Chapter 2133 – Surprise


Terrifying black bolts of lightning raged and threw the heavens and the earth into disorder as the peak Divine Child of the Thunderfall Clan tore through the sky towards Chen Xi.

His imposing aura was ferocious, and he didn’t conceal his killing intent at all. Moreover, his body was suffused with the glow of his black lightning, causing him to simply seem like an ancient exalt of lightning that had emerged from destruction itself.

“I’m the Thunderfall Clan’s Yan Xu! Don’t forget my name when you die!” As soon as he appeared here, he made a grasping motion and condensed a blade of lightning in his palm, and then he slashed it right down towards Chen Xi.

Since the beginning, he hadn’t delayed at all. He was decisive and utterly merciless.


At the same time, a clear howl resounded from the Dao Calamity Sword in Chen Xi’s grasp, and then surging and dazzling blood red radiance shot through the surroundings as the sword itself slashed forward.


The blade condensed from lightning exploded into pieces, but the attack hadn’t harmed Yan Xu in the slightest. However, it still made his face turn gloomy. He grunted coldly as he carried a bolt of violent lightning of destruction within his palm and claws at Chen Xi’s sword.

Chen Xi spun his sword, and a bang resounded as he destroyed Yan Xu’s attack and even almost sliced off Yan Xu’s palm!

Yan Xu was finally visibly moved when he witnessed this scene, and he didn’t dare continue underestimating Chen Xi. His figure flashed as a silver halberd which surged with silver bolts of lightning appeared out of thin air. Yan Xu took it in his grasp before swiftly swinging it down towards Chen Xi!

At their level of cultivation, every single move they made carried terrifying Divine Dao Laws and contained the various combat techniques they’d comprehended. So, while it seemed like a simple attack, it was filled with boundless profundities and extreme might that could overturn oceans and throw the world into disorder.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yan Xue seemed peerlessly mighty and ferocious with the halberd in hand, and he became locked in combat with Chen Xi. They exchanged a few hundred blows in a few breaths of time.

The entire heavens and the earth in this area was torn into pieces by the aftershock of their battle. Moreover, space was thrown into chaos and the ground was cracked apart. An area of 5,000km had been transformed into ruins!

Fortunately, they were at Slaughter Highlands because such a battle would probably destroy countless stars if it occurred in the Ancient God Domain.


Suddenly, a world shaking sound of collision resounded as Yan Xu’s figure staggered back, and his pupils couldn’t help but constrict.

This Savior’s combat strength is actually that formidable?

He felt slight disbelief.

“Yan Xu, is that all you’ve got? I think you should step aside!” Meanwhile, an icy cold and murderous voice resounded, and then a bone chain slashed down through the air. Moreover, it transformed into a vast mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood while the sorrowful howls of the gods resounded from it. It seemed extremely terrifying.

It was that peak Divine Child of the Sin Adjudicator Clan that had launched this attack!

His name was Bo Xunjin, and the divine bone chain in his grasp was the Chain of Adjudication. It possessed terrifying destructive might that would split apart even the strongest bodies while souls would be blasted into dispersal!

It was the Ancestral Weapon of the Sin Adjudicator Clan, and it wasn’t just a simple Natural Spirit Treasure. Within it was the energy of adjudication that had been accumulated through countless years, and it had been painstakingly tempered over generations by the seniors of his clan.

So, how could an ordinary treasure compare to its might?

If Bo Xunjin weren’t the most outstanding peak Divine Child within the Sin Adjudicator Clan, it would be utterly impossible for him to be qualified to possess such a treasure.


The heavens and the earth here suddenly turned gloomy, dark, and icy cold. The atmosphere was murderous like that of boundless purgatory, and only the divine bone chain seemed like a ray of world obliterating light that was sweeping towards Chen Xi.

Its imposing aura was unfathomable, ghastly, ruthless to the extreme, and capable of instilling despair in the hearts of all.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi’s hair fluttered as a strand of violet divine radiance shot out from him, and the dark and icy cold heave rumbled as that strand of violet divine radiance blasted through it and illuminated the world.

At the same time, he suddenly took a step forward while the blood red blade of his sword struck accurately on the Chain of Adjudication which was descending towards him.


It was like two universes had collided. The terrifying aftershock from the collision was like a storm that swept through the sky, and it threw the surroundings into unrest.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Bo Xunjin’s expression changed a little as his figure moved backward uncontrollably, and every single step he took smashed a hole through space.

This clearly showed how strong the impact he experienced was.

“Haha! You, Bo Xunjin, are nothing great as well!” Yan Xu laughed coldly. As he spoke, he grasped his halberd in his hand and charged once more at Chen Xi while emanating an imposing aura of supremacy over the world.

“Hmph!” Bo Xunjin’s face fell as he grunted coldly, and he attacked Chen Xi from the other side as well.

After their initial probe, both of these peak Divine Children of the Dao Defiants were clearly aware of how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was, and it was probably impossible for them to defeat him on their own.

So, at this moment, while they couldn’t stand the sight of the other, they’d still joined forces against Chen Xi with tacit understanding.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Right at this moment, a wisp of a cold arc had arisen on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he’d finally spoken a few words after remaining silent since the beginning.

His voice hadn’t even finished resounding through the air when he actually took the initiative to attack!


His tall figure seemed to have instantly become boundlessly taller, mightier, and indistinct while the dazzling and blazing violet divine radiance he emanated illuminated the world.

A howl of delight that practically trembled resounded from the scarlet red Dao Calamity Sword, and it caused Chen Xi to possess a horrifying and supreme imposing aura.


The long howl resounded from his blood red sword, and it surged through the surroundings.


At the same time, Shi Chuge who was at an extremely far away area on the battlefield had killed a Ninth Star Region Lord Realm Cerberus with a single stab of his spear, and it seemed as easy as tearing cloth apart.

Shi Chuge’s expression remained calm and indifferent as before when faced with the despaired howls of his enemy as the latter perished. He casually withdrew Bloodsky, wiped its tip a little, and then turned around and charged towards another area.

There were numerous Dao Defiants at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm there, and it would provide him a huge amount of battle merits if he killed them.

However, right at this moment, Shi Chuge’s figure stopped a little as he seemed to have noticed something, and he shot his gaze towards the distance.

The sky there seethed with the glow of black lightning, and it had transformed into the shape of a spear that rampaged through the world with boundless divine might.

At the other side, there was even a divine chain of bones that danced wildly through the sky. It was white as snow yet tainted with blood, and it revealed boundless killing intent from the energy of adjudication as it whistled through the world.

However, regardless of whether it was the black lightning or the bone chain, both of them had actually been completely suppressed by boundlessly dazzling violet gold divine radiance!

Their attacks could be described as unparalleled, all-powerful, and capable of shocking the world. They possessed a terrifying force of destruction that was beyond imagination.

However, their pincer attack wasn’t able to shake the suppression exuded by that violet gold divine radiance, and such a scene was extraordinarily astounding.

Yan Xu! Shi Chuge instantly recognized the owner of the black lightning of destruction, the peak Divine Child of the Thunderfall Clan, Yan Xu!

Moreover, Yan Xu was one of the targets on Shi Chuge’s list!

Yet now, Yan Xu was in battle with Chen Xi….

Shi Chuge revealed a rare frown on his face, and he seemed to be slightly displeased. But he didn’t do anything in the end.

Because it wasn’t just Yan Xu who’d attacked Chen Xi this time. If he wasn’t wrong, then the owner of the bone chain was the peak Divine Child of the Sin Adjudicator Clan, Bo Xunjin!

Even though Shi Chuge wasn’t afraid of any one of them, he wouldn’t interfere in such a battle at all.

His dignity and character made him disdain to do something like that.

Shi Chuge wouldn’t frown even if Chen Xi died. Because he’d never taken Chen Xi to be someone on the same side as him.

It was even to the extent that Shi Chuge felt he was showing extreme forbearance and magnanimity by not adding fuel to the flame and seizing the opportunity to act against Chen Xi.

As for fighting alongside Chen Xi, that was absolutely impossible!

However, Shi Chuge was very clearly aware that if it was according to the current situation, then Chen Xi seemed to need no help at all….

This caused a trace of a tricky feeling to arise in Shi Chuge’s heart. For the very first time, he felt that he’d underestimated this Savior, Chen Xi.

After all, not just anyone could firmly suppress the joint forces of Yan Xu and Bo Xunjin. Conversely, even Shi Chuge himself felt that it was difficult for him to accomplish that if he didn’t utilize his full strength.

That was the reason for the slightly strange feeling he had because he wondered if Chen Xi had exerted his full strength!


Suddenly, a descendant of the Sin Executioner Clan suddenly charged over from the side. He possessed a combat strength at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and the moment he’d chosen to launch this surprise attack was accurate and ruthless to the extreme. It just happened to be the instant that Shi Chuge’s mind had eased up a little.


However, Shi Chuge didn’t even turn around. It seemed like the spear in his hand at a pair of eyes of its own, and it suddenly stabbed forward and instantly pierced a bloody hole through the center of that Sin Executioner’s forehead. That Sin Executioner hadn’t even had the chance to let out a shrill cry before his lifeless figure crashed to the ground.

This scene horrified the other Dao Defiants who intended to seize the opportunity to charge at Shi Chuge, and their entire bodies trembled while they didn’t dare approach him again.

At this moment, Shi Chuge couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of this. His gaze was focused on the battle in the distance while his tranquil and handsome face carried a wisp of surprise and bewilderment.

Because a bright golden trident had soared through the sky and joined the battle right now, and it attacked Chen Xi with Yan Xu and Bo Xunjin.

The trident seemed as if it was made completely out of gold. It was dazzling, resplendent, extremely divine, and wasn’t inferior to Yan Xu and Bo Xunjin’s weapons at all.

It was a precious treasure passed down within the Cerberus Clan, and it was in the hands of the peak Divine Child of the Cerberus Clan, Zhuo Fu!

Obviously, the current situation was one where Zhuo Fu, Yan Xu, and Bo Xunjin had joint forces against Chen Xi!

If it was any other participant of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, that participant would definitely flee before such a situation. After all, it was a battle against three peak Divine Children, and every single one of them possessed peerless strength. Even a figure like Shi Chuge wouldn’t dare brag about being able to go head-on against three Divine Children at once!

But Chen Xi hadn’t fled!

The violet divine radiance that covered the sky grew even more blazing and resplendent, and others could faintly discern the myriad of talismans formed by the violet gold divine radiance. The talismans seethed and filled the heavens and the earth while flickering like an ancient and obscure grand formation which was constantly changing. It was mysterious and carried a force that shook the soul.

Shi Chuge was surprised because Chen Xi’s imposing aura still couldn’t be suppressed and overpowered, at all, even under such a situation!

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