Chapter 2125 – Great Waves

The campsite of the Divine Dao Protector Clans was extremely vast. It was like a grand and ancient city, and it just lacked walls.

36 completely pitch black palaces that were ancient, mottled, and 3km tall stood towering within the campsite. They were like 36 seniors who had experienced the times and had become accustomed to death.

There were two participants standing before the door of a hall at the center of the campsite, and both of them had solemn and dignified expressions on their faces.

But it was very obvious that they were playing the role of guards right now!

Since two Ninth Star Region Lord Realm experts from the Primal Chaos Origin were actually playing the role of guards and even revealed loyal and willing expressions, it was obvious how extraordinary and shocking the identity of the palace’s owner was.

There were many participants that passed by the that palace, but not only did they reveal no ridicule towards those two fellow Daoists of theirs who were guarding the palace, they instinctively avoided the place. It was like a restricted area that they didn’t dare trespass into at all.

Because all the participants in the campsite knew that the owner of the palace was Suiren Kuanglan, an unparalleled figure from the high level Suiren Clan!

At this moment, Suiren Kuanglan’s entire body was immersed in the Divine Pool of Chaos in the depths of the palace. Moreover, blazing waves of divine flames were seething throughout his body, causing his icy cold and proud face to be faintly visible amidst the surging mist in the surroundings.

Only his eyes were like a pair of vortexes of flame, and they inadvertently revealed a raging and arrogant aura that could simply incinerate the sky.

“He drove all of you out from the palace with just 73 first-rate battle merits. What a bunch of trash!” Suiren Kuanglan’s voice carried disdain. He never concealed his emotions even if he was facing his seniors in the Suiren Clan. So, the impression others had of him was a domineering, arrogant, unrestrained, and unreasonable one.

At this moment, Cangyun Ye, Suoying Fu, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue were standing over 10m away, and all of their faces carried deep fear.

They’d spoken in detail about the incident where Chen Xi had seized their palace from them. However, they hadn’t expected that Suiren Kuanglan would actually bluntly call them trash, and their faces instantly couldn’t help but become quite unsightly.

“What? You refuse to admit it? Then kill that kid! Why did you come to see me? I’m already praising all of you by calling you trash!” Suiren Kuanglan grunted coldly while his voice rumbled like thunder, and it reverberated throughout the hall here and carried an extremely oppressive force.

Cangyun Ye and the others immediately felt suffocated, and they lowered their heads as they made an even more reverent display. They were very clearly aware of Suiren Kuanglan’s disposition, so how could they dare to speak another word?


Suiren Kuanglan stood up from within the Divine Pool of Chaos, and then he draped a fiery red crane feather cloak that was condensed from divine flames onto his body before he strode out with large strides.

In an instant, it was like a god had emerged from the flaming ocean of purgatory. Divine radiance surged while he seemed mighty and arrogant, and the pressure he emanated caused space to wail inch by inch.

“However, all of you aren’t stupid. You knew you were inferior to him and came to look for me.” Suiren Kuanglan placed his hands behind his back as he strode up and down through the hall while his proud and icy cold face didn’t reveal any emotion. “Tell me about his battle merits in detail.”

Cangyun Ye hurriedly said, “Young Master, amongst the 73 first-rate battle merits he obtained, 17 were obtained from the accumulation of his second-rate and third-rate merits. Amongst the remaining 56, 32 represented Dao Defiants below the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.”

When he spoke up to this point, Suiren Kuanglan suddenly interrupted him. “So, he killed 24 Ninth Star Region Lords?”

Cangyun Ye nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Were there any peak Divine Children of the Dao Defiants amongst them?” Suiren Kuanglan pursued an answer while a strange expression appeared in his eyes.

“None.” Cangyun Ye spoke swiftly.

“None?” Suiren Kuanglan frowned and fell into deep thought.

The hall fell into deathly silence, and no one dared to disturb Suiren Kuanglan.

“I’m finally a little interested in that kid now.” Suiren Kuanglan chuckled and sighed slowly. “Perhaps all of you don’t understand it but it’s very rare for me to find an opponent in this entire world that interests me.”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have lost all interest in them and waved his hand. “Forget it, all of you wouldn’t understand. You can all leave now. I’ll naturally eliminate him myself when the time comes.”

Cangyun Ye was naturally unwilling to just leave and hurriedly said, “Young Master, this moment is the best time to kill him. I’m afraid others would take his life if you’re a step too late.”

“Hmph! Do I need you to make decisions for me?” Suiren Kuanglan grunted coldly, and it terrified Cangyun Ye to the point his entire body shuddered. He didn’t speak another word before hastily leaving with the others.

However, they heard Suiren Kuanglan’s voice when they were just about to walk out of the palace’s door. “Help me observe who’s the first to make a move against that kid. I need the specifics.”

Cangyun Ye and the others were stunned, and then they immediately accepted their orders and left.

After their figures had completely vanished from the palace, Suiren Kuanglan finally laughed coldly and muttered. “Even though I, Suiren Kuanglan, act willfully and without restraint, I refuse to play the role of the blade for another. I absolutely don’t believe that all of you’ll be able to continue restraining yourselves….”

These words seemed rather thought provoking.

Suiren Kuanglan hadn’t told Cangyun Ye and the others that he’d actually been paying attention to Chen Xi’s every move since Chen Xi’s figure had arrived before the campsite.

At another palace.

Shi Chuge sat cross-legged on the ground while he wiped Bloodsky gently with concentration, and he had a tranquil and indifferent expression on his face.

“I promised him that I would give him a chance to fight me fairly. It isn’t… fair right now.” A long time later, Shi Chuge’s gaze had moved away from Bloodsky, and he raised his head to gaze at the grey clothed man who stood in the distance with his head lowered. Shi Chuge said, “Killing that kid will occur sooner or later. What I really want to know now is when Yan Xu will be arriving at Slaughter Highlands?”

Yan Xu!

A descendant of the Thunderfall Clan amongst the Dao Defiants. He was a peak Divine Child whose combat strength could be described as legendary!

Those amongst the Dao Defiants who could be addressed as peak Dao Children were peerless figures in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and it wasn’t going too far to consider them overlords in the same realm of cultivation.

In terms of strength, the peak Divine Children were fully capable of being compared with Shi Chuge and the others who came from the five high level clans.

The grey clothed man spoke swiftly. “Supposedly, Yan Xu’s younger brother was almost killed on the battlefield, and Yan Xu has found out about it. If nothing unexpected happens, then Yan Xu will arrive here in three days.”

“Oh, have you found out who the culprit was?” asked Shi Chuge.

“It was supposedly… Chen Xi.” He spoke with uncertainty.

Chen Xi? Chen Xi’s figure appeared within Shi Chuge’s mind, and he recalled that confrontation he had with Chen Xi in Mist Forest.

After that, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Even though he’d succeeded in forcing Chen Xi to retreat at that time, he was clearly aware that Chen Xi had probably suffered some heavy injuries, so it couldn’t be taken seriously.

“Yan Xu is only one of my targets. I hope you’ll help me gather even more information about the peak Divine Children.” Shi Chuge quickly moved his attention away, and his calm and indifferent eyes were suffused with a gorgeous glow. “The stronger they are, the better.”

“That’s….” The grey clothed man was slightly hesitant.

“The battle merits will all belong to you.” Shi Chuge glanced at him and seemed to be able to see through all the secrets in the grey clothed man’s heart.

“Thank you, Young Master!” The grey clothed man spoke with delight.

He was from the mid level Ling Clan in the Primal Chaos Origin, and his name was Ling Kan. The natural talent of their clans wasn’t adept to battle, and it was best at procuring intelligence!

At the same time within the palace that Beiming Canghai occupied.

“It’s just a Savior. Any one of them could casually eliminate him, so why go to so much trouble? I don’t want to waste my time which should be utilized on advancing in my cultivation on an insignificant fellow instead.” Beiming Canghai frowned and spoke with displeasure. “Unless that kid is really strong to the point even those fellows can’t deal with him. Only then would I make a move against him. That’s my decision. You don’t have to continue persuading me.”

“Yes, Young Master.” A robust man accepted his orders while feeling slightly helpless, and he hastily turned around and left.

Meanwhile, Beiming Canghai had already closed his eyes and started cultivating once more. In an instant, he seemed to have transformed into an ocean that covered the entire Divine Pool of Chaos, causing waves to surge with the profundities of the Grand Dao.

In his heart, he really hadn’t taken Chen Xi seriously at all.

“Fuck off!”

“Miss Xiao’xiao, that’s an order from your Tang Clan’s patriarch. I’m just reminding you of it. That fellow, Chen Xi, has already made an appearance….”

“Fuck off!”

“Miss Xiao’xiao, could it be that you intend to go against the will of the Tang Clan?”

“I asked you to fuck off!!”

A clear and melodious voice that carried boundless rage resounded from a palace in the deepest depths of the campsite, and then a figure was blasted flying from the palace and crashed to the ground while coughing up blood without end.

The hearts of many experts in the vicinity couldn’t help but jerk when they witnessed this scene, and they stayed far away from this palace.

Tang Xiao’xiao held up her chin with her fair hands while she sat at the edge of the Divine Pool of Chaos. Her exquisite and ink black brows were knit together while her young, clear, pure, and pretty little face was covered in distress.

After quite a while passed, she rubbed her head with force and sighed. “Aiya, isn’t it just one fellow, Chen Xi? It really is such a pain! I can’t even kill my enemies to my heart’s content! I wouldn’t have participated in this lousy Battle of Dao Protectors if I knew that this would happen.”

Xia Ruoyuan opened his eyes while he resided within the Divine Pool of Chaos. In an instant, boundless killing intent seemed like dense blood as it filled every single corner of the palace.

It was like the palace had transformed into a place covered in mountains of corpses and an ocean of blood.

Xia Ruoyuan spoke in a deep voice that reverberated through the surroundings and was filled with killing intent. “It isn’t enough. He’s only worthy of me making a move against him if he possesses the battle merit from killing a peak Divine Child.”

A woman in the distance still intended to open her mouth and say something when Xia Ruoyuan’s icy cold and bloodthirsty gaze descended upon her. “Leave right now if you don’t want to die.”

The woman’s entire body stiffened while her face turned ghastly pale, and then she turned around and left hastily.

On this day, great waves and an unpredictable storm surged through the campsite, and it was merely because of Chen Xi’s arrival.

At dusk on that very same day, a man and a woman arrived at the most remote palace in the campsite, and merely a moment passed before an expert within that palace had been ‘asked to leave’.

So, the palace naturally became the territory of that man and woman.

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