Chapter 2123 – Seizing A Palace

Dammit! The man in embroidered clothes finally returned to his senses when Chen Xi’s figure vanished from his field of vision, and his countenance was extremely livid.

Just a moment ago, he’d actually felt a strong feeling of being at death’s door when Chen Xi gazed at him, and it caused him to instinctively provide Chen Xi with the information that Chen Xi sought.

It was also at this moment that he realized how embarrassing his actions were! He’d actually been terrified!

At this moment, he finally understood why Ying Shankun had acted in such a disappointing manner just now. That fellow… is really too terrifying.

“Where are we going?” Jin Yunsheng wasn’t able to stop himself from asking this question in the end.

“To seize a palace.” Chen Xi replied without even turning back.

“Seize a palace?” Jin Yunsheng’s eyelids twitched and he felt speechless. Has this fellow not noticed that most participants here are extremely hostile towards him?

At this moment, he should be thankful if others don’t look for trouble with him, yet he actually intends to occupy a palace!?

Is he not afraid of causing public anger and become a public enemy?

“Actually, if one hasn’t suffered extremely severe injuries, then it doesn’t matter even if one can’t obtain a palace.” Jin Yunsheng thought through how to word it, and then he suggested in a low voice. “So, I think that it’s already very safe if we stay within the campsite.”

“You’re right. However, that can’t deal with the potential troubles I may face. So, instead of doing that, I would rather deal with all troubles before thinking about safety.” Chen Xi spoke calmly yet it carried an indisputable tone.

Jin Yunsheng instantly laughed bitterly and shut his mouth while he muttered in his heart. The 36 palaces have already been occupied, and every single one capable of occupying a palace is a top-rate existence in the entire campsite!

If he goes to seize their palaces now, then a fierce battle would probably be unavoidable.


Since he insists, then I’ll just give my life to him if I have to!

Jin Yunsheng shook his head with force and stopped thinking about all of this.

In next to no time, Chen Xi stopped before the tightly shut door of a palace. The palace was around 3km tall, completely pitch black, and suffused by an ancient aura.

Its door was tightly shut, so it represented that it was occupied, and the atmosphere in the surroundings was silent as well. Obviously, the expert or experts that occupied this palace were extremely formidable, so no one dared to rashly seize possession of this palace.

However, Chen Xi was here now.

Jin Yunsheng was following by his side, and a few figures were following Jin Yunsheng was far away while seeming to intend to watch the show.

Surprisingly, Chen Xi didn’t kick open the door and enter in a threatening manner, and he didn’t declare war in a shockingly imposing manner. He just walked casually to its door, stretched out his hand, and knocked the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

His voice wasn’t loud, and it carried a unique rhythm that caused those who heard it to feel rather comfortable.

The experts in the distance were speechless. If they weren’t aware of the current situation, they might think that Chen Xi had come to pay a visit to the owner of the palace.

“Who is it?” A gloomy voice resounded from within.

Just these words allowed Jin Yunsheng to instantly discern the identity of the voice’s owner, and his expression couldn’t help but change a little as he swiftly spoke via voice transmission to Chen Xi. “Fellow Daoist, it’s very likely that the mid level Cangyun Clan’s Cangyun Ye is the owner of this palace! He’s an extremely scheming, sinister, and ruthless person. However, Suiren Kuanglan really thinks highly of him….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Chen Xi waved his hand and interrupted Jin Yunsheng.

Chen Xi was naturally aware that this palace was occupied by Cangyun Ye. The reason he’d stopped that man in embroidered clothes was to ask about Cangyun Ye’s whereabouts!

As for why he was looking for Cangyun Ye and not Suoying Fu, Tai Rui, or Feiling Xue…. The reason was actually very simple. It was because they were all in the same palace!

“This palace is mine now. I’ll give all of you 30 breaths of time to pack your stuff and leave immediately.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently with a voice that wasn’t loud at all, but it guaranteed that everyone within the palace could hear it clearly.

30 breaths of time to pack their things?

He’s really quite arrogant!All the spectators in the distance couldn’t avoid feeling surprised. They were clearly aware of Chen Xi’s identity, and they knew that many people in the campsite wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi in order to gain generous compensation and rewards.

They’d thought that Chen Xi would keep a low profile upon arriving at the campsite and try his best to conceal his tracks so that he didn’t bring calamity down upon himself.

No one had expected that this fellow wouldn’t just walk in openly, he had no intention to conceal his identity. Moreover, it was even to the extent that he intended to use force to seize a palace that was in the possession of others!

They felt that he wasn’t just arrogant, he simply didn’t know what was goo for him and was courting death!

“How interesting! Is he still not aware of the situation he’s in?”

“The show is finally about to begin. Do all of you think that Chen Xi would be killed on the spot?”

“I think that it probably won’t be so simple. Didn’t you see how Ying Shankun had been forced back outside the campsite just now. This fellow is probably difficult to deal with even if they do launch an attack against him.”

The spectators in the distance spoke via voice transmission while the gazes they shot at Chen Xi did more or less carry a wisp of pity. Obviously, they didn’t look favorably upon his actions.

However, a scene that they’d never expected appeared as soon as Chen Xi finished speaking because a wave of exclaims of shock actually resounded from within the palace.

“Chen Xi!”

“What’s that fellow doing here?”

“Don’t panic! This is the war camp of our Divine Dao Protector Clans. There are numerous other experts here, so Chen Xi would definitely not dare to act rashly here.”

“But I hope he does.”

Along with this wave of exclaims, the tightly shut door of the palace rumbled open to reveal Cangyun Ye, Suoying Fu, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue.

Obviously, they hadn’t just arrived at Slaughter Highlands before Chen Xi, they’d even occupied one of the palaces.

Their pupils couldn’t help but constrict a little when he saw that it was really Chen Xi who was standing outside, and their expressions turned icy cold. They seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually be able to appear with his life intact in front of them.

After all, he’d been struck by the Godkill Thorn and was covered in Cursed Energy. So, who could have imagined that he hadn’t just endured it, he’d even been able to leave Mist Forest and arrive at Slaughter Highlands?

“16 breaths. You don’t have much time left.” Chen Xi’s gazed at them with a calm and composed expression.

The spectators in the distance thought that a show was about to begin, and an intense battle would definitely occur. None of them had expected that Cangyun Ye would actually take a deep breath and speak in a low voice when facing Chen Xi’s provocation. “Chen Xi, do you know of the price that must be paid to occupy a palace?”

“12.” Chen Xi didn’t answer his question yet was extremely domineering.

This caused the expressions of Cangyun Ye and the others to become extremely gloomy. If their gazes could kill, then Chen Xi would have died numerous times by now.

Cangyun Ye wished for nothing more than to crush Chen Xi’s skull and see exactly what he was thinking inside it. Because Chen Xi was actually still acting so arrogantly at such a time.

However, he took a deep breath again and forcefully restrained the agitation and rage in his heart. He said coldly, “What exactly do you want? Could it be that you really intend to fight here in the campsite?”

Chen Xi glanced at him and said, “Whether we fight or not depends on whether you hand over this palace or not.” When he spoke up to here, he added. “Four.”

Cangyun Ye’s face couldn’t help but twitch when he heard this. He was just about to speak when Tai Rui suddenly said, “Since you’ve come to take this palace, then it’s easy. You can take it if your battle merits are able to surpass the four of us.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it immediately caused Cangyun Ye and the others to frown. They seemed to be very displeased but restrain themselves in the end.

A wave of clamorous noise resounded from afar. Obviously, the spectators had discerned that Cangyun Ye and the others weren’t just avoiding utilizing bloody methods to crush Chen Xi and defend their honor, they were even faintly revealing weakness instead!

What’s going on?

Could it be that they don’t dare to shed all pretenses with Chen Xi even with their joint forces?

Those experts in the distance weren’t aware of that Cangyun Ye and the others were already filled with fear from the bloody methods Chen Xi had revealed in Mist Forest.

“Time’s up.” Chen Xi glanced at them, and it caused their hearts to jerk. However, the next words Chen Xi spoke allowed them to heave sighs of relief.

“However, it’s fine if you want to use battle merits to decide the ownership of this place.” Chen Xi withdrew his command token as he spoke.

Cangyun Ye and the others couldn’t help but laugh coldly when they saw this. How arrogant of him! How could his battle merits alone compare to the four of us?

Cangyun Ye and the others hadn’t thought about how shameless this looked in the eyes of outsiders.

However, Cangyun Ye and the others couldn’t be bothered about all of that. Because if they were to fight Chen Xi, then they were unable to guarantee that they could continue occupying this palace!

On the other hand, if they were driven away because of suffering a defeat at Chen Xi’s hands, then it would be a huge embarrassment to them once word of it spread. Such an outcome was something they were unable to bear.

At this moment, when they saw that Chen Xi had actually agreed to compete in battle merits with Cangyun Ye’s group, all the spectators in the distance couldn’t help but feel doubtful. No matter how great his merits are, can it even compare with four Ninth Star Region Lord from the mid level clans?

Only Jin Yunsheng seemed to understand something, and he couldn’t help but look at Chen Xi with a strange expression in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi tossed his command token to Cangyun Ye and said, “I think that with all of you will definitely not go back on your words out of consideration for your identity and honor.”

Even though these words were spoken calmly, they carried a wisp of a warning tone.

Cangyun Ye grunted coldly as he took Chen Xi’s command token in his hand, and he really couldn’t help but ridicule Chen Xi in his heart. That idiot doesn’t even know the amount of merits we’ve obtained in the last few days, yet he actually dares to compete with us? Is there something wrong with him in the head?

At this moment, even Suoying Fu and Feiling Xue couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile on the corners of their mouths. They finally understood Tai Rui’s intentions, and they couldn’t help but feel extreme admiration towards him.

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