Chapter 2132 – Targeted

The sounds of battle reverberated throughout the battlefield. Even if they were facing Ninth Star Region Lords from amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans, those Dao Defiants who were only at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm were still shouting loudly and charging fearlessly.

However, no matter where Chen Xi went, the Dao Defiants would immediately disperse and avoid him.

It was even to the extent that many Dao Defiants at the Region Lord Realm who noticed Chen Xi from afar had turned around and fled, and they didn’t hesitate at all.

Chen Xi’s brows couldn’t help but raise when facing such a scene. He was just about to capture a few Dao Defiants to ask exactly what was going on when space suddenly fluctuated in the distance, and then a slender and blood red figure appeared there.

Surprisingly, it was the peak Divine Child of the Bloodsoul Clan, Chi Qingying!

As soon as he appeared here, he shot his gaze at Chen Xi and sized Chen Xi up briefly. However, not only did he show no signs of attacking immediately, he spoke instead. “Not bad, not bad. This is your peak strength. Looks like you’ve recovered.”

The battlefield was filled with slaughter. Blood rained down while the war drums rumbled thunderously, it was extremely horrifying. However, Chi Qingying actually paid no attention to it, and he seemed to intend to have a nice chat with Chen Xi.

Chen Xi frowned. “You arranged for this all?”

Chi Qingying was stunned, and then he understood what Chen Xi meant. Chen Xi was speaking about the situation on the battlefield. Chi Qingying immediately shook his head and laughed. “No, that was from a unanimous decision from all those old fellows who lead us, Divine Children of the Heavens.”

Chen Xi said, “What do you mean?”

Chi Qingying grinned and said, “An opponent like you isn’t someone that those weak descendants my clans can kill. So, isn’t it better to make them avoid you?”

Chen Xi’s brows knit together even more tightly. “Don’t blame me for being merciless if you continue beating around the bush.”

Chi Qingying smiled as he shrugged. “Please don’t attack. I didn’t come here to fight you. I just wanted to tell you that you’ve been listed as our number one enemy during this war. I believe it won’t be long before numerous other peak Divine Children like me will step forward to capture you.”

A wisp of a piercingly cold glow flashed through Chen Xi’s eyes. “Hey, why are you telling me all of this?”

Chi Qingying shrugged and sighed slowly. “It can’t be helped. I’m still not confident in my ability to defeat you, but I’m unwilling to see you being captured by those fellows. So, this is my only choice.”

Every single word and action of his had an elegant and composed aura. He didn’t seem like he was at a bloody battlefield where life and death were decided, and he seemed like he was taking a stroll through his backyard and speaking about daily life. It seemed completely conflicting with the atmosphere here.

However, it just so happened that others weren’t able to overlook his existence at all.

At this moment, an area of 50km around Chi Qingying was actually completely empty. All the Dao Defiants seemed to be terrified of him and didn’t dare approach at all.

Chen Xi held the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand while he pointed it at Chi Qingying, and then he spoke indifferently and calmly. “You don’t intend to fight now but I want to take your life.”

A strand of peerlessly condensed killing intent effused out without making a sound.

Chi Qingying acted as if he hadn’t noticed at all, and he smiled as he shook his head. “You won’t do that. Don’t you want to know why we, Divine Children of the Heavens, attach such importance to you and have even not hesitated to make you our number one target to be captured?”

That was exactly what Chen Xi was puzzled about.

Chi Qingying sighed with emotion before Chen Xi could speak. “It’s very simple. You’re a Savior, and you’re the last one in this era. Moreover, the Heaven Dao has undergone an unexpected change and caused a calamity to descend upon the world. No one knows what will happen next. Under such circumstances, the first problem both the Dao Protectors and we, Divine Children, have to think about is how to save ourselves.”

When he spoke up to here, a wisp of blazing desire appeared within his red gem-like pupils. “So long as we capture you, then we’ll be able to awaken our First Ancestor from endless slumber. At that time, we wouldn’t even have to fear the calamity with our First Ancestor present to protect us!”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he finally understood everything. The only thing that still escaped him was why he was the number one candidate to awaken their first ancestor?

“That’s your method of saving yourself?” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

“Yes.” Chi Qingying didn’t hesitate at all. “For the sake of accomplishing this goal, the clans on my side have provided all sorts of unprecedented prizes that can even make peak Divine Children go mad for them. Under such circumstances, the common goal of all peak Divine Children is to do our very best to capture you! Now you should understand how dangerous your current situation is, right?”

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. “Why are you telling me all of this?”

This was the second time he’d asked such a question, but the meaning behind it was different from the last time.

Chi Qingying smiled, and his smile was very thought provoking, and then he spoke in an extremely serious tone. “I think that you’re unable to escape calamity, so I was hoping we could work together. Allow me to take you back. My offer to you is a guarantee that you won’t suffer any torture before death, and I’ll even try to keep you alive, if possible.”

Chi Qingying wasn’t joking. However, a wisp of a faint arc had arisen on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth instead, and he seemed as if he wanted to laugh. “Do you think I would agree to that?”

Chi Qingying took a deep breath and pondered seriously for a short while, and then he said, “That’s probably very difficult, but you should be very clearly aware that that conditions I proposed are already extremely sincere under such circumstances.”

Chen Xi couldn’t stop himself from laughing anymore. “You want me to offer my life to save that so-called first ancestor of yours, yet you say that you’re very sincere?”

His voice carried a wisp of coldness.

Chi Qingying instantly started laughing bitterly, and he shrugged. “I knew you would definitely not agree that easily, but I still hope that you’ll reconsider.”

Chen Xi spoke in a definite tone. “There’s no need for that. It’s absolutely impossible!”

Chi Qingying smiled, and he still continued speaking with that serious and sincere tone. “Nevermind, let’s not mention that anymore. Come look for me at the first possible moment when you’re unable to persist anymore or have changed your mind, alright?”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “You could have gone all out and risked everything while we were at Mist Forest. Perhaps you might have even succeeded then. Why did you not attack then yet are so interested in this now?”

Chi Qingying sighed helplessly and said, “Do you think I didn’t want to? I just never imagined that those old fellows would provide such rewards for your capture. Every single one of them are rewards that I can’t refuse.”

If anyone who wasn’t aware of the circumstances was present here, that person would probably think that Chen Xi and Chi Qingying were two old friends having a conversation.

However, only Chi Qingying and Chen Xi were aware that this conversation’s foundation was established upon killing intent. So long as they noticed that the situation had gone wrong in the slightest, then they would attack without the slightest hesitation!

“Oh.” Chen Xi said, “What sort of rewards?”

Chi Qingying smiled. “That’s a secret that I absolutely can’t tell you.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Aren’t you afraid that I would kill you right now?”

Chi Qingying sighed and said, “I told you, I didn’t come here to fight you. So, it would truly disappoint me if you intend to kill me. After all, I exposed quite a bit of secrets to you. You have to feel a little grateful, right?”

A wisp of a cold arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “Do you think that I would?”

“Ah!” Chi Qingying sized Chen Xi up for a while before he suddenly shouted, and then he seemed as if he’d transformed into a blood red bat as he vanished on the spot.

A strand of sword qi appeared soundlessly where he stood right after he left that spot, and it merely flashed before vanishing once more.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised when his attack missed. Chi Qingying’s combat strength had slightly exceeded his expectations.

“Chen Xi, even though you wish for nothing more than to kill me, my intentions remain the same. You must come look for me when you’re unable to persist or have changed your decision.” A strand of a voice transmission shot over to Chen Xi and entered into his ears. “Besides that, you must not get yourself killed at the hands of the other peak Divine Children. Of course, I won’t hesitate to kill you if you’re heavily injured!”

Even though it had been sent over to him, Chen Xi knew that Chi Qingying had probably gone very far away and was almost impossible to pursue.

Chen Xi thought carefully for a moment. This fellow is really difficult to figure out. After all, even though Chi Qingying revealed his emotions on his face, even Chen Xi couldn’t figure out Chi Qingying’s exact thoughts.

Next time, I’ll definitely kill him as soon as I see him! Chen Xi decided in his heart. His intuition told him that Chi Qingying was absolutely a dangerous fellow who was difficult to deal with.

“Chen Xi!?” Suddenly, a voice that rumbled like a thunderclap resounded from afar.

Accompanying this voice was a figure with the head of a bird and body of a human which was completely covered in surging black colored lightning, and this figure tore swiftly through the sky from extremely far away.

It simply seemed like lightning had descended from the heavens and were striking down towards here. Moreover, that figure’s imposing aura was ferocious and vicious to the extreme.

It was a peak Divine Child from the Thunderfall Clan!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he determined the figure’s origins.

“So there you are! Hahaha! I wouldn’t need to worry about stepping foot into the Daolord Realm once I capture you!” At practically the exact same instant that this peak Divine Child from the Thunderfall Clan appeared, a thick and large divine chain of bones had suddenly appeared in the sky on the other side. A descendant of the Sin Adjudicator Clan with a ferocious and gloomy face was standing atop the divine chain. He was a peak Divine Child as well!

Coupled with the peak Divine Child from the Thunderfall Clan, there were two peak Divine Children charging at Chen Xi from both sides, and their terrifying and vast killing intent enveloped this entire area.

In an instant, Chen Xi was sandwiched between two formidable enemies.

Meanwhile the army of Dao Defiants in an area of 500km rumbled through the battlefield as they fled swiftly because they weren’t able to endure such pressure.

It was even to the extent that the expressions of a few nearby participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans had changed, and they didn’t have even the slightest intention to lend Chen Xi a hand. They fled far away instead. Such a scene seemed extraordinarily laughable.

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