Chapter 2124 – Driven Out

Tai Rui’s suggestion was very simple, and it was to compete in battle merits to determine the ownership of the palace.

However, he was being very crafty.

Because Suoying Fu, Feiling Xue, and Cangyun Ye were clearly aware that they’d joint forces to kill countless enemies during the war with the Dao Defiants, and it even included numerous Ninth Star Region Lords from the Dao Defiants’ side!

So, even if it was quite dishonorable to compete with Chen Xi in terms of battle merits under such circumstances, it was undoubtedly the wisest method for Cangyun Ye and the others to deal with the current situation.

Thus, all of them laughed coldly without end in their hearts upon hearing Chen Xi’s approval of the competition.

Cangyun Ye played with the command token that Chen Xi had tossed over, and then he spoke gloomily. “Don’t worry, with our identities, we would really not do something shameful like going back on our word. However, I’m worried about whether you would go back on your word instead?”

Chen Xi spoke flatly. “There would be no need for me to agree to such conditions if I intended to go back on my word. Don’t you think so too?”

Cangyun Ye’s face froze, and then he immediately shut his mouth.

Indeed, if Chen Xi intended to use force to make them give up on the palace, then this was completely unnecessary. So, these words made him, Cangyun Ye, seem quite stupid.

Of course, he wouldn’t admit it.

Cangyun Ye took a deep breath and glanced at Chen Xi with pity before he stopped hesitating and shot his gaze onto Chen Xi’s command token.

Every single expert participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors had a similar command token, and besides the location of the teleportation formation out of the Spring of Sin, all of them possessed a part that recorded battle merits.

Every single enemy they killed would be recorded by the command token, and they were roughly divided into first-rate merits, second-rate merits, and third-rate merits according to the strength of the enemies that they killed.

Third-rate merits represented Dao Defiants at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, second-rate merits represented Imperial Monarchs, and first-rate merits represented Region Lords.

These three levels of battle merits were respectively reflected by the color green, red, and gold on the command token.

Besides that, these colored specks of light that represented the level of battle merits were further differentiated into ranks according to the darkness of the color. The darker it was, the higher the enemy’s cultivation in that realm of cultivation was, and vice versa.

Cangyun Ye was naturally clearly aware of that. He even knew that 1,000 third-rate battle merits were equivalent to a single second-rate battle merit, and 100 second-rate battle merits were equivalent to a single first-rate battle merit.

Let me see exactly how many battle merits this fellow has accumulated…. Hmm? That’s? He thought swiftly in his mind as his gaze descended onto the part of Chen Xi’s command token that recorded the battle merits. He hadn’t even seen the numbers clearly when an expanse of dazzling golden light blinded him.

It was like he’d seem an expanse of stars that emanated dazzling golden light, and it was too striking.


Such an unusual scene caused Cangyun Ye’s heart to suddenly thump, and then he had a bad feeling. This caused his expression to be unable to help but become slightly solemn and extremely serious.

He shot his gaze towards the command token again.

Tai Rui, Feiling Xue, and Suoying Fu stood by Cangyun Ye’s side, and they were still laughing coldly with a complacent expression. Moreover, they even frequently shot gazes of ridicule and pity towards Chen Xi as if they were looking at a loser who was waiting to receive judgment.

Chen Xi remained indifferent, calm, and composed when facing that. He just gazed calmly past Cangyun Ye’s group towards the palace behind them.

It gave others the feeling that he was appreciating the spoils that he was about to obtain.

Tai Rui and the others couldn’t help but feel annoyed when they noticed this. This fellow really refuses to change his ways until he’s completely crushed! He’s simply arrogant to the extreme!

But in just a short moment, they noticed that a few dozen breaths of time had passed. While it was only a very short period of time, experts at Cangyun Ye’s level didn’t need that much time just to calculate the amount of battle merits Chen Xi possessed.

What’s going on?

Tai Rui and the others couldn’t be bothered to gaze at Chen Xi with ridicule and pity anymore. They shot their gazes towards Cangyun Ye, and it caused their hearts to jerk.

They noticed that Cangyun Ye’s face had turned tense and gloomy while his pupils had constricted to the point that they were the size of needles. They could even sense that his breathing had become rapid while his entire body seemed to have stiffened on the spot while the knuckles on his hand that held Chen Xi’s command token were slightly pale.

This caused a shadow of worry to envelop the hearts of Tai Rui and the others, and they felt that the situation was bad.

The spectators who were watching coldly from afar had noticed the strange atmosphere here as well, and they couldn’t help but mutter in their hearts. It can’t be, right? Could it be that the battle merits possessed by the four of them are actually unable to compete with just Chen Xi alone?

If it really is like that, then they would be truly humiliated and disgraced!

“Brother Cangyun, you’ve been looking at it for so long. What’s the outcome?” Someone couldn’t help but shout out from the crowd.

The eyelids of Tai Rui and the others twitched imperceptibly as they gazed at Cangyun Ye. However, they noticed that his countenance was completely pale, and there was a faint trace of a frustrated and unwilling expression on it.

“Fellow Daoist, what exactly is the outcome?” Even Suoying Fu couldn’t help but ask this question because this was simply too tormenting.

“I’ll kill you right now if you dare to destroy my command token!” Suddenly, Chen Xi who hadn’t spoken until now had locked his fierce and terrifying gaze onto Cangyun Ye.

Cangyun Ye’s entire body stiffened while his expression changed indeterminately. Earlier, he really had a strong impulse in his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to destroy Chen Xi’s command token.

However, when Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto him right now, Cangyun Ye couldn’t help but feel a strong and suffocating feeling of danger, and it actually made him dare not act rashly.

The spectators in the distance couldn’t help but erupt with an uproar when they heard this. They’d roughly guessed the outcome. However, they were still unable to imagine how Chen Xi had actually obtained such battle merits that could actually surpass the battle merits of Cangyun Ye’s group of four!

“We’ve lost….” Cangyun Ye was dejected, and his bitter voice was filled with unwillingness.

We’ve lost!?

Even if they’d guessed the outcome, Tai Rui and the others still felt like they were struck by lightning and were unable to accept it when Cangyun Ye himself announced the outcome.

“I don’t believe it. Let me have a look!” A sharp cry resounded from Suoying Fu’s lips, and then her alluring and beautiful face suddenly turned pale while her pupils dilated when she saw the battle merits recorded on the command token. She muttered. “How could this be possible? How could just one person possess such a huge amount of battle merits? How could this be possible….”


She wasn’t even able to recover from her shock when Chen Xi had taken his command token back from her grasp. After all, he couldn’t avoid feeling worried that they would get angry from embarrassment and destroy his command token.

Tai Rui and Feiling Xue exchanged glances as they sighed inwardly. They knew that the situation was beyond salvation.

But they couldn’t avoid feeling slightly dazed. Exactly how great were his battle merits? It was actually to the extent that the total battle merits possessed by the four of us wasn’t able to compare to him?

They really have lost!

The spectators were shocked in their hearts. They couldn’t be bothered to ridicule Cangyun Ye’s group as they started to guess the amount of battle merits that Chen Xi possessed.

In their opinion, the battle merits were absolutely not just a number, and it was absolutely not just proof to be utilized in exchange for abundant rewards.

The greatest meaning behind the battle merits was its ability to provide judgment of the combat strength that an expert possessed!

The more merits one possessed, the stronger that person’s combat strength was. It was an undisputable truth, and it was a publicly acknowledged method to judge the combat strengths of all participants.

After all, every single participant of the Battle of Dao Protectors was an extraordinary genius from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and every single one of them was at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

So, the amount of battle merit had become the most straightforward method to determine the superiority of each other’s combat strength while at the same realm of cultivation.

Since Chen Xi alone could completely crush the battle merits possessed by Cangyun Ye’s group of four, then exactly how great were his battle merits?

This question made many experts fall into deep thought.

Chen Xi didn’t react much towards all of this. He merely glanced at Cangyun Ye’s group before he walked straight towards the palace.

Jin Yunsheng hurriedly followed behind.

When their figures had just vanished within the palace, Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice resounded from within the palace. “If all of you still don’t leave after 30 breaths of time, then I’ll take you to be my enemies.”

This was like an order for them to leave, and it indirectly announced that this palace was his territory now!

Cangyun Ye and the others had extremely livid expressions on their faces, and they felt extremely aggrieved and furious. All of them were from mid level clans in the Primal Chaos Origin, and it was a form of glory to be able to occupy one of the 36 palaces.

Yet now, they’d been driven out and had to leave with their tails between their legs as Chen Xi had seized the palace which belonged to them. Such a feeling was worse than death to them.

They didn’t have to think about it to know that it wouldn’t take long before everyone in the campsite knew that Chen Xi had forcefully taken their palace away, and they were bound to become the laughingstock of the entire campsite.

For example, Cangyun Ye and the others could clearly sense the weird gazes that were being shot towards them from all over the surroundings right now. This was simply like soundless slaps that were being struck against their faces, and it burned and made them wish for nothing more than to look for a hole to hide in.

“Let’s go pay a visit to Young Master Suiren Kuanglan!” Cangyun Ye gritted his teeth. He glanced resentfully at the tightly closed door behind him before he left hastily with a furious and livid expression on his face.

Tai Rui and the others followed closely behind him with gloomy expressions on their faces.

They were very clearly aware that they had no chance at victory if they were to fight Chen Xi, and they’d already lost when it came to a competition of battle merits. Under such circumstances, the only way they could take revenge was to ask Suiren Kuanglan to make a move against Chen Xi!

In next to no time, the experts in the vicinity had dispersed in succession, and there was actually no one who came to provoke Chen Xi.

But all of them were clearly aware that this was only temporary. After all, Chen Xi had actually dared to act so arrogantly and forcefully when he’d just arrived at the campsite, so the storm he would face next would absolutely not be simple!

Because all of them were clearly aware that all the participants from the five high level clans and the Sovereign Sect had made Chen Xi their target of eradication before the Battle of Dao Protectors had even begun!

On this day, the Order of the Heaven Dao descended in the form of a heavenly curtain. It caused the vast battle between gods to stop temporarily while all the participants of the battle returned to their respective campsites to rest and recuperate.

It was also on this very day that the news about Chen Xi’s arrival at the campsite had spread like a storm throughout the entire campsite and caused boundless waves in it.

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