while being held by that slender hand, and it actually showed faint signs of collapse.

Beiming Canghai’s heart sank when he witnessed this, and he finally realized that he hadn’t just been unable to take advantage of the situation, he’d bit off more than he could chew!

He’s able to render my strongest attack powerless with just a single hand. Exactly how formidable is this fellow’s combat strength?

Beiming Canghai didn’t dare continue on this train of thought. He couldn’t help but feel horrified in his heart while the strong feeling of danger he felt made him truly wish for nothing more than to turn around and flee right now.


Meanwhile, water splashed within the pool as a figure walked out from within it. The figure was tall and imposing like a spear that seemed to be on the verge of stabbing a hole through the sky!

He strode out of the Divine Pool of Chaos while his palm still held firmly onto the jade green blade, and it was like he was holding a fallen leaf.

The mist around him dispersed to reveal a handsome face. It was calm, indifferent, and composed. Coupled with his eyes that were like two abysses, it caused him to reveal a dignified aura that made all beings tremble before him!

Beiming Canghai’s entire body couldn’t help but tremble when he met Chen Xi’s gaze. It felt like he was meeting Chen Xi for the first time, and his heart felt unprecedentedly pressured and suffocated.

This was something he hadn’t felt from Chen Xi in the past!

Could this fellow have advanced into the Daolord Realm?


His aura is clearly still within the scope of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, but why has it become so supreme and dignified?Beiming Canghai wasn’t able to see through Chen Xi, and the more it was like that, the more fearful he was.

“You want to kill me?” Chen Xi spoke while he gazed calmly at Beiming Canghai whose expression was changing indeterminately.

“No, I came to fight you. I said so outside the palace.” Beiming Canghai’s gaze flickered as he spoke these words.

“Oh.” Chen Xi nodded. “Since it’s a battle, then it naturally has to end with the death of one party.”

Beiming Canghai’s heart constricted while his entire body felt slightly stiff. He gritted his teeth and said, “Fellow Daoist, you seem to have misunderstood. You didn’t end the battle against Xia Ruoyuan with death. It’s enough just for victory to be determined during our battle as well.”

Chen Xi glanced at him with a spurious smile as he said, “Are you sure?”

Beiming Canghai nodded forcefully. “Of course.”


He’d just finished speaking when he saw something flash before his eyes. After that, an irresistible and terrifying force collided with him. It was like a myriad of mountains had collided with him, and he couldn’t help but let out a shrill and miserable cry while his figure flew uncontrollably out of the palace.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was still standing on the spot without moving at all. Only the jade green saber in his hand seemed like paper that soundlessly melted into a puddle of jade green liquid that flowed down the cracks between Chen Xi’s fingers.

Outside the palace. Tang Xiao’xiao’s rage blazed as she fought an intense battle with Suiren Kuanglan, and she was locked in combat with him. Every single time she tried to charge into the palace, Suiren Kuanglan would definitely stop her. He was simply like a plague that refused to leave, and it caused her youthful and clear face to be covered in rage.

On the other side, Xia Ruoyuan was standing by Jin Yunsheng’s side, and he was fighting all the experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans while taking care of Jin Yunsheng. He didn’t have the spare time to do anything else.

The situation was obvious. They were in a stalemate.

Suiren Kuanglan grew even more complacent when he noticed this, and his voice was extremely icy cold. “You two traitors still refuse to realize your mistakes until now. It’ll be time for the two of you to die once Fellow Daoist Beiming kills that damnable Savior!”

“Even if I do die, I’ll take you down with me!” Tang Xiao’xiao’s oval eyes were opened wide and simply seemed like they were about to burst into flames.

Suiren Kuanglan’s face froze for a moment, and then he chuckled. “Tang Xiao’xiao, don’t forget that Shi Chuge hasn’t made a move yet. Do you think that he would watch as that happens?”

Tang Xiao’xiao said, “Even if he does come here, do you think you’d be able to leave safely if I go all out and put my life on the line?”

Suiren Kuanglan roared with laughter. “Silly girl, if Shi Chuge isn’t sufficient, then what if the two Fellow Daoists of the Sovereign Sect are included?”

Tang Xiao’xiao’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow while the rage she felt cleared up quickly. Only now did she notice that the figure of a man and woman had actually appeared extremely far away from them.

If she wasn’t wrong, then they were the experts which the Sovereign Sect had sent to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors!

She had no doubt that their combat strengths were definitely very formidable because just looking at them as they stood in the distance caused vigilance to arise in her heart.

It was the aura of danger!

“Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to regret your decision now. You’re bound to pay for your betrayal!” Suiren Kuanglan roared with laughter in an arrogant manner. It was a form of attitude that appeared when the outcome was within one’s grasp.

At this moment, Tang Xiao’xiao, Jin Yunsheng, and Xia Ruoyuan’s hearts sank!

Is it really impossible to turn the situation around?


Right at this moment, a shadow shot over like a shooting star, and it flew out of the palace and crashed to the ground.

After that, an extremely shrill and miserable cry resounded!

The hearts of both sides in this battle shook, and they looked over in unison. All of their expressions changed when they noticed that the shadow was actually Beiming Canghai’s figure which had shot out from within the palace.

However, unlike the astonishment on the faces of Suiren Kuanglan and the others, Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng were very surprised.

“What’s going on?” Suiren Kuanglan suddenly stopped attacking and left the battle with Tang Xiao’xiao. Once he stopped, all the other experts who were besieging Xia Ruoyuan and Jin Yunsheng stopped successively as well. They’d been horrified by this shocking scene before their eyes, so how could they possibly have the mood to continue fighting?

After all, they were hoping that Beiming Canghai would kill Chen Xi quickly, and then return here to help them deal with Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan.

They’d never expected that Beiming Canghai would leave and return quickly, but he was blasted back here!

This scene was simply too horrifying.

Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng didn’t continue fighting as well. All of them heaved sighs of relief in their hearts, and they stood at the side while they shot their gazes towards Beiming Canghai’s figure as well.

At this moment, Beiming Canghai’s entire body was twitching incessantly on the ground while his face was warped and ferocious. Moreover, there was even a wisp of extreme resentment and wonder on his face.

His entire body was bathed in blood, his hair was disheveled, and his face was covered in dirt. Moreover, his vital energy had crashed to an extremely weak state. Besides that, the meridians within him had been broken inch by inch while his foundation had completely collapsed. Even his soul had suffered a heavy and irreparable injury.

In other words, Beiming Canghai wasn’t that extremely dazzling and peerless figure anymore, and he’d been reduced to a cripple!

His meridians were broken apart, his foundation in the Dao had collapsed, and his soul was heavily injured. All of this determined that Beiming Canghai’s path towards the Dao would stop abruptly today, and he was very lucky to even be alive.

Suiren Kuanglan couldn’t help but gasp when he noticed all of this, and he felt horrified while an extremely livid expression covered his face. Such methods… are simply eviler than just killing him!

The hearts of the other experts couldn’t help but shudder when they saw all of it clearly. Beiming Canghai was a direct line descendant of the high level Beiming Clan, and his combat strength was considered to be the best in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm within his clan. Yet now, he’d actually been crippled!

Their hearts couldn’t help but feel cold because of this, and it felt like they’d fallen into an icy pit. Who did this? Could it have been that Savior, Chen Xi?

But how could that be possible?Didn’t he fall into a weak state?

The atmosphere here suddenly became heavy to the point it was almost suffocating. Only Beiming Canghai’s miserable and shrill cries were still resounding incessantly, and it caused the expressions of Suiren Kuanglan and the others to change indeterminately.

Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng were shocked as well, but they were shocked by Chen Xi’s ability to accomplish this.

Meanwhile, the sound of footsteps resounded from within the palace.

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