Chapter 2118 – The Energy of Destiny

If one didn’t experience it for one’s self, it would definitely be impossible to imagine that this war of the gods was so grand and horrifying.

Blood and war were mixed together here while life and death were being played out here. Moreover, endless rage and hatred was being vented here.

War represented slaughter, and there was no room for hesitation and pity here.


It was like the world was trembling and wailing as countless treasures flickered with multicolored and dazzling light as they whistled through the world, and all sorts of techniques sprayed and surged through the surroundings. Even calling it a purgatory of blood wasn’t enough to describe how cruel and horrifying such a war of gods was.


The army of Dao Defiants were like surging smoke that charged through every single inch of Slaughter Highlands, and the sound of weapons colliding resounded from all over.

There were only a little over 100 experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and they seemed so insignificant before such a vast battlefield.

But if one looked carefully, one would notice that every single one of them possessed unparalleled strength that crushed an area of enemies, and they charged through the surging enemy army with monstrous divine might.

Moreover, along with the passage of time, more and more troops of the Dao Defiants surged over from all directions and joined the battle on Slaughter Highlands.

At the same time, the participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans who’d been teleported all over the 1st battlefront were charging over successively.

For example, scenes of experts suffering attacks from all directions as soon as they arrived like Chen Xi had experienced just now wasn’t rare at all.


After he killed that group of Dao Defiants from the Stoneface Devil Clan, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to transform into an ethereal shadow and launched an extremely cruel and decisive slaughter.

There were too many enemies. They were simply innumerable and covered the heavens and the earth. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi wasn’t able to differentiate how each side was distributed throughout Slaughter Highlands.

In other words, even Chen Xi wasn’t sure exactly which area of the battlefield he was on.

But the situation was so dangerous that it didn’t allow Chen Xi to think too much about it. As soon as his figure appeared here, it instantly drew the attention and attacks of all the Dao Defiants in this area.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The Dao Calamity Sword that was scarlet red like blood and burned like flames slashed forward incessantly, and every single slash of it would definitely cause an expanse of dark red and horrifying blood to spray.

After that, corpses crashed to the ground and transformed into blood and bones that no one showed any interest in, and they fell into eternal slumber on this merciless battlefield.


At this instant, Chen Xi’s body was suffused by violet gold divine radiance. Every inch of his skin surged with seemingly material and dazzling divine radiance. His clothes and jet black hair fluttered with the wind while his pupils that were dark like abysses surged with piercingly cold and murderous intent.

The Dao Calamity Sword emanated clear howls incessantly while within his grasp. It seemed to be cheering and yearning for blood, and it caused Chen Xi to possess an oppressive, bloody, and unyielding imposing aura.


The enemies that surged out like waves collapsed and crashed to the ground before Chen Xi’s strength that had attained perfection in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and all his enemies perished before his feet.

He charged forward incessantly like a blood red awl, and he crushed through all barriers with all-powerful might and was simply invincible!

It was a form of absolute power!

However, there were truly too many enemies. They formed a dense mass that was simply impossible to annihilate because a new group would constantly charge over once the last was destroyed.

Any other Ninth Star Region Lord would probably choose to break out of the encirclement when facing such a dangerous situation.

Chen Xi was no exception. But his method of breaking out of the encirclement was very simple, and it was one where he utilized absolute strength to forcefully carve open a blood path that was covered in corpses and blood!


Blood stormed down through the surroundings while corpses piles up into hills.

Boundless shouts and shrill cries resounded like a sorrowful ballad that sung about the cruelties of the war between gods.

This was Slaughter Highland, a place of war that was at the central area of the 1st battlefront. Since time immemorial, the corpses of countless gods had fallen here, and the spirits of countless heroes were buried here.

The heavens, the earth, the sky, and even the air here was tainted by a very heavy aura of blood and unrest!

In the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi had charged 1,500km forward!

Even Chen Xi wasn’t able to count the exact number of enemies he’d killed throughout this distance he’d traversed. The spot on the command token that recorded his battle merits was still flickering madly without end, and numerous specks of light that were in various colors and shades appeared incessantly.

Chen Xi didn’t care about his battle merits, but he had to admit that it really was easy to earn battle merits by killing at Slaughter Highlands. Because so long as one’s combat strength was sufficiently formidable, then one would have an endless supply of battle merits.

Conversely, insufficient combat strength would cause one to become the merit of one’s enemies instead.

The only thing that made Chen Xi frown was that he hadn’t encountered another enemy at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm all along the way. Even though the army of Dao Defiants was huge, in Chen X’s opinion, they were just a mass of cannon fodder that couldn’t be completely annihilated.

It wasn’t Chen Xi’s fault that he thought this way. It wasn’t even challenging for him to kill existences below the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. So, no matter how numerous they were, they weren’t able to form a material threat against Chen Xi.

In next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of that because even the slightest distraction wouldn’t be tolerated in this dangerous battlefield.

He continued charging forward.

Along with the passage of time, the Dao Calamity Sword grew even more scarlet red and brilliant. The ancient sword’s body seemed like it was on the verge of dripping blood, and it emanated a terrifying and blood aura of slaughter.

Besides that, as he killed more and more enemies, the energy of sin and evil that the Dao Calamity Sword absorbed grew greater and greater in amount. It ceaselessly absorbed and refined them before leaving the pure Divine Dao Laws behind to be fused with the Pearl of Laws, and they became the source of the Pearl of Laws’ energy to continue its transformation.

Even thought this slaughter had only been carried out for the time for an incense stick to burn, it had allowed the Pearl of Laws to transform swiftly. At this moment, while it was only the size of a nail, its surface was covered in even denser and clearer Divine Dao Laws. Moreover, it grew even brighter and was brilliant like a little sun.

It was a state of approaching perfection, and it wouldn’t be long before it underwent its final transformation!

At that time, Chen Xi wondered what sort of scene would appear before his eyes.


Suddenly, a wisp of silver light tore through the sky and struck down towards him. It was zigzagged, sharp like a blade, and inconceivably swift. Even if Chen Xi had dodged instinctively, the hair on his temple had still be chopped off, and it had almost struck his head.

An expert has finally shown himself!

This made Chen Xi’s eyes narrow as he swiftly raised his head. He noticed a robust figure with the head of a bird, the body of a man, and wearing beast skin covered in a totem appeared in midair. His copper skin was tattooed with dense tattoos of Dao Markings, and they carried a strange energy.

He held a large bright silver hammer that flowed with surging arcs of lightning, and its imposing aura was violent and strong like the sun. It was simply like the emperor of lightning had descended into the world.

It was a descendant of the Thunderfall Clan!

The Thunderfall Clan was a high rank clan in the Spring of Sin, and just like the Bloodsoul Clan, it was at the top of the pyramid amongst the Dao Defiants.

This fellow with the head of a bird and body of a man was clearly a Ninth Star Region Lord from the Thunderfall Clan!

“Eh, you were actually able to avoid that attack of mine. You do possess some ability.” That expert from the Thunderfall Clan spoke with surprise, and then rumbling resounded as he stomped space apart while the bright silver lightning hammer in his hand was smashed forcefully towards Chen Xi.

“Try it again!” The lightning hammer’s surface flowed with dense totems and mysterious markings. While it was ancient, it carried a terrifying evil and murderous aura. Obviously, it was an extraordinary precious treasure. As soon as it appeared, it transformed into black colored lightning of destruction that covered the sky and this entire area.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent. He executed a slanted stab towards the sky with the Dao Calamity Sword in his grasp. It was just such a simple movement yet seemed to contain boundless might, and it instantly obliterated the black lightning that covered the sky.

At the same time, the Dao Calamity Sword’s scarlet red tip stabbed accurately onto the lightning hammer that was whistling down towards Chen Xi.


An enormous explosion that shook the world resounded, and then a strand of terrifying and destructive force swept out. All the Dao Defiants in an area of 50km didn’t even have the chance to react before their figures exploded into pieces and vanished within the chaotic flow of space created by the collision.

This was the destructive force caused by the collision between 2 Ninth Star Region Lords, and the consequences of being affected by it was bound to be horrifying.


After that, the lightning hammer wailed, and it caused that expert from the Thunderfall Clan to change. A sharp cry resounded out his lips while he tried to take the lightning hammer back.

However, it was clearly too late. An expanse of surging blood red light surged out from the Dao Calamity Sword, and then it swiftly enveloped the hammer.

In an instant, that expert from the Thunderfall Clan noticed that he’d actually lost all links with that treasure of his!

“NO!!” A rumbling and furious howl that carried unwillingness resounded from his mouth, and a strand of jet black lightning sprayed out abruptly from his mouth and swept towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, and then rumbling resounded as it didn’t just destroy that attack with ease, it even blasted that expert from the Thunderfall Clan back.

At this point, the Dao Calamity Sword glowed brilliantly like burning blood, and then the blood red glow flashed before it actually devoured the entire lightning hammer and made it vanish from sight.

“Dammit!!! You actually dared to destroy my ancestral treasure! I’ll remember you, Heretic! My older brother, Yan Xu, will arrive at Slaughter Highlands soon. That’ll be the moment of your death!” That expert from the Thunderfall Clan suffered backlash and suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and then he glanced at Chen Xi with extreme resentment before turning around and fleeing swiftly.

Obviously, that fellow had realized that he wasn’t a match for Chen Xi and didn’t dare stay here for a moment longer.

Yan Xu? Chen Xi didn’t know who that fellow was, and then he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to that and continued charging through his enemies.

He didn’t pursue that fellow because the consequences would be bad if that fellow were to lure him into some sort of trap

Most importantly, the Pearl of Laws within the Dao Calamity Sword had finally undergone a completely new transformation after the Dao Calamity Sword swallowed that strange lightning hammer which contained surging energy of sin and evil!

The golden glow around the pearl had vanished, and it seemed like it was translucent. However, it had grown even more brilliant and dazzling, and it actually emanated a dignified aura that caused others to dare not stare at it.

It wasn’t a ball of light at all, it was clearly a dazzling ball of pure energy of the Laws!

However, it was unlike the energy of the Laws that Chen Xi had laid eyes on in the past. Even though it was only the size of a nail, it was filled with an indistinct and supreme aura of Destiny.

As soon as Chen Xi sensed that trace of aura, his heart couldn’t help but shake while the image of a vast and boundless river of Destiny suddenly appeared in his mind!

That river laid across both past and future. It cut cross the Chaos of time immemorial and the beginning and the end of all era, it passed through the annals of time, and it surpassed the scope of all Grand Daos!

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