Chapter 2115 – Strange Situation

After a short moment of silence, Chen Xi’s voice resounded once more. “You’re right, but I’m very well aware that if we were to engage in battle, then they will definitely not wait to reap the benefits in the end. They’ll definitely choose to join forces with me to fight you.”

“Why?” Chi Qingying’s brows raised.

“Because they aren’t just participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans. Most importantly, they are very well aware of the severity of my injuries.” Chen Xi answered casually. “Under such circumstances, they would rather help me kill you than join forces with you to kill me.”

These words caused the expressions on the faces of Cangyun Ye and the others to change because it was exactly what they were thinking. However, they hadn’t expected that Chen Xi would actually speak of it in such a frank manner and didn’t even avoid mentioning the heavy injuries he’d suffered.

Chi Qingying revealed a rare moment of silence before the smile on the corners of his mouth grew even dense, and it even carried a wisp of praise as he sighed. “The natural talent of prediction that comes from within my bloodline tells me that you’re another opponent that’s worthy of me treating you seriously.”

“But….” Chi Qingying’s blood red pupils suddenly revealed a wisp of killing intent as he raised his hand and waved it.


The extraordinary violet gold divine radiance in the distance seemed to have noticed something, and it suddenly traversed space and whistled over towards Chi Qingying. It merely took an instant to traverse the distance of over 6km between them.

However, it was exactly such an instant that was already a little too slow when facing an existence at Chi Qingying’s level.


Surging rivers of blood appeared out of thin air, and they enveloped Cangyun Ye and the others in an all-powerful manner!

“Don’t you dare!” Right at this moment, the violet gold divine radiance has shot over, and it tore space apart as it smashed forcefully onto Chi Qingying.


Even though he’d attempted to block it, his figure had still staggered back by over 20m.

However, not only was there no sense of loss on his face, he even revealed a smile of relief.

“There’s nothing in this world that I dare not do!” Chi Qingying chuckled as he lifted his palm up in the air, and he actually lifted up a bloody head. Surprisingly, it belonged to one of the Ninth Star Region Lords in Cangyun Ye’s group!

“Chen Xi, I hope I’ll be able to meet you at Slaughter Highlands. You must survive or the Battle of Dao Protectors would be much less exciting!” Chi Qingying’s figure seemed like a blood red shadow that flickered and vanished into thin air amidst his roaring laughter, and not a single trace of him was left.

All of this had occurred too swiftly. Since the moment Chi Qingying attacked, the rivers of blood enveloped Cangyun Ye’s group, Chen Xi’s obstruction, and Chi Qingying lifting a head up and leaving. This string of events had occurred in practically an instant, and it was inconceivable quick.

If it were any other person, that person would definitely think he was seeing things.



A wave of furious shouts resounded. The rivers of blood had been blasted into pieces to reveal Cangyun Ye and the others. However, they had livid expressions while their eyes had a wisp of horror that couldn’t be eliminated.

Besides that, there was a headless corpse lying on the ground!

It belong to one of their companions, a Ninth Star Region Lord from a low level clan amongst the Divine Dao Protector clans. However, he’d perished in the blink of an eye!

When they thought of how they were actually unable to dodge or escape before Chi Qingying’s attack, the rivers of blood, enveloped them, Cangyun Ye and the others couldn’t help but feel horrified.

Exactly how formidable was that peak Dao Defiant to be able to accomplish that with such ease?

But in next to no time, they couldn’t be bothered to think about that because a tall figure was walking over from the distant mist within their fields of vision.

It was that same familiar handsome face, eyes that were deep like abysses, and an extraordinary bearing. The only difference was that Chen Xi’s face was completely indifferent and emotionless.

He held a sword in one hand as he walked with firm and composed footsteps. He didn’t reveal any world shocking might, but when their gazes swept over towards him, they couldn’t help but feel a piercing pain from their eyes as if their eyes were being cut by the sharpest blades in the world.

At this moment, Cangyun Ye and the others were truly unable to describe what they felt right now. They felt furious, aggrieved, horrified, dazed…. It was an extremely complicated mass of emotions.

Their expressions became extraordinarily gloomy and unsightly. They’d experienced Chi Qingying’s strength, but Chen Xi had been able to compete in aura with Chi Qingying and even force Chi Qingying to retreat in the end. This clearly showed that even if Chen Xi was injured, he was still much stronger than they’d imagined.

Most importantly, they were sure of that. Because two of their companions had perished at Chen Xi’s hands just a little while ago!

The only thing that puzzled Cangyun Ye was why Chen Xi had been able to persist until now when he’d been struck by the Godkill Thorn and suffered a heavy injury. Moreover, Chen Xi was still able to display such formidable combat strength!

The Godkill Thorn was one of the 7 Cursed Divine Artifacts!

Not to mention a Region Lord, even the energy of Destiny within a Daolord would be destroyed from the corrosion of the Cursed Energy within the Godkill Thorn, and it would be impossible for even a Daolord to recover in a short period of time!

Yet now, Chen Xi was still fine. So it truly seemed inconceivable to him.

How did he accomplish this?

Cangyun Ye and the others weren’t able to guess the answer, but this string of unusual occurrences allowed them to clearly understand why the five high level clans and the Sovereign Sect would pay such attention to him and take him so seriously.

When they thought about how their target had actually been such a practically abnormal Savior, Cangyun Ye and the others even felt slight regret towards their actions of agreeing to complete this mission.

But it was clearly too late for regret now.

Thump! Thump!

Chen Xi’s footsteps clearly didn’t make a single sound, but as he strode over and approached them, Cangyun Ye and the others simply felt as if thunderclaps were reverberating by their ears, and even their hearts trembled because of it.

At the same time, a practically suffocating strand of killing intent assaulted them, and it made them feel as they were being stabbed throughout their bodies.

Tai Rui spoke in a low voice. “Chen Xi, everything that occurred earlier was a misunderstanding. We’re all from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, so we should naturally unite against the enemy while we’re here in the Spring of Sin. We shouldn’t be killing each other and allowing the Dao Defiants to benefit from it.”

A misunderstanding? Chen Xi remained indifferent and silent. Such words were just too laughable and banal.

He continued forward.

Tai Rui couldn’t help but take a deep breath when he saw Chen Xi remain indifferent, and he continued. “I admit that we made a mistake. We shouldn’t have rashly followed the plans of the Suiren Clan and Sovereign Sect. I hope you can forgive those past mistakes. We’ll definitely pay a corresponding price to pay for this mistake and try our best to compensate you once the Battle of Dao Protectors comes to an end. Alright?”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Moreover, we swear that we won’t do anything that’d harmful to your from now onward. I believe that there are no irreconcilable enmities in this world, and it all depends on whether the price paid is sufficient.”

It was a very tempting suggestion indeed, and any other person would probably consider it carefully. But Chen Xi didn’t.

He just maintained that fixed stride and seemed to be indifferent to everything.

This caused Cangyun Ye and the others to reveal even more unsightly expressions. They truly wished for nothing more than to disregard everything and fight Chen Xi to the death. However, they knew that if they were to act in that way, then the consequences would definitely be even worse.

“We’ve lost 3 companions already, and such a price is already sufficient. Could it be that you’re still not satisfied?” In the end, Suoying Fu couldn’t help but speak up as well, and her voice carried a wisp of rage.


At this moment, Chen Xi finally stopped moving, and he glanced calmly at her. His completely emotionless gaze caused her to feel utterly uncomfortable while her face flickered between a pale and livid expression.

“It was all of you who caused their deaths. Moreover, I’m unwilling to believe any one of you since you tricked away that little bit of a good impression I had.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

These words instantly caused Suoying Fu’s face to dim down.

“Do you know that if we were to fight desperately, the perhaps we might still have a chance at being the final victor. Even if all of us aren’t a match for you, but you’ll definitely pay a huge price for that!” Cangyun Ye spoke coldly. “Aren’t you worried that fellow from before would return and seize the opportunity to take your life in this dangerous and bizarre forest?”

“Let’s just give it a try.” Chen Xi’s answer was very simple, and he continued striding forward and approaching Cangyun Ye’s group.

When Chi Qingying decided to attack Cangyun Ye’s group just now, he’d acted in a similar fashion. He’d walked at a neither swift nor slow pace, and he’d seemed to not be in a hurry to attack.

But if one looked carefully, it wasn’t difficult to notice that the reason Chi Qingying had done that was entirely because he was clearly aware that Chen Xi was hiding in the shadows.

Yet now, Chen Xi was doing the exact same thing. So why was he doing that? Was he taking precautions against Chi Qingying who might return?

At this moment, there were only four members left in Cangyun Ye’s group, and they couldn’t be bothered to care about all of that. The pressure they endured grew heavier and heavier as Chen Xi approached, and they were already unable to concentrate their minds and confront him.

At the same time, they’d given up on any attempts to resolve this conflict because they’d discerned that there was no room to turn the situation around from Chen Xi’s words and actions.

All of them were accumulating strength and were waiting to launch their attack. They were like fully drawn bows that were about to be released at any moment.

Even if they died, they intended to drag Chen Xi down with them.

But Chen Xi had suddenly stopped moving when he was just 30m away from them, and then he looked towards the mist at the side.

“I’ve tolerated your presence for a very long time. Are you sure you intend to continue staying there?” His voice was calm yet swept clearly towards the distance.

In an instant, Cangyun Ye and the others were stunned, and they couldn’t help but look to the side as well. However, they only saw an expanse of mist and nothing else, and they were unable to sense the existence of anyone.

This proved that there was either no one there or there was a formidable existence who they couldn’t detect at all!

“Let them go and I’ll give you a chance to fight me fairly.” A voice that was even calmer and indifferent than Chen Xi’s voice resounded from depths of the mist. It sounded like he didn’t care about anything in the world, so there was no emotion within his voice at all.

Moreover, it was absolutely not Chi Qingying’s voice!

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