Chapter 2138 – Nine Into One

Chapter 2138 – Nine Into One

Behind the tightly closed door to the palace, Chen Xi’s figure was hidden within the mist of the Divine Pool of Chaos.

The events outside the palace hadn’t disturbed him at all.

The unfamiliar energy was still rampaging through his body. It was enshrouded by strands of the aura of Destiny that had come from the Dao Calamity Sword.

If Chen Xi scanned the Dao Calamity Sword now, then he would definitely be able to notice that the mysterious lotus flower formed from the 3 Pearl of Laws had vanished.

Obviously, the unfamiliar energy which surged into his body was formed from the mysterious and translucent lotus flower.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi wasn’t able to separate his attention to care about anything else.

Every single second which passed was an extra bit of danger he faced from the unrest within his body. Chen Xi had no choice but to concentrate fully on suppressing and dealing with the unrest within his body.

However, up until this point in time, he was still unable to deduce a specific method to deal with it.

In the end, it was because this unfamiliar energy was filled with strands of the aura of Destiny, and it was almost impossible for him to control the aura of Destiny with his cultivation at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

What should I do? Chen Xi was at a loss for what to do.

Chen Xi hadn’t noticed at all that his extremely concentrated consciousness was gradually becoming dazed and indistinct….

If it were at any other ordinary time, Chen Xi would have immediately noticed such a change in his consciousness. But at this moment, he actually seemed like he was possessed and hadn’t noticed it at all.

Suddenly, Chen Xi arrived at a dark and mysterious place in his dazed state. The place was indistinct, boundless in both size and height, and he didn’t know where he was. It was filled with chaos and was utterly indescribable.

The quintessence of the three dimensions’ Chaos! It was like wisdom that came from luck as Chen Xi suddenly gained comprehension and understood where he was.

However, he didn’t even have the time to think about it in detail when his consciousness blurred, and he felt like he’d transformed into a torrent that charged through the darkness and out of the quintessence of the three dimension’s Chaos.

The vast torrent surged while disregarding the restraints of time and space. It traversed the limits of material space, whistled from the past to the future, and it was eternal and exceeding the scope of all Daos.

It was so vast and divine. Every single spray from it was filled with mysterious energy, Laws, Karma, fortune….

It was like a natural chasm that laid across the sky above all gods, yet it was also like the source of all things. It was supreme, in sight, but beyond reach.


Was destiny!

It was the River of Destiny!

When this thought appeared in Chen Xi’s mind, it simply felt like he’d been struck by lightning. His soul felt as if it had left his body and was drifting around the void, and it completely seemed as if it were about to travel along the River of Destiny to search for where the river began.

Such a feeling was very profound, so it was impossible to describe!

Chen Xi had lost all his senses and thoughts. He was in a dazed state like that of a newborn, and only his pure heart was left behind to float about through this profound state.

Chen Xi wasn’t able to sense the changes in his consciousness at all. The cracks between the 8 River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness was gradually vanishing. In the end, there wasn’t a single sign of them having been fitted together, and they’d formed a complete whole.

It was like a translucent ball of light that was divine, primitive, ethereal, and profound. Moreover, the sight of it caused one to be shocked to the core.

But in the end, these 8 River Diagram fragments which had fused into one had actually transformed into a rain of light that vanished within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness….


It hadn’t actually vanished but had fused!

Moreover, the thing it fused with was actually Chen Xi’s body!

It was his blood, tendons, meridians, apertures, vital energy, soul…. Every single inch throughout his body was covered in a layer of translucent light which was divine, ethereal, primitive, and profound!

All those years ago, Chen Lingjun had told him that he’d possessed the 9th River Diagram Fragment before he’d even been born, and it made him a Savior whose fate was concealed by the River Diagram fragments.

The 9th River Diagram fragment was in the form of the character for Dao, ‘道’, and Chen Lingjun had obtained it when he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors before he’d reincarnated himself.

It was exactly that 9th River Diagram fragment which caused Chen Lingjun to suffer attacks from the Heaven Dao and be forced to reincarnate himself.

However, even Chen Lingjun hadn’t imagined that while he was avoiding the Sovereign Sect’s pursuit, the River Diagram fragment he obtained on Godrank Mountain would have coincidentally fused into the child who his wife, Zuoqiu Xue, was pregnant with at that time.

It was also from that day onward that the unborn child, Chen Xi, had his fate completely changed, and no one in the world could deduce his fate!

Yet now, the unexpected change within his body had caused the River Diagram fragments which had stayed completely silent within his sea of consciousness for so long to awaken completely, and they underwent an unprecedented transformation.

This transformation caused the 8 River Diagram fragments to completely fuse into Chen Xi’s body and become a part of him!

Coupled with the ‘道’ character shaped River Diagram fragment which had already fused with Chen Xi, the nine River Diagram fragments which came into existence after the River Diagram was blasted apart during the conflict between Origin Heaven and Godsbane Heaven could be considered to have finally recovered and returned to its whole state!

At this moment, even if Chen Xi was conscious, he would still be unable to imagine why such an surreal and inconceivable change would have occurred.


Right at the instant that the River Diagram fragments fused into his body, Chen Xi’s muddled consciousness suddenly shook before it recovered clarity.

The dazed expression in his eyes gradually vanished and transformed into a type of clarity and calmness. It seemed like they could reflect all things in the world.

His consciousness moved inadvertently, and then the disorderly and conflicting energy within his body suddenly stopped moving, and then they seemed to transform into extremely meek sheep that fused into the region within Chen Xi’s body.

Even the aura of Destiny within the unfamiliar energy had been completely absorbed, and it hadn’t resisted at all.

When Chen Xi withdrew his consciousness from himself, an indescribably obscure and ancient aura suddenly effused out from his body.

At this instant, it was like the Chaos had just been split open and the world trembled!

Outside the hall.

Suiren Kuanglan and Beiming Canghai stood side by side while all the other experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans stood behind them with hostile expressions on their faces.

Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan couldn’t help but frown when facing such a scene.

It wouldn’t be difficult for them if they just had to deal with Suiren Kuanglan and Beiming Canghai.

However, if those other experts were included, then the situation would become quite troublesome.

“Hmph! Chen Xi killed 2 peak Divine Children on the battlefield just now, and his merits in battle can simply be described as unparalleled. However, all of you intend to harm him while he’s in a weak state. That’s truly too despicable!” Jin Yunsheng stepped forward and gazed at them with a furious expression, and he spoke bluntly in a deep voice.

“Are you courting death?” The divine flames in Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes blazed as he stared coldly at Jin Yunsheng. He said indifferently, “It’s best if you fuck off right now. If you refuse to realize your mistakes, then it won’t just be you who loses your life, the clan you belong to will suffer calamity along with you!”

If it was any other ordinary person, then that person would definitely be ridiculed for speaking these words. After all, Jin Yunsheng was a descendant of the mid level Jin Clan in the Primal Chaos Origin. A mid level clan wasn’t something that just anyone could threaten!

However, Suiren Kuanglan was qualified to speak these words because he was from the high level Suiren Clan, and no one dared to doubt him if his clan really looked for trouble with the Jin Clan.

In an instant, Jin Yunsheng’s expression changed slightly. He wasn’t afraid of death, but it didn’t mean that he refused to consider the safety of his clan.

“If the Jin Clan suffers any adverse effects, then I, Xia Ruoyuan, guarantee that the person who did it wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep in peace!” Xia Ruoyuan spoke coldly while his calm tone was filled with killing intent.

“How dare you!” Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes narrowed while a cold glow flashed within them.

“Why not?” said Xia Ruoyuan in an indifferent tone.

Suiren Kuanglan suddenly started laughing when he heard this. “You’re trying to delay us? Impossible! Brother Beiming, I think it’s time to act!”

At the same time, he said to the others who were behind him. “Everyone, trap these two traitors, Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan, with me for now. They won’t be able to escape death once Brother Beiming deals with that fellow, Chen Xi!”

His voice seethed with killing intent, and it rumbled as it resounded through the surroundings.

In an instant, the situation suddenly became tense and was on the verge of erupting.

“Hahaha! Then I’ll be troubling everyone!” Beiming Canghai suddenly roared with laughter as his figure transformed into a vast ocean that rumbled as it charged towards the tightly closed door in the distance.

At practically the exact same moment, Tang Xiao’xiao held her dark blue curved saber in hand as she charged over with the intention of stopping Beiming Canghai.

However, Suiren Kuanglan had attacked ferociously and stopped her while she was only halfway there.

At the same time, all the other experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans surrounded Xia Ruoyuan with murderous expressions on their faces. Even though they feared him, they felt that they had the advantage in numbers, and it was possible for them to keep him here for some time.

“Dammit!” Tang Xiao’xiao’s oval eyes opened wide with anger but she was forcefully kept busy here by Suiren Kuanglan.

At the other side, even though he used all his strength, Xia Ruoyuan was actually unable to shake off the siege from the numerous experts in the surroundings.

As for Jin Yunsheng, he was surrounded by a few experts as well. Not to mention breaking out of the encirclement, even keeping his life intact was very difficult for him.

Under such a chaotic situation, Beiming Canghai could be said to move swiftly without any obstruction, and he instantly arrived before the tightly closed palace door. He blasted the door open in an extremely domineering manner and charged into the palace.

At this instant, Beiming Canghai was simply excited to the extreme. His battle intent and killing intent blazed like an ocean of flames, and he was filled with complacency.

The conflict just now had made him quite worried about whether he could fulfill his wish to kill Chen Xi. But he didn’t have to worry about it now!

Because if Chen Xi hadn’t suffered a heavy injury, then Chen Xi would have probably charged out of the palace when the conflict outside the palace had occurred. But Chen Xi hadn’t shown himself!

So, Beiming Canghai felt that Chen Xi was clearly severely injured and had no choice but to hide like a turtle that shrunk back into its shell.

When he thought up to that point, how could Beiming Canghai possibly hesitate at all?

As soon as he charged into the palace, his consciousness had instantly locked onto Chen Xi who was within the Divine Pool of Chaos!

That fellow really is heavily injured and even had no choice but to rely on the Divine Pool of Chaos to recover as soon as possible….

Unfortunately, it’s too late!Bang!

The experience he’d gained from years of battles and slaughters allowed Beiming Canghai to be clearly aware that he couldn’t hesitate or waste his breath at all.

He didn’t delay at all. He circulated the strength within his entire body, held a jade green saber that was covered in killing intent with both hands, and then slashed it down!

The blade of his saber shot straight towards Chen Xi who was within the Divine Pool of Chaos!

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