Chapter 2134 – The Will Of The Heart

He’s fighting 3 peak Divine Children on his own? A wisp of a tricky feeling circled incessantly around Shi Chuge’s heart. He’d been wholeheartedly concentrated on cultivating in his own world, and he’d never suffered a defeat since he started to cultivate.

Moreover, it was impossible to find an opponent at the same realm of cultivation throughout the Primal Chaos Origin who could make him, Shi Chuge, feel pressured.

That included Beiming Canghai, Xia Ruoyuan, Suiren Kuanglan, and Tang Xiao’xiao. He hadn’t really taken them seriously at all.

Yet now, Shi Chuge noticed that there was actually a figure like Chen Xi outside how own world!

It was also the first time he’d experienced pressure that came from the outside world!

He didn’t feel threatened, but he felt slight repulsion towards it. He’d always firmly believed that he’d stepped foot onto the peak of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and he’d attained perfection in it. Moreover, it was even impossible for the seniors of his sect at the Daolord Realm right now to have been able to rival him when they were at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

He felt that he’d arrived at the extremes of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and there were no peers in the world who could go against him.

However, when he saw how Chen Xi was resisting the attacks of 3 peak Divine Children by himself, Shi Chuge suddenly noticed that everything he believed in was being struck apart!

The divine might Chen Xi revealed seemed to even surpass the extremes of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm which Shi Chuge was familiar with!

How… how could this be possible? Shi Chuge hadn’t noticed that this had on Bloodsky had unconsciously tightened while his knuckles had turned slightly white.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Shi Chuge who was watching the battle; Suiren Kuanglan, Beiming Canghai, Xia Ruoyuan, and Tang Xiao’xiao had stopped fighting and shot their gazes over simultaneously from different parts of the battlefield.

Because the fluctuations of the battle were too great that it seemed extremely striking throughout the vast battlefield. Moreover, an area of 50,000km had been transformed into their private battlefield which no one dared to approach!

Because it was a chaotic battle, a terrifying battle between the joint forces of 3 peak Divine Children against Chen Xi!

Such an unparalleled battle had never occurred throughout the Battle of Dao Protectors in the past, and it could be considered to be unprecedented!

Dazzling and resplendent Violet gold divine radiance covered the world, and it seemed divine and ethereal as it formed countless mysterious talismans that rise up into the sky.

Chen Xi was like an immovable divine mountain, and he still showed no signs of defeat no matter how the golden trident, black lightning of destruction, or divine bone chain attacked successively.

Suiren Kuanglan’s calm expression carried a wisp of gloominess, and the expression in his eyes which seemed like they had surging divine flames burning within them couldn’t help but change indeterminately.

He was unable to figure out how Chen Xi could accomplish this!

Xia Ruoyuan puckered his lips as he recalled the scene of the battle between him and Chen Xi, and his ice cold face was suffused with a complicated expression. So he really was holding back on that day….

Oh, he’s actually that formidable. Are all the disciples of Oracle Mountain so heaven defying? If I knew it would be like this, then I would have stayed at Oracle Mountain no matter what. Alas, Ancestral Uncle Tang Xian, it’s all your fault. Otherwise, I would be as ferocious as that fellow…. Tang Xiao’xiao rubbed her brows while she puckered her glistening lips with a bitter expression on her face. She noticed that she seemed to be constantly in an annoyed state since she’d encountered Chen Xi, and she’d never had a moment of happiness. It was truly vexing to her!

Looks like Xia Ruoyuan’s defeat wasn’t undeserved at all…. Beiming Canghai muttered while his eyes surged with battle intent. He suddenly had the impulse to fight Chen Xi no matter what, and he wouldn’t mind even if he lost.

This impulse was extremely strong. It caused his blood to be unable to help but seethe while boundless yearning was on the verge of making him lose all reason.

However, right at this moment, another blood red cauldron descended from the distant sky, and it possessed an imposing aura capable of crushing the world and bringing all beneath its power. As soon as it appeared, it collided forcefully against the violet gold divine radiance, and it was even to the extent that the violet gold divine radiance shook violently.

Another peak Divine Child had joined the fight!

That was the 4th Divine Child!

Beiming Canghai’s pupils constricted while it felt as if the yearning in his heart had been doused by cold water and had been put out completely. At this moment, no to mention challenging Chen Xi, just going near that area would probably cause him to be swept into the battle. At that time, would anyone believe that he’d gone to challenge Chen Xi?

They would take him to be Chen Xi’s support!

Beiming Canghai was just like Shi Chuge, he’d never taken Chen Xi to be an ally from the same side.

Most importantly, the five high level clans had come to a unanimous agreement that they would take Chen Xi to be someone who must be eliminated.

Under such circumstances, Beiming Canghai could be considered to be very benevolent by not going over to act against Chen Xi, so how could he possibly assist Chen Xi?


When he saw Chen Xi fight intensely with those four peak Divine Children, and as he witnessed the overbearing and domineering imposing aura and courage that Chen Xi revealed, Beiming Canghai couldn’t help but feel complicated emotions in his heart.

Why is such a heaven defying fellow a Savior?

He’s fighting a bloody battle with the Dao Defiants by himself yet no one from our side is heading to provide him support. That would definitely not feel good, right? Beiming Canghai couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

If it were possible, he would rather see Chen Xi die at his hands than watch Chen Xi die beneath the feet of his enemies!

The blood red cauldron was extremely terrifying and possessed formidable strength which destroyed everything in its path. Its ability to destroy was especially shocking. As soon as it appeared here, it instantly caused the violet gold divine radiance that covered the sky to start surging violently and dim down.

The blood red cauldron had a very simple name, the Crushing Cauldron. It was passed down within the Bloodsucker Clan, and it was a sacred treasure of the clan.

Now, it was in the possession of the peak Divine Child of the Bloodsucker Clan, Qiu Luo!

This meant that the situation Chen Xi was in had changed once more, and it had changed from a battle of 3 against 1 to 4 against 1!

A single person was in battle against 4 peak Divine Children of the Dao Defiant Clans. That was simply a new record! It was an unprecedented miracle!

Of course, such a miracle could only be considered as a regretful one if Chen Xi failed.

But even then, Chen Xi had been capable of accomplishing this, and it was still sufficient to cause everyone in the world to feel shocked and be visibly moved!

Peak Divine Children weren’t ordinary Ninth Star Region Lords! They were the top forces of the Dao Defiant Clans! Yet now, Chen Xi was able to fight against four, so it was obvious how shocking and even unbelievable this was.

The entire battlefield seemed to be alarmed upon witnessing such a scene, and the battles that were originally being carried out actually showed a short period of stopping!

Regardless of whether it was the Dao Defiants or the Dao Protectors, all of them were astounded. They were shocked by the scene of the battle between Chen Xi and four peak Divine Children.

Such an inconceivable scene would definitely not occur in the past, and this clearly showed how astonishing this battle was.

Shi Chuge’s gaze carried a complicated expression.

Suiren Kuanglan’s expression grew gloomier.

Tang Xiao’xiao bit her cherry lips, her pure and clear eyes surged with a rare wisp of rage, and she seemed to be conflicted and struggling inwardly.

Should I help him?

At this moment, a wisp of a feeling of guilt that he’d never felt before had arisen within Beiming Canghai’s heart, and even he was unable to determine the reason for it.

Xia Ruoyuan raised his head to look at the sky, and then he gazed at the other participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans who were scattered throughout the battlefield while a wisp of ridicule and disdain appeared on his handsome and icy cold face.

But in next to no time, his expression became tranquil while an unprecedentedly firm expression surged into his eyes.


A scarlet red flag with a totem on it appeared in Xia Ruoyuan’s hand, and then his figure flashed towards the battlefield in the distance!

There’s no one lending Chen Xi a hand?Then it can start with me!Going against my heart merely for the sake of a command isn’t the path that I, Xia Ruoyuan, intend to take!

Throughout my lifetime, I, Xia Ruoyuan have killed countless enemies, traversed mountains of corpses and oceans of blood, and experienced the tempering of life and death battles, yet I’ve never gone against my Dao Heart. Today will be no exception!A piercingly cold gale howled while carrying the dense and pungent stench of blood. Xia Ruoyuan suddenly felt that he’d broken an invisible shackle of Destiny, and he felt unprecedentedly relaxed and happy.

In his daze, he seemed to see a boundlessly vast river of Destiny surged through his mind….

Xia Ruoyuan started smiling like an ancient mountain of ice that had suddenly melted, and his smile was pure and dazzling.

Because he was finally sure that he’d finally taken a step closer to the Daolord Realm and came into contact with a trace of the aura of Destiny!

All of this had occurred after he’d made that decision. It was like his Dao Heart had been cleansed to become even purer and firmer.

Xiao Ruoyuan didn’t hesitate for a moment after he made that decision, and he gazed at that lone figure in the distant battlefield who was surrounded by enemies and fighting a bloody battle.

Thanks…. Xia Ruoyuan muttered in his heart while a wisp of dense killing intent surged into his eyes, and then his figure was like a bolt of lightning that charged towards the battlefield in the distance!

Nevermind! I’ll give Ancestral Uncle Tang Xian face and save him this time. Even if he dies, he has to die at my hands! At the other side, Tang Xiao’xiao who had been conflicted and struggling in her heart suddenly stomped her foot on the ground and rubbed her hair fiercely as if she was venting. After that, she held that blue curved blade which was taller than her, roared loudly, and charged towards the battlefield in the distance.

She knew that she couldn’t hesitate anymore. She’d hesitated for too many days since seeing Chen Xi in the campsite. Moreover, Chen Xi was in imminent danger right now, so she had to make a decision!

However, right at this moment, both Xia Ruoyuan and Tang Xiao’xiao’s figures had suddenly stopped before they even arrived there, and they revealed astounded expressions.

The violet gold divine radiance in midair that was on the verge of being destroyed had suddenly glowed brightly like a phoenix that rose from the ashes!

The violet gold radiance was extremely clear, dazzling, and gorgeous. It illuminated the sky brilliantly!

In an instant….

The black glow of lightning rumbled as it exploded into pieces!

The divine bone chain exploded apart!

The golden trident wailed as it shot backward!

The blood red cauldron trembled incessantly!

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