Chapter 2135 – Lost

The violet gold divine radiance glowed brightly and blotted out the sky.

The battlefield was once covered in a dense bloody aura, and it was dark, murderous, and filled with the horrifying aura of death.

However, when that strand of violet gold divine radiance appeared at this moment, it was like a scorching sun that shot through the darkness and brought the first ray of light upon the world. It illuminated the entire world!

It was dazzling and resplendent as it swept through the surroundings!

Everyone was shocked while deathly silence filled the surroundings. All the experts fighting throughout the battlefield had stopped simultaneously. Regardless of whether they were Dao Protectors or Dao Defiants, all of them were horrified at this moment.

Their pupils had dilated and were filled with disbelief.

This attack was peerlessly shocking!

Everything seemed to dim and insignificant before this dazzling violet gold divine radiance.


Practically everyone had noticed that Chen Xi had become inferior in comparison and in imminent danger when facing the joint attacks of the peak Divine Child of the Bloodsucker Clan, Qiu Luo, the peak Divine Child of the Thunderfall Clan, Yan Xue, the peak Divine Child of the Sin Adjudicator Clan, Bo Xunjin, and the peak Divine Child of the Cerberus Clan, Zhuo Fu. Chen Xi was clearly on the verge of being unable to hold on any longer.

How could he be able to instantly erupt with such terrifying combat strength under such circumstances and break through the encirclement in one go?

This is simply unimaginable!Even Xia Ruoyuan and Tang Xiao’xiao who were rushing over to assist Chen Xi hadn’t been able to discern the secrets of the battle.

The entire battlefield was silent. The violet gold divine radiance was vast and divine. It covered the heavens and the earth like tidewater, and it was so striking and brilliant.

But in just a few breaths of time, the violet gold divine radiance gradually vanished, and then a wave of miserable, shrill, shocked, and furious howls resounded.

Xia Ruoyuan swiftly looked over and saw the peak Divine Child of the Bloodsucker Clan, Qiu Luo, and the peak Divine Child of the Cerberus Clan, Zhuo Fu, were actually fleeing hastily towards the distance while their shocked and furious howls were filled with a huge amount of unwillingness and terror. It wasn’t long before they vanished at the horizon!

They really had fled!

They seemed to have had their wills to fight crushed by Chen Xi’s attack, and they didn’t dare stay here for another moment.


Why don’t I see the Divine Child of the Thunderfall Clan, Yan Xu, and the Divine Child of the Sin Adjudicator Clan, Bo Xunjin?

Where are the two of them?

A scene suddenly flashed through Xia Ruoyuan’s mind. In the scene, the violet gold divine radiance seethed, and it instantly enveloped both the divine bone chain and the black glow of lightning….

They’re dead?

The divine bone chain was an Ancestral Weapon of Bo Xunjin’s clan, the Chain of Adjudication, and the black glow of lightning was the Ancestral Weapon of Yan Xu’s clan, the Thunderfall Spear!

Now, those two treasures had been swallowed and vanished, whereas, both Bo Xunjin and Yan Xu were nowhere to be seen as well. So, didn’t that mean that they had perished beneath that attack?

When he thought up to this point, Xia Ruoyuan couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. After all, such a heaven defying accomplishment like crushing two peak Divine Children and repelling another two with a single attack was simply akin to an unprecedented miracle!


Xia Ruoyuan didn’t even have the time to give it further thought when a tall figure suddenly appeared within his field of vision, and it instantly drew his attention.

That tall figure’s green clothes were completely tainted by blood and extremely tattered. Moreover, his dense jet black hair was slightly disheveled. Only his firm and handsome face was calm and indifferent as well, but it was clearly quite pale. It seemed like he’d exhausted too much of his strength and had suffered quite severe internal injuries.

But at this moment, that figure was so huge and distant in Xia Ruoyuan’s eyes, and it carried an indescribably dignified aura!

It wasn’t just Xia Ruoyuan, many others throughout the battlefield had noticed this scene, and their pupils couldn’t help but constrict while all sorts of emotions arose in their hearts.

There was shock, wonder, bewilderment, fear, awe, terror, and disbelief.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi’s figure vanished from the battlefield. He moved like the wind and traversed the battlefield to return to the campsite.

All along the way, there had actually been no one who dared to obstruct his path!

Along with Chen Xi’s departure, the deathly silence of the battlefield was broken by the heavy and desolate sound of a horn.

Once could clearly notice that the army of Dao Defiants throughout the battlefield were retreating like a receding tide, and they were returning to their campsites.

That horn was actually the signal for the Dao Defiants to retreat!

Obviously, they’d noticed that their will to fight had been crushed by Chen Xi’s last attack and continuing the battle would only be harmful to them.

If it were at any other time, no one would miss the opportunity to mercilessly crush these Dao Defiants when they were down. However, the experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans didn’t seize the opportunity to chase after and kill the Dao Defiants during this retreat of theirs.

The reason was very simple. It wasn’t just the Dao Defiants’ will to fight that had been crushed by Chen Xi, even they had been greatly affected.

At this moment, they didn’t have any intention to pursue their enemies. Numerous Dao Protectors even moved simultaneously towards the area of the battlefield which Chen Xi fought at just now.

They wanted to confirm something.

Shi Chuge, Suiren Kuanglan, and Beiming Canghai weren’t able to stay calm another, and they moved over in succession.

As for Xia Ruoyuan and Tang Xiao’xiao, they’d been the first to arrive at the area once Chen Xi left.

However, they noticed that there were many figures standing far away on the other side of the area which was Chen Xi’s battlefield just moments ago.

Merely based on their auras alone, it was obvious that all of them were peak Divine Children of the Dao Defiants!

This discovery caused a trace of vigilance to arise in both Xia Ruoyuan and Tang Xiao’xiao’s hearts. However, they noticed that those peak Divine Children didn’t have any intention to attack, and they were observing the traces on the battlefield just like the two of them were. So, the two of them weren’t that worried anymore.

Obviously, the experts of both sides seemed to intend to confirm something from this area in the battlefield.

This area covered a scope of over 50,000km, and it was comparable to size to the territory of an organization. The ground throughout this area had countless cracks on it while even though the chaotic space here was gradually stabilizing, it was still suffered with a horrifying aura of chaos.

Besides that, the sky here seemed to be even darker than any other part of the battlefield on Slaughter Highlands, and it emanated an oppressive aura of destruction.

It was almost impossible to find a single whole area on the ground in this area. The surroundings were covered in ruins, scorched earth, and scars from the battle. Besides that, strands of horrifying killing intent still hadn’t dispersed from this area, and it caused the area to seem like a forbidden area of slaughter that horrified the hearts and souls of others.

Slight changes had started to appear on the faces of many experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans when they witnessed such a scene.

Perhaps it was merely an area on the battlefield that was like an expanse of ruins in the eyes of others, but Ninth Star Region Lords like them were able to discern many secrets that other ordinary people couldn’t.

It was even to the extent that many experts could rely on supreme techniques and the aura left behind on the battlefield to form the scenes of the battle within their minds.

Just like this very moment, many of them had done exactly that.

However, in next to no time, someone suddenly coughed up blood while revealing a surprised and bewildered expression. Besides that, some had turned pale and had astonishment all over their faces. This caused many other experts in the vicinity to become agitated.

“Such a battle isn’t something that all of you can understand. Rashly trying to deduce the details of the battle will definitely cause all of you to suffer backlash. I advise you to leave right now!” Suiren Kuanglan glanced coldly at the experts in the vicinity, and he spoke in an extremely blunt manner. Instead of calling it a piece of advice, it should be called an order.

Many experts immediately turned around and left. Even though Suiren Kuanglan’s words were annoying to hear, they were the truth. They were indeed unable to discover anything with the ability they possessed.

However, this indirectly proved that Chen Xi was already strong to the point that they were unable to deduce anything about him! Such a fact alone was enough to force them to take a long time in order to come to terms with it.

There were also some experts that left unwillingly. However, they had no choice but to leave sulkily when Suiren Kuanglan’s icy cold gaze was on them.

Before long, only Shi Chuge, Suiren Kuanglan, Beiming Canghai, Tang Xiao’xiao, and Xia Ruoyuan remained here.

They stood at different spots on the battlefield while their gazes were fixed upon the desolate battlefield in the distance, and the atmosphere around them was completely silent.

“We have to join forces.” Suiren Kuanglan broke the silence after a long time passed, and his voice was icy cold and solemn. “All of you’ve probably noticed that Savior is already at a strength which none of us can deal with by ourselves. We can dream of eliminating him if we don’t join forces!”

“Join forces?” A wisp of a strange smile arose on the corners of Beiming Canghai’s mouth, and then he glanced at Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan before falling silent once more.

Suiren Kuanglan immediately understood him, and he frowned as he gazed at Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan. “What do the two of you think?”

“I’m not interested.” Xia Ruoyuan’s expression was cold like a mountain of snow while he spoke these words softly, and then he turned around and left. He hadn’t spared a single glance at Suiren Kuanglan since the beginning.

This caused Suiren Kuanglan’s face to turn gloomy. “Someone who has lost to Chen Xi dares to act so arrogantly? How laughable!”

As he spoke, his gaze shot towards Tang Xiao’xiao. “Xiao’xiao, what about you?”

Tang Xiao’xiao rubbed her head while her clear and youthful face was covered in agony. “Oh, I have to have a good thought about it. This question is truly too difficult.”

She waved her hand at Suiren Kuanglan and said, “I’ll tell you when I’ve figured it out.”

Her voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when she’d vanished on the spot.

The corners of Suiren Kuanglan’s mouth twitched imperceptibly. “Looks like both of them have forgotten the assignments they were given before they came here and participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors!”

He hadn’t been able to speak further as Beiming Canghai smiled and shrugged at this moment. “Joining forces or not depends on whether I’m able to defeat Chen Xi or not. Right, I’m going to challenge him right now!”

As he finished speaking, battle intent that seethed like lava surged into his eyes, and his figure transformed into an ocean that whistled through the sky.

He’s going to challenge Chen Xi on his own? Does he intend to take advantage of him? Suiren Kuanglan was stunned. He’d clearly noticed that Chen Xi’s countenance was pale just now. Obviously, Chen Xi had exhausted too much of his strength or suffered a heavy injury, so Beiming Canghai might really be able to seize a huge advantage over Chen Xi by challenging Chen Xi right now.

Suiren Kuanglan shook his head and shot his gaze towards Shi Chuge, and his expression became even more solemn than it was just now. It was even to the extent that he faintly revealed a trace of fear.

At this moment, Shi Chuge was completely distracted, and his handsome and tranquil face had a rare trace of a lost expression. He seemed like he hadn’t noticed Shi Chuge’s gaze at all, and he was acting rather unusually.

After that, he turned around and left.

Even when he left, the lost expression on his face hadn’t vanished as he walked away by himself.

Just one person walking through the battlefield with a spear in hand.

Yet he seemed to be slightly different from before.

As he watched Shi Chuge leave, Suiren Kuanglan opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he shut his mouth in the end.

His heart was filled with complicated emotions as well.

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