Chapter 2114 – Confrontation

A slender figure walked out from the dense mist while this voice resounded.

His handsome face was slightly pale while his translucent pupils seemed like red gems, and there was a light, composed, and elegant grin on the corners of his mouth.

It was exactly one of the peak ‘Divine Children’, Chi Qingying who was from the high rank Bloodsoul Clan!

Along with his arrival here, Cangyun Ye and the others felt their hearts tremble. It was like they hadn’t laid eyes on a person but an ocean of blood that was surging down from the starry sky. A myriad of rays of blood red light shot into the sky and formed a blood red world that assaulted their faces.


Cangyun Ye and the others felt their entire bodies stiffen while their vital blood surged. It was like they’d suffered a terrifying strike of lightning that even caused their souls to tremble.

This made their expressions change swiftly while all of them felt an extremely strong feeling of danger in their hearts.

While they were all Ninth Star Region Lords, it was very obvious that there was an enormous gap between them and Chi Qingying.

This was the gap between their natural talent, strength, and potential. All of this was sufficient to form a differentiation between those at the same realm of cultivation.

Perhaps only unparalleled existences like Shi Chuge, Suiren Kuanglan, Tang Xiao’xiao, Beiming Canghai, and Xia Ruoyuan could go against Chi Qingying, whereas, Cangyun Ye and the others truly dimmed in comparison.

It was like a star being unable to compete in brilliance with the sun and moon!

At this moment, Chi Qingying was like a blazing sun that was peerlessly brilliant, and his imposing aura caused their brilliance to be completely drowned out.

It’s impossible to flee!

Their hearts tightened to the extreme as they sensed a strand of terrifying killing intent that was dense and bloody, and it had locked onto them. At this moment, they only had to slightly relax themselves and they were bound to suffer a swift and lethal strike from Chi Qingying!

They dared not move rashly and were fully alert in preparation of the impending battle. Every single one of them had a solemn and gloomy expression on their faces. Never had they imagined that while they hadn’t forced Chen Xi to show himself, they’d drawn over a terrifying figure from amongst the Dao Defiants instead.

Or perhaps the pursuer they instinctively sensed wasn’t Chen Xi but this fellow?

Cangyun Ye and the others didn’t dare continue on this trail of thought, and they didn’t even dare allow themselves to be distracting. The pressure Chi Qingying exuded upon them was too great, and every single one of them sensed an extremely lethal threat from him.

It was also at this moment which they suddenly realized that while they were top figures at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm as well, they seemed so mediocre when compared to Chi Qingying.

It wasn’t a gap in their cultivation, and it was a gap in their strength, natural talent, potential, and will!

Chi Qingying strode forward step by step in a composed and elegant manner, and the smile on the corners of his mouth was absolutely perfect. It was like he was a noble who’d arrived at a banquet.

However, every single step forward he took caused the hearts of Cangyun Ye and the others to be unable to help but twitch, and the pressure their entire bodies endured grew a little stronger.

If this were to continue, then they even suspected that they would completely collapse before this pressure and be unable to stop themselves from attacking!

However, their senses told them if any one of them were to attack right now, then it would be like a fuse that made them suffer Chi Qingying’s strongest attack.

The world here was deathly silent while space seemed to have frozen like ice. It simply caused them to be unable to catch their breaths. However, Chi Qingying was still walking in a neither fast nor slow pace towards Cangyun Ye and the others.

In the end, there was only 30m between them, and it was then that Chi Qingying stopped moving. His blood red pupils swept through their faces as if he were scanning his prey, and it carried a faintly arrogant aura.

“Have you finished considering my offer? Offer up your heads and I’ll bring all of you to see that Savior.” Chi Qingying spoke slowly.

He just stood there like an ocean of blood that was intended to swallow its enemies and take control of the entire world. It truly made them feel despaired in their hearts.

The expressions on their faces grew even more unsightly while boundless fear and aggrievance arose in their hearts. They had an entire 5 Ninth Star Region Lords on their side, yet they were completely suppressed by their enemy’s imposing aura. Such a feeling was something they’d never experienced in the past.

None of them spoke because speaking represented that they might pay an extremely heavy price.

Chi Qingying couldn’t help but lose interest in them when he saw this, and he shook his head and said, “Those old fellows were right. Besides a few of you from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the rest of you are bound to disappoint me.”


An iron spear that flowed with clouds and mist suddenly appeared in Suoying Fu’s grasp. At this moment, it emanated a howl, and it sounded like she was howling from being unable to restrain the rage in her heart.

This howl of her spear was extraordinarily clear and resounding, and it was beyond ear piercing amidst this deathly silent and suffocating atmosphere here. It caused the hearts of Cangyun Ye and the others to jerk before they cried out in their hearts. Shit!

Even Suoying Fu seemed to have realized that the situation was bad, and her pretty face suddenly turned ghastly pale.

It was at this exact instant that Chi Qingying’s blood red pupils descended onto Suoying Fu, and his gazed seemed like a passageway to hell that was suffused by a shocking glow.

Chi Qingying nodded and said, “Unyieldingness is a foundation stone that the courageous stand on, but it’s also the poison that kills the courageous. If it was in my own clan, then you would definitely be rewarded for this. But now, allowing you to present your head to me is the best honor I can give you.”

As he spoke, he didn’t seem to have moved at all, yet a seemingly pale, translucent, and slender hand stretched out before it casually made a ‘plucking’ motion.

It was like he was plucking a falling leaf from the air, and his movements were indescribably natural.

However, the blood throughout their bodies almost frozen when they witnessed such a scene, and it caused Cangyun Ye and the others to feel horrified.

This attack was extremely normal indeed, but it carried a force of determination. The terrifying Grand Daos it contained made it impossible for them to resist!

On the other hand, Suoying Fu seemed as if she hadn’t noticed at all. Her pupils were still filled with extreme vigilance, yet she seemed to be utterly unable to notice this terrifying attack.

She’s in danger!Their hearts rose to their throats as they watched this scene. Cangyun Ye and the others were clearly aware that Suoying Fu wouldn’t be able to escape calamity if this attack were to strike her!

However, Chi Qingying suddenly frowned at such a moment, and he suddenly withdrew his palm while halfway through his attack. After that, he turned around swiftly and placed his hands behind his back as he gazed at the mist in the distance. Moreover, his blood red pupils weren’t calm anymore, and they carried a rare wisp of piercing coldness and anger.


At practically the exact same instant that Chi Qingying withdrew his attack, a strand of violet gold divine light shot into the sky from the forest over 6km away, and it was brilliant and boundlessly vast.

The boundless violet gold radiance simply seemed material, and it formed into the diagram of a myriad of mysterious talismans that fluttered about incessantly.

At the same time, an expanse of blood red light swept out from Chi Qingying’s body, and it transformed into dazzling and peerlessly gorgeous blood red stars that covered the sky as they seemed to faintly enter into confrontation with the expanse of violet gold divine radiance in the distance.

Cangyun Ye and the others instantly felt at ease. The dense killing intent that had locked onto them had suddenly vanished, and it caused them to be unable to help but heave a sigh of relieve. Only now did they realize that their clothes were already drenched by cold sweat.

After that, they couldn’t be bothered to think about all of this. Their gazes shot towards Chi Qingying who had his back towards them, and then they gazed at the violet light that shot into the sky in the distance. Their hearts couldn’t help but surge incessantly while their expressions changed indeterminately.

They were very well aware that it was exactly the aura emanated by that fellow in the distance that made Chi Qingying feel threatened to the point of abandoning his intentions to kill Suoying Fu.

Similarly, it was the reason why Chi Qingying had withdrawn his killing intent from them and placed his attention onto that fellow in the distance.

They didn’t have to guess at all to realize that it was definitely Chen Xi!

But why would he show himself now and even rescue Suoying Fu at the critical moment? Could he have forgotten the enmity from before?

Cangyun Ye and the others couldn’t figure it out, and they had a slightly strange feeling in their hearts. Because if it was anyone else who experienced what Chen Xi had suffered, then that person would probably just watch as Chi Qingying killed them. But it just so happened that this fellow had acted unusually and revealed himself, and he’d even rescued Suoying Fu. This simply felt absurd and inconceivable to Cangyun Ye and the others.

But even then, they would absolutely not feel grateful to Chen Xi because of this, and it was even to the extent that their thoughts had started to run wild after they’d escaped danger for now. They wished for nothing more than to see Chi Qingying and Chen Xi enter into battle because they would be able to sit by idly and reap the benefits in the end.

When they thought about how they could utilize such a method to kill Chen Xi and a peak Dao Defiant, Cangyun Ye and the others couldn’t help but feel slightly excited and expectant.

Meanwhile, Suoying Fu had finally returned to her senses, and she understood that she’d experienced a calamity that almost took her life just now. Her figure couldn’t help but feel cold as if she’d fallen into an icy pit.

As for Chen Xi’s actions of rescuing her, even she felt that it was quite absurd, and it even filled her with slight wonder. Why did that fellow save me?

“Why?” Chi Qingying spoke calmly, and he remained composed and elegant.

“They are my prey.” Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice resounded from over 6k away.


The expressions on the faces of Cangyun Ye and the others changed abruptly while a ruthless expression flashed through their eyes. So the reason that fellow stopped him was actually because he has taken us to be his prey and his alone!?

Suoying Fu was slightly stunned, and then she gritted her teeth tightly.

“What a foolish fellow. If I kill them, then wouldn’t it be equivalent to eliminating a huge potential problem for you? Even if you want to interfere, it wouldn’t be too late to wait until I’ve killed all of them. Perhaps you might even be able to take advantage of the situation then. After all, I might be injured after I kill them or perhaps it would exhaust a little of my strength. Right?” Chi Qingying spoke at a neither fast nor slow pace. A blood red glow surged though his entire body while the myriad of blood red stars which hung high above in the sky grew even more dazzling and surged with a horrifying bloody aura.

But even then, the violet gold divine radiance in the distance wasn’t shaken at all, and it grew even more brilliant, powerful, and dazzling.

This made Chi Qingying’s eyes narrow as he realized that Chen Xi was determined to interfere.

“I don’t need anyone to deal with my potential problems for me.” Sure enough, Chen Xi answered him without the slightest hesitation, and while Chen Xi’s voice was calm, it carried a strand of an indisputable tone.

Chi Qingying couldn’t help but chuckle while his blood red pupils flowed with waves of blood. He sighed and said, “Then are you aware that if we were to fight now, then these enemies of yours will probably take advantage of the situation in the end?”

As he spoke up to here, he glanced at Cangyun Ye and the others who stood behind him, and it caused their expressions to change a little and surge with vigilance.

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