Chapter 212 – Samsara

Chapter 212 – Samsara

Chen Xi felt as if his body was about to explode!

The energy that was transmitted out from the Netherworld Register was like a boundless and mighty ocean, and when compared with his own True Essence, his True Essence was simply like a small stream. It was a difference of more than a million times.

This energy was mysterious, deep, and revealed a powerless feeling that caused one to sink into oblivion, and it seemed as if one’s life and death weren’t in one’s control any longer. This was the aura of the Netherworld Register, and he’d once seen it on Su Leng. But the Nether Dao insight Su Leng comprehended was too shallow and weak, and it was like a tiny pearl that couldn’t compare in brightness with the sun and moon.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had lost control of his own body without the slightest room to struggle. He instead seemed like an onlooker, like someone who’s soul had left its body and didn’t belong to this body any longer.

Why has this happened?

Who did that voice from before belong to?

But, according to what he said, he seems to have no ill intent towards me…

“You’re called Chen Xi, right? Hand over that Magic Treasure in your hand and I’ll leave right away, and I guarantee to not look for trouble with you in the future.” Right at this moment, Qing Xiuyi frowned as she spoke. In her eyes, although Chen Xi who was surrounded at the center by all of them had a calm expression, he revealed a trace of a strange aura that was indescribable, and this strand of aura caused her to feel uneasy. So, she didn’t dare delay any longer.

“Miss Qing, didn’t you say we’d kill this kid first before distributing the treasures? If it’s like this, then I want that 10cm tall little person!” Huangfu Chongming pointed at Ling Bai who was on Chen Xi’s shoulder as he spoke unhurriedly.

“Hmph! I want the Buddha’s Pagoda!”

“The Buddha’s Pagoda is mine!”

Liu Fengchi from the Eastern Sea’s Dragonshark Isle and Man Hong from the Northern Barbaric Lands’ Skycave Mountain spoke at almost the exact same time, and as soon as they finished speaking, both of them glared angrily at each other as they smiled coldly without end. It was as if they would start a violent battle if the slightest disagreement were to occur.

“Chen Xi, did you hear what I said earlier? Looks at these people, every single one of them considers themselves to be superior and look down on everyone. They’re humiliating you like an ant, trampling on you like you are dirt, why is that? Because they think their status is higher than yours, their background deeper than yours, and their cultivation more formidable than yours, and that’s why they’re so unbridled and brazen!” Ling Bai stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder and spoke word by word. “Chen Xi, you’ve always been too kind, never offending anyone unless they offend you, and only when you’ve been bullied do you rise up in resistance. Are you able to protect yourself like this? Are you able to protect your family and friends?”

“What you should do now is kill! Kill until they’re afraid! Kill until they feel despair at the mention of your name! Kill until all of them have to pay the price a hundredfold, a thousandfold! Kill them to the point their family, friends, and masters have to suffer the flames of your rage, don’t hesitate to cause mountains of corpses and seas of blood! You must make everyone in the world remember the consequences of offending you, Chen Xi, is bound to be a consequence of their entire sect being exterminated, and obliteration of both sect and family!”

This little fellow’s killing intent is so strong!

When the surrounding people heard this, all of them were shocked in their hearts, and then they revealed a trace of happiness. If a treasure that was so intelligent and possessed such wisdom wasn’t an Immortal Artifact’s Artifact Spirit, then what was it?

“Little fellow, stopping killing with killing isn’t the way of the Grand Dao!” Suddenly, a hoarse and bleak voice sounded out from Chen Xi’s mouth, the voice carried a trace of a unique grief, and it caused Ling Bai to be unable to refrain from being stunned.

At this moment, Chen Xi held his hands behind his back, his bearing awe-inspiring, and his deep eyes seemed to cover the boundless universe, covering the changes in the stars, the lunar and solar tide, the movement in mountains and rivers, and all the changes in the world… Just his pair of eyes actually showed the rise and fall of the world and the circle of life and death!


Why does this fellow seem as if he has become a different person?

Everyone noticed the enormous change in Chen Xi’s bearing, and they couldn’t help but be apprehensive in their hearts.

“Hmph! Death is knocking at your door, yet you’re still playing tricks? Die! Grand Hidden Tiger Fist!” Behind Man Hong, a young man with bronze colored skin shouted out explosively before taking a stride forward, and the muscles on his body bulged up one by one as dark lights twined around his body before converging onto his right arm, then he punched out.


A storm gathered as the airflow emitted explosive bangs. A simple punch instead seemed as if it could break open a hill and stir the sea, and the terrifying energy condensed into a myriad of tiger head shaped fist prints that brandished their claws and bared their fangs as they tore through the sky and clawed at Chen Xi.

This strike was straightforward and concise, and it was a sudden attack that was extremely ferocious.

Not bad, Man Zhe’s Grand Hidden Tiger Fist contained the Dao of Illusions, the Dao of Shadowsouls, the might of a tiger’s soul, and these three things are combined, causing it to already attain the state of perfection. When he participates in the Allstar Meeting five years from now, perhaps there’ll be a position for him. Nearby, Man Hong seemed to have expected long ago that Man Zhen would make a move, and he secretly judged endlessly in his heart.

The Grand Hidden Dragon Fist was a Dao Grade martial technique passed down in the Skycave Mountain. It contained the Daos of Illusions and Shadowsouls that were combined with the energy of a tiger’s soul, and when it’s cultivated to the limit, a single punch struck out would possess the might of a myriad of tiger roars shaking the nine heavens.

Man Zhe’s punch was already deeply skilled in the essence of the Grand Hidden Tiger Fist, and it was extremely formidable.

“A tiny grain dares to emit light?” Chen Xi grunted coldly as his right hand swung out, and a wisp of a brilliance that alternated between black and white soared up to form a revolving wheel. It was like the rising of the sun and setting of the moon, containing boundless variations within, and it seemed to be between life and death as it cycled endlessly.


Man Zhe’s fist prints were like paper and were easily crushed by the black and white wheel, whereas, his body was instead covered by the black and white wheel from above, and he actually didn’t have the slightest room to avoid it. No matter how he dodged, he was unable to escape being locked down by the white and black wheel, and he actually even forgot to struggle.

After that, everyone saw a shocking scene. Man Zhe’s robust and strong body’s vitality leaked away swiftly. In an instant, he’d become a grey haired and hunched old man with a face covered in wrinkles, blurred vision, falling teeth, and his entire backbone had collapsed into the shape of a bow.

In an instant, a heroic and exuberant young man had become an old man with only a short time left, his lifespan was gone and his vitality was dried up!

This… What power is this?

The pupils of everyone constricted abruptly as great astonishment and horror gushed out in their hearts.

So long as a cultivator attained the Golden Core Realm, a lifespan of a few thousand years could be acquired. So long as one didn’t stop cultivating and advanced step by step, it was even possible to retain one’s youth forever. The fundamental reason a cultivator sought the Dao was for the sake of having a lifespan similar to the heavens and the earth, to cast off the restraint of life, death, age, and sickness, to leap out for the five elements and escape the cycle of death. It could be said that lifespan was the life of a cultivator, the foundation of a cultivator’s survival, and without one’s lifespan, everything was just nonsense.

However, at this moment, there was a power that was able to turn around one’s lifespan, able to take away the foundation of one’s life, so how could it not cause others to feel terror in their hearts?


A clear sound resounded out, Man Zhe’s lifespan had withered, causing the skin, bones, and meridians in his entire body to seem as if they were unable to withstand the erosion of time, and they collapsed inch by inch before transforming into ash.

Just like this, in the blink of an eye, a cultivator at the Golden Core Realm who was one of the top figures in the younger generation had vanished forever in the heavens and the earth. As they watched helplessly as this scene occurred, everyone felt their entire body go cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“Samsara… This is the Samsara Grand Dao! No! It’s the Laws of Samsara! Could it be that you’re a Heavenly Immortal!? No! Even an ordinary Heavenly Immortal is utterly unable to control the Laws of Samsara! Who actually are you?” Qing Xiuyi spoke with surprise and bewilderment. This young woman that had always been tranquil, indifferent, and misty like smoke seemed to have recalled something, and her heart was filled with surging waves at this moment.

“He’s just a little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm. That attack from before might just be his trump card. Let’s join forces, I don’t believe we’re unable to kill him!” Huangfu Chongming grunted coldly.

“Exactly. I clearly remember that this fellow is indeed only at the Golden Hall Realm. At this moment, perhaps he’s drawing support from the strength of the Magic Treasure in his hand to utilize such a formidable attack, but it’s obviously impossible to be maintained for long. Let’s attack together and we’ll surely be able to annihilate him!” Lin Moxuan’s eyes flickered indefinitely, and he seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s secrets as he spoke coldly.

“Brother Lin is right. This kid is indeed at the Golden Hall Realm, and only the strength of an Immortal Artifact is capable of allowing him to exert such a terrifying strength, right?” Xiao Linger nodded as well.

The others secretly heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this. If it was said that Chen Xi’s identity was a Heavenly Immortal, then their actions of wanting to take a share of the treasures in his possession was no different than courting death.

But obviously, this fellow wasn’t a Heavenly Immortal, and he wasn’t even at the Golden Core Realm. So the power that annihilated Man Zhe earlier was easy to explain, it was surely the might of the Immortal Artifact in his possession.

When they thought up to here, the greed in the hearts of everyone was like weeds that grew madly, not decreasing but increasing instead. That was the might of Samsara! If I’m able to possess this Immortal Artifact, then wouldn’t I be able to cultivate the Samsara Dao Insight and escape the restraints of the six paths of reincarnation?

“So that’s how it is.” Qing Xiuyi seemed to have understood the reason behind it, and her expression once again recovered its calm, and she said indifferently, “Everyone, let’s join forces and kill him first. Otherwise, he’ll crush us one by one and none of us will be able to escape!”

As she spoke, Qing Xiuyi’s white hand flipped to cause an ancient copper mirror that was coiled with smoke and mist to appear in her hand. The surface of the mirror was inscribed with dense and mysterious patterns of flowers, birds, insects, fish, mountains, and rivers. All of these patterns converged together and effused an obscure and chaotic aura that caused the surrounding space to ripple into a seemingly real yet illusive indistinct scene.

Misty Treasured Mirror!

Everyone was instantly shocked in their hearts when they saw this treasure. This Misty Treasured Mirror was a far famed treasure of the Whitecrane Sect. Supposedly, this treasured mirror was an existence at the ranks of Immortal Artifacts, but a few thousand years ago, this treasured mirror had suffered an exceedingly heavy injury due to an unknown reason, causing its quality to fall down from the ranks of Immortal Artifacts. But even then, the might of this Magic Treasure was already exceedingly formidable, and it won infinite prestige for the Whitecrane Sect!

At this moment, the Misty Treasure Mirror appearing in Qing Xiuyi’s possession caused everyone to instantly understand that this young woman was about to attack with her full strength!


At practically the instant that Qing Xiuyi withdrew her Misty Treasured Mirror, another heavy and archaic sound resounded out. A cauldron shaped Magic Treasure had suddenly appeared in the hands of Huangfu Chongming, it had three legs and two handles, with nine serpents coiling around it, and the aura of treasures shot into the sky, causing it to seem as if it could rule the world!

“The Nine-Python Skyruler Cauldron!”

“It’s actually one of the six great rare treasures of the Wise King’s Estate!”

“This fellow, Huangfu Chongming, is going to attack with his full strength as well. Looks like he’s determined to obtain the Immortal Artifacts in that kid’s possession like Qing Xiuyi. This won’t do, I can’t fall behind!”

How could everyone still dare dally when they saw this scene? They were deeply afraid that Qing Xiuyi and Huangfu Chongming would seize the chance to first pick, and every single one of them didn’t hesitate in the slightest to withdraw their trump cards.

For a time, over ten Magic Treasures of a variety of shapes and were coiled with the aura of treasures appeared out of thin air, causing numerous strands of auspicious energy to appear in the sky, causing rays of light that shone far into the distance, and causing howls and cries that rose and fell like the tide, and their piercingly cold killing intent shot directly into the nine heavens.

The battle would break out at any moment!


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