Chapter 213 – Paramita, Oblivion, Terminus

Chapter 213 – Paramita, Oblivion, Terminus

Misty Treasured Mirror!

Nine-Pythons Skyruler Cauldron!

Numerous Magic Treasures appeared out of thin air, instantly causing the heaven and earth to lose color as space wailed. Every single inch of space was filled with a variety of energy that expanded and exploded, and they emitted sharp explosions that caused one’s scalp to go numb.

No matter if it was Qing Xiuyi, Huangfu Chongming, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, or the others behind them, all four of these groups were formed from experts of the younger generation that had come from all over the Darchu Dynasty, and all of them possessed a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm, outstanding natural talent, and formidable strengths. All the Magic Treasures within their possessions were precious treasures passed down to them from the sects standing behind them, they possessed extraordinary might, and were absolutely not something that could be compared to by those ordinary treasures that could be bought on the market.

At this moment, when these Magic Treasures were utilized while combining with their entire strengths, the impetus wasn’t inferior to a volcano erupting, a landslide, or a tidal wave, and it seemed as if it wanted to tear a hole in the sky!

“As expected, so long as evil intentions do not die down, so does slaughter. Fine! Fine! Fine! I’ll send all of you off, and you can repent on the road to hell.” When Chen Xi who was surrounded in the center saw this scene, the hoarse and bleak voice once again sounded out from the corners of his mouth, but this time, besides containing grief, the voice also revealed a strand of resolute killing intent.

“The flower blooms and wilts in a cycle of a thousand years, yet leaves and flower never meet. As one brings the end of the other, just like a pair of star-crossed lovers, and it guides souls across to the Netherworld at the other side. The path illuminated by fire leads to paramita!” Along with this grievous and aged voice sounding out, Chen Xi moved abruptly. He pointed towards the sky with his feet firmly on the ground, yet his figure seemed as if it was moving about in all directions within the depths of space. With a point of his finger, a sea of flowers that were scarlet red like blood gushed out abruptly to cover the heaven and earth, and when looked at from afar, it was like a carpet covered in fresh blood lay across space and led towards hell, where crime was annihilated.

Paramita Dao Territory — The path illuminated by fire!

The horrifying crimson red flowers were the well renowned Red Spider Lilies of the Netherworld that was also called the Paramita Flowers. They were like fire and blood and were reputed to be the flowers that led souls. They represented disaster, separation, and death. Legend says that once one died, their soul would be guided by the Paramita Flower to head towards the Netherworld.

“Shit! It’s actually the Paramita Dao Territory within the Netherworld’s Samsara. Everyone, use your entire strength to kill him. Otherwise, all of us will have our souls extracted by him and suppressed within the Netherworld, and we’ll be unable to escape for eternity!” When she saw the numerous crimson red flowers that covered the heavens and the earth, Qing Xiuyi’s pupils constricted abruptly as she let out a clear shout. Her sleeves fluttered as her white hands flipped, causing the Misty Treasured Mirror to explode out with a ball of a seven colored mist that was like a dragon as it fluttered freely in the sky before tearing through the sky to strike Chen Xi.

There was no need for Qing Xiuyi’s reminder as everyone else had noticed that something was off, and they attacked with their entire strengths right away.


The Nine-Pythons Skyruler Cauldron flew up into the sky, its image was like a mountain that held up the sky as countless profound runes swirled out from the cauldron. Every single rune transformed into a mountain that was either, lofty and powerful, or precipitous and solitary, and it converged into a powerful scene of a myriad of mountains that fiercely crushed down towards Chen Xi that was beneath it.

At practically the exact same time, a saber that seemed capable of swallowing everything appeared out of thin air, the body of the saber seemed to carry boundless seawater, with waves slapping onto each other, causing the azure seawater to dash into the skies, and numerous 300m long Dragonsharks that were the overlords of the sea roared within it, causing its ferocious energy to cover the heavens and the earth.

Besides the saber, a fist tore through the sky and smashed out, the fist carried many overlapping images as it flew out, like a group of mountains overlapping over one another, and it formed into a sledgehammer that seemed to intend to smash open the starry sky and shatter the myriad of dimensions, causing one to be unable to distinguish the real fist from the fake images.

Lin Moxuan’s Earthly Heaven Sword, Xiao Linger’s Spirit Flame Sword…

At this instant, various terrifying attacks poured out like tidewater, and the might of these attacks was something that even a Rebirth Realm cultivator would have to flee from.


It was like the heavens were collapsing, the earth splitting apart, and the sun and moon falling. The sea of flowers that were like blood that covered the heavens and the earth were smashed to the point of becoming riddled with holes and was torn into pieces. Especially the seven colored mist that Qing Xiuyi executed, it possessed a matchless swallowing energy that went on a rampage within the sea of flowers, and it threw space itself into disorder as it swept through all obstacles.

However, to everyone’s disbelief, these attacks were unable to come the slightest bit close to Chen Xi. He walked freely within space as if he’d stepped out of the six paths of reincarnation and wasn’t part of the five elements. His expression was neither sad nor happy, like a supreme God that watched the passage of time with a smile and stood above all life in the world.

“How could this be possible?” Huangfu Chongming roared out in shock.

“Even a Rebirth Realm cultivator can only flee for his life when facing our full force attacks, yet how could we possibly not even be capable of touching this fellow’s sleeves?” Liu Fengchi’s gaze was anxious and doubtful.

“How can a Golden Hall Realm ant like him be so formidable? Even if he’s drawing strength from that Immortal Artifact, it’s impossible for him to easily avoid our full force strikes, right?” Man Hong’s expression flickered indeterminately.

“Paramita Dao Territory. When he’s at the other side, how can we possible hit him?” Only Qing Xiuyi seemed to have seen through the reason behind everything, and she frowned as she said coldly, “Everyone, let’s first break this Paramita Dao Territory first. Once he doesn’t have it to rely on, this person will naturally be dead for sure!”

“Miss Qing is right.”



Instantly, everyone stopped thinking so much, and they attacked the Paramita Flowers that covered the heavens and the earth in their surroundings with all their might.

“Without a guide, the seas of misery will have no end, and even the gods are unable to struggle free as they’re pulled down into oblivion.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s finger pressed onto the space before him once more.


A muddy and dim ocean lay across the heavens and the earth, the muddy waves surged across its boundless surface, and an unparalleled swallowing force gushed out from the ocean with a bang. The roaring waves atop the ocean seemed like countless Gods roaring ‘Sink!’ ‘Sink!’ and they seemed as if they wanted this entire heaven and heart to sink into this boundless ocean.

Oblivion Dao Insight — The boundless sea of misery!

Om! Om! Om!

All the Magic Treasures that fluttered in the entire sky seemed as if they were grabbed by a shapeless hand, and they struggled intensely and uneasily as they started wailing, yet they were gradually dragged towards the extremely muddy sea of misery.

“Oblivion Dao Territory!” Qing Xiuyi couldn’t maintain her composure any longer, and she let out a sharp cry. “Watch out everyone, the Oblivion Dao Territory suppresses everything and wipes out the intelligence of all life. If our Magic Treasures fall into it, our soul brands will be removed from them before being seized away by him!”

“Dammit! How can there be such a terrifying Dao Territory!?”


“Get the fuck back!”

The expression of everyone turned grim as they roared loudly with the intention of taking back their Magic Treasures. These Magic Treasures were their trump cards that were exceedingly precious and extremely rare. Once they lost it, their combat strength would be reduced greatly, and if it wasn’t for the sake of seizing the Immortal Artifact in Chen Xi’s possession, they’d wouldn’t have used them at all.

So when they heard that this Oblivion Dao Territory was actually capable of seizing away all their Magic Treasures, these people exerted their entire strengths without daring to be hesitant in the slightest.

“Want to take them back? It’s too late! Dusk is immeasurable as it brings an end to everything and causes all life to fall. Terminus Dao Territory — The dusk of all gods!” Along with the bleak and hoarse voice, Chen Xi rode the wind and tore through the waves on the sea of misery as he took a step forward and arrived before the 10 plus Magic Treasures, and then his finger pointed out. A wisp of a dense color of dusk was condensed on his finger. It was like the end of time, the final stage of the universe, revealing a boundless aura that was tragic, helpless, and powerlessness to turn everything around.

Dusk was the end, terminus.

After dusk was eternal silence and eternal silence for the sake of daybreak that came in the next moment and ushered in a new era!


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