Chapter 2137 – Destiny

Since he’d entered the Spring of Sin, the Dao Calamity Sword seemed as if it had awakened from its deep slumber, and it revealed yearning that it had never displayed in the past.

It had a natural ability to counter the energy of sin and evil, and it was even capable of devouring, refining, and absorbing the energy of sin and evil. It was extremely miraculous.

After his battles on Slaughter Highlands, 3 pure and dazzling Pearl of Laws had been condensed within the Dao Calamity Sword, and every single one of them possessed a trace of the aura of Destiny and were unfathomable.

However, Chen Xi had never imagined that such a shocking change would occur to the Dao Calamity Sword when he fought those four peak Divine Children with it.

Perhaps it was because the Dao Calamity Sword had absorbed and refined too much energy of sin and evil. The 3 Pearl of Laws within the sword had suddenly fused into one at that time, and it seemed like a seed that swiftly transformed into a pure lotus flower that seemed like it was made of glass!

The lotus flower had 36 petals. Every single one of those petals was crystalline and translucent, and they were branded with dense and mysterious markings.

At that time, Chen Xi was in battle with those 4 peak Divine Children, and he’d been caught off guard by this sudden change, causing him to almost lose his life at the time.

When Chen Xi recovered from it, he felt an extremely violent and pure energy of Divine Dao Laws surge from the Dao Calamity Sword towards his body.

At that time, Chen Xi felt like his entire body was about to explode. The region within his body was circulating madly at an unprecedented speed, the blood throughout his body surged, and his vital energy seethed.

It was like he was a volcano that had been lying dormant for 100,000 years and was suddenly about to erupt. So, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to swing his sword.

It was exactly that swing of his sword that killed Yan Xu and Bo Xunjin while Zhou Fu and Qiu Luo were scared away!

However, it was exactly that swing as well which caused the energy throughout Chen Xi’s body to fall into a state of chaos and conflict. His vital energy was practically in disorder, and even all his strength was only barely able to prevent himself from suffering qi deviation, yet it was almost impossible for him to continue fighting.

Thus, Chen Xi had no choice but to return to the campsite.

So, when the others saw his pale countenance, they thought that Chen Xi had suffered a heavy injury or exhausted too much of his strength.

Moreover, it was exactly the reason why Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang had seized the opportunity to look for him with the intent to kill him. But in the end, the fear in the depths of his heart had caused Leng Xinghun to give up on that opportunity.


The Divine Pool of Chaos was enveloped by mist, and it completely covered Chen Xi’s figure.

Chen Xi held his breath in concentration while his complete attention was gathered upon the unfamiliar energy within his body.

That energy was pure, vast, and filled with the most primitive Divine Dao Laws. Moreover, it was faintly enshrouded by strands of the aura of Destiny.

However, at this moment, that energy was wild and impossible to tame like a ferocious dragon, and it rampaged incessantly through the region within his body. Everywhere it passed, the stars within the region shook, divine energy surged, and it was an utter scene of chaos and turmoil.

Obviously, it was exactly this strand of energy that had caused Chen Xi to fall into a ‘weak’ state.

After a period of deduction and probing, Chen Xi finally discerned that the reason this energy was so violent was because it contained strands of the aura of Destiny!

Destiny was supreme, ethereal, and indistinct.

Only by comprehending and grasping a trace of the true profundities of destiny would one have the chance of stepping into the extraordinarily supreme realm of Daolords!

In other words, such an energy was too supreme that only Daolords could comprehend and control it. So, Chen Xi who was just a Ninth Star Region Lord wasn’t qualified to possess such energy!

Yet now, traces of the aura of Destiny had fused by coincidence into that strand of pure energy of the Divine Dao Laws, and it had entered into Chen Xi’s body in the end. It was really impossible to say if it was fortune or misfortune for him. The only definite thing was that Chen Xi’s body was in a really bad state.

The crux of the matter was how to tame, refine, and absorb that strand of energy!

Chen Xi had realized this problem as well. His consciousness had converged onto this problem and he utilized all his ability to deduce a method.

However, he hadn’t noticed at all that the River Diagram fragments which were in a deathly silence state within his sea of consciousness had silently emanated strands of obscure and strange fluctuations.

Numerous figures were gathered outside the tightly closed door of Chen Xi’s palace, and they were all the experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans who had returned from the battlefield.

Along with that world shocking attack that Chen Xi had executed, the Dao Defiants had immediately decided to retreat, and it caused the vast war to suddenly fall into a temporary ceasefire.

Many experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans had complicated emotions in their hearts and didn’t have the desire to continue fighting. They’d returned successively to the campsite while their gazes had converged onto the palace that Chen Xi resided in.

Everything that had occurred on the battlefield today was too shocking, and it finally allowed all the experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans to realize how terrifying Chen Xi was.

However, they still remembered that Chen Xi was a Savior! He was an enemy that all the Divine Dao Protector Clans have decided to eliminate before the Battle of Dao Protectors had even begun!

Under such circumstances, would Suiren Kuanglan who had an agreement to fight Chen Xi still be confident in his ability to fight Chen Xi?

Would Shi Chuge, Beiming Canghai, and Tang Xiao’xiao have the confidence to do that?

What sort of decision would they make when facing such circumstances?

The other experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans didn’t know the answer to that. They needed someone to step forward and guide them towards their next step, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep in peace while Chen Xi existed here.

Sure enough, those experts noticed that some others had arrived here before them.

It was Beiming Canghai, Suiren Kuanglan, Tang Xiao’xiao, and Xia Ruoyuan. Besides Shi Chuge, all the other participants from the 5 high level clans had gathered here!

However, some discerning experts in the crowd clearly noticed that Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan were standing before the door to Chen Xi’s palace. Even though they had their backs to them, Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan hadn’t taken any action at all, and this seemed very strange to them.

On the other hand, Suiren Kuanglan stood in the distance with a calm yet indifferent expression while his hands remained behind his back. No one knew exactly what he was thinking.

Only Beiming Canghai took large strides forward upon arriving here, and then he said in a deep voice, “Chen Xi, are you there? Do you dare to fight me, Beiming Canghai?”

His speech was straightforward, and he didn’t conceal his thoughts at all.

It instantly caused clamorous noise to resound in the surroundings.

No one had expected that Beiming Canghai would actually dare to do this after Chen Xi had defeated Xia Ruoyuan beforehand and just defeated 4 peak Divine Children in one go.

The confident and awe-inspiring aura he emanated caused many experts to be unable to avoid being visibly moved.

Of course, there were others with different opinions. They felt that Beiming Canghai was clearly trying to take advantage of the situation by doing this. After all, everyone was aware that Chen Xi had just fought four peak Divine Children. Even though he’d left the battle safely, many had noticed that Chen Xi’s countenance was pale. Obviously, he’d exhausted too much of his strength or suffered internal injuries.

It was naturally unavoidable for others to have all sorts of thoughts when Beiming Canghai had directly come over to challenge Chen Xi under such circumstances.

But it was very obvious that Beiming Canghai didn’t care at all. The battle intent in his eyes blazed like lava, and his imposing aura had been accumulated to its peak.

He yearned for battle!

Even if it ended in his defeat!

Most importantly, Beiming Canghai was clearly aware that he had no chance of defeating Chen Xi if Chen Xi was at his prime.

Even though such actions were contemptible in the eyes of others, Beiming Canghai didn’t think it was. Because it was the best opportunity to kill Chen Xi indeed!

“If you’re very bored, how about I accompany you in battle?”

“You want to fight Chen Xi? Pass through me first.”

Unexpectedly, Beiming Canghai had just finished speaking when Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan who had their backs towards everyone had actually turned around in unison, and their gazes simultaneously shot towards Beiming Canghai while they spoke at the same time.

Even though they’d spoken different words, the meaning behind them were the same. Anyone who wanted to fight Chen Xi had to go through them first.

In an instant, the others in the surroundings couldn’t help but feel astounded, and they were unable to figure out why such an unexpected scene had occurred no matter how they wracked their brains. Why did Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan go over to Chen Xi’s side?

Suiren Kuanglan’s face was slightly gloomy while he said to himself, As expected!

Suiren Kuanglan had noticed that Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan’s actions were slightly unusual while Chen Xi was in battle with those four peak Divine Children. So, when he witnessed this scene, it had undoubtedly confirmed the suspicions in his heart. They really had gone against the will of their respective clans, and they’d even gone from bad to worse by standing on Chen Xi’s side!

This is simply an unforgivable betrayal! Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes were suffused with a wisp of coldness.

“You….” Beiming Canghai seemed to be unable to recover from his shock. His brows were knit together tightly as he gazed at Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan. “Do you realize that your actions are equivalent to betraying the agreement formed between our respective clans?”

“A betrayal?” A wisp of a dazed expression appeared on Tang Xiao’xiao’s clear, pure, and youthful face. “I just noticed that you were slightly bored and intended to accompany you in battle out of the kindness of my heart.”

“The word betray is too severe. The only thing I’m sure of is that I’ll take responsibility for my own decisions!” Xia Ruoyuan words were firm and provided no room to maneuver.

This caused Beiming Canghai’s face to instantly turn gloomy. Besides feeling shocked and furious, he couldn’t help but feel aggrieved from having no way to back down from the current situation.

If it were at any other time, he wouldn’t hesitate to fight Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan at all. However, he didn’t have any intention to fight them at such a critical moment. If that were to happen, then he wouldn’t just miss the best opportunity to kill Chen Xi, it might even cause him to completely offend both Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan. That wasn’t something that he, Beiming Canghai, wanted.

What should I do? Beiming Canghai wasn’t able to make a decision.

“Perhaps I can help you obstruct these two traitors.” Meanwhile, Suiren Kuanglan passed through the crowd and stood by Beiming Canghai’s side. He gazed indifferently at Xia Ruoyuan and Tang Xiao’xiao. “Moreover, I believe that many fellow Daoists in the surroundings will step forward to help Fellow Daoist Beiming complete the mission!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Beiming Canghai’s eyes lit up. At the same time, many experts in the surroundings had really become ready to act.

In an instant, Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan couldn’t help but frown.

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