Chapter 2122 – A Soundless Battle

Step! Step!

Chen Xi’s footsteps were neither swift nor slow, and it seemed as if he hadn’t noticed that Ninth Star Region Lord, Ying Shankun, who stood just right ahead.

His expression was calm as always, and he didn’t reveal even a trace of killing intent from the beginning until the end.

However, the atmosphere in the surroundings had suddenly become extremely deathly silent and even oppressive to the point it was suffocating.

Many gazes had undergone a subtle change. Because while this scene seemed to be calm, it was actually dangerous to the extreme.

When Chen Xi’s figure was only 3m away from Ying Shankun, Ying Shankun’s expression had finally undergone a change and carried a wisp of grimness.

A strand of copious killing intent coiled around his heart, and it was like an infuriated ancient beast was hidden within him, and it intended to swallow its enemies.

In an instant, the deathly silent atmosphere grew even tenser, and the invisible killing intent within him was like the calm before a storm and was about to erupt.

Many people in the surroundings couldn’t help but narrow their eyes and stare without blinking. All of them had locked onto Chen Xi and Ying Shankun’s figures.

Numerous figures had emerged from the depths of the campsite since an unknown moment in time, and all of them were silently watching this scene with cold and indifferent expressions.

Jin Yunsheng who stood behind Chen Xi felt parched while his entire body stiffened a little, and he felt a form of pressure and nervousness that couldn’t be explained.

Step! Step!

Chen Xi’s footsteps continued on that eternally accurate and unique rhythm, and the distance of 3m took only 3 steps of his.

These 3 steps were like the eye of a storm. Every step was dangerous and filled with killing intent!

When Chen Xi took the 1st step, Ying Shankun’s eyes revealed a wisp of surging and dense killing intent, and he seemed like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Chen Xi seemed to be completely indifferent to that and just took the 2nd step. At the instant that his foot touched the ground, many people in the surroundings accurately noticed that Ying Shankun’s fingers had moved imperceptibly while his black robe started fluttering without the wind.

Meanwhile, even many cultivators in the vicinity had held their breaths in concentration because only a step remained between Chen Xi and Ying Shankun!

Just a single step before they would meet face to face.

If it were at any ordinary time, no Ninth Star Region Lord would allow another to get so close.

Because such a distance represented lethal danger!

It was the same for everyone.

What would Ying Shankun do at such a critical moment? What would Chen Xi do? Would they fight? Or would one of them move aside?

While everyone pondered about this, Chen Xi had raised his right leg in an extremely natural manner, and it was like Ying Shankun didn’t even exist in his eyes.

This was the greatest form of disregard, and it was extremely domineering. He didn’t attack nor did he speak or stop. He just continued forward.

When looked at from afar, it simply seemed like he entered to walk through Ying Shankun.

If it were any other Ninth Star Region Lord here, that person would probably have attacked a long time ago when facing such a scene.

However, Ying Shankun didn’t. Ying Shankun’s face fell when Chen Xi raised his right foot, but Ying Shankun’s eyes that surged with killing intent actually revealed a trace of a dazed expression there.

He was dazed indeed, and it was an involuntary reaction when being caught off guard.

When Chen Xi’s right foot was about to touch the ground, Ying Shankun actually instinctively moved aside under the gazes of everyone!

Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s 3rd step was completed, and he stood exactly where Ying Shankun was standing just an instant ago.

All the spectators were astounded. They seemed to be unable to believe that Ying Shankun, a Ninth Star Region Lord from the mid level Ying Clan who possessed extraordinary combat strength, would actually move aside at such a critical moment!

The meaning represented by this action was completely different!

Does this mean that Ying Shankun lost to Chen Xi in a head-on confrontation?

Why would he reveal weakness like that? Could he be unaware that attacking would be better than moving aside?

He moved aside! Jing Yunsheng almost couldn’t stop himself from shouting loudly as he followed behind Chen Xi. Isn’t this a little too inconceivable? What exactly is going on?

How did Chen Xi make that overbearing and proud fellow move aside?

A wisp of a strange aura filled the atmosphere here. The gazes of everyone towards Ying Shankun carried a wisp of ridicule and mocking. Regardless of what the reason was, moving aside for Chen Xi in public was an indirect form of an admission of defeat!

Moreover, their gazes towards Chen Xi carried a wisp of a complicated expression. They didn’t think that Ying Shankun was a coward. Conversely, his combat strength was much stronger than many of the experts in the surroundings.

However, it was exactly such an expert who’d been forced to move aside in the end, and this clearly showed how great the pressure Chen Xi placed on him was.

Chen Xi still showed no reaction to all of this, and he just walked forward and didn’t even spare a sideways glance at Ying Shankun!

That calm and composed appearance caused him to be covered in an unfathomable aura in the eyes of the others.

All of this took some time to describe yet only a few breaths of time had passed since Chen Xi walked step by step and Ying Shankun moved aside.

However, the invisible killing intent and soundless confrontation that occurred during this period was even more shocking than an unparalleled battle.

It was even to the extent that many experts fell into deep thought.

However, right when Chen Xi had walked less than 3km away from Ying Shankun’s side, Ying Shankun who had an unsightly expression and stood there silently seemed to have returned to his senses, and he suddenly shouted. “Stop right there!”

His voice was still carried a strong tone yet was slightly hoarse.

Especially his face, it even faintly carried a trace of a livid expression. Moreover, there was even a trace of madness in his eyes that were suffused with killing intent.

No one knew that he was suffering extreme torment in his heart right now, and he felt an unprecedented feeling of humiliation when he recalled his actions from before!

His shout caused the spirits of everyone in the surroundings to be refreshed. Ying Shankun is finally going to counterattack? Better late than never. He’ll be able to wash away his humiliation if he can defeat Chen Xi.

Jin Yunsheng’s heart jerked while his body stiffened because he was following behind Chen Xi and Ying Shankun was right beside him!

At this moment, Chen Xi finally stopped moving. He turned his head to take a casual glance at Ying Shankun, and then he turned back around and continued forward.

Just this glance caused Ying Shankun’s face to turn ferocious and extremely gloomy, and he even clenched his fists tightly. But in the end, he actually remained silent as if he was possessed, and he just stood there by himself.

The corners of the spectators’ mouths couldn’t help but twitch when they witnessed this, and they shook their heads and sighed without end.

Before long, Chen Xi and Jin Yunsheng had entered the depths of the campsite and gradually vanished from their fields of vision.

The tense and oppressive atmosphere here seemed to have silently vanished, and many couldn’t help but whisper in discussion. Some were puzzled, some were doubtful, and some were fearful.

They were unable to see through exactly what secrets were hidden in that confrontation from before, but they had the feeling that it was absolutely not luck that made Ying Shankun suffer defeat successively!

It wasn’t long before all of them dispersed successively, and only Ying Shankun remained standing there by himself. His figure seemed extremely desolate beneath the blood red sky.

Huff! Huff!

It was a long time later that Ying Shankun suddenly shuddered and gasped rapidly for breath. The fierce expression on his face vanished and was replaced with paleness while a wisp of horror couldn’t help but surge into his eyes.

Only he knew exactly how terrifying it was to face Chen Xi just now. It was simply like facing an invincible demon!

He didn’t doubt for a second that if he hadn’t moved aside, then he would absolutely suffer a lethal attack! That feeling was so strong to the point he didn’t even dare to try and resist.

For the first time in his life, Ying Shankun started to doubt his combat strength. He hadn’t imagined that just a Savior at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm would be able to create such a terrifying deterrent force against him. Isn’t that a feeling that only Daolords should give me?

Heh! All of you can ridicule me to your heart’s content. All of you’ll only understand regret when you experience how terrifying he is for yourselves! When he thought about the gazes of ridicule that the others shot at him, Ying Shankun couldn’t help but laugh coldly. After that, he shook his head and walked into the campsite.

However, he didn’t have even a trace of intention to provoke Chen Xi again. That fellow’s too dangerous. It’s best to stay far away from him!

The campsite occupied an extremely vast area, and it just stood towering in the world without being covered at all. The 36 ancient black colored palaces were spread out in a row.

As he walked into the campsite, Chen Xi instantly felt that the energy of the curtain from by the Heaven Dao had vanished, and it undoubtedly proved that staying in the campsite right now was the safest option.

“That fellow was quite sensible.” Chen Xi thought about Ying Shankun who obstructed his path just now, and he couldn’t help but shake his head as he walked aimlessly within the campsite.

Earlier, he’d aroused killing intent indeed. So long as Ying Shankun dared to act rashly in the slightest, then he wouldn’t hesitate to strike a quick blow, kill Ying Shankun on the spot to make an example out of him, and deter the other participants in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, Ying Shankun was vigilant and moved aside decisively when he noticed that the situation wasn’t good, so Chen Xi could only restrain his killing intent.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi noticed that many figures had actually been following him all along the way. They seemed to be observing him yet seemed as if they intended to do something as well.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown. Looks like those fellows haven’t given up.


Suddenly, his figure flashed and obstructed the path of a man in embroidered clothes who was around 30m away.

That man was instantly shocked and extremely vigilant. His face immediately fell when he saw Chen Xi’s appearance, and he said coldly, “What do you want?”

A wisp of a fain arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “There’s no need to be nervous. I just want to ask a question.”

That man grunted coldly with displeasure. “Who’s nervous here?” As he spoke, he intended to flick his sleeve and push Chen Xi aside.

But right at this moment, a wisp of a deep and cold glow suddenly appeared in Chen Xi’s eyes, and it instantly caused the man’s heart to tremble. He felt a strand of indescribable horror, and his hand couldn’t help but stop in midair while his expression changed indeterminately.

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