Chapter 2131 – The First Ancestor of the Dao Defiants

Jin Yunsheng felt disbelief, and he was unable to understand it.

After all he felt that it was a showdown!

Xia Ruoyuan had come looking for a battle with Chen Xi. So, since Chen Xi had won, then why had Chen Xi allowed Xia Ruoyuan to leave? Could it merely be that it’s impossible to win in the Battle of Dao Protectors without Xia Ruoyuan?

Such a reason is too absurd!

Jin Yunsheng even started having thoughts which carried no ill intent, and he just wondered if Xia Ruoyuan would allow Chen Xi to live if Chen Xi had lost!

The answer was no!

Since it’s like that, then why did Chen Xi do that?

If it was any other person who’d done something like this, then Jin Yunsheng would have pointed his finger at the person and called that person an idiot!

However, it was Chen Xi who made such a decision, so he could only feel depressed by himself.

It wasn’t that he insisted on Xia Ruoyuan’s death upon losing in the battle, but he felt that Chen Xi’s actions were too worthlessly kind, and it wasn’t beneficial to Chen Xi at all.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw this, and he seemed to have seen through Jin Yunsheng’s feelings but didn’t provide any explanation.

He was naturally not being kindhearted when he did that. He was just clearly aware that if he killed Xia Ruoyuan, then there would be Suiren Kuanglan. Once he killed Suiren Kuanglan, there would be Shi Chuge. Once Shi Chuge was killed, it would be Beiming Canghai next….

If he continued killing like that, then the Divine Dao Protect Clans would lose its core forces to resist the peak Divine Children of the Dao Defiants. So, it would naturally be like helping the Dao Defiants, and it was only harmful to Chen Xi’s future plans.

Of course, Chen Xi hadn’t told Jin Yunsheng that Xia Ruoyuan wouldn’t look for trouble with him again after this defeat, and that was enough for him.

Xia Ruoyuan lost!

It wasn’t long before the entire campsite had finally confirmed that Xia Ruoyuan had lost the battle against Chen Xi!

As soon as news of this spread, the entire campsite was stirred. Numerous experts were astounded and filled with disbelief, and they erupted into an expanse of clamorous uproars.

Xia Ruoyuan was an unparalleled figure of the high level Xia Clan, and he’d inherited the Unyielding King of War’s mantle. He’d reaped the souls of countless and possessed a peerlessly ferocious combat strength.

But it was exactly such a terrifying god of slaughter that had actually lost to Chen Xi! Who would have dared to believe that this would happen?

After the battle came to an end, the outcome of the battle had imperceptibly risen Chen Xi’s status in the hearts of everyone to an unprecedented height!

Many had given up their thoughts of going against Chen Xi, and they didn’t dare try to harm him anymore. What a joke, even Xia Ruoyuan had lost to Chen Xi, so how could all of them who were weaker than Xia Ruoyuan dare to go against Chen Xi?

They weren’t tired of living!

It was even to the extent that some had started to speculate whether Suiren Kuanglan was still confident in his ability to defeat Chen Xi since Xia Ruoyuan had lost.

After all, Suiren Kuanglan had announced that he would choose a time and place to fight Chen Xi once the Heavenly Curtain of the Heaven Dao descended again!

Now, Xia Ruoyuan who was on par with Suiren Kuanglan had been defeated, so would Suiren Kuanglan alter his strategy?

Many people were waiting to watch the show.

At this moment, Suiren Kuanglan revealed a rare moment of silence when he heard of Xia Ruoyuan’s defeat. He just sat in the palace by himself for an entire day, and no one knew what he was thinking about.


At this moment, Tang Xiao’xiao heaved a long sigh of relief, but her pure, young, and pretty face was still covered in anxiety.

“Alas, this is going to be troublesome. Since that fellow is so formidable, what would happen if I can’t defeat him?” Tang Xiao’xiao was troubled by this that her anxiety made her scratch her ears and cheeks, and her little face was covered in a bitter expression.

When he heard of Xia Ruoyuan’s defeat, Shi Chuge who was originally wiping Bloodsky with concentration had clearly been slightly stunned, and his hands stopped moving.

“Not bad.” He just spat out two words lightly, and then he was once again immersed in wiping Bloodsky and living in his own world.

“Xia Ruoyuan lost?”


An ocean roiled before it suddenly condensed into Beiming Canghai’s figure. He seemed to be quite visibly moved, and his eyes glowed brilliantly.

“Very good. That kid has succeeded in arousing my interest. If even Suiren Kuanglan loses to him, then I’ll challenge him myself!” After he made this decision, Beiming Canghai didn’t hesitate to transform back into that ocean and continue absorbing the energy within the Divine Pool of Chaos.

He was a maniac when it came to his cultivation. His extraordinary and peerless natural talent hadn’t made him slack off at all. On the contrary, he cultivated even more painstakingly and diligently than others!

This was exactly why Beiming Canghai could become eminent and possess the glory he’d achieved!

Leng Xinghun had a very thought provoking smile on his face.

For the very first time, Dao Wushuang noticed that Leng Xinghun who usually had a seemingly dead face that was completely icy cold as if he possessed no emotions could actually smile.

Dao Wu Shuang couldn’t help but raise her long and fine brows that were shaped like the leaves of a willow tree. “You seem to be very happy when you found out that Xia Ruoyuan lost? I wonder what your sworn enemy, Chen Xi, would think if he knew.”

Leng Xinghun didn’t mind the ridicule in her words and just said, “See, that’s the consequence of underestimating Chen Xi. I told you to never underestimate how terrifying Chen Xi is. If you want to kill him, then he must be taken to be the most dangerous enemy. It’s even to the extent that you must be ready to take him down with you!”

His voice was resolute. It was a form of deep understanding of Chen Xi, but it was similarly a trace of extreme fear that was difficult to notice.

Dao Wushuang was really unable to imagine why Leng Xinghun would be so cautious and fearful towards Chen Xi when Leng Xinghun couldn’t be compared to the past anymore, and he even possessed the terrifying ability of a Reconstructed.

Leng Xinghun was naturally not an idiot. Since his attitude had become so cautious and he didn’t even conceal his fear of Chen Xi’s strength, Dao Wushuang couldn’t help but have a strange feeling in her heart. Is that Savior really that terrifying?

The storm in the campsite had died down along with Xia Ruoyuan’s defeat, and no one dared to cause trouble at Chen Xi’s palace after that day.

Two days passed by swiftly without them realizing it.


On this day, the Heavenly Curtain that covered the entire battlefield started vanishing slowly after a world shocking sound of the drum resounded through the sky.

The curtain to the war was being drawn open slowly once more!

A wave of desolate sounds of the horn could be faintly heard from the other side of the vast battlefield, and it was like a declaration of battle.

On the side of the Dao Protectors, all the experts walked out hastily from the campsite. They seemed as if they’d forgotten the great waves that had surged through their campsite in the last few days, and their faces seethed with killing intent and battle intent.

It was time for war again, and the experts of the Divine Dao Protector Clans had set their sights onto the army of Dao Defiants in the distance!


At the instant that the Heavenly Curtain vanished, a dazzling and resplendent blood red spear had torn through the sky and flown off into the distance. In a blink of the eye, it had vanished within the boundless battlefield.

It was Shi Chuge. He always acted in the same way. One man and one spear that swept through the boundless battlefield!

At practically the exact same moment, a surging ocean appeared from the horizon. It was vast and rumbled with a powerful imposing aura as it enveloped down towards the battlefield.

Beiming Canghai had set out as well!

“The war has begun again. I finally don’t have to continue feeling vexed….” Tang Xiao’xiao stretched her little waist as she spoke. She wore a green dress with wide sleeves and held a dark blue crescent shaped blade that was even taller than her own figure. She caused rumbling to resound as she stomped through space and vanished on the spot.

After that, Suiren Kuanglan tore through the air and left.

When Xia Ruoyuan’s figure appeared here, many people glanced over towards him, but they noticed to their disappointment that Xia Ruoyuan’s face was just as it always was. It was cold like a mountain of ice while his killing intent was like an ocean of blood and mountain of corpses. He seemed to have not been affected at all.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure appeared nearby Xia Ruoyuan, and then an inconceivable scene occurred before their eyes. Chen Xi had actually cupped his hands towards Xia Ruoyuan from afar.

Moreover, Xia Ruoyuan had nodded slightly in return!

In an instant, many experts here were shocked. Why does it seem like their relationship has become friendly after that battle?Could there be some sort of secret behind all of this?

Before they could even figure it out, both Chen Xi and Xia Ruoyuan had charged into the distant battlefield.

“Hah! What hypocrisy!” Leng Xinghun couldn’t help but laugh coldly when he witnessed this scene.

“He seems to be trying to draw Xia Ruoyuan over to his side.” Dao Wushuang seemed to be lost in thought.

“It doesn’t matter. No matter who he draws over to his side, he’ll still be unable to leave the Battle of Dao Protectors with his life intact!” Leng Xinghun spoke indifferently. “Don’t forget that he’s a Savior, and the Dao Defiants have an even stronger desire to kill him!”

“Why?” Dao Wushuang was stunned.

“Because only the blood and life of a Savior can awaken the First Ancestor of the Dao Defiants!” A wisp of a strange expression arose in Leng Xinghun’s eyes. “Have you not noticed? Not a single expert at the Daolord Realm has ever stepped forward from the Dao Defiants’ side during all the Battle of Dao Protectors throughout the countless years of the past!”

Leng Xinghun continued before Dao Wushuang could even speak. “The reason is very simple. Once those Dao Defiants at the Daolord Realm show themselves while their First Ancestor isn’t present, then they’ll be immediately crushed by the 13 Dao Servants who preside over the battle!”

Dao Wushuang spoke with surprise. “No wonder that the Divine Dao Protector Clans only dispatch Ninth Star Region Lords during the Battle of Dao Protectors.”

Leng Xinghun spoke indifferently. “Alright, let’s go back.”

Dao Wushuang frowned. “Aren’t we going to kill some Dao Defiants?”

Leng Xinghun glanced coldly at her. “Our mission is to kill Chen Xi and not to risk our lives to kill those Dao Defiants! I don’t want to prematurely expose myself to Chen Xi.”

He turned around and returned to the campsite once he finished speaking.

Dao Wushuang stood there and pondered for a moment before she shrugged in the end and returned to the campsite.

Unlike the first vast battle on Slaughter Highlands, as soon as he entered the battlefield, Chen Xi instantly noticed that the army of Dao Defiants seemed as if they recognized him, and they moved far away to avoid him before he could even head over to attack them. They didn’t charge fearlessly at him like they had during the last battle.

What’s going on? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. It was naturally not difficult for him to pursue and kill those Dao Defiants who avoided him, but such unusual actions allowed Chen Xi to realize that something was off.

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