Chapter 2119 – Jin Yunsheng

The River of Destiny!

According to rumor, only Ninth Star Region Lords who laid eyes on the river of distance could be said to have come into contact with the threshold of the Daolord Realm, and it was one of the publicly acknowledged standards that defined those who had the highest chance of advancing into the Daolord Realm!

Yet now, the transformation of the Pearl of Laws had allowed Chen Xi to instantly lay eyes of a vast river of destiny in his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked.

The river was too grand, magnificent, and vast. It seemed like it surged over from time immemorial and flowed towards the indistinct future.

Every single wave on it seemed like a supreme Law that was branded with the true secrets of Destiny. Since the ancient time until now, only a small handful of people had been able to witness such a grand and dazzling scene.

Because it was the source of Destiny. It was a type of Order that exceeded the scope of all other Daos in the world. All those who were able to lay eyes upon the true secrets of Destiny were existences who possessed the potential to advance into the Daolord Realm while others didn’t have the chance to lay eyes upon it at all!

Comprehending it would be equivalent to grasping Destiny, and it would allow one to surpass the general meaning of strength and truly possessed ability that could reach the heavens.

It was to reach the sky, grasp destiny within one’s own hands, transcend the world, and stand by the side of the Dao!

That was the essence of the Daolord Realm!

All of this took some time to describe yet actually occurred in an instant. When Chen Xi wanted to look a step further into the true secrets of the River of Destiny, the scene within his mind had suddenly vanished.

His vision had returned to normal, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss because if he could reflect the image of the River of Destiny within his sea of consciousness at all time, then breaking through into the Daolord Realm would be extremely easy to accomplish.

However, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that such a fortuitous encounter could only be chanced upon by luck, and it was already an unprecedented opportunity that he had been able to lay eyes upon it once.


The war was still going on and raged through the world while blood flowed into pools. However, the Dao Defiants were still whistling over like a dense black expanse of locusts.

The Dao Calamity Sword that had experienced numerous slaughters and drunk the blood of countless souls had grown even brighter. Its scarlet red body flowed with a dazzling blood red glow, and it seemed like an unprecedented weapon of slaughter that had been bathed in an ocean of blood.

But only Chen Xi knew that this sword was destroying sin and refining evil!

The most miraculous part was that as it refined and absorbed even more energy of sin and evil, the amount of pure energy of the Laws within it grew greater in amount.

Presently, the Pearl of Laws was translucent and crystalline, and it seemed like a divine and supreme pearl of glass. The energy of Laws within it was pure and dense to an inconceivable level, and it faintly emanated a trace of the aura of Destiny!

Even though he didn’t know how the Dao Calamity Sword accomplish this or how it condensed Divine Dao Laws that contained a trace of the aura of Destiny, all of this proved that the Dao Calamity Sword was no ordinary treasure.

After all, could any treasure throughout the world gather a trace of the aura of Destiny like the Dao Calamity Sword had?

At the very least, Chen Xi had never heard of one.

At this moment, another scarlet red pearl of blood had appeared within the Dao Calamity Sword, and it was a new Pearl of Laws that had just taken initial form.

This made Chen Xi feel excited. He was very well aware that once the Dao Calamity Sword was used to kill even more Dao Defiants, the 2nd Pearl of Laws would ceaselessly transform until it possessed a trace of the aura of Destiny as well!

Earlier, merely refining and absorbing an ancestral treasure of the Thunderfall Clan allowed it to complete its transformation in one go. The Pearl of Laws’ transformation can definitely be sped up if it’s able to refine and absorb even more similar treasures…. Chen Xi deduced in his heart as he flew forward through the army of enemies like he was crushing dry leaves. But I presume that it’s probably quite difficult to accomplish that. They at least have to be Ninth Star Region Lords amongst the Dao Defiants to possess such treasures, and it isn’t easy to encounter such existences in this vast battlefield on Slaughter Highlands.

Nevermind. I’ll just follow my heart forward. After thinking about it for a while, Chen Xi gave up on specially looking for Ninth Star Region Lords to become his enemy. Because it was too risky and extremely dangerous.

After all, his enemies weren’t just the Dao Defiants on the battlefield, and he was even facing a threat from the participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans who were supposed to be on the same side as him.

Four hours later, the continuous battle throughout this period had allowed Chen Xi’s consciousness to become unprecedentedly concentrated, and he had no other distracting thoughts besides those related to killing his enemies.

His cultivation in the Dao Heart that was at the 8th forging of the True Heart Sutra and the endless divine energy provided by the Divine Dark Parasol Tree were sufficient for Chen Xi to continue battling without suffering any exhaustion or discomfort.

After he got accustomed to the situation of the battle, Chen Xi’s rhythm in battle became even more fierce and domineering!

His actions were simple, clean, and didn’t waste a shred of extra energy, but the destruction they created was many times greater that the energy utilized.

Besides his combat ability that had been thoroughly tempered, the reason he was able to accomplish this was his cultivation in the Sword Dao that had attained the 7th level of the Sword Emperor Realm.

Chen Xi had attained this breakthrough from his spar with his Eldest Senior Brother who was utilizing 20% of his full strength.

At that time, Wu Xuechan’s evaluation of Chen Xi’s combat strength was that Chen Xi possessed the ability to go against ordinary Daolords with his cultivation at the 7th level of the Sword Emperor Realm. Even if Chen Xi might not be able to defeat the Daolord, Chen Xi would have a very good chance of staying alive.

Of course, his chances of killing a Daolord was still very tiny. After all, existences at the Daolord Realm were too extraordinary. They’d started to grasp the Grand Dao of Destiny, and they weren’t existences that a Region Lord could kill.

But this clearly showed that Chen Xi’s combat strength could be considered to be heaven defying!

Since the ancient times until now, had any Ninth Star Region Lord in the world been capable of going against an ordinary Daolord like Chen Xi could?

Now, coupled with the terrifying strength of the Dao Calamity Sword, Chen Xi’s combat strength had grown even stronger.

If one were to look at the overall situation of the battlefield right now, then one would notice that as Chen Xi moved forward, all the enemies in an area of 3km around him weren’t even able to approach him before they were crushed on the spot by the aura emanated by the Dao Calamity Sword!

No matter how numerous they were, all of them were slaughtered like weeds, and none survived!

Such a straightforward and simple method of slaughter was simply peerless and all-powerful, and it was shocking to the core.

However, such a shocking and blood scene didn’t seem very shocking when placed within the entire vast battlefield.

After all, the battlefield was too vast. Just the Slaughter Highlands was like a large world, and the scenes of battle and slaughter filled the skies and the earth. Treasures whistled through the world like waves while dazzling techniques interweaved together. Such a horrifying and unprecedented scene of war made it very difficult for everything Chen Xi did to draw any attention.

However, that was exactly what Chen Xi wanted. He didn’t desire to seem too striking because not only would it cause the top-rate figures of the Dao Defiants to notice him, even the participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans would notice him, and the consequences of that were extremely disadvantageous to Chen Xi.

Suddenly, a furious roar resounded from afar, and then a figure charged over in Chen Xi’s direction like a meteor. Moreover, that figure carried an exasperated aura and seemed to have been driven into a corner.

It was a participant from the Divine Dao Protector Clans. His golden armor was broken into pieces, his entire body drenched in blood, his face pale, and blood flowed incessantly from the corner of his mouth. He’d clearly suffered a heavy injury.

Numerous Dao Defiants were still following closely behind him, and especially the Dao Defiant in the lead, it was actually a Devil Spider at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

That Devil Spider was lofty like a mountain, seemed to be completely made of gold, and emanated a dazzling and resplendent golden glow.

Its eight enormous legs held various different divine artifacts, and it emanated a ferocious imposing aura. Everywhere it passed, even some of the Dao Defiants were struck by its might and lost their lives before it.

But it was very obvious that the Devil Spider didn’t care about those Dao Defiants on its side at all. It just concentrated on pursuing that man in golden armor who was fleeing madly.

“Descendant of the Jin Clan, you won’t be able to escape! Your ancestor killed a senior of my Devil Spider Clan while participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors all those years ago. How would I possibly face my fellow clansmen if I were to allow you to escape?” The Devil Spider laughed coldly and ferociously as it smashed a completely jet black ancient seal at the man in golden armor. The ancient seal smashed through space and forcefully smashed onto the golden armored man to the point his figure staggered and crashed towards the ground.

“Dammit!” The man in golden armor roared loudly, and he seemed to intend to risk everything and fight desperately with the Devil Spider. However, he inadvertently noticed Chen Xi who was in the distance and immediately cried out. “Save me, Fellow Daoist!”

“Die!” The Devil Spider didn’t hold back at all, and it tossed the blood red pike in another one of its legs. The pike drew a fierce and violent arc through space as it shot towards the man in golden armor.


Right at the critical moment, a blood red sword appeared abruptly and blocked that blood red pike. After that, the sword spun and actually slashed the blood red pike apart.

The man in golden armor broke out in cold sweat from escaping death, and he swiftly said, “Thank you for the help, Fellow Daoist. I’m Jin Yunsheng from the Jin Clan. I’ll definitely repay Fellow Daoist once I return to the clan….”

He wasn’t able to finish speaking because Chen Xi interrupted him. “Shut your mouth and hide behind me if you don’t want to die!”

The man’s face froze, but he still moved hastily to hide behind Chen Xi. He was severely injured and was very well aware that this wasn’t a suitable moment to talk at all. So, he’d shut his mouth obediently. However, his gaze towards Chen Xi was a slightly blank one because he seemed to have realized something yet restrained himself in the end.

“Bastard!” When it saw its prey being saved while one of his treasures were destroyed in the process as well, the Devil Spider was instantly infuriated, and it roared as it charged towards Chen Xi.

Its enormous figure which was lofty like a mountain blotted out the sky and casted a shadow down onto the world. Numerous treasures flickered with a terrifying glow as it attacked.


The might of this attack was peerlessly violent. It crushed space apart and tore countless rifts apart in it. Moreover, all the Dao Defiants in an area of over 6km were caught off guard by it, and they were actually blasted to death on the spot!

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