Chapter 2127 – Staging A Comeback

Chen Xi withdrew his gaze after he watched Jin Yunsheng’s figure move hastily down the stairway, and then he flipped his palm to reveal a green colored bottle gourd of wine.

He raised his head and took a good drink. The strong and rich wine gurgled down his throat and transformed into warmth that surged through his entire body.

When he finally finished all the wine within the gourd, Chen Xi’s eyes that were deep like abysses had become bright to the extreme.

He casually tossed it away to the side before he glanced at the blood red battlefield in the distance, and the brightness in his eyes gradually vanished and they became calm once more.

This was a form of otherworldly calm, and it was unlike the calm he revealed in the past.

After that, Chen Xi placed his hands behind his back and walked down along the stairway. However, he suddenly stopped when he was halfway down, and he used the tip of his finger to write casually on the stone wall on the side.

A short while later, he started walking down again, and his figure vanished from the stairway.

At this moment, this stone wall that had been inscribed with the words and diagrams from many participants since time immemorial had another row of words on it now — Just staying true to the heart is enough.

Throughout the years of the past, Chen Xi had always upheld the saying — Comprehend the Heaven’s Dao and stay true to your heart. But it had changed completely now!

It was a form of ascension of the Dao Heart, and only Chen Xi understood its true secrets.

Since a young age, Chen Xi had always been cultivating, and he’d made the best use of every single second and opportunity to strengthen himself.

All along the way, he’d become accustomed to storms and overcoming difficulties that stood in his path. He’d strode through the Mortal Dimension, Immortal Dimension, and Netherworld. He’d even traversed the Ancient God Domain, travelled through boundless expanses of space, overcome the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, entered the Door of the Last Days. Most importantly, he’d experienced all sorts of dangers and suffered all boundless hardships….

The baptism of countless bloody battles and tests of life and death had allowed Chen Xi to possess experiences and transformations that far surpasses others in the world.

He’d become strong to the point there were rarely any existences amongst his peers who could be a match for him, and he’d even arrived above the peak of the realm below the Daolord Realm and was renowned throughout the world.

However, Chen Xi still felt a form of heavy pressure when he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors now. It was a form of helplessness of being only able to passively follow along the current, struggle passively, and be unable to take control of everything.

It was like an invisible hand was influencing everything from the shadows, and it forced him to have no choice but to fight at all times and be unable to take control of his own life.

Most importantly, it wasn’t a problem of cultivation or strength anymore!

When he thought that he could meet his mother upon attaining the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he noticed that it was insufficient to accomplish his goal.

When he thought that just entering the Ancient God Domain would be sufficient to be reunited with his parents, he realized that just becoming a god was still far from enough.

When he was finally reunited with his parents, he realized that he still had to accomplish even more things in order to take them with him.

The unexpected change in the heaven Dao had placed Oracle Mountain’s status in imminent danger.

The chaos and war throughout the world made it so that none could remain unaffected by this calamity that came from the heavens….

Regardless of which one it was, it made Chen Xi have the feeling that he had no choice but to act and fight. It was his responsibility, and Chen Xi understood that he couldn’t refuse all of it, and he was even willing to give up everything in order to protect all of it.

But… why was it like that?


This question had been the question in the deepest depths of Chen Xi’s heart. He’d never feared his path towards the Dao, he’d never avoided the responsibilities that rested on his shoulder, and he’d never refused to fight.

The question he had was merely a form of helplessness from being unable to take control of his own life!

When he arrived at Slaughter Highlands, arrived at this palace within the campsite, and saw those sorrows, rageful, spirited, helpless, and dazed words and diagrams that had been left behind by those experts who participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors in the past….

When he saw that sentence — The Heavens deceived me!

That question at the bottom of Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but surge up in his heart and was completely brought forward.

He stood at the peak of the palace, gazed through the window at the blood red battlefield in the distance, and he thought about and recalled a great deal.

After that, Chen Xi figured it out, and the question that had been suppressed in the depths of his heart for so long had been completely eliminated.

Thus, his Dao Heart underwent a complete transformation.

The words Chen Xi inscribed on the wall was the principle he’d understood.

Once one stopped comprehending the Heaven’s Dao, it was naturally completely different.

Even though it was a change in mental state, it was like a complete change of his path towards the Dao for Chen Xi.

Just a thought hadn’t just severed the question in his heart, it had even severed the karma and fetters of the past!

So, when Jin Yunsheng felt shocked and reverent towards Chen Xi upon seeing that he seemed to have become a completely different person, he wasn’t seeing things at all.

Jin Yunsheng remained staring blankly while within the Divine Pool of Chaos, and his heart couldn’t calm down. He was still thinking about exactly what had happened to Chen Xi.

“What are you thinking about?” A voice resounded by his ear, and it shocked Jin Yunsheng to the point his entire body shuddered. Only now did he notice that Chen Xi was actually standing by the side of the pool.

“It’s nothing.” Jin Yunsheng shook his head, and then he couldn’t help but say. “Fellow Daoist, did you lay eyes upon the River of Destiny and comprehend some things about it just now?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “Kind of.”

The change in his mental state had brought him a step closed to the Grand Dao of Destiny indeed. This sort of feeling was very difficult to describe, but Chen Xi knew that he really wasn’t far from advancing into the Daolord Realm.

“It really is as I expected.” Jin Yunsheng muttered while he seemed like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. It seemed as if everything made sense. However, it wasn’t long before he realized something else. The Battle of Dao Protectors hasn’t even been carried out for a month yet. Is Chen Xi going to advance already?

Isn’t that a little too inconceivable?

That’s the Daolord Realm! It’s related to the extraordinary Grand Dao of Destiny! How could one possibly come into contact with it and comprehend it with such ease?

Complicated emotions instantly arose within Jin Yunsheng’s heart.

Chen Xi asked. “When will the next war start on Slaughter Highlands?”

Jin Yunsheng was stunned, and he spoke quickly upon returning to his senses. “Normally, the Heavenly Curtain formed from the energy of the Heaven Dao would descend every 3 days of time, and it would cover the battlefield for 2 days. So, these 2 days are the days when both sides rest and recuperate at their campsites.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “In other words, the war will continue in 2 days from now, and the war on Slaughter Highlands will only come to an end when the 1st line of defense is destroyed.”

Chen Xi nodded and continued. “How long have the past wars on Slaughter Highlands lasted for?”

Jin Yunsheng pondered for a while and said, “The fastest was half a year while the slowest even took more than 10 years.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said, “How is victory and defeat determined?”

A wisp of killing intent flashed through Jin Yunsheng’s eyes as he said, “It’s very simple. We just have to kill those Dao Defiants to the point they flee and retreat to the 2nd Battlefront.”

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood the rules of this battle, and he couldn’t help but feel curious. “Have the Divine Dao Protector Clans been defeated on Slaughter Highlands in the past?”

Jin Yunsheng shrugged and said, “Of course. It was a humiliation of the Divine Dao Protector Clans that no one mentions. But comparatively speaking, our side has clearly won on more occasions throughout history.”

Their conversation had developed from the Slaughter Highlands. In other words, both of them were clearly aware that the war on Slaughter Highlands was only the 1st battlefront in this war, and it could only be considered as a part of the war.

In order to bring this Battle of Dao Protectors to an end, then either the Dao Protectors had to be completely defeated or they had to break through the 3rd Battlefront which was also the Dao Defiants’ 3rd line of defense!

Chen Xi patted Jin Yunsheng on the shoulder. “I understand now. Just rest at ease here and recuperate.” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi had stood up and walked towards the door of the palace.

“Fellow Daoist, where are you going?” Jin Yunsheng instantly felt quite anxious. Most of the experts in the campsite were hostile against Chen Xi, so Chen Xi would definitely suffer all sorts of attacks if he left the palace.

Chen Xi stopped and spoke indifferently. “I originally intended to resolve some things. But it would seem like there’s no need for that now.

Jin Yunsheng was stunned. What does he mean?

Right at this moment, a gloomy voice resounded from outside the palace. ‘Chen Xi, hand the palace over. This isn’t a place that you can occupy!”

Jin Yunsheng instantly understood the meaning behind Chen Xi’s words, and then the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Misfortune really can’t be avoided. I never expected that those fellows would stage a comeback this quickly!

Jin Yunsheng stood up hastily, and he couldn’t be bothered to continue recovering and hastily followed Chen Xi out of the palace.

This clearly showed that Jin Yunsheng really was a virtuous and courageous person who tried to repay his debts. He was much better than the other participants who Chen Xi had saved.

As soon as he walked out of the palace, Chen Xi saw four familiar figures which belonged to Cangyun Ye, Suoying Fu, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue.

However, there were a few more unfamiliar faces around them. All of these people were at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and they were clearly participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

Over 10 Ninth Star Region Lords had converged together. Just the imposing aura they emanated was sufficient to make most people fall into fear and despair.

But it was very obvious that it didn’t affect Chen Xi at all. His gaze swept past all of them before it descended onto Cangyun Ye who was in the lead of the group. Chen Xi’s gaze was calm and indifferent, yet it emanated a dignified aura.

It caused the pupils of Cangyun Ye and the others who were talking with each other to constrict before a wisp of a fierce expression flashed through their faces.

“You intend to seize this palace back from me with just these few fellows?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. While his voice was calm, it seemed especially displeasing when it entered into the ears of Cangyun Ye and the others.

He actually still dares to act so arrogantly!“Chen Xi, quickly give the palace to us. This isn’t a place that you’re qualified to occupy! Otherwise, don’t blame us for killing you on the spot!” A green robed man who was tall, bald, and had a ferocious expression on his face spoke in a grim voice. His tone was completely blunt and raged with killing intent because he felt that they had the advantage in numbers.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned before his gaze instantly turned icy cold. He remembered this bald green robed man because that green robed man was exactly one of those experts that he’d saved on the battlefield.

However, Chen Xi hadn’t expected that this fellow wouldn’t just be ungrateful, this fellow was actually repaying kindness with enmity and had come to attack him with Cangyun Ye’s group!

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