Chapter 2130 – The Outcome

The spirits of the crowd were high, and it instantly caused the situation here to show signs of falling into disorder.

In the end, it was just these experts expressing their displeasure. The reason they’d rushed over was to watch Xia Ruoyuan’s elegance and might in battle. At the same time, they wanted to obtain further insight into Chen Xi’s combat strength.

After all, none of them had been able to clearly discern how Chen Xi had killed Cangyun Ye earlier. So, they were even more curious and fearful of Chen Xi’s strength.

On the other hand, many of these experts had malicious intent. They intended to throw the situation into disorder, and then taking advantage of the disorder to bring harm to Chen Xi.

The reason was very simple as well. It wasn’t just the five high level clans that had unanimously decided to eliminate Chen Xi. There were numerous participants throughout the campsite who wanted to kill Chen Xi!

Under such circumstances, there were naturally none that were willing to see the door to the palace being closed tightly while Xia Ruoyuan and Chen Xi fought.

The palaces had been standing towering here since the ancient times, and they were still able to remain whole until now. Obviously, the battle between Xia Ruoyuan and Chen Xi within the palace would probably be unable to harm the palace at all.

This indirectly displayed that they could only dream of watching that unparalleled battle if they didn’t open the door of the palace.

Jin Yunsheng’s face fell when he noticed that the situation was falling gradually into disorder, and he spoke coldly to those experts who had charged over. “Are all of you really going to go in there? That’s a battle between Xia Ruoyuan and Chen Xi. Are all of you not worried about being swept into the battle and losing your lives?”

Those experts were stunned, and they actually started to hesitate a little.

One of them grunted coldly. “Wouldn’t it be solved if you just went and opened the palace door?”

Jin Yunsheng glanced at that fellow with disdain before he turned around and moved aside. He left the door to them while he said with an indifferent expression on his face. “If you want, then do it yourselves. I don’t want to lose my life.”

The palace door was right before them, but regardless of whether it was those experts who charged over or the restless experts in the distance, all of them couldn’t help but hesitate right now.

They were clearly aware of how formidable Xia Ruoyuan’s combat strength was, and the consequences would be simply unimaginable if they were to be swept into the battle.

However, they were extremely unwilling to give up just like that, so they were extremely distressed.

One of the experts here had a ferocious glow in his eyes as he spoke gloomily. “Jin Yunsheng, you traitor! Now that you’ve been locked outside and have lost Chen Xi’s protection, you’re simply courting death by daring to act so arrogantly!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the other experts moved their gazes over. They seemed like they’d found an outlet to vent their rage, and their expressions turned hostile.

In their opinion, Jin Yunsheng who stood by Chen Xi’s side was undoubtedly an embarrassment and traitor to the Divine Dao Protector Clans!

Since they couldn’t enter the palace right now, then their rage naturally had to be vented on Jin Yunsheng.

Jin Yunsheng’s eyes narrowed slightly before he spoke with disdain. “A bunch of pussies that only dare to bully the weak but fear the strong. Have all of you forgotten what Xia Ruoyuan said before he entered the hall?”

The expressions of many experts froze when they heard this. They naturally hadn’t forgotten what Xia Ruoyuan had said, so they were very clearly aware that Jin Yunsheng had been acknowledged by Xia Ruoyuan. If they attacked Jin Yunsheng, then how would they give Xia Ruoyuan an explanation if he emerged from within the place?

It truly was a dilemma to them.

If Chen Xi was killed, then Jin Yunsheng would obtain Xia Ruoyuan’s protection.

If Xia Ruoyuan was killed, then Jin Yunsheng could continue enjoying Chen Xi’s protection.

In that way, it didn’t matter which one of them intended to act against him, they had to weigh the consequences of offending Chen Xi or Xia Ruoyuan!

Jin Yunsheng couldn’t help but laugh coldly when he saw all of them reveal hesitant expressions and refrain from taking action for so long.

He wasn’t worried about his own safety now. His only concern was whether Chen Xi would suffer any mishaps during the battle!

At the palace at the center of the campsite, Suiren Kuanglan’s hair fluttered wildly while dazzling waves of fire flowed from him, causing even the space in the surroundings to be incinerated.

At this moment, he seemed to have been infuriated, and he was pacing up and down the palace while a malicious aura covered the space between his brows.

“Xia Ruoyuan!” Suiren Kuanglan felt more and more infuriated as he thought about it, and he couldn’t help but roar in a deep and low voice.

He too hadn’t expected that Xia Ruoyuan would actually announce a battle with Chen Xi at such a time. Wasn’t that like indirectly cursing him, Suiren Kuanglan, as an overcautious coward?

The most infuriating thing to Suiren Kuanglan was that if Chen Xi lost, then it would really prove that he, Suiren Kuanglan, was a coward.

If Xia Ruoyuan lost, then it would allow Chen Xi’s aura to grow stronger, and his original plan would fail.

Once that occurred, it wouldn’t be a very glorious victory even if he defeated Chen Xi in the battle.

After all, Xia Ruoyuan had fought Chen Xi already, so he, Suiren Kuanglan, would be gaining a huge advantage by fighting Chen Xi right after that!

“You’ve really placed me into the fire! How vicious of you! It’s all because of those damnable idiots. If they hadn’t disregarded my orders and offended Chen Xi, then how could all of this have occurred?” Flames surged from Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes. He truly wished for nothing more than to charge out and fight Xia Ruoyuan first.

Meanwhile, Suoying Fu’s voice resounded from outside the palace. “Young Master, the situation is quite bad. Xia Ruoyuan and Chen Xi have chosen to fight within the palace, so no one is able to witness the battle.

Suiren Kuanglan was stunned, and then he became completely calm and fell into deep thought.

A long time later, he seemed to have understood something and seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Continue investigating and see which one of them leaves the palace in the end.”

Suoying Fu accepted her orders and left.

“Alas! Alas! Alas!” Tang Xiao’xiao held her young and clear little face up with both hands while she sighed. She seemed to have encountered something that troubled her, and she was conflicted to the point her exquisite brows had been knit together.

“What should I do? What should I do? Those damnable old fellows definitely made things difficult for me on purpose. If only Ancestral Uncle Tang Xian were here. Ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey!! Ancestral Uncle Tang Xian is that fellow’s senior brother. If he were here, then he would absolutely stand by idly. I can’t do that.’

“But… what exactly should I do!?” Tang Xiaoxiao had never felt so distressed about something, and she simply hated such a feeling!

At the same time, Shi Chuge was wiping Bloodsky with concentration, and it was like he was completely indifferent towards the storm in the outside world.

Beiming Canghai had transformed into an ocean as he fully concentrated himself on madly devoured the energy within the Divine Pool of Chaos

Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang sat before a table while they seemed to be waiting for some sort of information.

Along with the passage of time, those experts who stood outside Chen Xi’s palace couldn’t help but start to reveal a wisp of anxiety.

The time for an incense stick had passed yet the door to the palace was still closed tightly, and it was even to the extent that not a sound had resounded from within it. What exactly has happened in the battle within the palace?

Actually all of them were very clearly aware that if this were to continue, then it proved that even Xia Ruoyuan couldn’t kill Chen Xi in a short period of time!

So, did that mean that Chen Xi’s current combat strength was formidable to the point he could go against Xia Ruoyuan?

They didn’t dare continue on this train of thought.

Jin Yunsheng’s heart grew increasingly tense. He didn’t doubt Chen Xi’s combat strength at all, but he just wondered why there wasn’t a single sound from within the palace after so long had passed. Who exactly has gained the upper hand in the battle?

The atmosphere was deathly silent while everyone in the surroundings was immersed in his or her own thoughts.

But it wasn’t long before the tightly closed door had finally been opened, and then everyone in the surroundings held their breaths as they shot their gazes over there.

A mighty figure appeared there. His silver ear length hair fluttered in the wind while his handsome face was icy cold as always.

His bloody aura had transformed into a mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood beneath his feet.

His killing intent condensed into lightning and storms above him.

Surprisingly, it was Xia Ruoyuan!

The spirits of everyone outside the palace was raised when they witnessed this scene, and they’d almost cheered. Xia Ruoyuan had emerged from within the palace, so didn’t that mean that Che Xi had lost his life in the battle?

However, none of them dared to make any clamorous noise when they came into contact with Xia Ruoyuan’s icy cold eyes.

Step! Step!

Xia Ruoyuan remained completely silent. He walked straight past the palace door, and just like before, his footsteps were like drums that shook the heavens and the earth.

From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t revealed a trace of emotion, and he just walked out of the palace and left on his own.

This caused all the excited experts in the surroundings to feel bewildered. Isn’t his reaction slightly unusual? Did something happen during the battle?

All of them were stunned.

Jin Yunsheng couldn’t be bothered about all of that. His heart had instantly sunk to rock bottom when he saw Xia Ruoyuan leave the palace, and he simply felt like he’d been struck by lightning. He totally lost control of himself and shot into the palace.

He was absolutely unable to believe that Chen Xi had perished during the battle!

Right, how could Chen Xi have died?It’s impossible!

Jin Yunsheng consoled himself incessantly while the panic on his face grew. A battle like this represented that life and death was bound to be decided. Since Xia Ruoyuan had left alive, then would Chen Xi have any chance of surviving?

The hall was completely empty, and there wasn’t even a trace of Chen Xi’s aura. This caused the last line of defense in Jin Yunsheng’s heart to collapse, and he couldn’t help but slump to the ground while his face was dim and covered in despair. He muttered. “How could this have happened? I still haven’t returned this life of mine to you, so how could you have died just like that?”

“Who’s dead?” A voice resounded by his ears, and it completely infuriated Jin Yunsheng. He roared loudly. “Are you blind? Didn’t you see that Xia Ruoyuan left here alive? Who else could have died? Uh! You….”

As he roared, Jin Yunsheng had turned towards the source of the voice and saw someone grinning at him. That person had a handsome appearance and a tall figure. Who else could it be but Chen Xi?

“How have you come back to life?” Jin Yunsheng instantly stood up and spoke with disbelief.

“When did I die?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle.

Jin Yunsheng was excited to the point his neck and face turned red. He said, “You… you… you… did you win or lose in the end?”

Chen Xi shrugged and said, “You wouldn’t have been able to meet me again if I lost.”

“Then you won!” Jin Yunsheng cried out with excitement, and then he was puzzled. “But Xia Ruoyuan….”

Chen Xi said casually, “We’ll only have a chance at winning the Battle of Dao Protectors if he’s alive. The only people who will benefit from his death are those Dao Defiants.”

Jin Yunsheng was instantly stunned on the spot.

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