Chapter 2129 – Endless Waves

Suiren Kuanglan’s replies spread throughout the entire campsite, and the experts who were rather filled with anticipation towards tomorrow’s battle couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

While this answer seemed to be extremely unyielding, Suiren Kuanglan’s decision actually seemed cautious and conservative.

That wasn’t like Suiren Kuanglan’s style. It was common knowledge that he was unrestrained, willful, domineering, and haughty. However, he’d chosen to postpone the battle, so others were naturally unable to understand it.

On the other hand, Chen Xi merely shook his head and revealed no emotions at all when he heard of this news.

However, Jin Yunsheng had heaved a sigh of relief because he’d truly been shocked when he heard Chen Xi announce his intentions to pay Suiren Kuanglan a visit tomorrow, and Jin Yunsheng couldn’t avoid feeling worried.

He was very clearly aware that if Chen Xi was killed, then he, Jin Yunsheng, would definitely be affected as well. In other words, since he was standing on Chen Xi’s side now, it was equivalent to them being closely linked. So, if Chen Xi was doomed, then he wouldn’t be able to avoid the same fate.

Fortunately, Suiren Kuanglan hadn’t agreed immediately!

Even though there were only five days left until the Heavenly Curtain descended again, what if Suiren Kuanglan were to suffer a mishap on the battlefield?

That was something that no one could say for sure. After all, they were all from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and they would have to fight and kill the Dao Defiants when the war began again.

Yet now, Suiren Kuanglan’s reply had clearly revealed that he would be fighting the peak Divine Child, Pan Tong, on the day after tomorrow.

Pan Tong was a terrifying figure from the Bloodsucker Clan. His combat strength was extremely formidable, and that was obvious from his ability to become a peak Divine Child.

In Jin Yunsheng’s opinion, perhaps Suiren Kuanglan would be able to kill Pan Tong, but Suiren Kuanglan would have to pay quite a price in the end!

After all, Pan Tong and Suiren Kuanglan were existences of the same level, so both of them would probably be unable to guarantee their ability to survive the battle without suffering any injuries.

If Suiren Kuanglan were to suffer an injury, then would he have the confidence to fight Chen Xi?

Regardless of whether he did, Jin Yunsheng knew that only such a situation would be advantageous to Chen Xi!

At a remote corner of the campsite, Leng Xinghun had an indifferent expression as he crushed the jade sip in his hand and said, “Looks like Suiren Kuanglan isn’t as impulsive as the rumors said.”

Dao Wushuang laid lazily at the side of the Divine Pool of Chaos while she spoke in a lazy tone. “No one at this level of strength is an idiot.”

Leng Xinghun nodded and said, “It really isn’t advisable to fight Chen Xi head-on at a time like this. That kid entered the campsite, seized a palace, and killed Cangyun Ye. His footsteps have been moving forward steadily, and his imposing aura has been accumulated to its peak. So, even I wouldn’t rashly accept his request.”

Dao Wushuang chuckled and spoke in a melodious voice. “So, Suiren Kuanglan intends to delay it and silently wear away at Chen Xi’s aura, and then bring in his own improved aura from killing Pan Tong to fight Chen Xi. In this way, he would have successfully seized the initiative in the battle.”

She paused for a moment, combed the hair above her ear, and her gorgeous eyes narrowed with a slightly deep gaze in them. “The only key factor is whether he’ll be able to kill Pan Tong without suffering any injuries. If he can’t accomplish that, then this scheme of his would fail.”

Leng Xinghun glanced at her. “Since he dared to act in this way, then he’s definitely confident in his ability to kill Pan Tong. So, your inference hasn’t grasped onto the core of the issue.”

“Oh?” Dao Wu Shuang grinned as she sat up, and she wrapped her snow white hands around her knees as she stared at Leng Xinghun and said, “Then what’s the core of the issue?”

Leng Xinghun’s expression remained indifferent. “The situation on the battlefield changes constantly. No one can say for sure that other peak Divine Children wouldn’t interfere in the battle between Suiren Kuanglan and Pan Tong!”

Dao Wushuang clapped and praised. “You probably wouldn’t have died at Chen Xi’s hands if you had such ability all those years ago.”

Leng Xinghun’s expression suddenly turned cold while he remained silent.


Meanwhile, a ray of divine light suddenly appeared within the hall, and then it fell into Leng Xinghun’s hand and transformed into a jade slip.

Leng Xinghun looked through it briefly, and then his pupils couldn’t help but constrict slightly as he muttered. “Why has that fellow taken action?”

There were only a few words recorded in the jade slip — Xia Ruoyuan has taken action to challenge Chen Xi!

At the same time, the entire campsite was stirred. Many figures were practically simultaneously leaving the places they resided and converged towards Chen Xi’s palace.

Xiao Ruoyuan intended to fight Chen Xi!

Most of the experts in the campsite were originally disappointed by Suiren Kuanglan’s reaction, but it wasn’t long before the news of Xia Ruoyuan’s departure to fight Chen Xi had spread throughout the campsite. It was simply like a bomb that caused the entire campsite to seethe with excitement.

Xia Ruoyuan was an unyielding, merciless, and terrifying existence who killed without batting an eyelid!

He was from the high level Xia Clan, and he was the only peerless figure in the Xia Clan to have inherited the mantle of the Xia Clan’s ancestor, the Unyielding King of War! His combat strength was strong and ferocious, and he’d reaped the souls of countless. He was like the reincarnation of the King of War himself, and he was terrifying to the extreme.

Xia Ruoyuan’s name was simply the embodiment of blood and death in the Primal Chaos Origin, and just speaking his name caused the expressions of others to change.

At this moment, Suiren Kuanglan and Chen Xi hadn’t even had the chance to fight. But Xia Ruoyuan had acted unusually and stepped forward to fight Chen Xi instead, so how could they not be shocked?

“A peerless expert has finally stepped forward to deal with that kid, Chen Xi!”

“Haha! Chen Xi’s fate was sealed since the Battle of Dao Protectors began. After all, the five high level clans came to an agreement to eliminate Chen Xi!”

“Why didn’t Xia Ruoyuan act against him before this? Why has he chosen such a moment in time?”

“Perhaps it’s because he didn’t take Chen Xi seriously at all before this. However, he became interested when Chen Xi killed Cangyun Ye and challenged Suiren Kuanglan.”

“Tsk, tsk. Chen Xi is doomed this time!”

Numerous figures gathered before Chen Xi’s palace amidst the sounds of discussion, and all of them were Ninth Star Region Lords from the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

Surprisingly, no matter if it was Shi Chuge, Beiming Canghai, Tang Xiao’xiao, or Suiren Kuanglan, all of them hadn’t shown themselves when such a battle was about to occur, and they seemed as if they paid no attention to it.

However, the spectators quickly came to an understanding. As it was said, it was impossible for two kings to remain within a single kingdom. Existences who had attained their level would naturally not condescend to come here. If they did that, then it would make them seem inferior to Xia Ruoyuan.

After all, according to the agreement that they’d come to, Chen Xi was someone that all of them had to eliminate. Under such circumstances, if they were to have stayed away when Xia Ruoyuan hadn’t moved out to challenge Chen Xi yet appeared as soon as he did, then it would immediately become a completely different situation.

Thump! Thump!

The heavens and the earth shook while footsteps which sounded like war drums resounded and surged through the surroundings, and they were suffused with a terrifying aura that struck terror in the soul.

The spectators felt dazed as if they were watching an ocean of blood and a mountain of corpses moving towards them. Boundless blood surged through the world while seeming to be material while endless killing intent shot through the air. It even caused the sky to dim down.

For a time, the atmosphere here had suddenly become oppressive and suffocating. The hearts of everyone couldn’t help but tighten while they felt indescribable fear arise in their hearts.

Right when many of them were on the verge of being unable to endure such pressure, a mighty and slender figure had suddenly appeared before Chen Xi’s palace.

It was a man who seemed cold like a snowy mountain. His silver hair stretched down to his ears, and his handsome appearance was sufficient to make most beautiful women in the world dim in comparison.

He stood there with his hands behind his back, and it seemed like he was standing on the battlefield. Moreover, dark lightning clouds densely covered the sky above him while gales surged through the surroundings, and there was even an expanse of corpses and a river of blood beneath his feet.

As soon as he appeared here, the hearts of many experts shook fiercely while they revealed fear and reverence.

He was Xia Ruoyuan!

The tightly closed door to the palace was opened without a sound, and then Jin Yunsheng’s figure appeared there. At this moment, his expression was very strange. He seemed dazed like he’d been taken by surprise, yet there was also gloominess like he’d been infuriated.

Obviously, Xia Ruoyuan’s sudden intention to fight Chen Xi had taken Jin Yunsheng by surprise as well, and he wasn’t able to digest all of it yet.

However, the emotions on his face instantly vanished when he saw Xia Ruoyuan who stood outside the palace, and he had an indifferent expression on his face.

He moved aside slightly and spoke indifferently. “Please head in. Fellow Daoist Chen Xi has been waiting.”

Xiao Ruoyuan glanced at Jin Yunsheng before he started walking again. But he stopped when he passed Jin Yunsheng, and he said, “I admire your character. You can stay by my side once I kill Chen Xi.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his mighty figure that was filled with a boundless aura of blood walked into the palace.

The door of the palace rumbled as it closed, and it even left Jin Yunsheng locked out.

However, Jin Yunsheng had clearly been given instructions by Chen Xi, and he was clearly aware that it wasn’t suitable for him to stay within the palace for now.

But Jin Yunsheng had slightly complicated emotions in his heart because he understand what Xia Ruoyuan meant.

If Chen Xi died, then he would definitely suffer very horrifying consequences as well. On the other hand, Xia Ruoyuan’s intent was very simple, Jin Yunsheng just had to stay by Xia Ruoyuan’s side and wouldn’t have to worry about facing the threat that the other clans posed to him.

Jin Yunsheng suddenly sighed and muttered with self ridicule. “Looks like knowing how to repay a debt isn’t a completely bad thing. At the very least, others would admire me…. Unfortunately, this life of mine was given to me by Chen Xi. If he dies, then I….”

When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly shut his mouth and gazed towards the tightly closed door of the palace.

At the same time, those experts who were converged in the surroundings had instantly burst into an uproar. All of them were astounded, surprised, bewildered, and infuriated.

“How could he do this? How could a battle between experts be restricted within the palace? Could it be that he's worried that others would witness his secrets?”

“That fellow, Chen Xi, has definitely set up an ambush within the palace! Otherwise, why would he make the battle so secretive?”

“This won’t do. We must act and open the door to that palace. We can’t allow Young Master Xia Ruoyuan to face danger by himself!”

“Right, that’s exactly what we should do!”

Those experts in the surroundings expressed their displeasure in succession, and they were extremely furious. There were even some who were eager to charge into the palace.

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