Chapter 2117 – Slaughter Highlands

Chen Xi walked through the thick mist by himself.


Suddenly, a Predator transformed into a foul ray of grey light as it charged out from the darkness. However, it hadn’t even gotten close to Chen Xi when it was minced into a ray of light by surging bright red sword, and then it was absorbed by the blood red glow that covered the sword.

Chen Xi didn’t even look back as he continued forward.

7 days had passed since he encountered Shi Chuge that day.

Chen Xi had been constantly traveling through Mist Forest throughout this time, and he fought as he recovered from his injuries.

There were a huge number of Predators throughout Mist Forest. They were simply innumerable. Moreover, they were cunning, ruthless, elusive, and possessed strengths comparable to Fifth Star Region Lords.

However, they seemed weak like pieces of paper before Chen Xi’s sword.

The Dao Calamity Sword played an important role in his ability to accomplish this because it innately countered the foul and evil energy of sin, so it was naturally extremely ease for Chen Xi to kill these Predators when his combat strength was combined with the might of the Dao Calamity Sword.

Moreover, the Dao Calamity Sword absorbed and refined a portion of the Sin Energy from every single Predator, and then transformed it into a strand of pure Divine Dao Laws which it left within the sword.

Presently, the crystalline and translucent pearl of blood in the Dao Calamity sword had become brilliant from the energy absorbed from numerous Predators, and it was covered in a gentle and divine golden glow.

It hadn’t become larger but the Divine Dao Laws it contained had grown purer and more condensed. Especially after it devoured the Godkill Thorn a few days ago. The pearl of blood had clearly undergone a transformation. Chen Xi could faintly notice golden Divine Dao Laws that were fine as hairs circulating around the surface of the pearl, and they seemed extremely miraculous.

Moreover, as Chen Xi killed even more Predators and the Dao Calamity Sword absorbed even more energy, the pearl of blood was still slowly transforming without end.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel anticipation because of this. He looked forward to witnessing what the pearl of blood would transform to in the end.

It was extremely mysterious indeed. It was formed from the strands of pure Divine Dao Laws that were left behind after the Dao Calamity Sword refined and absorbed all the energy of sin and evil.

However, such pure Divine Dao Laws were something Chen Xi had never seen in the past. Moreover, they were in extremely fine pieces like glass that had shattered into countless pieces. So, it was very difficult to discern exactly what miraculous ability they possessed or which Divine Dao Law they were.

After many probes, Chen Xi was only able to determine that the pure Divine Dao Laws within the pearl of blood was formed from shattered bits, and he probably had to wait into it completed its transformation to obtain an understanding of its true form.

Chen Xi had given it a name — the Pearl of Laws.

Chen Xi had once tried to utilize his own strength to eliminate the energy of sin and evil contained within the corpse of a Predator he killed, but he was utterly unable to retrieve the pure energy of Divine Dao Laws that were contained within it.

This allowed Chen Xi to determine that the Pearl of Laws could only continue its transformation by absorbing the evil, sinful, and foul energy contained within the beings killed by the Dao Calamity Sword.

This indirectly proved that the Dao Calamity Sword which was left behind by the Chaotic Divine Lotus all those years ago and the Sovereign Sect had tried its best to destroy possessed inconceivable and miraculous abilities of its own.

A few more days past and Chen Xi’s injuries had fully recovered, so his combat strength had returned to its peak state as well.

All along the way, he’d traversed at least a few tens of thousand of kilometers through the forest and killed countless Predators in succession. However, the unusual thing was that he hadn’t noticed another Dao Defiant or any participant from the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

Even Cangyun Ye’s group seemed to have vanished into thin air.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, it was probably that both the Dao Defiants and the participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans had headed to Slaughter Highlands.

Because the participants would only be able to earn even more abundant battle merits there, and they would also be able to obtain all sorts of unexpected treasures and fortuitous encounters that led to advancement.

On the other hand, the Dao Defiants would be able to hunt and kill even more participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans there.

Based on Chen Xi’s estimations, it was the 16th day since he entered the Spring of Sin, and it was time to head to the central area of the 1st battlefront, the Slaughter Highlands.

A day later, Chen Xi’s figure appeared before that campsite he’d laid eyes on from afar that day. However, the tents there were already gone, and only a strange and ancient altar remained.

The surface of the altar had countless dense and fine diagrams inscribed on it. All of them were formed from Chaotic Markings.

The army of Dao Defiants that surged into the forest that day had teleported over with this exact altar.

If Chen Xi was right, then perhaps Chi Qingying had utilized this same altar to teleport to Slaughter Highlands.

Chen Xi moved forward and sized it up for a moment before his brows raised because he saw a row of words had actually appeared at the side of the altar. At the instant that his eyes descended upon them, it was like he could hear Chi Qingying’s elegant and composed voice resound by his ears. “Savior, I’ll be waiting for you at Slaughter Highlands!”

Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, and that row of words were instantly eliminated. After that, he carefully observed the dense Chaotic Markings on the surface of the altar.

10 minutes later, Chen Xi walked onto the altar, and then the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand emanated a clear and excited howl as it stabbed forcefully into the altar.


The altar trembled and boundless ripples of divine radiance that contained a terrifying aura of sin and evil arose from it and swept towards Chen Xi.

However, they hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when they were absorbed by the blood red glow which the Dao Calamity Sword emanated.


In the end, countless cracks actually split open on the surface of the altar before it rumbled and exploded into pieces.

At practically the exact same moment, a strand of abundant energy of teleportation surged out from the Dao Calamity Sword, and then it enveloped Chen Xi and vanished on the spot.

When everything calmed down, Chen Xi and that strange and ancient altar had both vanished.

The rumbling sound of war drums resounded through the world while countless shouts of battle resounded like thunderclaps that surged through the surroundings.

It was like an eternal battlefield of the gods that resounded with the shouts of both gods and demons, the wails of the collapsing Grand Dao, and the howls of furious saints.

The heavens and the earth were filled with unrest. Blood stormed down along with boundless divine flames of lightning, and a myriad of strands of divine radiance surged and raged through the air. Order was chaotic here, the world was collapsing here, the space was like a crushed painting that revealed a dense expanse of rifts and black holes here.

At the instant Chen Xi appeared out of thin air here, he saw such a bloody, chaotic, and horrifying scene of war here.

It was like he’d arrived at an eternal battlefield of the gods. The surging rain of blood and divine radiance, and the chaotic world before him caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling shocked while his entire body tensed up.

However, he didn’t eve have the chance to react when loud rumbling resounded. Over 10 terrifying and dazzling attacks whistled over from afar, and the terrifying might they possessed threw space into disorder and simply seemed as if it intended to obliterate everything here.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot. However, he hadn’t even been able to stabilize his figure and see who his attacker was when a thunderous roar resounded.

“Another heretic has arrived! Die!”


A blood red ax that was the size of a millstone tore through the sky as it chopped down forcefully at Chen Xi’s head. The axe was covered in dense Divine Dao Laws and suffused with an evil aura of sin that assaulted the face.


The Dao Calamity Sword in Chen Xi’s palm flashed, and the wrist which held that ax was slashed off, causing fresh blood to spray.

At the same time, a 10m tall Stoneface Devil roared with pain while a ferocious expression appeared on his face.

The Stoneface Devil was a formidable clan in the Spring of Sin. Their skin seemed as if it was made from Chaotic Iron, and their faces seemed as if they were made of stone and were suffused by a baleful aura. Besides that, they possessed boundless physical strength, were extremely bloodthirsty, and they were extremely ferocious and violet in battle.

This Stoneface Devil before him was clearly a formidable Ninth Star Region Lord, and numerous other Stoneface Devils were following by his side. They formed a dense mass of a few thousand that covered the entire area.

However, comparatively speaking, while he had numerous experts following him, none of them had attained the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

“Attack! Attack together! Kill this heretic!” The Stoneface Devil at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm roared ferociously. A ray of divine radiance flashed at his severed wrist, and then he actually grew another hand and grabbed his ax before charging forward once more.

All the other Stoneface Devils behind him emanated roars that shook the heavens as they surged forward like tidewater, and they revealed a violent and fearless imposing aura.


A cold glow flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes, and then the Dao Calamity Sword carried surging and dazzling blood red light as he swung it forward.


Everywhere his sword qi passed, it destroyed everything in its way. The Stoneface Devil at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm who was the first to bear the brunt of it didn’t even have the chance to evade before his figure was slashed apart at the waist. His upper body was still shouting as it flew into the air, and there was no chance for him to come back to life again.

After that, the dense expanse of Stoneface Devils seemed like grass that was forcefully slashed apart by the sword qi, and only severed limbs and corpses were left behind on the ground!

If one looked down from above, one would able to clearly see that as that over 3km long blood red sword qi swept forward, the army of Stoneface Devils here crashed to the ground, and there was actually not a single one that was able to escape calamity!

A huge empty space appeared on the battlefield, and the ground was covered in the blood and corpses of the Stoneface Devils. It was an extremely horrifying scene.

But in just a few breaths of time, numerous figures charged over from all directions and quickly filled this area again. There were Sin Executioners, Cerberus, Bloodsuckers, Sin Adjudicators, Devil Spiders, and various other descendants of the Dao Defiant Clans.

When Chen Xi looked further towards the distance, he saw that the world was covered in battle. Dense expanses of figures covered the havens and the earth in what seemed like an endless battlefield.

Chen Xi was finally sure that this was definitely the central area of the 1st battlefront, the Slaughter Highlands!

The battlefield here was too vast. It was simply like a vast world, and the heavens and the earth were filled with the surging aura of war and slaughter. Moreover, the surroundings were filled with shouting and killing figures.

The participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans and the descendants of the Dao Defiants had started a war that could only be heard of in the legends of the battles between the gods!

It was a battle of the gods indeed. All the participating experts possessed strength at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm at least, and the strongest possessed strengths at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

As he gazed at the blood of the gods that sprayed through the world, watched as enemies covered the sky as they flew over, and heard the desolate rumbling of the war drums and shouts from the battle that rumbled through the world like thunder. At this moment, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but search with battle intent that he hadn’t experienced for a long time.

His blood was boiling.

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