Chapter 2126 – Reverence

That man and woman sat cross-legged in the palace while a table was placed between them, and there was a jade slip on the table.

Every single piece of information related to events throughout the campsite today had been recorded on it.

The man wore a black robed, had violet long hair that hung down to his shoulders, and a handsome and aloof face that was cold and indifferent like ten thousand year old ice.

The woman seated opposite him wore a multicolored dress. She was dazzling, attractive, smiling sweetly, and had a pair of charming eyes. Her figure was graceful and curved at just the right places, causing her to give off unparalleled allure.

“Are you very surprised?” The woman covered her mouth and chuckled as she gazed at the black robed man who remained silent.

“I’m not.” The black robed man spoke without any emotion. “I know Chen Xi better than anyone else, so I’m very clearly aware that only such actions are normal for him.”

The woman grinned as she asked. “Oh? Then tell me exactly how formidable he is?”

The black robed man fell silent for a long time before he said, “You’ll understand once you’ve suffered death at his hands.”

“Now that you’ve said that, I truly do feel like giving it a try.” The woman seemed to be lost in thought.

The black robed man said indifferently, “If you think that you can willfully just because you’ve grasped the ability to control a portion of the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, then you can feel free to give it a try.”

The woman was stunned, and her expression finally became a little serious. She said, “Looks like you haven’t been overcome by vengeance.”

The black robed man spoke coldly. “You don’t have to continue probing me. I won’t act rashly until I’ve grasped his true combat strength.”

She praised. “That’s how it should be done. The Sect Master has said that even he won’t be able to save you if you die again.”

The man’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly as he said, “I won’t die that easily until I’ve killed Chen Xi.

The woman withdrew the smile on the corners of her mouth and asked. “Then what do you intend to do now? Wait?”

He nodded. “Wait.”

She said, “Until when?”

The man fell silent for a moment before he glanced at her, and his gaze carried a wisp of a strange expression as he said, “Actually, you should have a stronger desire to kill him than I.”

The woman revealed a sweet and charming grin as she said, “You’re wrong. Even I don’t know what I want any more once my destiny was chosen.”

The black robed man withdrew his gaze and said with indifference, “You’ll understand what you truly want when you’ve really decided to fight Chen Xi. Perhaps others aren’t able to guess your origins, but it can’t escape me.”

She blinked and grinned. “My surname is Dao, and my name is Wushuang. I’ve never concealed it from you.”

The man’s pupils suddenly constricted while his expression actually showed a rare change in it. A long time passed before he said, “That surname… was given to you by the heavens. It’s best that you don’t forget it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black robed man stood up and walked towards the Divine Pool of Chaos.

The woman in a multicolored dress was stunned for a moment before she suddenly smiled. “Leng Xinghun, even though the Sect Master gave that life of yours back to you, it was given to you by the heavens in the end. It’s best that you don’t forget it as well!”

The enormous palace was completely empty and without any decorations, and there was only a single Divine Pool of Chaos at the center.

The pool wasn’t very large. Chaos Energy surged and seethed within it, and it was even the purest form of Chaos Energy. So, it wasn’t just inconceivably beneficial to one’s cultivation, it provided shocking effects to the recovery of injuries as well.

After he walked into the palace, Chen Xi directly headed over to the Divine Pool of Chaos, and he observed it for a long time before he withdrew his gaze and said, “Recuperate here from now on.”

Jin Yunsheng was stunned when he heard this. How could he have imagined that such fortune would actually descend upon him? So, he couldn’t help but feel slight disbelief.

He really had been heavily injured, otherwise, Chen Xi wouldn’t have escorted him all the way back to the campsite from the battlefield. However, he was very clearly aware what a precious and unparalleled treasure the Divine Pool of Chaos was to a Ninth Star Region Lord.

Because cultivating within it would even provide one with the opportunity to attain comprehensions of the profundities of Destiny that came from the depths of the Chaos!

However, Chen Xi seemed to be uninterested in it and had given such an opportunity to him. This caused Jin Yunsheng to be shocked and moved.

Chen Xi didn’t even wait for Jin Yunsheng to answer before his figure moved past the Divine Pool of Chaos and moved towards the depths of the palace.

There was a stone stairway in the depths of the palace, and it led straight to the top of it.

In next to no time, Chen Xi’s figure moved along the stairway and vanished.

Jin Yunsheng suddenly sighed. “It would be so great if he wasn’t a Savior.”

After that, he stopped thinking about it, and his gaze blazed with desire as he walked towards the Divine Pool of Chaos and made the best use of his time to recover from his injuries.

The ancient stairway was mottled with moss, and it twisted and wound all the way up. When he started walking up the stairway, Chen XI noticed that many things were inscribed on the stone wall at the side. There were words, diagrams, and even marks left behind by the sword and blade. All of them carried an aura of age and were clearly left behind from countless years ago.

Chen Xi had roughly determined that they were left behind by the experts of the past who’d participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors, and there was a huge amount of comprehension towards the Grand Dao, knowledge of battle, and various descriptions of mental states which included sorrow, rage, high spirits, frustration, and misery.

“Going against the Dao is a path of certain death!”

“If there’s no path left to choose, then I would rather give up on the path to becoming a Daolord!”“This is only the 1st battlefront, but all the Fellow Daoists who came with me have been buried here. I presume it will only take a few more days before even I would be laid to eternal rest in this place of evil. The Grand Dao of Destiny is really not something I can pry into.”

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill until when? No matter how many battle merits I accumulate, can it be used to get back my older brother’s life? The fortuitous encounter to advance into the Daolord Realm? How many would actually be able to accomplish their breakthrough in the end?”

As he walked up the stairway, Chen Xi gazed silently at the bits and pieces of words that were inscribed on the wall, and his expression remained indifferent.

When he was about to arrive at the top, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving while his gaze converged onto a dark corner of the wall.

There were a few rows of words there as well. They were rather illegible, and every single word carried boundless frustration and sorrow.

“The Heavens deceived me!”

The first sentence was like a thunderclap that caused Chen Xi to be visibly moved, and he felt an aura of sorrow, rage, and hatred that assaulted him in the face.

“Since we’re all descendants from the Chaos on Godrank Mountain, then why is there a difference between Dao Protectors and Dao Defiants? Since we’re all innate gods that serve the Heaven Dao as our master, then why must we kill each other?”

“We take each other to be heretics, but who exactly is the true heretic?”

“I fought bravely against my enemies on the battlefield, yet I was led into a trap by my allies from the same side instead. How laughable!”“I struggled desperately for life on the battlefield, but I was saved by those who were heretics in my eyes. How absurd!”

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to step foot onto the end of the Ultimate Path. Otherwise, I would definitely ask the heavens….”

The words stopped abruptly here.

Chen Xi was experiencing the pain, frustration, sorrow, rage, helplessness, and agony within those words, but he couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw the last few words at the end.

A long time later, Chen Xi muttered. “Ask the heavens for an explanation?”

For no reason or rhyme, Chen Xi had a complicated feeling in his heart, and he only shook his head after a long time passed and continued up the stone stairway.

However, those words still reverberated within his heart. The Heavens deceived me!

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi arrived at the peak of the palace. There was a window here, and when he pushed it open and looked out, it was the endless battlefield that appeared within his vision.

At this moment, the boundlessly vast battlefield was covered by the curtain formed by the energy of the Heaven Dao. It flowed with mysterious light and was perfectly silent.

Corpses covered the battlefield while blood had formed into rivers, and there were pieces of treasures and bones scattered all over it. When looked at from afar, it simply seemed like a blood red purgatory. A true mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood!

All of those corpses and blood belonged to gods while those scattered treasures were all sorts of precious divine artifacts, and they densely covered every single area of the battlefield.

If the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain were able to witness this scene, then they would definitely enter into a frenzy as they tried to grab all of it. Because regardless of whether it was the corpses or the pieces of treasures, they were unparalleled and rare treasures to any other cultivator!

However, such wealth was nothing worth mentioning to a figure at Chen Xi’s level.

A gust of wind blew by, and it carried traces of the pungent smell of blood and bale. It whistled through the surroundings like the despaired shouts of the gods as they faced death.

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent while his heart and face were both calm to the extreme like a still ancient well. He just gazed like that towards the battlefield in the distance, and he remained motionless like he’d transformed into a clay statue.

Hmm? Suddenly, Jin Yunsheng felt shocked in his heart while he recuperated within the Divine Pool of Chaos. At this instant, Chen Xi had actually vanished from his consciousness!

It was like Chen Xi had completely vanished and only he alone remained within the palace. It was indescribably still.

Jin Yunsheng suddenly felt slightly oppressed and in panic. He couldn’t be bothered to recuperate and stood up in the pool before walking hastily up the stone stairway.

He felt horrified when he arrived at the peak of the palace before Chen Xi’s tall figure was standing there before that open window, but that area was completely empty in his consciousness. He could only see the window while the space before the window was completely empty without a single soul there.

Jin Yunsheng couldn’t help but take a deep breath and close his eyes forcefully before opening them again. However, he saw that Chen Xi’s figure was still there, but Chen Xi’s aura didn’t exist at all!

Has he… come into contact with the threshold of Destiny? Jin Yunsheng was astounded. According to rumor, when one came into contact with the threshold of the Grand Dao of Destiny, the person’s Destiny would surpass the Grand Daos and be impossible to be detected by others.

It was like transforming into an existence that rivalled the Grand Dao, and ordinary figures couldn’t detect such an existence!

But right after that, Jin Yunsheng was dazed because Chen Xi’s figure and aura had appeared once more within his consciousness.

Was I seeing things just now?

Right at this moment, Chen Xi who was like a statue just now had turned around to glance at him. “Do you need something?”

Jin Yunsheng hurriedly shook his head, and then he was stunned. He suddenly noticed that an indescribably dignified aura was present on Chen Xi right now, and it caused his heart to be unable to help but tremble while a wisp of reverence couldn’t help but appear on his face.

Yes, it was reverence!

At this moment, Jin Yunsheng felt that the feeling he had when facing Chen Xi was completely different! It was like facing an extraordinary overlord who couldn’t be shaken at all!

What exactly is going on?What exactly occurred to him?

Jin Yunsheng walked hastily down the stairway while his heart surged with tempestuous waves that were impossible to calm down for a long time.

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