Chapter 2128 – A Horrifying Swing Of The Sword

The bald green robed man’s eyelids twitched when Chen Xi glanced at him. However, he instantly felt filled with courage when he glanced at the group by his side and spoke in a grim voice. “What’re you looking at? Quickly get the fuck out of here!”

Jin Yunsheng couldn’t restrain his rage and berated him. “Zhuo Xuanbo, you bastard! Chen Xi saved your life on the battlefield, but not only are you ungrateful, you’re even repaying his kindness with hostility. Is your entire Zhuo Clan full of such shameless people?”

As soon as these words were spoken, many gazes carried slight surprise, and they seemed to have never expected that something like that had happened.

The face of the bald man called Zhuo Xuanbo fell, and he said in a ferocious tone. “Jin Yunsheng, I didn’t ask him to save me. Moreover, that fellow is a Savior! He’s a heretic! He’s someone whose existence isn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao! But you, Jin Yunsheng, are together with a heretic. That’s simply like treachery and deserves death!”

His voice was rather loud and reverberated through the heavens and the earth, so even some experts in the distance had been alarmed by it, and they shot their consciousnesses over.

Some experts had even rushed over upon hearing the commotion, and they stood and watched coldly from afar.

Presently, everyone within the camp was aware that Chen Xi had arrived here and occupied one of the palaces. So, it allowed them to discern that Chen Xi would probably be unable to avoid that lethal calamity that was coming for him.

However, no one had expected that it would occur so quickly.

Jin Yunsheng’s face sank. “Countless people have been taken to be heretics by the Heaven Dao. I didn’t see all of you going to fight the Master of Oracle Mountain while he was still in the Ancient God Domain all those years ago. Could it be that all of you only know how to bully Chen Xi?”

The faces of many fell, and they were slightly angry and displeased.

Jin Yunsheng laughed coldly as he continued. “Not to mention that Chen Xi saved my life, so my help towards him is perfectly justified. How did it become treacherous when spoken about by an ungrateful bastard like you?”

Zhuo Xuanbo’s face grew even more ferocious and ghastly. He was just about to speak when Cangyun Ye frowned and stopped him because they hadn’t come here to engage in a verbal dispute.

“Chen Xi, I’ll give you 30 breaths of time as well. You’ll probably meet you end today if you don’t give this palace to us.” Cangyun Ye glanced coldly at Chen Xi while the killing intent within his eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

“How laughable! All of you lost it in a competition of battle merits, so you intend to act shamelessly and seize it by force? Would your clans have any honor left if word of this gets back to the Primal Chaos Origin?” Jin Yunsheng’s expression was livid because these fellows were simply too shameless. Most importantly, he felt faintly worried for Chen Xi.

Cangyun Ye had gathered over 10 Ninth Star Region Lords by his side, and there were numerous gazes watching from afar. So, it was obvious how disadvantageous the situation would be to Chen Xi once the battle began.

Jin Yunsheng didn’t believe that those fellows in the distance wouldn’t seize the opportunity to attack!

In other words, most of the experts in the campsite were hostile towards Chen Xi. So if Cangyun Ye’s group were to enter into battle with Chen Xi, then even if Chen Xi were able to avoid defeat for some time, it would definitely cause even more experts to join the battle.

What should we do? Jin Yunsheng’s heart was in chaos.

“Was this Suiren Kuanglan’s idea?” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

Cangyun Ye laughed coldly as he thought that Chen Xi’s words were a clear display of weakness, and it made him feel even more fearless.

Cangyun Ye couldn’t help but feel a wisp of delight when he recalled the humiliating scene he experienced early when Chen Xi drove them out, and he acted as if he hadn’t heard Chen Xi and spoke slowly. “24 breaths.”

Obviously, he’d started the count, and he was giving Chen Xi an eye for an eye. He was using the exact same method Chen Xi had used just now to get his revenge.

A wisp of a faint arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he heard this, and then he didn’t speak again.

Cangyun Ye acutely noticed that there was something off about Chen Xi’s reaction, but he wasn’t able to put a finger on it. So, he couldn’t help but grunt coldly and continue his count. “20!”

Many spectators in the vicinity were smiling coldly while killing intent filled their eyes.

The originally oppressive aura suddenly had the murderous and crushing feeling of an impending storm, and it was practically suffocating.

Chen Xi still didn’t offer any sort of reaction.

However, Jin Yunsheng was able to sense that there seemed to be numerous strands of killing intent hidden in all directions, and they were closing down towards Chen XI.

This made his expression grow unsightly and stiff. He sensed the imminent approach of lethal danger.

When Cangyun Ye saw Chen Xi remain motionless there, he thought that Chen Xi was in a violent struggle within his heart, so Cangyun Ye couldn’t help but feel even more complacent. He really enjoyed such a feeling.

However, his face was still gloomy and emotionless, and then his lips parted a little as if he intended to declare the amount of remaining time again.


At this instant, Cangyun Ye felt a wisp of peerlessly dazzling blood red light flash before his eyes, and then the heavens and the earth were overturned while his field of vision suddenly became strange and unusual.

What’s going on? Cangyun Ye was quite puzzled, and then he noticed to his astonishment that while his body was clearly standing there, it didn’t have its head on anymore!

Where’s my head? Suddenly, a strand of intense pain surged into his mind, and it allowed him to come to a complete understanding. However, it was too late, and his vision faded as he lost all consciousness.

The experts in the vicinity hadn’t been able to see how Chen Xi attacked as well. They’d similarly seen a wisp of peerlessly dazzling red light that flashed before them.

After that, they heard a sword howl, and Cangyun Ye’s head was actually thrown into midair at the same time!

All of this took some time to describe yet actually occurred inconceivably quickly. Even their strengths at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm wasn’t sufficient to react to it, so it was obvious how quick all of this was.

In an instant, everyone was shocked, and they were flabbergasted. Their pupils had constricted in unison while an indescribably strong impact had struck their hearts.


At this moment, a strand of warm and scarlet red blood had finally sprayed out from the neck of Cangyun Ye’s headless corpse, and it was a gorgeous yet horrifying sight.

In the end, his headless corpse crashed to the ground.

Cangyun Ye was dead!

He hadn’t even been able to react or put up his guard before he died!

So, since Chen Xi could kill a Ninth Star Region Lord from the mid level Cangyun Clan with such ease, then how terrifying was that attack which Chen Xi just executed?

Even saying that it was as easy as taking something out of his pocket wasn’t sufficient to describe how terrifying it was. Because all of them hadn’t been able to see how he’d attacked at all!

The deathly silent atmosphere here started to be covered in the aura of blood.

Suoying Fu and the other experts who came here with Cangyun Ye had ghastly pale countenances, and their entire bodies were stiff and felt cold like they’d fallen into pits of ice.

They’d never felt so close to death in their lives!

When they thought about how Chen Xi could kill Cangyun Ye with such ease, they knew that he was naturally able to kill them in a similar manner, so they couldn’t help but feel horrified.

“Tell Suiren Kuanglan that I’ll pay him a visit tomorrow.” Chen Xi’s expression remained calm as before, and it was as if nothing had occurred just now. He glanced at Suoying Fu and the others before he placed his hands behind his back and walked back into the palace.

A shrill cry suddenly resounded, and then Suoying Fu and the others seemed to have returned to their senses. Their expressions changed as they fled swiftly, and they actually vanished in the blink of an eye.

On the other hand, many of the gazes who were watching from the shadows revealed a wisp of shock when they heard those words Chen Xi had spoken before he left. They seemed to find it difficult to believe. After that, they withdrew their consciousnesses from there and left hastily.

The incident just now was too shocking, and it was very significant. They had no choice but to rethink everything related to Chen Xi.

Earlier, Chen Xi had arrived at the campsite and domineeringly forced Ying Shankun to move aside. After that, he utilized his battle merits to surpass the total amount of battle merits possessed by Cangyun Ye’s group of four, and he drove them out, took their palace, and made them become laughingstocks in the entire campsite.

Now, he’d even beheaded Cangyun Ye before their eyes with just a single swing of his sword. Moreover, no one had been able to see how he launched that attack!

This string of events proved that Chen Xi was very terrifying. He was terrifying beyond their imagination, and he wasn’t that easy to bully.

For example, Cangyun Ye felt that he’d gathered numerous experts to support him and could firmly grasp victory in a confrontation with Chen Xi. But who would have imagined that the situation would be turned around, and Cangyun Ye had died miserably on the spot?

Especially shocking to the experts throughout the campsite was that Chen Xi had actually publicly announced that he would pay a visit to Suiren Kuanglan tomorrow. Didn’t that meant that a battle of life and death was bound to occur between him and Suiren Kuanglan?

Suiren Kuanglan was a dazzling figure of the high level Suiren Clan, and he was one of the favorites of the heavens who had the best chance to step foot into the Daolord Realm!

Only a handful throughout the campsite could compete with him.

Yet now, while Suiren Kuanglan hadn’t gone to look for trouble with Chen Xi, Chen Xi had taken the initiative to challenge him. So how could that not shock the others?

In merely 10 minutes of time, the entire campsite had erupted into an uproar. They’d found out about everything that had occurred at Chen Xi’s palace, and they were aware of Chen Xi’s intention to pay Suiren Kuanglan a visit. For a time, clamorous noise filled the campsite, and it caused countless great waves to arise again.

“Idiots! I told all of you to not provoke him for now! But all of you ignored your orders and tried to bully him with numbers. Haha! How laughable! Do all of you think that just numbers would be enough to crush him in a head-on battle?” Suiren Kuanglan had a wildly arrogant and disdainful expression within the palace, and his voice rumbled like a thunderclap.

Suoying Fu and the others remained silent like cicadas in the winter, and their countenances were pale.

If they knew Chen Xi was so terrifying, then how could they have dared to take such a risk? But it was too late now.

“But that fellow actually had the courage to challenge me. That’s truly unexpected.” The glow of flames surged within Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes, and the overbearing and unrestrained aura he emanated simply made him seem like an emperor of flames.

“Haha! Fine, I originally intended to let those fellows deal with you. But since you’ve voiced your intent to see a battle with me, then how could I not agree?” Suiren Kuanglan raised his head as he muttered these words, but a scene surged into appearance within his mind. It was actually the image of Chen Xi standing outside the palace while in confrontation with Cangyun Ye’s group. Chen Xi’s right hand hadn’t moved at all, and he’d merely flicked the tip of his finger lightly.

After that, a wisp of blood red light appeared abruptly before Cangyun Ye’s head had been chopped off!

When Suiren Kuanglan intended to sense the aura of that blood red ray of light in detail, the image within his mind had suddenly fallen into chaos and it couldn’t be discerned at all.

This made Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes narrow while he fell into deep thought.

Suoying Fu and the others didn’t even dare to breathe loudly as they were deeply afraid of disturbing Suiren Kuanglan.

A long time later, Suiren Kuanglan opened his eyes while the surging divine flames in the depths of his eyes were seething to their limits and simply seemed to be capable of incinerating the sky.

But in next to no time, all of this had vanished, and Suiren Kuanglan’s gaze had actually revealed a rare moment of tranquility.

He turned his head to glance at Suoying Fu and the others, and then he spoke slowly. “He wants to challenge me? Haha. I can’t allow him to seize the initiative. Tell Chen Xi that I’ve made an agreement to fight the peak Divine Child, Pan Tong, on the day after tomorrow. If he wants to fight me, then he has to wait until the Heavenly Curtain descends again, and I’ll arrange the time and place!”

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